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Chapter 632: Snake Bones

The representatives of the Desolate race and Blood Moon, one was the Desolate race’s new Desolate Queen, while the other was a mysterious Reincarnator. For the two women to meet inside the Soul Tomb, there was no point in speaking, they could only battle.

“Successor, let me test her out.” Chen Fei requested while standing beside Jiang Xiaorou.

The Desolate race did not have any idea about the powers of the Reincarnators.

The Desolate race only knew that Blood Moon had the “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”, and that people who cultivated in it were able to reincarnate several times. As for who was a Reincarnator? They did not know.

Every reincarnation of Blood Moon’s Reincarnators were kept a secret. Over the tens of millions of years, there were large periods of time where Blood Moon was just conserving its strength, there would only be one or two Reincarnators who stepped foot on the world at those times. Other times, there might even be none.

These Reincarnators were very weak when they had just been reborn. They needed to cultivate all the way from the beginning again, and in their childhood, an adult at the Purple Blood realm would be able to easily kill them. If they were to die at that time, it would be quite a loss.

Hence, in the millions of years of Blood Moon dormancy, every Reincarnator would keep a low profile. Many Reincarnators even carried on staying reserved, even when their cultivation succeeding in reaching a powerful stage, causing them to be the top figure in the Tian Yuan world. The Desolate race had no way of knowing who was a Reincarnator, and the true strength of these Reincarnators was very mysterious. Even the Reincarnators themselves did not know each others’ hidden cards and limits.

Under such a situation, Jiang Xiaorou battling Sheji would no doubt be quite risky.

With Chen Fei fighting first, he could help Jiang Xiaorou probe Sheji’s strength. At the same time, he also transmitted his voice to get the “Skyfox” members to prepare a large battle formation.

Any single “Skyfox” member had a typical combat ability, but when in a large battle formation, their combat ability would be extraordinary. If it was possible, Chen Fei wanted to attempt killing the witch girl Sheji in one swift attack.

However, Jiang Xiaorou shook her head and transmitted her voice. “Chen Fei, stand down. She definitely has something to fall back on for her to dare appear here. How can she be easily killed by all of you? As for all of you, temporarily do not do anything, just be alert of the surroundings. I feel that&h.e.l.lip; there is someone close to Sheji&h.e.l.lip;”

“I also do not hope to restraining Sheji. I just want to see what strength Reincarnators have in their youth.”

Jiang Xiaorou was dressed in a long red robe and her eyes burned with fighting spirit. It was completely different from the young lady in the Cloud Wilderness ten years ago.

Although Sheji could not hear Jiang Xiaorou’s voice transmission, she could roughly guess what Jiang Xiaorou had said to Chen Fei.

As she smiled seductively, she removed the veil that obscured her face.

Under the veil was an extremely charming and amorous face. There was a faint mole at the corner of her mouth, giving her that additional touch of charm.

“Let me test the strength of the present era’s Desolate Queen.” Sheji lightly laughed. And at that moment, the gigantic snake bones beneath her began trembling. With the resonating sounds, the snake bones that had been buried underground, probably for tens of thousands of years, emerged out of the ground.

“Peng! Peng!”

With two consecutive pings, the empty eye sockets of the snake bones suddenly burned with two faint green flames, as if they were irises.

The Desolate race’s elites subconsciously took a few steps back when they saw this. In the Soul Tomb, the most terrifying thing was the evil Yin Qi, especially the zombie kings who had been sleeping within here for tens of thousands of years.

And now, Sheji was able to control one of the zombie bones in the Soul Tomb?


Jiang Xiaorou cracked her whip while sending it out. Her expression remained unchanged. On the whip, light condensed together, forming an azure phoenix.

The phoenix spread its wings and charged straight at the snake bones.

The gigantic snake roared, spitting out large amounts of intense green flames. The moment the azure phoenix entered the flames, its wings tore through the flames as if its wings were blades.

“Oh?” Sheji’s eyes lit up and immediately gave a seductive laugh. As she flicked her ten fingers, about a dozen of bone spikes flew forward.

These bone spikes sparkled with a blinding frost light as they whistled through the air, stabbing the phoenix’s body.

“Si!” The phoenix’s wings shook, brushing the bone spikes away. Following that, it continued in its attack at Sheji.

Against this scene, Sheji was in no way fl.u.s.tered.

The corners of her mouth curled up, revealing a charming smile. “Explode!”

With her saying that, the bone spikes scattered on the ground exploded, forming plumes of green smoke.

The phoenix was enveloped by the smoke and quickly corroded.

The glimmer in Jiang Xiaorou’s eyes dimmed, she brandished her whip, emitting light flashes while dissipating the toxic smoke around her.

At this moment, Sheji’s eyes became serious again. Pointing at the gigantic snake. “Go!”

Boom! The gigantic snake’s ma.s.sive body moved like lightning and came coiling around Jiang Xiaorou.

Sheji revealed a sinister smile. She intended to take advantage of the moment when Jiang Xiaorou diverted her attention when the phoenix was injured. By being coiled up by the snake, she would be squeezed to her death.

She wanted to know if the people from the Desolate race would still look at that her like she was still some G.o.ddess after that beautiful figure of hers was squeezed into meat pulp.

Seeing this scene, Chen Fei and the other “Skyfox” members turned worried. “Successor, be careful!”

Jiang Xiaorou’s soft body looked too frail compared to the ferocious looking, white-boned, gigantic snake.

The gigantic snake’s motions caused the mountains to vibrate. Rubble was continuously falling. The smaller pieces were about the size of a fist, while the larger ones were as big as a grinder.

The rubble all contained terrifying evil auras, giving off a suppressing feeling.

The “Skyfox” members had no choice but to avoid or shatter the rubble falling at them. However, amongst the falling avalanche, the red-dressed Jiang Xiaorou hovered motionlessly in the middle of the air, in the center of the gigantic snake’s coiled body.

Suddenly, she extended her hands slowly, causing her large sleeves to flutter in the air. It looked like she was going to be blown along with the wind.

A tone that sounded like it came from ancient times, but exuded an air of mysterious wonder, came out from between her lips. At the same time, it also seemed to be emitted from the wind around her. At this moment, a trace of azure energy flow began to circulate around her body.

“Unnecessary tricks! Go! Kill her!” Sheji strengthened her control of the gigantic snake.

Even if Jiang Xiaorou had some other techniques, with the gigantic snake’s oppressive strength, she would definitely be injured!

However, at that instant, the azure energy was injected into the gigantic snake’s body, causing Jiang Xiaorou and the gigantic snake to connect.

The green flames that had taken hold in the place where its eyes used to be, suddenly flickered. The gigantic snake that had attacked with a formidable momentum seemed to be agitated by the azure energy, and immediately following that, its speed gradually decreased until it stopped.

Sheji was momentarily stunned. What was going on?

She continuously tried to take control of the gigantic snake but to no avail. Its head only constantly shook, as if it was struggling.

Jiang Xiaorou flew before the gigantic snake. In front of the gigantic snake’s head, she looked extremely minute and weak, however, her aura was like that of the gigantic snake’s ancestor. It caused the gigantic snake to not even dare raise its ferocious head.

“What? This is&h.e.l.lip;” It was not random for Sheji’s name to contain the word “She” (snake). She had the power to control snakes. With her understanding of the Spiritual Death laws, Sheji was even able to control snake bones by injecting her own energy into them.

However, she never expected that it would suddenly turn ineffective today.

“Is it strange?” Jiang Xiaorou stretched out her hand to touch the gigantic snake’s head, while smiling at Sheji, “My race’s connection with desolate beasts is through the spiritual soul. This snake may be dead, but as it is buried within this Soul Tomb, its soul has not dissipated after death. Although it has been so many years, even if the spiritual soul might have weakened a lot from when it was alive, that is already sufficient for me.”

As Jiang Xiaorou spoke, she stepped onto the snake’s head. The snake’s body immediately trembled and the green flames in its eye sockets now burned faintly. It no longer resisted, on the contrary, it raised its head, lifting Jiang Xiaorou up.

Following that, the snake looked at Sheji with surging killing intent.

Upon seeing this scene, Sheji felt her heart go cold. This set of snake bones was not randomly chosen by her. In the past million years, she had once come to the Soul Tomb in one of her past reincarnation’s youth. She had particularly chosen this set of snake bones and refined them, but today, it had been so easily robbed away by Jiang Xiaorou?

Even the members of the Desolate race were stunned and had widened eyes, let alone Sheji. None of them could believe what had unfolded in front of their eyes.

Indeed, the Desolate race used their ability to connect with the spiritual soul to control desolate beasts, but&h.e.l.lip; just with that tiny bit of lingering soul, she was able to control a desolate beast that had been dead for so many years?

This subverted what they had known all along. If it were them, they would not be able to control a desolate beast that recently died, let alone a desolate beast that had died that long ago.

Jiang Xiaorou’s control was heaven defying!

Seeing Jiang Xiaorou approach while on the snake, Sheji was momentarily fl.u.s.tered. Her eyeb.a.l.l.s subconsciously moved, looking towards a corner in the void.

This un.o.bvious glance was noticed by Jiang Xiaorou’s acute eyes. Indeed, there was another person hiding here&h.e.l.lip;

Faintly, Jiang Xiaorou had felt as if she was being observed secretly.

“Interesting&h.e.l.lip; really interesting. I originally thought that she was a Desolate race genius that had the ability to awake her ancient bloodline, but it seems that it is not the only thing&h.e.l.lip;”

“This sort of bloodline is really fascinating&h.e.l.lip;”

A voice muttered to itself in the darkness. His aura was completely hidden within the darkness, making it difficult for Jiang Xiaorou to accurate pinpoint the person’s actual position.

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