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Chapter 622: Yin Specter Memories

The evil energy gave Yi Yun a chill from the bottom of his heart. In “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea, the evil energy’s threads had weaved a large coc.o.o.n. In the coc.o.o.n, there was a small skull. It was the thin man’s Yin specter itself.

At this moment, the small skull was desperately struggling and roaring in pain, but with each thread being lodged deep in it, its energy was slowly being devoured.

This scene gave him the creeps.

“Odd&h.e.l.lip; ” Yi Yun narrowed his eyes. He looked at the evil energy. A human’s soul energy itself contained memories.

The basis of some soul-searching mystic techniques was to shatter a human’s soul before forcefully reading the information one needed.

Although such soul-searching techniques were cruel, they were not considered to be evil techniques. Many so-called orthodox warriors also cultivated it.

As such, as the evil energy was absorbing the soul’s energy, it would also devour some memory fragments.

These bits and pieces of memory fragments slowly gathered together before merging into the evil energy. It would slowly form into a personality.

And that was its consciousness.

Yi Yun believed, that given enough time, the evil energy would be able to slowly grow and become more and more powerful. Once it had intelligence like a normal person, the Purple Crystal would no longer be able to control it.

If it continued to devour souls and other lives, it could become a disaster for the Tian Yuan world.

If Yi Yun had not entered the Heavenly Dao Union and came across the possessed “Shen Tu Nantian” and this maturing evil energy, all of that may very likely have come true.

However, now with the evil energy discovered by Yi Yun, he would not allow such a thing to happen. He had already decided to refine this energy to control it, allowing him to use it exclusively.

Yi Yun stood in front of “Shen Tu Nantian” and studied the energy flow within “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s meridians. Slowly, he powered the Purple Crystal up in a bid to control the evil energy in “Shen Tu Nantian”.

The Purple Crystal created an energy vortex, trapping the evil energy within it.

The evil energy began to struggle desperately!

“Shen Tu Nantian”, who was controlled by the evil energy, suddenly clenched his fists. Black gas swirled around his hand, as it condensed to form a black claw shadow. “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s eyes turned scarlet. He opened his mouth, revealing gruesome fangs.


Under threat by the Purple Crystal, “Shen Tu Nantian” suddenly roared and attacked Yi Yun!

Yi Yun looked indifferent as he aimed and smacked on “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s forehead!


With a loud ring, “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body trembled and turned limp.

At that instant, the Purple Crystal’s energy surged into “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea, dissipating the evil energy!

The Purple Crystal continuously resonated, and the purple-colored energy vortex was like a huge mill. It rotated in “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea, grinding the evil energy into pieces, and then destroying it.

This process destroyed that tiny bit of self which the evil energy managed to form.

As long as the evil energy did not produce self-consciousness, it was not sufficient enough to cause fear.

About 15 minutes later, all of the evil energy in “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body had been ground to pieces by the purple-colored vortex once.

However, this was not enough. Yi Yun wanted to control this evil energy completely and use it for himself.

After a slight hesitation, he split a bit of consciousness and shot it right between “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s eyebrows.

He wanted to control “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body completely.

Nearly seven years ago, Yi Yun had discovered three important treasures on the sixth level of the G.o.d Advent Tower. A jade hairpin was given to Lin Xintong, while the second was the core array of the G.o.d Advent Tower, which Yi Yun refined for himself.

As for the third most important treasure, it was the indestructible Draco First True Gold Dao fetus.

Back then, Yi Yun had branched out a bit of his consciousness to refine the Draco First True Gold Dao fetus into an avatar of his.

And now, he planned on branching a bit of his consciousness out to control the evil energy.

As long as his consciousness was there, he could monitor the evil energy’s developments, and, completely make it into another one of his avatars. It was similar to the Draco First True Gold avatar. However, this time it was not a physical avatar, but an energy avatar.

When Yi Yun’s consciousness charged into “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea, it did not encounter any resistance. Previously, be it the evil energy, “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul or that little skull, all of them had already imploded in the energy vortex.

When Yi Yun took up residence in “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea, he merged the bit of consciousness he branched out with the evil energy and this made Yi Yun suddenly feel a suffocating frost Qi that rose up from his feet.

Although he had only branched out a bit of his consciousness, once it merged with Yi Yun’s main body, Yi Yun could still experience all the feelings his branched soul had.

This evil energy was indeed evil and strange. It was unpredictable in what would happen if it was to mature even further.

But now, with him controlling it, it could even become a major help in the future.

As Yi Yun had such thoughts, he suddenly realized something.


What surprised Yi Yun was that when his consciousness merged with the evil energy, he “saw” the memories that belonged to the evil energy.

The evil energy had not developed intelligence, so these memories were all very scattered and fuzzy. And when Yi Yun carefully read them, he was surprised to find that this was not the memory that belonged to the evil energy, it was the memories that it had devoured.

Nearly all the memories came from the Yin specter who possessed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse.

As for the second Yin specter, the thin man, his Yin specter soul had just been devoured by the evil energy, so there was not enough time for it to absorb its memories.

“So that is the case. The evil energy can devour memories, and eventually, turning them into its own personality.”

Yi Yun determined his guess, but now, it was not time to consider this. Yi Yun was more concerned with the Yin specter that possessed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse. He wanted to know what memories it had.

This directly related to the war that Yi Yun was declaring on the Blood Moon.

If he did not understand the Blood Moon, he would be like a tiger trying to devour the heavens when fighting the Blood Moon. There would be no incisive point of attack.

The first Yin specter’s memories that the evil energy devoured were mostly fuzzy. Many memories were in fragments.

However, it was much better than soul-searching techniques. Those could only get a general gist of the memories.

It was impossible to use soul-searching techniques to obtain the method of cultivating any cultivation techniques. These general pieces of memory were insufficient to restore the insight into laws or Heavenly Dao, which were all very mysterious and profound.

Of course, Yi Yun could not cultivate a Yin specter cultivation technique by reading the Yin specter’s memories. Although Yi Yun found memory fragments related to spatial dimension laws or “Heavenly Dao Reincarnation Grand Technique”, they were all too fragmented to be of any use.

The first thing Yi Yun wanted to know was the matters pertaining to the Heavenly Dao Union.

“So the formation of the Heavenly Dao Union is for such goals&h.e.l.lip; ”

“So the Blood of Destruction is also a conspiracy.”

“That soul contract indeed has problems&h.e.l.lip; ”

“So the so-called “Blackstone Trials” are the prelude to the Blood Moon’s final plans&h.e.l.lip; ”

Although they were all fuzzy memories, it still caused Yi Yun to gasp after reading all of it.


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