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Chapter 631: Beautiful Figure in the Soul Tomb

In the eerie and pitch black Soul Tomb, the gray mist lingered. There were jagged boulders everywhere, as well as bones scattered above and arounds the boulders. And in such a setting in the Soul Tomb, a beautiful figure stood there. The gray mist dissipated naturally around her, not contaminating her one bit. Her clothes were white as snow, and she was a huge contrast in this gray colored world.

She stood there in the dark Soul Tomb, waiting for Yi Yun’s arrival, with a light smile on her face.

“Xintong&h.e.l.lip; ”

Upon meeting Lin Xintong again, Yi Yun was filled with mixed emotions. He never expected that his reuniting with Lin Xintong would be in such a Yin Qi filled Soul Tomb.

The two of them had voice transmission charms with them, so despite this maze like Soul Tomb, they could still precisely locate each other

After being separated for so long, Lin Xintong’s appearance did not change one bit. Only her aura had become more mellow, full and restrained. She stood there like a weak aristocratic young lady, but the dust and evil aura could not affect her purity and exquisiteness.

Seeing Lin Xintong in such a state, Yi Yun had sensed that Lin Xintong’s cultivation had greatly improved. Although her cultivation realm had not changed, her insights into the Heavenly Dao and the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” had reached an extraordinary point.

“Xintong, your ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ has improved once again. Back in the G.o.d Advent Tower, my cultivation of the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ was inferior to yours, and now, the gap between us is even greater.”

Lin Xintong smiled gently, saying, “The ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ was originally created by the ancient Great Empress with natural Yin Meridians. With my body being the same as hers, it definitely has its advantages cultivating it. As for you, in this half a year, although your insights have not increased much, your strength has increased quite a bit.”

Ever since he entered the Martial Alliance, Yi Yun had subdued the Nine Neonate beast mark, and he had undergone one Heavenly Tribulation with it. His cultivation level had also risen to the Dao Seed realm of perfection. His strength had indeed increased greatly.

Yi Yun held Lin Xintong’s hand and laughed. “As for how much my strength has risen, I really do not know. However, we will quickly have a chance to verify it in this expedition to the Soul Tomb.”

With Blood Moon entering the Soul Tomb this time, there were Reincarnators leading the group. Amongst the Reincarnators were the four young masters. In their previous lives, they were figures who stood at the pinnacle of the Tian Yuan world.

From the masked man’s memories, Yi Yun even knew the names of the four young masters in their past lives.

Yi Yun greatly wished to battle those four people.

As Lin Xintong was reuniting with Yi Yun, in the Soul Tomb about 500 miles away, there was another woman who was extremely important to Yi Yun — Jiang Xiaorou.

A distance of 500 miles was nothing on the surface, but in the Soul Tomb, due to the maze-like geographical layout, and with various Yin Qi and evil aura interspersed within, their perception was limited to a very tiny range. Hence, a few hundred miles was sufficient to isolate all external information.

Under Jiang Xiaorou’s leadership, the Desolate race had arrived in the Soul Tomb two days before the Heavenly Dao Union.

Although the Soul Tomb had powerful zombie kings, they were already in hibernation, leaving behind small Yin souls and zombies. They posed no threat to the Desolate race, but due to the complex layout of the Soul Tomb, there were all sorts of naturally formed mazes and illusionary levels. With the Desolate race elite’s strength, it was still very simple for them to traverse the Soul Tomb.

“Successor, we have already walked for two days. We should have found the core area, but we have not found where the Yin specters hibernate.” A red-haired youth bowed and said to Jiang Xiaorou.

This red-haired youth was named Chen Fei. He was Jiang Xiaorou’s escort leader and he was deeply loyal to Jiang Xiaorou.

On the way, Chen Fei was responsible setting up marks to prevent them from retracing paths they had previously walked.

They used an array disk to lock onto a direction. In the two days, they should have covered more than 500 miles, which was sufficient enough to reach the Soul Tomb’s core. And according to the information that the Desolate race had previously uncovered, the core of the Soul Tomb was where the Yin specters hibernated. However, they had found nothing.

Jiang Xiaorou’s eyebrows frowned slightly. She had antic.i.p.ated the Blood Moon had definitely made sufficient preparations and it would be a bitter battle. There was even a high chance of death.

However, she never expected that they had not found where the Yin specters hibernated even at this point in time, much less crack the array that protected the hibernation grounds or kill the guarding servants.

“We seem to have been retracing our steps&h.e.l.lip; ” Jiang Xiaorou suddenly said.

Chen Fei was stunned as he shook his head. “Impossible&h.e.l.lip; In the paths before, I made marks. We never went down paths we had marked before. Besides, the array disk has always been indicating one direction&h.e.l.lip; ”

The compa.s.s disk array used by the Desolate race was an extraordinary item. It was a superior magical item that could crack many illusion arrays.

However&h.e.l.lip; most of the time, even the best magical items and disk arrays depended on who the user was.

Despite Chen Fei’s strength being pretty good, he was naturally much weaker than the Martial Alliance’s Reincarnators.

“Give me the disk array!” Jiang Xiaorou did not give him a chance to explain and took the disk array from Chen Fei’s hands.

Once Yuan Qi was injected into the disk array, it glowed. The direction it indicated was still the same direction that the Desolate race “Skyfox” had always been heading in.

There did not seem to be any problems, but at this moment, a cold beam flashed from Jiang Xiaorou’s eyes. She threw out her right hand, and with a sharp crack, a long black whip swept out.


The air seemed to be torn apart by the whip as it hit the void, with a blue flame exploding out!

Jiang Xiaorou’s fingers were nimble. With a tug and pull, the long whip, that was like a snake, instantly recoiled back, bringing something with it.

It was an array flag!

“This is&h.e.l.lip; ”

Chen Fei was alarmed. And behind Jiang Xiaorou, the other “Skyfox” members were stunned.

With the array flag uprooted, the surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to ripple like water. The layers of gray mist that emanated the surroundings disappeared, leaving behind a vast valley.

Within this valley, there was a gigantic white bone that lay across the ground. It looked like the bones of a humongous snake, that had wrapped all the young elites of the Desolate race in it.

And on the head of the white bone snake sat a woman with a voluptuous figure.

The woman’s skin was like jade, and she only wore a short veiled cloth that covered her chest. Her stomach was revealed and on her navel, there was a deep blue gem sparkling. Her face was covered by a purple veil, revealing a pair of eyes. These eyes looked like lakes, with all sorts of sceneries contained in them.

Such a beautiful woman was sitting on the gigantic snake head, giving off an odd and sinister feeling.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The girl suddenly clapped. “Impressive! The Desolate race’s new Desolate Queen was said to have less than ten years of cultivation, but to have such acute awareness to uproot my array flag, you really have extraordinary talent. Hur Hur Hur Hur!”

The woman suddenly laughed seductively while speaking mid-sentence. Her smile seemed like flowers had bloomed and filled the air. The upheavals of her chest made it extremely alluring.

“Who are you?” Jiang Xiaorou’s eyes turned cold as she looked at the enchantress.

“Hehe, I have reincarnated several times. I change my name every iteration, so those names no longer have any meaning. I only have a t.i.tle that never changes. People call me Fairy Sheji!”

“Sheji&h.e.l.lip; So you are Sheji. Nice tactics you have, witch girl. Your array has trapped us for two days!”

Jiang Xiaorou clenched the array flag that her whip had pulled back. She did not reveal any happiness at cracking the array. In the past two days, they had either been walking in circles or had walked along a path designated by Sheji.

Although she had finally cracked the array, she had been fooled for quite an extended period of time.

This caused Jiang Xiaorou’s heart to be covered with a cloud of despair. Blood Moon’s Reincarnators seemed to be stronger than what they expected.

“I’m a witch girl? Ze Ze Ze!” Sheji shook her head. “I’m really sorry, in the eyes of the people, I’m a fairy. As for you, you are the witch girl. Hur Hur Hur Hur!”


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