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Chapter 618: Saber Resonance

The seven people on the spirit boat suddenly felt the intense killing intent.

It was cold, evil and powerful. It gave them the chills.

They did not know who the attacker was, but from the terrifying aura, and with the ability to set up such a large array, which they did not even have an inkling of, it meant that the person’s strength was on a completely different level to theirs!

The bald youth and Wei Chiwei were highly strung up as beads of perspiration appeared on their foreheads.

As for Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er, their pet.i.te faces were pale as sheets of paper.

“Who is it? The upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union?” The bald youth’s voice trembled.

An aura with such intense killing intent probably was not as simple as keeping them behind&h.e.l.lip; If it really were the upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union, how could they resist? Wouldn’t they be slaughtered by them?

“Senior Brother Jiang!”

Chu Qing’er looked at Yi Yun. She never expected that what he said had happened!

They did not believe him previously. But only now, when the enemy had trapped them in a large array, and with overflowing killing intent, did they have no choice but to believe him.

And what made the few of them most surprised was that Yi Yun had already expected this, yet he chose not to join the Heavenly Blood Union. Instead, he calmly left Greatsword Mountain with them.

Up to now, there was no sign of panic from him.

Yi Yun was now holding on to his saber’s hilt, with his perception radiating in all directions. Although he was alert, he was in no way afraid.

“You already knew that they would attack us, yet you left just like that&h.e.l.lip; It can’t be that you think that you can fight against the upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union, right!?” The bald youth asked Yi Yun in disbelief.

Yi Yun was indeed strong, but against the upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union, there was no way other than death. They were completely on a different level!

Yi Yun glanced at the bald youth and said lightly, “Of course I can’t deal with the upper echelons of the Heavenly Dao Union, but do you really think that against a bunch of juniors like us, the Heavenly Dao Union’s upper echelons would gather?”


The bald youth swallowed mouthfuls of saliva. Was there a need to gather? One would be more than enough!

At this moment&h.e.l.lip;


With a loud explosion, everyone felt a powerful tearing force before a violent explosion occurred. The valuable spirit boat exploded into pieces in midair!

Energy and Yuan Qi wantonly surged around. Such a terrifying blast made them feel like their bodies were being torn to shreds.

Their spirit boat had been shredded by a huge force!

“Ah!” Chu Qing’er screamed.

She was the weakest amongst the seven people. She was only at the peak of the Yuan foundation realm, so she was unable to withstand such a blast, much less fight others.

Just as she felt her body was being torn to shreds, a light curtain formed from Yuan Qi shinned down and enveloped her.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

A barrage of explosive sounds echoed as the violent forces bombarded the Yuan Qi light curtain before shattering.

Chu Qing’er paled. She had managed to escape unscathed.

She was yet to recover from her shock as her chest heaved up and down.

She looked at Yi Yun with her pale face.

“Thank&h.e.l.lip; Thank you Senior Brother Jiang&h.e.l.lip; ”

At this moment, Chu Qing’er was in a panic. The turn of events was too abrupt. She had grown up in a large family clan, and although she was not a sheltered flower in a greenhouse, she had not experienced many life and death battles. So there was no way that she could withstand such a scene.

It was already not bad for a sixteen year old girl to not be frightened out of her wits under such circ.u.mstances.

“Take care of yourselves. I won’t be able to attend to all of you in a while.”

Yi Yun did not want to involve these people, but if he did not bring them along, once they were targeted by the Martial Alliance, they would only die tragically.

It was a wise choice not to join the Heavenly Blood Union, but they had to pay the price for this choice.

If there was anything to blame, it was them joining the Heavenly Dao Union in the first place.

At this moment, s.p.a.ce began to curl in a strange way in front of them, forming a black spatial door.

Four white figures walked out of the spatial door.

These four white-clothed people wore airy robes. They were thin and their looks were distorted and pale. They looked like ferocious ghosts.

“Spatial dimension laws!”

“White Guards!”

The bald youth and Wei Chiwei shouted at the same time.

The White Guards was responsible for the execution of penalties in the Martial Alliance. They were cold, heartless and they had astonishing strength.

However, the White Guards commonly seen looked very normal. They were a far cry from the strangeness of these people!

These four people did not look alive in any way. Their bodies exuded an aura of death, which made one’s hair stand on end.

“We are in trouble. They are White Guards who have knowledge of spatial dimension laws. Also, they seem even stronger than the White Guards we usually encounter. Spatial dimension laws&h.e.l.lip; are mysterious beyond measure. They can tunnel through the void, and open spatial doors easily. We don’t have a single shred of hope in escaping!”

The bald youth felt despair. The White Guards were already terrifying, yet these guards in front of them knew spatial dimension laws. What could they do!?

“Spatial dimension laws are not that terrifying.”

Yi Yun shook his head lightly. Spatial-Temporal dimension laws were powerful, but in the 3000 Great Dao, they were second level laws.

As for Yin-Yang laws, they too were on the second level, so there was not much a difference.

But in the Tian Yuan world, spatial dimension laws were appalling. That was because nearly all the spatial law heritage had been severed in the Tian Yuan world. This caused the Tian Yuan world warriors to not understand it at all, nor know how to deal with it.

This resulted in them being restrained when they fought an opponent who was well-versed in spatial dimension laws.

The four White Guards looked coldly at the seven people. A beam that burned like fire appeared in their dark green eyes.

“For your blasphemy against the Divine Master, die!” A White Guard said.

His voice was extremely husky and cold. It did not sound anything like a human’s voice.

Chu Qing’er and Chu Ke’er curled their hands together as their hair dripped with sweat.

Wei Chiwei held a spear and the tip of the spear began to tremble.

What Divine Master? What blasphemy? What was that all about!?

“Are you really from the Martial Alliance?”

Their strange words and voices made Wei Chiwei suspect if they were really from the Martial Alliance.

“Don’t waste your breath. They are not living people, but&h.e.l.lip; Corpse specters!” Yi Yun wielded his Ancient Dust Saber, as a cold flash shimmered from the blade.

Throughout his contact with the Blood Moon, he begun to discover that a portion of the Blood Moon’s fighting force were not living people.

They were Yin specters, Corpse specters and other spiritual bodies refined from souls or bodies.

The greatest benefit of these spiritual bodies was the ability for them to go into deep hibernation. They could be awoken when needed. This resulted in many benefits. One, they could acc.u.mulate power and erupt at a moments notice. Two, the organization will be more hidden. This was also the reason why the Blood Moon’s heritage was able to last for tens of millions of years without others knowing.

It was an organization that was formed by many hibernating Yin specters and Corpse specters buried underground in coffins.

And the handful of living people in Blood Moon had fully penetrated the Martial Alliance. They existed in the form of the Martial Alliance. A large number of people in the Martial Alliance did not even know that the Martial Alliance was being controlled by the Blood Moon.

Only a handful of members from the upper echelons knew this.

And even now, many agents of the Heavenly Dao Union did not know that they were not loyal to the Martial Alliance, but to the Blood Moon.

The soul contracts they signed were most likely also signed with the Blood Moon!

These people probably thought that the Heavenly Dao Union they were part of was used to help the Human race survive the calamity.

“Not living people?” Wei Chiwei was stunned.

His impression of Yin specters and Corpse specters was that they were evil ent.i.ties. Only an evil power would nurture such things.

Although the Martial Alliance was overbearing, it was an orthodox faction after all. How could it nurture these evil spiritual beings?

Yi Yun ignored Wei Chiwei. He looked at the spatial door behind the four Corpse specters and shook his head lightly. “You came, yet you remain hidden. To only send four Corpse specters, I guess you think fighting me is beneath you and you want to subdue me with the Corpse specters.”

Yi Yun had a light smile on his face. This was the Martial Alliance’s upper echelon’s confidence and pride.

In their eyes, he was just a junior with pretty good talent, and he was not worth their attention.

“Hum Hum Hum&h.e.l.lip; ” The four Corpse specters suddenly emitted a shrilling wail.

They charged at Yi Yun together!

A cold wind blew as it was accompanied by the wails of thousands of ghosts. Large number of ghostly bodies flew out from the Corpse specter. The whole sky turned dark!

These ghosts were the living spirits that the Corpse specter had consumed during its refinement process. They were filled with indignant resentment.

The resentment spread out and impacted the soul sea!

Wei Chiwei and company felt their heads were splitting apart in the ghostly blast, and they were unable to resist. They felt despair and they were already standing there waiting for their deaths.

And at this moment.

Clang !

A clear saber resonance echoed like a dragon’s roar, as the high pitch reverberated their eardrums!

At that instant, Wei Chiwei and company felt like thousands of morning bells were ringing and hammering their eardrums. The loud sounds sank into their hearts, jolting them awake.

Next, all they saw was a cold flash. In this dark sky, enshrouded by ghosts, it was as if the galactic stars had fallen from the night sky!

A saber flash had split the heavens and earth.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

There were continuous explosions as the dead souls flying in the sky burst into essences. The saber’s momentum was indomitable, piercing through everyone of them.


A slash had split the void!

The four Corpse specters did not manage to avoid it in time and they were hit!

The two bodies right in the middle exploded into countless pieces of black and white fragments.

A large part of the other two Corpse specters were sliced off. Their bodies tumbled backwards and they were severely injured!


After Yi Yun’s attack, a cold voice suddenly echoed in the void. This voice was filled with surprise and shock.

“You actually&h.e.l.lip; have been hiding so much?”

The spatial fluctuations grew in intensity as a black-robed man slowly walked out of the spatial door.

He stood midair, emitting a terrifying aura. He was like a overlord that had descended from the darkness.

He wore a dark gold mask with five holes for its cold, heartless facial features!

And behind this person was a thin, wilted man. He looked at Yi Yun like he was watching his prey, revealing a sinister smile.

Upon seeing these two people, the corners of Yi Yun’s mouth curled up. They had finally appeared. And it was not one, but two people.



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