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Chapter 629: Divine Wilderness Voice Transmission

At the same moment the “Skyfox” led by Jiang Xiaorou entered the Soul Tomb, in the recesses of the Martial Alliance, a pair of eyes opened in a dark grand hall. A man dressed in a black heavy robe was standing in front of a evil demon’s sculpture.

The black-robed man’s appearance was concealed by shadows. There was a light red scar in between his eyebrows, which seemed to radiate with a burning flame.

This person was the current Alliance Leader of the Martial Alliance, and he was also the strongest Reincarnator in Blood Moon currently. And he was currently the person with executive control over the Blood Moon.

“The Desolate race has begun taking action&h.e.l.lip; ” The black-robed man suddenly said.

The Martial Alliance did not seal all of the entrances into the Soul Tomb, but when someone entered the Soul Tomb, they would trigger the arrays in the Soul Tomb, immediately alerting the Martial Alliance.

Behind the black-robed man stood a figure. He was stout and he had sword-like eyebrows and eyes that shimmered like the stars. He was the leader of the Heavenly Blood Union’s four masters, Zhulong.

“Got it.” Zhulong responded lightly.

Despite being in the presence of the Blood Moon’s executive power, Zhulong did not need to show any servitude. In the Blood Moon, Zhulong’s position was also very high.

Zhulong had as many as four reincarnations. He had previously stood at the pinnacle of the Tian Yuan world, and he had even been in control of the Martial Alliance once. He was once a peerless figure as well.

Now, Zhulong was only weak because he had reincarnated recently. It was just a matter of time before he became as powerful a figure as the flame-scarred man.

Standing in the grand hall, Zhulong may be young, but his forceful stance was in no way much weaker.

“They are just like moths flying into fire.” Zhulong did not care for it. “I’ve heard that the Desolate race has done a lot of preparations in recent years, nurturing many youths, but in my opinion, they are nothing but food for the Yin specters. Only the new Desolate Queen is capable of arousing a tiny bit of my interest.”

When Zhulong mentioned Jiang Xiaorou, his eyes flickered with a glimmer of mockery. If he could refine the new Desolate Queen into a blood pill, it would definitely aid him in breaking through to another new level!

“You are right. In the tens of millions of years, it is time for us to end this vendetta with the Desolate race. It’s about time for your Heavenly Blood Union to set off!” The flame-scarred man said lightly.

Zhulong turned and left the grand hall. He did not care about the Desolate race. Over all these years, the Desolate race knew of the Soul Tomb’s location, but so what?

The Desolate race was proficient at controlling beasts, but the array that limited the bone age in the Soul Tomb worked not only on humans, desolate beasts were also limited as well. Only young desolate beasts could enter the Soul Tomb, and the combat powers of these young desolate beasts were completely trivial.

Furthermore, Blood Moon had used all their hidden cards. It was the tens of millions of years of heritage. The Desolate race was bound to fail!

Deep in the night, in the vast and endless Divine Wilderness.

There was a region that no one had ever set foot on in a million years. It was completely silent, as if it was a paradise, a land of immortals.

However, there were no living things nearby. It was like a land of death.

And at this moment, in this land of death, there was a crystal-clear pool of water. A young girl dressed in white with skin white as snow was sitting cross-legged on the water surface.

Her dress was sprawled across the water surface, but it did not turn damp.

There was a breeze blowing across the water surface, lifting the girl’s long hair. She looked like a fairy that lived in solitary.

She was Lin Xintong.

After leaving the G.o.d Advent Tower, Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had separated, and she headed to the Divine Wilderness alone. She trained herself deep in the Divine Wilderness, so as to gain insights into the Heavenly Dao.

Without her realizing, it had been already been about half a year.

In such a long period of time, Lin Xintong’s “Great Empress Heart Sutra” had already reached an extremely high level. She had even manage to cultivate a trace of the “Jade Marrow Spiritual Energy” described in the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

One had to know that the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was pretty much tailor-made for Lin Xintong. With a pure Yin body and natural Yin Meridians, Lin Xintong’s cultivation of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” was much faster than Yi Yun’s.

At this moment, under the heavens where a lone moon hung, from where she was sitting, silver light circulated around her, weaving through her hair and body.

Examining closely, these strands of silver light were connected to the sky.

With these strands gathering together, they formed a faint band of light, which poured down from heaven. It was as if the stars were flowing down like a river.

The light band emanated far towards the heavens, as if reaching the moon in the air and all the tiny stars.

This region was perennially without sunlight, and it was only illuminated by the moon and stars.

The Yin Qi here may be far less intense than the Soul Tomb located in the far north, but it was extremely pure.

The Soul Tomb’s Yin Qi contained a trace of evilness. It nourished ghosts, zombie kings and Yin specters. It would devour a person’s life force, causing them to turn weak and die.

As for the Yin Qi in this miraculous land, it was soft and cold like spring water. It would not nourish evil ghostly beings, but only nourish Yin-elemental treasures, creating pure Yin energy crystals.

Of course, unless it was a warrior who cultivated in the pure Yin laws, one would not be able to withstand the Yin Qi. Even extremely powerful desolate beasts would not be able to do so.

Lin Xintong was born with naturally terminated meridians, and she would not be injured by this. It was a perfect place for her to cultivate in.

The moonlight and starlight here was the energies of extreme Yin. By absorbing these energies here, Lin Xintong’s gaining of insights and cultivation increased by the day.

The Divine Wilderness was too large, and there were many places that went beyond one’s imagination. Many of these places had never been stepped on by humans, but Lin Xintong had used her understanding of pure Yin laws as well as her acute awareness of the extreme Yin energies in the world to find a sacred land like it.

As Lin Xintong was cultivating and respiring the Heaven Earth Yin Qi, a tiny transparent bird that emitted a faint light flew towards Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong’s eyelashes trembled as she opened her eyes. Lifting her hands, the bird landed on her slender, white fingertips.

The little bird slowly dissipated, while the corners of Lin Xintong’s mouth revealed a faint smile.

“Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; ”

The transparent bird was Yi Yun’s voice transmission charm. Although Lin Xintong and Yi Yun were separated by tens of millions of miles, there were still special voice transmission charms that could cross such long distances.

However, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s voice transmission charm was much better in quality. It could travel hundreds of millions of miles, much less tens of millions of miles. This voice transmission charm could also pa.s.s the message in seconds.

It was a charm refined by the ancient Great Empress. With her cultivation level, even something casually refined by her was extremely non-trivial.

Not only could it span a large distance, the energy fluctuation from the acoustic waves were extremely minute, nearly imperceptible.

“Land towards the far north, Soul Tomb?” Lin Xintong’s eyelashes fluttered. The Great Empress’ voice transmission charm could pa.s.s on large amounts of information. Yi Yun gave the location of the Soul Tomb as well as its numerous entrances in detail.

All of this information naturally came from the masked man’s memories.

Lin Xintong looked towards the north.

Land towards the far north&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong softly leaped up, as her foot stepped on the water surface, and then floated away. The only thing left on the pool was a circular ripple slowly expanding&h.e.l.lip;


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