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Chapter 607: Ancient Heritage

The geniuses present did not react to the golden masked man. The law of the jungle was an extremely common principle in the martial world. To train in martial arts, warriors had to compete with one another. It was very normal for the weak to serve as prey for the strong.

This also suited the intentions of these geniuses. Everyone wanted to become the strongest!

“While cultivating in the Heavenly Dao Union, there are times when your lives will be at stake. If you are afraid, you can quit now!”

After the golden masked man said that, he scanned the geniuses present.

“No one wants to quit? Very good! Then let me congratulate you on becoming the new members of the Heavenly Dao Union.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and said, “Follow me.”

The masked man’s footsteps were neither fast nor slow, but with only a few steps, he covered a great distance.

When the geniuses saw this, they went after him.

A few of them were lacking in their movement techniques, so they had to use their cultivation techniques so as to catch up.

The black-stoned grand hall was the entrance to the Martial Alliance. After pa.s.sing through it, a large region of buildings came into view.

The peak of Greatsword Mountain was very wide. Looking far into the distance, they got the feeling as if they were on the same level as the heavens themselves. It was quite a stunning experience.

Amongst the buildings, there were tall stone paG.o.das that seemed to be akin to swords, standing erect above the ground, a sharp aura rushing out from them.

The golden masked man led them to a stone paG.o.da and then stopped.

These stone paG.o.das looked like small hills from afar, but they were palatial when seen from up close. Standing before these paG.o.das, they could feel a heavy oppression coming from the giant stones that were used to make these buildings.

“This will be where you will stay. As new Heavenly Dao Union members, you will receive privileges of the Heavenly Dao Union from now on. There are arrays set up inside the stone paG.o.das that gathers the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi of this area to form a pure and dense, endless stream. It is also a top cultivation ground.”

The golden masked man’s words lit up the geniuses’ eyes. These cultivation grounds were much better than where they came from. Which was all thanks to the exquisiteness of the arrays set up within the stone paG.o.da.

However, Yi Yun was uninterested. These stone paG.o.das were far worse than the Great Empress mystic realm.

“In addition&h.e.l.lip;”

As the golden masked man’s words paused, he brought the new Heavenly Dao Union members to another stone paG.o.da.

There were many stacks of shelves within the stone paG.o.da, filled with various relics, cultivation techniques, jade scrolls, weapons, treasures. It was dazzling, and too much for one’s eyes to feast on.

“This is where you exchange treasures in the Heavenly Dao Union. Take a look yourselves!”

The golden masked man said nonchalantly.

The geniuses present had seen all sorts of treasures, cultivation techniques in their own family clans. Some large factions even had similar treasuries.

There was everything one could wish for when it came to cultivation technique manuals, weapons and pills!

Hence, when they saw this dazzling array of exhibits, these proud children of heaven were not impressed. They did not react too drastically.

Quite a number of people walked forward from the crowd and began to nonchalantly flip through the jade scrolls on the wooden shelves.

At the beginning, they were just doing so casually.

However, slowly, their expressions changed.

“Eh? This cultivation technique ensures that you will become an Empyreal King once it is mastered?”

A girl who was in her twenties was stunned when she saw the introduction of an Internal Heart Sutra.

In the Tian Yuan world, Empyreal King was an impressive t.i.tle. It was even higher than that of Sage.

In a large faction, there would only be a handful of people who were Empyreal Kings.

Once they were given the t.i.tle of Empyreal King, they would be considered to be amongst the top cultivators within the entire Tian Yuan world!

This girl had her doubts and flipped the Internal Heart Sutra open and began reading.

The cultivation technique jade scroll before her eyes were protected by an array, so she could not read the full thing, but she was able to preview a small portion of the first volume.

This girl was a paragon herself, and had amazing perception.

The moment she read the contents of the cultivation technique, she was deeply attracted by it.


The girl exclaimed, attracting the attention of numerous people.

And following that&h.e.l.lip;

“To be in control of the power of s.p.a.ce. This is&h.e.l.lip; a cultivation technique for the spatial dimension laws!”

Another gasp sounded out not far from the girl.

Spatial dimension laws!

In the Tian Yuan world, spatial dimension laws were extremely mysterious. It was extremely rare to hear of someone cultivating in spatial dimension laws. Even if they did, they often only scratched the surface and went no further.

This was because there were too few techniques that allowed for one to cultivate the spatial dimension laws in the Tian Yuan world!

And because there were so few techniques, they were cla.s.sified as confidential amongst the various large family clans, preventing them from spreading out of the family. It was very difficult for any ordinary person to come into contact with it. This caused the spatial dimension laws to be synonymous with mystery.

“It must be a fake&h.e.l.lip;”

Many people refused to believe it. They gathered around to take a look. From the description of the laws within the jade scroll, it was clearly not made up. The scroll contained the description of Great Dao, making their hearts palpitate.

“It is real!”

Someone said with utmost belief. These elites were all people with great discernment. They could tell what was genuine and what was fake.

And following that, they discovered many cultivation techniques that a.s.sured the ability to become Empyreal Kings. They also discovered manuals that described the spatial dimension laws, as well as other shocking inheritances.

These inheritances had never before been seen in the other large factions of the Tian Yuan world!

“Incredible. How does the Martial Alliance have all of these treasures?”

“Just a few of these manuals alone would cause a top faction to feel envious when brought out into the world!”

Many were alarmed. Although the Martial Alliance has existed for a long time, it had always maintained a low profile. Now, despite it coming forward into the world, few people had a deep understanding of them.

From seeing these manuals, they felt as if their eyes had been opened.

Furthermore, they were curious as to why the Martial Alliance had never taken them out in the past, despite having such a heritage.

While listening to them talk, the golden masked man sneered and said, “The cultivation techniques and treasures you see before you are only a portion of the Martial Alliance’s foundation heritage. There is no faction in the entire Tian Yuan world that can compare with our Martial Alliance. You may be wondering where these inheritances came from.”

When the masked man said this, he paused. The elites present p.r.i.c.ked up their ears. They were indeed curious.

“You might have heard that, in ancient times, martial arts enjoyed a golden age. During that era, there existed numerous elites, and also many splendid heritages!”

“The Tian Yuan world of that era was filled with sacred grounds and numerous experts. Amongst the best, there was someone like the ancient Great Empress&h.e.l.lip;”

When the masked man said this, the elites present were enlightened.

The ancient Great Empress absolutely exceeded any faction’s Patriarch in the Tian Yuan world. She was of a completely different level!

As for that golden age of martial arts, people could only speculate about it due to the loss of history. There were few who really understood what had happened in that era.

Yet, from what the masked man was saying, there clearly was such a golden age!

“You probably did not imagine that our Martial Alliance descended from that ancient golden era. We are the only human faction to have survived from that ancient golden era, and as such, we have a great store of ancient heritage that the rest of the Tian Yuan world does not have!”

When the masked man said these words, he said it with great gusto as the words reverberated in all the elites’ ears.


A faction that had survived from the ancient golden era?

How old could it be?


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