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Chapter 625: Signing a Soul Contract

After understanding Blood Moon’s background, Yi Yun gathered all the Yin specter fragments in Shen Tu Nantian’s soul sea.

These Yin specter fragments had been blasted to pieces and it had lost its own consciousness. By gathering them together, Yi Yun could restore the aura of a Yin specter to this body.

After putting the mask back on, the Shen Tu Nantian controlled by Yi Yun was no different from the masked man from before.

Yi Yun pinched his throat gently to utter a sound. It was deep and husky, exactly like the masked man when he was previously alive.

Yi Yun was proficient in the “Star Transference Heaven Changing Book”, so with a top disguise technique from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, he could freely change his voice, looks, aura and even his lifeforce.

This allowed Yi Yun to imitate the masked man without any flaws.

Furthermore, by gathering the residual Yin specter soul fragments, his Yin specter aura was completely authentic.

Coupled with the fact that the body he was using was the Yin specter’s original body, and how he used a portion of the Yin specter’s memories, even if the thin man Yin specter was revived, he would not be able to see through Yi Yun’s disguise.

Yi Yun controlled “Shen Tu Nantian”, and slowly clenched his fists. The black fingernails were lingering with the air of death.

This new avatar brought Yi Yun new strength.


The “Shen Tu Nantian” that was controlled by Yi Yun suddenly gave a maniacal laugh. It was extremely wicked and sinister, and it even surpa.s.sed the original “Shen Tu Nantian”.

“Very good!”

“Shen Tu Nantian” loosened his neck as it issued cracking sounds.

He suddenly waved his hand, causing a storm to surge.


With an explosion, a huge Yuan Qi shield not far away shattered!

There were six youths being protected by the Yuan Qi shield. They were all looking in horror towards the sky.

They were Wei Chiwei, the bald youth and company that Yi Yun had isolated with Yuan Qi.

“We are doomed&h.e.l.lip; ”

Looking at the ferocious-looking masked man in the sky, and his demonic laughter, their hearts sank.

“Are we going to die&h.e.l.lip; ?”

The twins, Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er, held their hands together tightly as their faces paled.

Their youth had just blossomed, and they still had their loving parents in their family clans, as well as younger siblings who were waiting for their return. They obviously did not want to die.

Death was an absolutely terrifying thing to everyone.

“Senior Brother Jiang!”

Noticing that Yi Yun was beside the masked man, like he had been completely restrained, Wei Chiwei could not help but shout out. Senior Brother Jiang might look fine on the surface, but it was very possible for him to have suffered serious internal injuries.

At this moment, the masked man suddenly waved his hand as a terrifying spatial vortex wrapped around the six of them. They struggled as they were lifted up into the sky, but to no avail.

The difference in strength was too large.

“The moment you enter the Heavenly Dao Union, there is no turning back. You are given two choices. Either you sign a soul contract, or you die!” The masked man said in a sinister voice filled with killing intent.

When the six people heard that, they were filled with despair. They would not be able to escape this disaster.

By doing so, the Martial Alliance was definitely not a benign ent.i.ty, but how could they possibly resist?

“Senior Brother Jiang, you&h.e.l.lip; ”

Wei Chiwei looked at Yi Yun. For Yi Yun to be standing there, did he also sign a soul contract too?

Yi Yun looked at Wei Chiwei with a calm expression. These six people would naturally be free to go if it went according to Yi Yun’s original plans.

However, from the masked man’s memories, his trip here to stop Yi Yun and company was to only give them two options. Either they signed soul contracts or they would be killed!

However, while the masked man was carrying on this a.s.signment, he had secretly brought the thin man along. The masked man had been partners with the thin man for many years and had eyed Yi Yun’s body. He had planned on letting the thin man possess it.

When the masked man and the thin man lost their original bodies in the Great Empress mystic realm, the masked man had possessed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse. It was considered a very good body, but the thin man never had received a suitable body. Without much scrutiny, he had possessed a large family clan’s elite, but the possessed elite’s talent was not considered to be at the pinnacle. It could not bear the Yin specter’s air of death.

This resulted in the thin man quickly withering. His body thinned like firewood, and his facial color turned sallow. He looked like a youth that had prematurely aged, and was ever close to a coffin.

The thin man wanted to secretly possess Yi Yun, leaving the best body for himself, but he never expected to have the tables turned on him by Yi Yun, eventually killing him.

Now, the thin man had died and the masked man’s consciousness had been destroyed by Yi Yun. Hence, the news of the thin man coming with the masked man for this matter was unknown to anyone else. It would not arouse any attention to Yi Yun killing the thin man.

However, if the six were allowed to leave for no good reason, that would be unacceptable.

After returning to the Heavenly Dao Union, Yi Yun would not be able to explain himself. After all, the masked man’s strength should be sufficient enough to bring all of them back. Now, six of them had managed to escape, but only Yi Yun was brought back? What was the meaning behind this?

Also, if the six people were to return, they would complain about the Heavenly Dao Union to their family clans, and this might startle and alert the enemy.

At this moment, if the Heavenly Dao Union began to become suspicious and investigate Yi Yun, then him controlling the masked man had the risk of being seen through.

Yi Yun could not be penny-wise, pound foolish.

Although he knew that by taking the six people back to the Heavenly Dao Union to partic.i.p.ate in the Blackstone Trials, it would be sending them into a fiery abyss once again, it was not as important as disrupting the Blood Moon’s plans or the safety of the Tian Yuan world. Yi Yun was very cognizant of his priorities.

Furthermore, even if he took the six people into the Blackstone Trials, they might not necessarily perish. There would be some danger, but Yi Yun was confident he could protect them.

“I have already signed a soul contract. If you trust me, sign it as well. This soul contract may have some inequities, but they aren’t too problematic. The Martial Alliance has gone to such extreme measures due to special policies during a special time.”

“Also, I can ensure that I will have a way of lifting the soul contract in the future.”

Yi Yun transmitted his voice to the six people using his Yuan Qi.

These six people had to sign the soul contract. If they did not sign and did not return to the Heavenly Dao Union, it would be very troublesome. Yi Yun could not risk his ident.i.ty being uncovered. Yet, he could not kill or free those who did not sign.

“You have a way of lifting the contract?”

Wei Chiwei was stunned. Jiang Yidao actually said that he had a way to lift the soul contract established by the Martial Alliance?

How was that possible?

“If you trust me, sign it. I believe that there is no other way. You only have one life. Do not doubt the masked man’s words. He really will kill you. By staying alive, there will be hope. I promise that I will bring you out safely in the future.”

Yi Yun transmitted his voice again.

The six people looked at each other as they struggled to decide.

Yi Yun had created too many miracles in the past, but they were doubtful that he could lift the Martial Alliance’s contract or even resist the Martial Alliance.

“I’ll sign&h.e.l.lip; ”

Wei Chiwei took a deep breath as he said that with great difficulty. He was the only one amongst the six people who was nearing on having blind trust with Yi Yun.

“Then&h.e.l.lip; we&h.e.l.lip; will also sign.”

Chu Ke’er and Chu Qing’er said while biting their lips.

They were unwilling to part with their parents and younger siblings. They did not wish to die at all, so with Wei Chiwei spearheading it, their decision became a lot easier.

Upon seeing this situation, the remaining three helplessly chose to sign the contract as well.

No matter what the future beheld, Yi Yun was right with one thing. There was only one life. Staying alive meant hope, but nothing will be left once they were dead.

Although they had signed a contract unwillingly, according to the Martial Alliance’s rhetoric, a calamity was soon to befall the Tian Yuan world. When that happened, it was even likely that the Martial Alliance would be destroyed in the calamity, so they still might regain their freedom.

“Very good!” The masked man laughed sinisterly. With a wave of his hand, six black soul contracts floated in front of Chu Qing’er and company.

The moment the six contracts appeared, they were burnt completely to a crisp.

“Sign it!” The masked man said with an aggressive tone.

“You&h.e.l.lip; ”

Wei Chiwei and company were stunned. The moment the contract appeared, it was completely burnt. They did not have the opportunity to even take a look at the contents. Although they knew that it would be useless even if they had seen it.

“You do not have the right to choose or amend it. You can only choose to sign it or die!” The masked man said with his murderous intent surging.

Wei Chiwei and company were filled with hatred, but they could only bite their fingers to shed a drop of blood to sign the loathsome soul contract.

As they dripped their blood, the blood was consumed by the black fire, while the six felt humiliated and indignant.

However, they did not know that the contents of the soul contract had already been changed by Yi Yun.

As he was short on time, Yi Yun only changed the most critical point. The soul contract stated that they be loyal to the Martial Alliance, but that was changed by Yi Yun to his own name. Of course, Yi Yun would not force these six people to fulfill a silly contract like this, so it did not affect them even after signing it.


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