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Chapter 635: Red Plum

All the members of the Desolate race already expected war to break out in the Soul Tomb. Everyone who entered the Soul Tomb was determined to fight to the death, including Jiang Xiaorou.

Jiang Xiaorou only knew that Yi Yun did not exit the Great Empress mystic realm ever since he entered it seven years ago.

Now, Yi Yun was probably still in reclusive training in the Great Empress mystic realm, and Blood Moon had already put an astronomical bounty on his head.

After Yi Yun inherited the ancient Great Empress’ inheritance, he was at the top of Blood Moon’s kill list.

All Jiang Xiaorou wished for was for Yi Yun to stay in the Great Empress mystic realm for a century. She hoped that he would only come out when he had the absolute power. And hopefully when that happened, Yi Yun would have the ability to fight against what he was up against.

And during this century, Jiang Xiaorou was determined to fight alongside the Desolate race to the death.

However, Jiang Xiaorou was just an ordinary woman. She did all this not because she wished to bring salvation to all life under the heavens. She did not have such sublime pursuits.

She only battled for her loved ones. In her life, she only had two relatives. One of them was Yi Yun, while the other was her mother.

To battle two Reincarnators, Sheji and Qiongqi, alone, it was bound to be a bitter fight.

Furthermore, there was the unfathomable Zhulong amongst the Reincarnators!

As he watched the battle unfold, Zhulong stood with his hands behind his back, while five plumes of fire floated around him, as if he was not one bit worried.

These plumes of fire were the spiritual souls of the Heavenly Blood Union members that had been killed by the Da Yan formation. Their souls were being condensed under the Spiritual Death laws. Not only had they not dissipated, they could also spectate the battle.

This greatly bolstered the confidence of the Heavenly Blood Union members.

People were bound to be afraid of death, and now, with something to fall back on, they were a lot more braver in their fight.

They could now disregard their lives, and even if they sacrificed themselves, by contributing meritoriously, they could even become Reincarnators.

Jiang Xiaorou even felt derision coming from the five burning souls.

These five people were waiting for the Reincarnators and the Heavenly Blood Union members to seek revenge for them. They wanted to see the Desolate race elites completely devastated, and to witness Jiang Xiaorou being used to refine pills.

Jiang Xiaorou took a deep breath as she clenched the long whip in her hand. Her aura constantly rose till she looked like a lofty mountain that could not be looked straight at.

Divine patterns began to appear on Jiang Xiaorou’s face.

They were the Sacred Spirit’s divine pattern. Back when Jiang Xiaorou climbed up the divine bone altar, she had gained the recognition of the Desolate race’s Sacred Spirit when she awoke her ancient blood line.

And a portion of the Sacred Spirit’s strength had been left in Jiang Xiaorou’s blood line.


The moment Chen Fei saw Jiang Xiaorou’s face etched with divine patterns, Chen Fei clenched his fists tightly as he felt his heart ache.

Although the Desolate race’s Sacred Spirit’s strength was immense, it could not be used easily.

Especially with Jiang Xiaorou having cultivated for such a short period of time, her cultivation level was still insufficient to use the Sacred Spirit’s strength without care, despite having a heaven defying blood line. Every use of the Sacred Spirit’s strength would greatly drain Jiang Xiaorou of her Qi and blood.

It was equivalent to burning her life essence.

Chen Fei did not feel pleasant seeing Jiang Xiaorou burn her life essence to battle.

Chen Fei clenched his teeth and looked at the Heavenly Blood Union members hatefully. He clenched the bone sword in his hand.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

As the Desolate race elites were engaging in an intense battle with the Heavenly Blood Union members, there were still many human geniuses who lined the back, having not crossed through the spatial dimension door.

There were a lot more Heavenly Blood Union members than the Skyfox members. Furthermore, when they entered the Soul Tomb for the training experiences, they had split into several small teams.

Birds of the same feather flock together, so in the Heavenly Blood Union, those people with the advantages naturally grouped into a small team together.

These small teams walked right in front of the procession.

The front lines gave them greater opportunities to kill Yin souls, allowing them to receive better results for the trial, and in turn, better rewards.

As for the marginalized Heavenly Blood Union members, they could only pick up the sc.r.a.ps along the back.

As for the worst team, it was no doubt the small team formed by Wei Chiwei, the Chu sisters and company.

Their small team only had seven people, but their main leader, Jiang Yidao was not around. As for the remaining six people, their strength was relatively weaker. They were ostracized to the point of not even having sc.r.a.ps left.

They were nearly five kilometers behind the first group.

And the worst thing was that a malignant star was following them.

The masked man that struck terror in their hearts was just following behind them, and he had been doing so all along!

In the hearts of the six, this masked man was even more terrifying than ferocious ghosts.

It was a test of the six people’s mental strength to traverse through the eerie and dark Soul Tomb while being tailed by a ferocious demon.

Especially with Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er’s more timid temperament, whenever the masked man walked too close to them, they would feel their backs go cold, as their hair stood up. They felt their stomachs churning just from the walking.

“Why is this malignant star constantly following us!?”

“We have already signed a soul contract, and we cannot betray the Martial Alliance. What’s the point of following us constantly? If he wants to follow someone, he should do it to those with nepotic relations with the Martial Alliance. Gongsun Hong and company are practically the sons of the Martial Alliance!”

Wei Chiwei and company grumbled in their hearts. They found the masked man’s intentions completely incomprehensible, but they did not dare to ask.

Just thinking of the haunting ghost following them made them feel restricted in everything they wanted to do.

At this moment, they arrived at a spatial dimension door. The Heavenly Blood Union members from before had all pa.s.sed through this spatial dimension door.

The six people dawdled as they did not have any intention of entering. They had already expected the outcome of the trials. They were destined to not even have sc.r.a.ps left for them.

And at this moment, an energy shockwave pa.s.sed through the spatial dimension door, causing their faces to ache slightly.

“Oh? There’s a battle in front of us?” Wei Chiwei was stunned momentarily.

For the energy shockwave to pa.s.s through the spatial dimension door, the battle had to be intense.

The other Heavenly Blood Union members were filled with excitement whenever there was a battle, but Wei Chiwei and company only wished to keep their distance from the battle.

Seeing the masked man follow behind them, they had no choice but to unwilling walk through the spatial dimension door.

Just as they entered the spatial dimension door, they felt a terrifying gust of tumultuous wind blow at them. Even though the six of them were prepared beforehand, they were struck by the strong wind, pushing them back. As for the weaker Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er, they were sent flying by the wind.

“What happened?”

The six of them were alarmed. There were only Yin souls along the way and the fights were quite trivial, but why was it so intense this time?

When they finally managed to regain their footing, the six of them were even more stunned seeing the scene in front of them.

The battle in front of their eyes was even more intense than they had antic.i.p.ated!

The Heavenly Blood Union members were already swarming out in full strength. They had formed several battle formations, engaging in a brutal fight with the other party.

The conflict had resulted in ma.s.sive destruction and a rising death toll on both sides, and the scene looked extremely horrific.

What caught their attention the most was the spot in the middle of the intense conflict. A red-dressed young lady was standing on a gigantic white boned snake.

She held a whip in hand, while facing the Martial Alliance’s Reincarnators and more than a hundred Heavenly Blood Union members!

Her hair was sprawling and blood flowed down the corner of her mouth. She looked like a red plum that had been soaked in blood. She emitted a forlorn but beautiful aura.

“Who is she?” Wei Chiwei and company did not immediately put a name to the red-dressed lady.

However, standing behind them, the masked man who had been expressionless and silent all along, stood there stunned when he saw the red-dressed lady.

Through the cold mask, he used his expressionless eyes to look at the red-dressed lady. Time seemed to stop at that very moment.

Elder Sis? Jiang Xiaorou&h.e.l.lip;

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