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Chapter 627: Dao Seed Perfection

“These people are going too far in their bullying!” In a corner on the third level of the treasury, Wei Chiwei said angrily to Yi Yun.

He had been ostracized previously when he was a Heavenly Dao Union member. He was then pursued when he refused to sign a soul contract, and now, after enduring the humiliation to sign the soul contract, he had been mocked and despised when he returned to the Heavenly Dao Union.

And the only thing he could do was endure it without being able to leave. As a result, the grievance he suffered was imaginable.

However, Yi Yun only smiled when Wei Chiwei aired his grievances, nor did he say anything. He remained calmed and composed while choosing various treasures in the treasury. He had earned some Blood Jade before, and with the Blood Jade awarded to him for joining the Heavenly Blood Union, he spent it all. After all, it would be a waste not to use the Martial Alliance’s resources.

Furthermore, if he did not use it now, there would be no more chance to do so in the future.

“You exchanged so many relics? Are you planning on using this trial to increase your strength, so that you can easily complete other missions in the future? Senior Brother, I’m not trying to dampen your enthusiasm, but although we have joined the Heavenly Blood Union, we are still being discriminated against. Those people hate us, so even if we contribute meritoriously, they will probably not give us the corresponding rewards.” Wei Chiwei said angrily.

Yi Yun did not explain further. After he finished spending all the Blood Jade, he left the treasury.

There were still more than ten days left before the Blackstone Trials began, so Yi Yun simply left Greatsword Mountain. After becoming a Heavenly Blood Union member, he obtained the right to greater freedom. Blood moon was not afraid that those people who had signed soul contracts would betray them.

Yi Yun kept flying until he arrived at a remote part of the Untraversable Sea.

There were strong winds that created towering waves. There were no inkling of boats when he looked around.

Yi Yun landed on a giant rock. His eyes burned with an intelligent glimmer.

He took a jade box out and after opening it, bright and colorful light flowed out, as Yuan Qi shot towards the sky.

Sitting in the jade box were ten ancient relics that he had taken out from the G.o.d Advent Tower. There was also a Dao fruit that Yi Yun had exchanged for from the treasury.

The Dao fruit he had obtained from the treasury was nothing much, but any of the ten ancient relics would cause the heart of any member of the Heavenly Blood Union to race.

The ancient relics were a lot better than the Empyrean relics that a typical Tian Yuan world Empyreal King would use to cultivate. A typical elite would not have the qualifications to use such a relic. They might only use a relic of slightly lower quality when they were trying to break through to another new realm. And even that was quite extravagant.

As he looked at these treasures, he activated the Purple Crystal. A purple vortex began to form from his body as the ancient relics’ energy was quickly absorbed. The Dao fruit was also drained dry in a blink of an eye.

Yi Yun planned to reach the perfect Dao Seed realm in one fell swoop, as a form of preparation for him to break through to the Yuan Opening realm.

The ancient relics quickly dimmed. The amount of energy the Purple Crystal absorbed was so much that even Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation,that was ten times wider than a typical Tian Yuan world warrior’s, could not contain it.

The Purple Crystal purified the large amount of energy, removing the essence from the dregs.

In an instant, Yi Yun’s energy quickly rose. The sea surrounding him was stimulated by this energy, causing the waves to surge and rise, as water sprayed everywhere.

Even so, there was still too much energy. The excess energy was fed to the Nine Neonate beast mark dormant in Yi Yun’s body.

With the influx of energy, Yi Yun felt the nomological seed buried in his Yuan foundation become more resplendent and compressed, as if it was about to germinate slowly.

His Dao Seed realm had already broken past the late-stages, reaching the perfection stage.

And at this moment, Yi Yun took a dark red mysterious rock out of his interspatial ring.

The mysterious rock did not appear brilliant, but it had faint nomological patterns circulating on its surface.

Months ago, Yi Yun had bought this mysterious rock from the siblings, Ah Yu and Ah Niu in Heaven Martial City, resulting in him coming into conflict with the Li Fire Sect.

Back then, Yi Yun had used the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, so he was able to confirm the value of the mysterious rock much better than the long-faced youth from the Li Fire Sect.

In this Universe, its primordial state was a state of Chaos. In essence, Chaos was energy. As the energy transformed into Yin and Yang, it also established s.p.a.ce-time, before the five elements appeared. The Heaven and Earth was split, resulting in Wind, Rain, Thunder and Lightning, eventually giving rise to all living creatures.

However, not all sorts of energy could transform into matter. Some energy would condense together, forming Chaos Stones.

Chaos Stones were priceless treasures.

This was because it was the energy formed when the Universe was in its most inchoate state. It was the ultimate energy of Origins.

And after the five elements were formed, the energy would have already transformed into its various types. These energies would disperse across the Heaven and Earth, contaminated through various means, and they would be far from the pure state they were in back when the Universe was in its inchoate state.

There were records of Chaos Stones in the Azure Yang Lord’s notes. As they were very few in number, and contained both energy of Origins and the universe’s most fundamental laws, they were were extremely precious.

However, the mysterious rock in Yi Yun’s hand was not a Chaos Stone.

Chaos Stones were too rare. Even if the entire Tian Yuan world was searched, there might not even be a Chaos Stone.

What Yi Yun was holding was a World Stone.

It was a primordial rock condensed from energy when the world the Tian Yuan world resided in was initially formed. It was a lot poorer in quality than a Chaos Stone in both energy of Origins and law of Origins, but it was still extremely valuable.

World Stones numbered quite a lot in the first place. But over time, they would deplete in number. Only in mysterious lands could such primordial stones be found. The siblings, Ah Niu and Ah Yu, had managed to find one by chance.

In the large Universe that the 12 Empyrean Heavens resided in, there were many worlds. Each world’s birth would leave World Stones behind.

In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, desolate bone relics and World Stones could be used as currency. However, people would only use World Stones to buy priceless treasures, as they were simply too rare.

As for the even more precious Chaos Stones, no one was willing to spend them.

Yi Yun placed this World Stone in between his eyebrows. He took a deep breath as the energy of Origins in the World Stone flowed into Yi Yun’s body. It meandered along his meridians straight into his Dantian.

Instantly, Yi Yun felt his body turn light as if his body and mind was being purified.

This absorption lasted for four hours. With the Purple Crystal harmonization, Yi Yun felt like his body had changed into a body of energy, without any impurities.

His cultivation level had already broken past the late-stages of the Dao Seed realm and he had reached the perfect Dao Seed realm. He was only half a step away from the Yuan Opening realm.

Just as Yi Yun was about to finish, the Nine Neonate beast mark’s aura opened up suddenly. A black air flow that resembled a tornado burst out from its body, shooting straight to the heavens!

It had absorbed a large amount of energy that Yi Yun could not fully absorb, and at this moment, the energy had completely merged with it!

During the process of the Nine Neonate merging with the energy&h.e.l.lip;

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A black airflow stirred the skies, as thick black clouds began to gather from all directions.

Lightning forked throughout the whirling clouds! Large bolts of lightning that were as thick as water buckets flashed.

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the thunder clouds in the sky.

He knew that this was the Nine Neonate’s Heavenly Tribulation!

The Heavenly Tribulation had finally arrived. Originally, it had nothing to do with Yi Yun, but now as the Nine Neonate’s owner, he too would suffer the Heavenly Tribulation.

The wind grew stronger as the waves became more turbulent. Under the powers of Heaven and Earth, all the living creatures in the sea hid under rocks or kept close to the seabed and they did not move one bit.

This was because of the killing aura of the Heavenly Dao. Since the Nine Neonate was going against the Heavens by cultivating, it was to be wiped out.


The Nine Neonate roared as it transformed into an Aspect Totem behind Yi Yun, and it raised its nine heads high.


The first bolt of lightning suddenly streaked down from the clouds!

The black sky seemed to lower and it appeared to be squeezed together with the tumultuous black sea. And in between them, there were huge bolts of lightning that illuminated the sky and ocean when they snaked down.

After being zapped by the lightning, Yi Yun immediately felt his skin tingle in pain.

The Nine Neonate did not dodge, and instead, it took the initiative to receive the bolt of lightning.


The current flowed through their bodies as the Nine Neonate and Yi Yun suffered the electric strike together.

Yi Yun’s body was already a body of extreme pure energy. When the lightning entered his body, he felt that his body was in pain, but every cell in his body seem to come alive and began respiring Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, as well as the power of the Heavenly Tribulation.

This lightning Heavenly Tribulation tempered Yi Yun’s body and soul, suppressing his thoughts and intentions. However, despite the pain and suppression, Yi Yun felt like there were extremely mysterious things annihilating and creating in the lightning bolt.

Lightning was a destructive power, but it was a power that created as well. It was rumored that life was first born when lightning struck the ocean in the past.

Yi Yun closed his eyes as he began to experience the power of the Heaven and Earth.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning bolts came crashing down in succession.

Even the ma.s.sive Nine Neonate was as tiny as an ant under the horrific power of the Heavens.

However, it still held its heads high. It even took the initiative to welcome that power, and roared in anger!

Its body was struck again and again. Its nine heads were already covered in blood with black burn marks everywhere on its body.

When desolate beasts cultivated their paths, they would experience Heavenly Tribulations. When warriors cultivated martial arts, they would also be defying the Heavenly Dao.

Yi Yun stood in front of the Nine Neonate as its roared angrily at the Heavens.


A huge deafening explosion!

The lightning was shattered, turning into numerous tiny electric currents!

Yi Yun did not draw his saber or resist it. He completely immersed himself in the pouring lightning!


The rock beneath Yi Yun’s feet exploded as the sea engulfed his body, but the water was immediately evaporated.

All of Yi Yun’s clothes were reduced to ashes. His hair was disheveled while he felt numb throughout his body. He was bleeding over all as well.

However, the Nine Neonate behind him was in a more miserable state. It was the cause of the Heavenly Tribulation, so it was subject to most of the Tribulation lightning. Every bit of flesh was burnt crisp, and its skin began to peel off, revealing large tracts of b.l.o.o.d.y flesh&h.e.l.lip;

The lightning struck them for a total of fifteen minutes with a total of nine strikes before the lightning clouds in the sky slowly dissipated.

The sky turned bright again as Yi Yun took a deep breath. Tribulation lightning was really extraordinary. It was no wonder that Nine Neonates could not mature in the Tian Yuan world.

Even the Nine Neonate he nurtured was seriously injured by the Tribulation lightning despite all the treasures he had given to it.

And this was only the first Heavenly Tribulation. Although it had nine Tribulation lightning strikes, all of them were about the same in strength. If the Heavenly Tribulations in the future were stronger with every strike, that would be h.e.l.l.

Despite the process being painful, the Tribulation lightning brought immense benefits with it. Other than the Nine Neonate completing its first evolution, allowing it to become more powerful, as the owner, Yi Yun had tempered his body with the Tribulation lightning. As he checked his insides, he was surprised to find that his already perfected pure Yang body&h.e.l.lip; had a slight change!


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