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Chapter 621: An Intrinsic Suppression

Black gas revolved around this claw which was now covered in blood. The claw was sharp and now had some pieces of flesh adhered to it. It exuded an evil energy.

This evil energy was even more evil than his own aura.

Black blood was flowing out of the thin man’s mouth as he held onto the claw and looked back in disbelief.

Behind him was “Shen Tu Nantian”, with a head full of white hair and ashen face. He stared at him with deadly eyes, which were no longer white.

“Shen Tu Nantian”‘s facial expressions was like that of a ferocious beast, as if he had lost all reason.

“You actually&h.e.l.lip;”

The thin man began to cough violently as bouts of black blood came out from his mouth.

He never expected for his partner to suddenly go crazy and attack him from behind!

He had used all of his strength to resist Yi Yun’s attack and had not left any defence behind himself. This resulted in “Shen Tu Nantian” being able to strike successfully, destroying his body.


With a flash of a sword beam, another fatal strike came. Yi Yun appeared, like he had teleported in front of the thin man, and stabbed at his heart!

Flames burned on the broken sword, as it burned the thin man’s black flesh. The pungent smell of a burning corpse started to emit.

The thin man’s expression turned lifeless. He looked at the broken sword which was embedded in his body and then moved his eyes along the hand holding the sword, then onto Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked cold as he gently took the voice transmission token from his hand.


Plumes of flame rose as the pure Yang inferno melted the token into liquid.

After ending this possible trouble, Yi Yun did not put an end to him. He powered his pure Yang Yuan Qi and sealed the surrounding s.p.a.ce, forming a large pure Yang inferno grid of light.

Yi Yun knew that the thin man before him only had his body destroyed. His Yin specter was still alive, which Yi Yun would naturally not allow to escape.

“What was the reason&h.e.l.lip; why?”

The thin man’s eyes were filled with anger and indignance. There were too many cataclysms in this battle. Up till now, he still did not understand what had happened to “Shen Tu Nantian”.

Although he did not understand, he was convinced that everything had something to do with Yi Yun. Especially now, with Yi Yun preventing all routes of escape, there was no luck for him to rely on.

He looked venomously at Yi Yun and said through his teeth, “I want you to die with me!”


A black beam shot out from the thin man’s eyebrows. At the end of the beam was a black skull, and it was shooting straight towards Yi Yun’s eyebrows!

Yi Yun knew that this black skull was the thin man’s Yin specter itself!

This Yin specter knew there was no hope of surviving and thus wanted to charge into Yi Yun’s soul sea.

If Yi Yun was not strong enough, he could be directly possessed by the thin man.

In fact, Yi Yun was very powerful both physically and mentally. The thin man knew it was impossible to directly possess Yi Yun who was in peak condition. He wanted to charge into Yi Yun’s soul sea to self-destruct, dying together with Yi Yun!

However, Yi Yun had already prepared for this. He pulled the sword before him and quickly retreated.


A series of pure Yang Yuan Qi explosions r.e.t.a.r.ded the black skull. In an instant, there was a scream. Clearly, the weak Yin specter was already injured.

With Yi Yun prepared, the Yin specter’s self-destruction naturally would not succeed.

Just as Yi Yun was about to destroy the Yin specter&h.e.l.lip;


A ear-piercing shrill resounded from “Shen Tu Nantian”. With his face ashen, and his eyes deadly pale, “Shen Tu Nantian” suddenly opened his mouth to reveal a row of sharp teeth.


Black energy shot out from “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s mouth, straight at the flying skull!

The black energy enveloped around the skull, which was the size of a finger segment. No matter how the skull struggled, it could not escape its grasp.

In just a few seconds, the skull was completely devoured by the black energy.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Yi Yun heard a series of screams as the black energy strands emanated from the black evil energy, stabbing into the skull as it began extracting the Yin specter energy from the skull!

With the skull wrapped within it, the evil energy flew into “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s mouth!

“Shen Tu Nantian” closed his mouth as if nothing had happened.

Yi Yun was alarmed seeing this scene!

He had powered the Purple Crystal to awaken the evil energy that occupied “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea. However, he never expected that, after the evil energy was awoken, not only did would devour the Yin specter that resided in “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body, like a dove stealing a magpie’s nest by controlling “Shen Tu Nantian”, it even managed to divert a bit of evil energy to devour the Yin specter in the thin man’s body as well!

Now, the thin man’s Yin specter energy had been swallowed by “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body and was slowly being digested!

This situation was completely unexpected by Yi Yun.

And at this moment, “Shen Tu Nantian” turned his head over, looking hatefully at Yi Yun. His face was grim and his eyes exuded endless killing intent.

He pinched his b.l.o.o.d.y claws as if he were to attack at the next second.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun understood that the “Shen Tu Nantian”, who was controlled by the evil energy and had taken the initiative to attack the thin man, was not fully under his control. The evil energy wanted to kill the thin man itself so as to devour the Yin specter energy within the thin man’s body.

It wanted to become stronger!

Energy that had its own thoughts, made it very strange!

However, no matter how strange it was, it could not escape the control of the Purple Crystal.

Back when Shen Tu Nantian was still alive, this energy had been restrained fully by the Purple Crystal. Its existence was completely hidden, so well that even the Lin family Grand Elders did not notice it. It was eventually easily extracted by Yi Yun from the Great Empress relic.

Today, it had grown a lot more, but it was still useless!

The Purple Crystal was the origins of all the energy that belonged to the Universe. Towards this evil energy, it had absolute control.

With a thought, Yi Yun interfaced his spiritual energy with the Purple Crystal. The Purple Crystal’s powers emanated and enshrouded “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body like a giant web.

As it was enveloped by the Purple Crystal’s power, “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body shrunk as it revealed its instinctive fear.

He did not dare attack Yi Yun but looked at Yi Yun apprehensively. The evil energy had an instinct to survive. It could sense that Yi Yun, who possessed the Purple Crystal, could easily subdue it, so it had to yield to Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked at “Shen Tu Nantian”. To be precise, he was using his energy vision to look at the evil energy within “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s body.

This evil energy had already completely taken over “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s soul sea. It had spread out across Shen Tu Nantian’s entire body in threads, deeply rooting itself in every inch of his meridians, controlling his body completely.

Energy that could slowly devour a Yin specter’s soul, and then finally fully dominate a body and control it, sounded unbelievable.


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