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Chapter 620: Evil Energy Awoken

There was definitely something suspicious about this. Due to such this anomaly, Yi Yun’s ident.i.ty had already began to arouse the suspicions of the thin, and the masked man. However, they did not link Jiang Yidao with Yi Yun.

In fact, even if they were to think of Yi Yun, they did not believe that Yi Yun would have such terrifying combat power.

The two of them were after all Yin specters from the Tian Yuan world. It was impossible for them to imagine the level of the supreme Great Dao of the 12 Empyrean Heavens, nor would they know that Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal in his body. There was no way of knowing what the result from the combination of the Purple Crystal with supreme Great Dao would be&h.e.l.lip;

“This Jiang Yidao must possess a great secret!”

The masked man turned cold. At this moment, no matter what Yi Yun’s ident.i.ty was, they had to subdue him.

By using a Evil Spirit Heart Devouring Technique to force his confessions, they could possess Yi Yun, and thus keep all his secrets and his body as their own!

“Let us attack together with all our strength. We have to take over this person’s secret.”

“These geniuses are the organization’s ‘property’. We are now acting privately to help you obtain a perfect body, as well as secretly taking possession of his secrets, and that is a violation of the rules. We have to be quick, for any undue delay could bring trouble!”

The two Yin specters were prepared to attack together!

The masked man had already taken off his mask, revealing a pale and sickly face.

This face was Shen Tu Nantian’s.

The masked man did not know that Yi Yun had known Shen Tu Nantian for a very long time.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

The muscles of “Shen Tu Nantian”, who had just taken off his mask, began to violently vibrate. Sharp pieces of bone pierced through his skin as they burst out from his body.

“Shen Tu Nantian”‘s eyes slowly turned deep purple in color, blood-red patterns appearing along the corners of his eyes and face.

As he transformed, “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s aura began to crazily increase. He was about to go all out.

And beside “Shen Tu Nantian”, then thin man was also transforming.

His muscles were rapidly expanding and turning black, his body becoming bigger in size as his joints began to crackle. In a few seconds, he went from a thin man to a demonic creature.

At this moment, Yi Yun still had many hidden cards he had yet to used, but he did not want to validate how powerful he would be when he used them all. The two Yin specters before him were monsters that had lived for many years. They slept deep underground, so how could they not have any hidden tricks?

Just like the two Yin specters, Yi Yun did not want any trouble from undue delays either. He did not want the Martial Alliance, which was about 5000 kilometers away, sensing any changes in this area. If that were to happen, he would be in danger.

Yi Yun sank his thoughts into his body and interfaced with the Purple Crystal. In the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, he could clearly see the energy flow within the two Yin specters.


The demon, who originally was the thin man, suddenly roared with an insolent laughter. “It has been a while since I felt so good. Although I used a bit of my Yin specter Essence, this bit of loss is nothing in exchange for a splendid secret.”

The thin man exchanged glances with “Shen Tu Nantian”. The two of them had lived for a long time and were skilled at attacking together. Under their joint attacks, their strength was four times that of their individual strength.

However, at the moment as they were about to attack, “Shen Tu Nantian”‘s expression suddenly changed!

In that instant, a sharp pain came from his soul sea. It was as if his soul was twisting in pain causing him to gasp as his facial muscles began to violently twitch!


The thin man was stunned for a moment as he looked back at “Shen Tu Nantian” with a puzzled look.

“What’s wrong with you?”

The thin man asked, but “Shen Tu Nantian” was in no state to answer. The color in his eyes was constantly changing, and his muscles were contracting. A strange black gas also started circling around his body.

The thin man was stunned. Was this an old wound acting up? There had not been much fighting in recent years, he should not have such an injury.

He could not think too carefully, for at this moment&h.e.l.lip;


A loud shrill resounded as a gigantic three-legged Golden Crow phantom image shot out from behind Yi Yun.

Pure Yang energy exploded like ten suns scorching the skies!

Terrifying energy flooded the sealed array, impacted the edges of the array, causing the large array to nearly tear apart!

“Oh? This is&h.e.l.lip;”

The thin man was greatly alarmed. He turned to look at the Golden Crow phantom image behind Yi Yun. This phantom image&h.e.l.lip; was also an Aspect Totem!?

This young man had two Aspect Totems?

With Golden Crow Sun Shift, Yuan Qi exploded as Yi Yun came attacking the thin man with the Ancient Dust Saber in hand.

At this moment, “Shen Tu Nantian” was already convulsing. He had lost all ability to fight. Their combined techniques had collapsed onto itself!

The thin man had no time to care about “Shen Tu Nantian”. With a shout, a demonic phantom image erupted out of his body. It was a gigantic blood-colored skull and it bit at Yi Yun’s three-legged Golden Crow!


The blood-colored skull spun madly while the black body of the thin man appeared to be covered in dense cobwebs channels.

The blood-colored skull clashed with Yi Yun’s saber beam!

Pure Yang energy was a natural suppressant for evil energies, however with the thin man using all of his strength, even though a large amount of the evil energy was melted into nothingness, more evil energy came from the thin man’s body, constantly replenishing it.

“Three-legged Golden Crow. This aspect totem&h.e.l.lip;”

The thin man’s mind raced. Seven years ago at the Great Empress mystic realm, he had seen a similar totem come from Yi Yun. And the pure Yang energy that this Golden Crow emitted was very similar, but much more powerful!

“Could it be&h.e.l.lip;”

Golden Crow Aspect Totems were already quite rare, and for it to appear on two peerless geniuses, it was easy to make the link between them. How could there be such coincidence in this world?

“You are Yi Yun!?”

The thin man was not completely sure. Could Yi Yun really have come out from the Great Empress mystic realm? Furthermore&h.e.l.lip; not only did he have such strength, he had also infiltrated the Heavenly Dao Union, and had been making waves in the territory he was in charge of?


The thin man found it incredulous. As a Yin specter, he was extremely sensitive to a person’s aura. People in disguise could not trick him, yet, he could not see through Yi Yun.

At this moment, there was no reason for Yi Yun to answer the thin man. With the saber beam shattering, he flipped his wrist and a rusty broken sword appeared in his hand.

The moment this ancient but dilapidated broken sword appeared, it seemed to melt in the radiant Sun. The rust on the sword seemed to burn. The rust were the aftereffects left from when the blood of G.o.ds had stained the sword!


Yi Yun coldly roared as he slashed down with his sword!

Upon seeing the broken sword, the thin man’s pupils quickly contracted. At this moment, he knew without a doubt that Jiang Yidao was Yi Yun!

In the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun had previously used this broken sword to kill many!

After Yi Yun came out of the Great Empress mystic realm, he actually had the guts to infiltrate the Martial Alliance!

The thin man grit his teeth. He did not need to possess Yi Yun’s body. Just killing him and reporting back to the Martial Alliance alone would be a meritorious task!

“You absolutely have&h.e.l.lip; no idea of death!”

The thin man began to circulate all of his evil and sinister energy as the blood-colored skull roared. Yi Yun’s sword stabbed right in the middle of where the skull’s eyebrows would have been.

The sword Qi pierced right through as the blood-colored skull was cleaved all the way through!

While the blood-red evil energy dissipated, Yi Yun’s sword Qi was also quickly corroding!

The thin man’s expression turned grave. He never expected for Yi Yun to have become this strong.

At this moment, he was fighting Yi Yun alone and was not his match. And behind him, “Shen Tu Nantian”, who was meant to aid him, was in an extreme pain for some unknown reason.

Under such a situation, he did not wish to be embroiled in a battle with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s appearance was a matter of great importance. He was thinking of a way to deliver this news.

However, he was busy battling Yi Yun at this moment, which was making it difficult for him to focus on sending out the news.

The thin man transmitted his voice to “Shen Tu Nantian”, “Jiang Yidao is Yi Yun. I’ll hold him back, you inform Greatsword Mountain! If we do not get rid of him now, it would be unthinkable how much he will grow in a few years!”

The thin man’s voice transmission was fast and in a hurry. In his opinion, even if “Shen Tu Nantian” was in terrible pain, it would not be difficult for him to send the message.

However, he did not receive any response to his voice transmission.

Diverting a tiny bit of perception to look at “Shen Tu Nantian”, the thin man’s heart immediately sank.

“Shen Tu Nantian” was already tortured to the point of looking inhuman.

The pale “Shen Tu Nantian” was now desperately strangling his own neck. His bloodshot eyes were protruded and seemed like they were the reaching the limits and would soon explode.

His face exuded a thick air of death. It looked like a corpse that had been dead for a long time.

His throat was emitting a hoa.r.s.e voice, but it could no longer make a sound. A grayish-black energy flow was flowing out of his ears and back into his nostrils.

This grayish-black energy brought with it an extremely sinister and evil air of death. Even as a Yin specter, the thin man found the energy extremely sinister.


“Shen Tu Nantian” suddenly roared to the heavens like an ancient desolate beast’s roar. As he opened his mouth, more black energy flowed out!

“What is&h.e.l.lip; going on?”

The thin man’s expression changed. Yi Yun’s attacks were so powerful that he could no longer hold on any further. And his partner was now undergoing a horrifying transformation.

With strong determination, he burned another 20% of his Yin specter Essence!

With his ma.s.sive amount of Yin specter energy, he managed to forcefully resist Yi Yun’s attack. At the same time, he took out a voice transmission token from his interspatial ring!

This voice transmission token was able to pa.s.s on information to distances millions of kilometers away. Even if the surroundings were a huge sealing array, it could not prevent the voice transmission.

“The Great Empress mystic realm successor, Yi Yun, has appeared six thousand kilometers southwest of Greatsword Mountain!”

The thin man quickly recorded his voice into the voice transmission token. However, just as he was about to crush it&h.e.l.lip;


A loud explosion resounded as his protective Yuan Qi shattered. The thin man felt his body tremble and a sharp pain coming from his chest!

Black blood splattered everywhere as pieces of flesh flew.

A sharp, black-color claw had penetrated right through his chest from behind&h.e.l.lip;

Chapter 620: Evil Energy Awoken


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