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Chapter 614: Flowery Fragrance

“What happened to you?”

Yi Yun asked Wei Chiwei after seeing his miserable state.

Wei Chiwei touched his neck. On it, there was a scar caused by a saber that had not even scabbed. He cursed, “That bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were brutal in their attacks!”

As the masked man said, the Martial Alliance followed the law of the jungle. The strong were considered kings, while the weak were eliminated.

In the Martial Alliance, members were allowed to challenge each other. The loser would have a portion of their salary deducted, while the winner would receive rewards from the Martial Alliance.

Due to the existence of such an award, it was common for warriors to fight in the Martial Alliance.

A person who won successively would be given a strength rating, resulting in a higher monthly salary.

Under such rules, one had to be extraordinarily strong to survive. An example of that was Yi Yun.

If not, one had to form cliques to provide each other with mutual protection.

And the Heavenly Blood Union and the members who had not joined the Heavenly Blood Union were the two largest natural factions.

The former’s strength was no doubt much stronger than the latter!

Hence, those who did not join the Heavenly Blood Union, such as Wei Chiwei, suffered through their days.

They were beaten up daily, and the beatings were ruthless. It was not uncommon to have a wound that pierced through one’s body.

Yi Yun shook his head secretly. The atmosphere in the Martial Alliance was as such.

With multifaceted pressures and the temptations of power, the number of people who joined the Heavenly Blood Union increased.

“You never thought of joining the Heavenly Blood Union? It is just a soul contract, you are not being sent to die. It should not be hard to accept such a thing, right?”

Yi Yun casually asked, but Wei Chiwei shook his head. “I just do not like being forced to do things by others. If I wanted to join, I would have naturally joined. If I do not want to join, no one can force me to do so. I come from a humble background, and it is in no way comparable to a large family clan. I practice martial arts so as to settle vengeances quickly, so that I will become strong enough to be master of my own destiny. If I were to practice martial arts and become enslaved by others to become strong, then that would be having the order reversed.”

“I would rather not cultivate in such a path of martial arts!”

“If I really cannot survive in the Heavenly Dao Union, I will just leave!”

Wei Chiwei was at a young age, and his face still gave off a childlike feeling. However, the words he said slightly surprised Yi Yun.

He had never noticed this youth who lived in the neighboring stone house. He never expected for Wei Chiwei to have such thoughts.

Indeed, warriors practiced martial arts so as to control their own fate. If their lives were controlled as a result of practicing martial arts, that would be kind of sad.

“Let us go. To the Blackstone Trials.”

Yi Yun said lightly. Yi Yun had a good impression of Wei Chiwei. He did not want such an aspiring youth to be destroyed by the Martial Alliance.


Wei Chiwei’s eyes lit up when the Blackstone Trials were mentioned.

The Blackstone Trials was the most important trial in the Martial Alliance. It was an incredible opportunity for warriors.

The Blackstone Trials were held once every three years. Ever since the establishment of the Heavenly Dao Union, it had only happened twice.

The Martial Alliance would bestow a lot of rewards in every Blackstone Trials. With the opportunities from the trial itself, many cultivators benefited greatly from it.

Technically, it was not yet time for the third Blackstone Trials, but for some unknown reason, it  had been pushed forward.

Furthermore, the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance had spread the news that this trial was different from the rest. It could be said that this trial would be the most special trial, in both the past and future of the Martial Alliance history. It was going to be unprecedented!

For the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance to use the word “unprecedented” to describe the trial, one could easily imagine how special it would be.

Many were looking forward to this “special” trial.

And amongst those doing so, Yi Yun was included as well.

However, he was not interested in the rewards. Instead, he wanted to know what the Martial Alliance was scheming. Only by completing his investigations could he find an opportunity to cause trouble behind the Martial Alliance’s back.

As he had this in mind, Yi Yun looked up towards the peak of Greatsword Mountain. On the towering mountain peak, there seemed to be a layer of Blood Qi slowly rising. It was filled with ferocity and killing intent&h.e.l.lip;

On the way, Yi Yun encountered quite a number of Heavenly Dao Union members.

Everyone was excitedly discussing what the “unprecedented” Blackstone Trials could be. Other than that, some of them would occasionally mention a huge event that recently occurred in the Tian Yuan world.

That was&h.e.l.lip;

’Blood of Destruction’ had once again floated out from the eternal whirlpool.

When Yi Yun first came out of the Great Empress mystic realm, he had asked someone from a small Southern Sea sect, the White Soaring Sect. He had heard him mention the ’Blood of Destruction’.

It was suspected that this blood was blood that came from the gigantic eye.

The two drops of Blood of Destruction, which previously appeared, had both been obtained by the Martial Alliance.

And now, the Martial Alliance had promised to not be engaged in the bid for the Blood of Destruction. Hence, many large family clans in the Tian Yuan world had been involved in the compet.i.tion for the blood.

Furthermore, there were three drops of Blood of Destruction that flowed out. Various large factions had gone crazy competing for them, and as such, many people had been killed.

After all, it was very likely to be blood of an ancient G.o.d. Who knew what one could use it for. Maybe just absorbing a drop would allow for one to become a peerless Great Emperor!

When Yi Yun heard these discussions, he frowned.

Blood of Destruction&h.e.l.lip; What exactly is that thing?

The gigantic ancient demon within the eternal whirlpool, could it really bleed?

It was unknown what would happen if such a thing was really absorbed&h.e.l.lip;

With these thoughts in mind, Yi Yun had unknowingly arrived at a large platform on Greatsword Mountain. All the geniuses partic.i.p.ating in the Greatsword Mountain had to first gather here.

When Yi Yun and Wei Chiwei arrived, the platform had already been filled with people.

There was a distinct boundary between the Heavenly Blood Union and the Heavenly Dao Union members. Each group had gathered to one side each.

The Heavenly Blood Union members were significantly higher in numbers than the ordinary members. They took up a larger area on the platform as a result.

As for those ordinary members, they were pushed into a tiny corner. Having been repressed by the Heavenly Blood Union for a long time, they had started to lack confidence. Be it resources or face, they did not dare compete with the Heavenly Blood Union. And it was also true that they could not compete against them.

“It is Wei Chiwei. That foolish kid is here. Haha!”

Not long after Yi Yun and Wei Chiwei arrived on the platform, a derisive laughter was suddenly heard.

Upon hearing the voice, Wei Chiwei’s gaze turned cold as he suddenly turned his head.

Standing not far from him were two men and a woman.

The two men were stout in figure, while the woman was pet.i.te.

One of the men was carrying a thick, large saber. He was flaunting his saber at Wei Chiwei.

“Kid, from your eyes, it seems you are indignant. How about it? Shall we have another fight?”

The man with the saber said derisively. Wei Chiwei’s voice faltered before he turned speechless. Previously, he had been wounded by this saber-carrying man. Their strengths were in no way on the same level. Another fight with him would only end up with him being beaten up.

The Heavenly Dao Union was as such. One could only bear the humiliation if one was inferior.

And at this moment, Yi Yun turned around and looked towards the person speaking.

The saber-carrying man wanted to carry on put down Wei Chiwei, but when he saw Yi Yun, his expression immediately turned ugly.

“It is Jiang Yidao!”

“The guy who defeated Gongsun Hong.”

“Is he not the leader amongst the ordinary members?”

Yi Yun never said that he was the leader, but since he was the strongest and most talented out of the ordinary members, and had defeated a Heavenly Blood Union member, he naturally became the number one person amongst the Heavenly Dao Union ordinary members.

They did not dare to offend Jiang Yidao. This person was arrogant and quite famous. Not only Gongsun Hong, they also knew what had happened in Heaven Martial City. Back then, a Heavenly Blood Union member had been defeated in one saber strike by Jiang Yidao, who had suppressed his cultivation level and forgoed the use of an Aspect Totem!

The few of them stopped talking as they shrunk into the cloud, afraid to be targeted by Yi Yun.

However, although these people felt fear, it did not mean all the Heavenly Blood Union members felt fear.

A few senior members of the Heavenly Blood Union looked coldly at Yi Yun, with a hint of disdain in their eyes.

Yi Yun was very strong, but Yi Yun was only one person. He was nothing compared to the Heavenly Blood Union.

Furthermore, these senior Heavenly Blood Union members were extremely confident in their strength. If they really fought with Yi Yun, they did not believe that they would lose.

“This Jiang Yidao still does not know what is waiting for him this time.”

“Hmph, being a maverick in the Martial Alliance will eventually make him suffer. Who does he think he is? He is just a junior with a bit of talent. He is nothing in the eyes of the upper echelon of the Martial Alliance!”

At this moment, as people were talking, there was an inexplicable feeling covering the entire platform suddenly. It was as if in a flash, there was a fragrance that a.s.saulted their nostrils&h.e.l.lip;



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