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Chapter 624: Soul Tomb

To Blood Moon, the “Blackstone Trials” was an important step in their plan.

And after obtaining the memories from the Yin specter that possessed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse, even if Yi Yun did not have a thorough read of the plan, he could guess that Blood Moon had established the Heavenly Dao Union to gather a batch of geniuses. They were fattened like pigs to be slaughtered by nurturing their bodies to be suitable for Yin specters to possess.

The entering of the Heavenly Dao Union was itself a tragedy for the Tian Yuan world’s geniuses.

Now, Blood Moon’s so-called “not exist in the next millennium” or “unprecedented” Blackstone Trials was to send the geniuses, who were somewhat nurtured, to the extreme Yin grounds, so that they could be possessed by the hibernating Yin specters.

And as they had signed a soul contract, there was Heavenly Dao curse sealed deep in those genius’ souls, so it would be difficult for them to even resist.

In the extreme Yin lands, there were of course no opportunities. The so-called risky but filled with opportunity “mission” as well as the how it would concern the fate of the Human race and the Tian Yuan world, was actually just for them to be possessed.

Blood Moon was planning on possessing every single genius. When that happened, they would naturally lose all decorum with the Tian Yuan world.

However, Blood Moon would not care for that. This plan, that had spanned tens of millions of years, had now reached the stage where they would reel in the nets.

All the power that Blood Moon had gathered in that extreme Yin area would appear all in one day!

But, Blood Moon was not without opponents. Its greatest opponent was the Desolate race!

The Desolate race had battled Blood Moon for a long time, but Blood Moon had been hidden for a long time. They hid deep in the Tian Yuan world, so the Desolate race could not destroy them.

Furthermore, Blood Moon’s true core was the extreme Yin land where numerous Yin specters were hibernating. Blood Moon called that area the “Soul Tomb”.

The Soul Tomb was an independent s.p.a.ce. It was extremely important to Blood Moon. If the Soul Tomb was destroyed, all the Yin specters hibernating in it would turn into nothingness. That was a blow that Blood Moon could not bear.

The Soul Tomb was Blood Moon’s weakness.

The Yin specters hibernating in the Soul Tomb lacked any combat power before they possessed a body. If a mighty figure from the Desolate race, such as the Shepherd Boy, entered the Soul Tomb, Blood Moon’s Yin specters could not fight him.

In the tens of millions of years, Blood Moon had used various methods to ensure the safety of the Soul Tomb. They hid the location of where the Soul Tomb was, preventing people from knowing where the extreme Yin place was.

However, there was no perfect secret. The Soul Tomb’s location could not be kept hidden forever. Over the tens of millions of years, the Desolate race had infiltrated the Human race repeatedly, allowing them to track the Yin specters, eventually inferring, predicting and searching for where the extreme Yin land was. Eventually, the Desolate race managed to find the Soul Tomb.

However, Blood Moon had set up large amounts of preventive measures around the Soul Tomb.

Blood Moon had set up numerous large arrays surrounding and inside the Soul Tomb. The layers of large arrays interleaved amongst each other, making it like a maze. Even if the Desolate race had numerous experts, it was also extremely difficult for them to crack so many large arrays.

Furthermore, within the large arrays, there was one ancient array pattern that came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens. This array was common in the 12 Empyrean Heavens and it was often used in a heritage mystic realm of some legendary figure. It’s purpose was to limit one’s bone age.

When peerless figures in the 12 Empyrean Heavens left their heritage behind, they naturally wanted their heritage to be inherited by a youth with enormous potential, so that they could push the heritage to their full potential, eventually becoming their successors.

They definitely did not wish for old fools that had lived for tens of millions of years, especially their rivals, to take the cultivation techniques and treasures that they had acc.u.mulated all their lives away, giving them a free meal.

At this moment, an array pattern that limited the bone age was extremely useful.

The Soul Tomb used an array pattern like that as a defensive measure. It was perfect to use this ancient array pattern in the Soul Tomb.

Firstly, the ancient array pattern only limited bone ages. The Yin specters were just souls, and they lacked bodies, so they did not have any “bone age”. So they were not restricted and they were free to exit and enter.

Other than that, the Soul Tomb required some elites to be sent in from time to time as the Yin specters’ bodies.

As these elites seldom never exceeded the age of forty, they too were not limited by the bone age restrictions from the ancient array pattern, and they were free to enter.

However, the mighty figures of the Desolate race, such as the Shepherd Boy, could not enter the Soul Tomb.

The Desolate race was unable to crack the ancient array that came from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, so if they wanted to send people in, they could only do so with the younger generation.

However, there were all sorts of large arrays like Trap Arrays, Killing Arrays and Illusion Arrays in the Soul Tomb.

The grounds also bred various Yin Souls or Killer Ghosts.

These things were not easily handled by the Desolate race’s younger generation.

Under such circ.u.mstances, even if the Desolate race’s mighty figures were able to crack the exterior arrays of the Soul Tomb and send their juniors in, there was a high chance of the juniors dying.They might be killed by the ghosts or trapped in the large arrays, eventually feeding the Yin specters, or get possessed by the Yin specters when they were near the ends of their lives!

It could be said that this ancient array pattern that restricted bone age was a masterstroke of Blood Moon. It both ensured the safety of the Soul Tomb, and it also allowed the Soul Tomb to continue to play its role in the grand scheme of things. It would not exclude the bodies that were needed for possession.

Under such circ.u.mstances, even if the Desolate race knew the exact location of the Soul Tomb, they still had no way of doing anything about the Soul Tomb over the tens of millions of years.

They could only watch Blood Moon members use the Soul Tomb as a base camp, creating a steady stream of Yin specters, bringing chaos to the world.

“So that is how it turned out to be. Blood Moon has hidden itself so deeply that it exceeded my expectations.”

Yi Yun muttered to himself. Using the Yin specter’s memories, he finally knew how this organization survived. He was previously curious as to how such a powerful organization could hide so well without anyone knowing.

Now, he understood the reason.

After understanding the various secrets of the Blackstone Trials, Yi Yun naturally would not allow the “Blackstone Trials” to continue any longer.

He planned on destroying this trial and dealing a heavy blow to Blood Moon!

For this, Yi Yun already had a plan.

Actually, the Yin specter that possessed Shen Tu Nantian was one of the commanders of the “Blackstone Trials” as a Heavenly Dao Union Inspector.

Young master Fengming and the other three Reincarnators were all commanders.

After Reincarnators reincarnated, their bodies were reborn, so their bodies’ bone age started from zero. So a young Reincarnator could also pa.s.s through the Soul Tomb’s ancient array pattern.

There was no doubt of the enormous power of the Reincarnators. With the Reincarnators and Yin specters overseeing the Blackstone Trials, and the Heavenly Blood Union geniuses having signed a soul contract, Blood Moon did not believe that there would be any accidents.

However, no matter how well they planned, they never predicted the existence of Yi Yun. After all, to Blood Moon’s upper echelons, even if Yi Yun had obtained the Great Empress’ inheritance, he was not considered powerful. He was just a junior with somewhat good talent. He was far from threatening the entrenched Blood Moon.


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