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Chapter 626: Four Great Young Masters

Greatsword Mountain, Heavenly Dao Union.

Ever since the initiation of the Blackstone Trials two days ago, all of the Heavenly Blood Union members were filled with antic.i.p.ation for the trials.

Especially this morning, with a few Reincarnators presiding over matters, the members were taken into the treasury and they were given the privilege of choosing one mystic technique that could improve their strength. This made the elites’ morale run high.

One of the Reincarnators was Young master Fengming.

Usually, every appearance of Young master Fengming had a bearing of an extraordinaire, like he was the center of the world. Even the Martial Alliance’s Inspectors showed some deference to him.

But this time, Young master Fengming was behind someone dressed in black. He was tall and stout, his eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky.

Standing there, he did not give people the feeling of suppression, nor did he have a stunning aura. However, strangely, he seemed to be standing in a different s.p.a.ce-time dimension. It made people feel like he was unreal when they looked at him. It was as if they were just seeing some ancient image.

This black-dressed man was the strongest Reincarnator in the Heavenly Dao Union. He was Young master Zhulong!

Amongst the strongest people in the Heavenly Dao Union were nine Reincarnators. And amongst the nine, there were four young masters who were the strongest.

These four young masters were: Young master Zhulong, Young master Qiongqi, Young master Fengming, Young master Sheji!

The four young masters, Zhulong, Qiongqi, Fengming and Sheji were named after divine beasts of dragon, Chi, phoenix and snake respectively. These names were quite ostentatious, but people did not disagree with the names as they were indeed phoenixes and dragons amongst people.

Young master Fengming was ranked third amongst the four. He had looks that were more perfect than a woman’s. He was always dressed in white clothes with a folding fan in hand. He looked both male and female at the same time, that might mislead people into thinking that he was a lady with rare beauty disguising as a man.

The fourth was Fairy Sheji. She was a real woman, and she always wore a veil. Her figure was voluptuous and she had ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Her hips were curvy and perky, and her eyes could be described as deep and soulful, eyes that a man could get lost in.

Ranked second amongst the four young masters was Young master Qiongqi. He was completely different to the handsome and beautiful Young master Fengming and Fairy Sheji. Youngmaster Qiongi had a small build and he was thin. His skin was slightly black and his eyes were deeply recessed. He looked a bit sinister and ruthless, but it could be said that he was not ugly. He just looked extremely odd, making others not want to take a second look at him.

As for the first young master amongst the four, Young master Zhulong, his whereabouts were always a mystery. This was also the first time many of the elites had seen him despite having been in the Heavenly Dao Union for such a long period of time.

“He is Young master Zhulong&h.e.l.lip; ”

As people looked at the black-dressed leader of the Reincarnators, they were all secretly in awe. They had only seen Young master Fengming fight the other three young masters. And he was really invincible amongst people of the same level, completely unstoppable.

However, just from Young master Fengming’s respectful att.i.tude towards Young master Zhulong, it was easy to guess that the gap between them was not trivial.

It was difficult to imagine how powerful Young master Zhulong was.

As everyone was about to choose a cultivation technique, the treasury’s door opened. A masked man dressed in black brought Yi Yun, Wei Chiwei and company into the treasury.

The masked man still had that eternal cold and empty expression on his mask, and behind him, Yi Yun, Wei Chiwei and company were wearing tattered clothes and they looked quite nonplussed.

Wei Chiwei was feeling humiliated and indignant, while the bald youth was filled with despair towards the uncertain future that lied ahead of him. As for the Chu twin sisters, they were crying in quite a pitiable state.

“Oh? Why did these people come back?”

The people from the Heavenly Blood Union looked at Yi Yun and company in surprise.

“Jiang Yidao and the other six deserted because they were afraid to risk their necks despite the Human race being on the precipice of danger. I was planning on giving up on these cowards, but I received orders from the Martial Alliance headquarters that deserters were not to be tolerated!”

“At the same time, the Martial Alliance headquarters have informed their families that under various forms of pressure, the seven of them have chosen to return and they are now Heavenly Blood Union members.” The masked man slowly said with his usual sinister tone.

Upon hearing this, the questions that the people from the Heavenly Blood Union had were answered.

So, Yi Yun and company had been forced to sign the soul contract due to various forms of pressure and they had now joined the Heavenly Blood Union as well?

Henceforth, the way the crowd looked at the seven people immediately turned to that of despise and derision.

“So you came running back dejectedly due to various forms of pressure. Such complete lack of shame.”

“To think that they spoke so certainly about their decision to leave the Heavenly Dao Union. Now that they have joined the Heavenly Blood Union, they sure are so deserving of approbation.”

The crowd crowed with derisive pleasure right in front of their faces.

After Wei Chiwei heard this, he clenched his fists tightly as a vein protruded out from his arm.

The eyes of the Chu sisters were welling with tears. The two of them had outstanding talent in their family clan, and they had reached the perfect Yuan foundation realm at just sixteen years of age. They had never received such humiliation before.

“It’s not that, we&h.e.l.lip; ”

The two girls said with an aggrieved and red face. They nearly bit through their lips but they were unable to explain.

First, they had signed a soul contract and they believed that they could not betray the Martial Alliance. They did not dare speak the truth, and even if they did, it was useless.

They only had speculations about the Heavenly Dao Union and they lacked the evidence that the Heavenly Dao Union was a sinister organization.

As for the Martial Alliance informing their family clans, they might have really done so, but they had probably twisted the facts.

As for the reason why the Martial Alliance was hiding the facts, the six of them were completely unaware of it. Under such circ.u.mstances, what else could they say?

“To desert previously out of fear, but then return now, do you even have any shame!?” Gongsun Hong looked at Yi Yun and gave an unbridled laugh. He was feeling extremely good. So what if Jiang Yidao was stronger than him? Wasn’t he still being humiliated by himself?

The only thing to blame was his own actions for being so timid, with a mind unbecoming of a warrior.

“I actually wanted to diligently cultivate and surpa.s.s you one day. Who knew that you were a sc.u.m that does not even have the courage to escape? It is so shameful for me to use you as a goal!”

After being repressed by Yi Yun for so long, Gongsun Hong had a feeling of exaltation.

Beside Gongsun Hong, a few Heavenly Blood Union members who had good relations with him echoed in unison.

Everyone felt Yi Yun and company were too silly. If you had known that it would come to this, why did you act that way in the first place?

If they had joined the Heavenly Blood Union earlier, they could enjoy more resources. Now, with them returning, not only was it shameful, they had also lost precious amounts of time. It was so silly that it made them burst out with laugher.

“Lord Inspector, Jiang Yidao and company may have returned to the Heavenly Dao Union, but we are ashamed to be a.s.sociated with them!” Gongsun Hong suddenly stood forward from the crowd and pleaded.

As he spoke, he sneered at Yi Yun. Times and situations change. A few months ago, you probably didn’t expect this would happen to you when you played me for a fool!

“Senior Brother Gongsun is right. We are ashamed to be a.s.sociated with them. Please separate them from us during the Blackstone Trials. At least, it would not affect us if they desert us during a situation.”

Another person stood forward. Yi Yun found the voice familiar and when he took a glance, he laughed.

The second person who stood out was someone he was familiar with. Back at Heaven Martial City, Yi Yun had destroyed the Li Fire Sect’s shop and caused quite a bit of trouble, resulting in him battling a Heavenly Dao Union genius who claimed to be “Jian Wushuang”.

The person who stood forward to support Gongsun Hong was none other than this “Jian Wushuang”.

When Yi Yun came to the Heavenly Dao Union, “Jian Wushuang” had avoided Yi Yun as best as he could, afraid to meet him. He was afraid of this malignant star, making Yi Yun nearly forget that this “Jian Wushuang” he had previously brutally beaten up was also in the Heavenly Dao Union.

Only today when Yi Yun was being sidelined did he step forward to add insult to injury.

When he saw Yi Yun laugh, “Jian Wushuang” felt extremely unhappy.

“To think you can laugh at this moment. There’s truth in the saying that a dead pig isn’t afraid of boiling water. That face of yours is thick enough to be used to create armor.” “Jian Wushuang” mocked. However, no matter how much he mocked, Yi Yun only smiled while looking at him. This strange smile made “Jian Wushuang” feel inexplicably afraid.

At this moment, the masked man spoke. “Since all of you have such a request, then we will let the seven form an independent team!”

The words the masked man said were naturally controlled by Yi Yun. He also could not be bothered to be grouped with a bunch of idiots like them. Of course, when they eventually reached the Soul Tomb’s core, all of them would definitely meet again.

However, the masked man’s announcement troubled the other six.

The Chu sisters desperately widened their eyes before letting their tears flow down. Wei Chiwei, a hot-blooded youth below the age of twenty was also gritting his teeth tightly, as he suffered the immense humiliation.

They were going to be ostracized for the Blackstone Trials.

Although they were forced to sign a soul contract, they were still isolated and discriminated by the senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union.

Author’s Note: Some people question the low cultivation levels of the Chu sisters and how weak they are. Previously, it was mentioned that they were only 16-17 years old. When Yi Yun was 15-16 years old, he was also only at the Yuan foundation realm. It’s not considered low.


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