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Chapter 600: Invitation

“What’s your name?” The middle-aged scholar asked Yi Yun while looking at him.

Yi Yun went silent for a moment before saying in a deadpan manner, “Jiang Yidao!”

“That is your t.i.tle. I’m asking for your name.”

On the way here, the middle-aged scholar had heard about the proclamation by Yi Yun that he never needed to use a second saber attack against a genius at the same level as him.

This tidbit was quite interesting to him.

Yi Yun said without batting an eye, “That t.i.tle is my name. If there is ever a moment when I am unworthy of this t.i.tle, then a name would be useless to me.”

The middle-aged scholar eyes narrowed slightly before he laughed lightly, “Indeed, the young are brash.”

Gongsun Yang, who was by the side, gritted his teeth when he heard this. This Jiang Yidao f**king didn’t know who his father was or what his surname was anymore!

He had seen many overbearing people in his life, but this was the first time he had seen someone’s overbearingness reaching such a degree.

This person dared to say such flaunty words in front of the Martial Alliance’s Amba.s.sador and he had just injured people in Heaven Martial City, brutally beating the law-enforcers up.

Yet, despite these circ.u.mstances, he remained so overbearing? Who did he think he was?

Gongsun Yang only wished that Yi Yun would offend the Martial Alliance’s Amba.s.sador, eventually earning him a slap that sent him to his death.

However&h.e.l.lip; the next sentence that the middle-aged scholar said made Gongsun Yang nearly bite through his tongue.

The middle-aged scholar clapped his hands gently and said slowly, “It is normal for people with talent to be arrogant. I like such people. However, if you lack the talent&h.e.l.lip; then being so overbearing is just foolishness. If you show me what you are worth, I can let you enter the Heavenly Dao Union.”

Heavenly Dao Union!

The moment Gongsun Yang heard this, he felt a trepidation in his heart. He had gone through so much effort and he hasn’t even entered that organization yet. But now, this valuable vacancy was given to Jiang Yidao by the middle-aged scholar?

A person who had destroyed their Li Fire Sect’s shop, and a criminal who deliberately caused trouble in Heaven Martial City had managed to get such an opportunity, while he himself&h.e.l.lip;

The middle-aged scholar’s words made Gongsun Yang turn listless. He could not accept this fact.

At this moment, many Elders from the large factions, who stood beside the middle-aged scholar, had a vague premonition of this possibility when the middle-aged scholar continuously used the word “interesting” to describe Yi Yun.

Although what had happened was not to their liking, they were also not too surprised.

Only Gongsun Ding’s face turned ashen. He found it unacceptable. This kid, who had ruthlessly smacked their Li Fire Sect’s face, could enter the Heavenly Dao Union, making him feel like he was a joke to the people surrounding him.

However, in front of the middle-aged scholar, he did not dare to express his slightest objection.

“Heavenly Dao Union?”

When Yi Yun heard the middle-aged scholar’s words, an undetectable strange beam flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes.

Yi Yun was not surprised that he had the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Dao Union. His talent was more than enough to gain him entry.

In fact, from the beginning, Yi Yun had already considered such a scenario.

Using his own strength, he would draw the attention of Blood Moon, so he could enter the Heavenly Dao Union.

And in the Heavenly Dao Union, he would have more routes that could aid his interaction with the core secrets of the Heavenly Dao Union.

However, Yi Yun never expected that everything would go so smoothly.

Although he had received the qualifications, Yi Yun did not agree immediately. With his young, arrogant persona, he would be doubted by others if he immediately accepted such solicitation. That was not his persona’s style.

“Go through a test to enter the Heavenly Dao Union?” Yi Yun smiled, “You think I want to enter the Heavenly Dao Union? I know of it. It’s a place which many attempt to enter by all means.”

“But that is even more reason for me to lack interest in entering such a place. How can there be such a good deal in the world? You provide resources and inheritance, and as long as someone has talent, they can enter and cultivate there? Benefits all around?”

“In this world, no one does things without benefits. I will definitely need to pay a corresponding price for the benefits I obtain when entering the Heavenly Dao Union!”

After Yi Yun said this, the middle-aged scholar narrowed his eyes again, as an indescribable strange beam flashed in his eyes.

However, a cold flash appeared in the eyes of the handsome youth behind the middle-aged scholar, “What are you saying!?”

As a proud Heavenly Dao Union member, he could not tolerate letting Yi Yun slur the object of his pride.

“How my Heavenly Dao Union acts is not up to an ant like you to question!”

While speaking, the handsome youth took a step forward. A long sword appeared like a ghost in his hand, and he pointed the sword tip at Yi Yun’s eyebrows.

“You said that you never need a second saber attack against geniuses your own age. If someone forces you to use the second saber attack, you wouldn’t even need a name. Then, if you can’t even win with a second saber attack, or even be defeated, are you even planning on not living on?” The handsome youth said coldly. He could not stand Yi Yun’s overbearingness.

Although he too was overbearing, he still remained respectful in front of the middle-aged scholar. He did not dare to cross the line, but this savage thought too highly of himself for he even belittled the middle-aged scholar.

“Despite being at the early stage of the Dao Seed realm, you actually dare to leap levels to battle me?” Yi Yun chuckled, “It has always been me leaping levels to battle others. I have never seen someone leap a level to fight me!”

This handsome youth was only about seventeen years old. He was famous for having a high cultivation level and extraordinary insights into the laws at his young age.

But in the eyes of Yi Yun, that was nothing.

“Oh?” The handsome youth’s gaze sharpened immediately.

He did not think lowly of Yi Yun. Regardless of everything else, Yi Yun’s cultivation level was higher than his, so it would be very difficult to leap levels to defeat such a genius!

If Yi Yun was at the same cultivation level as he was, with the handsome youth’s personality, he would have already made his move.


At this moment, the middle-aged scholar said, “How my Martial Alliance acts does not need to be explained to a member of the younger generation like you. But since you asked, I will also talk about it. Tian Yuan world might look peaceful now, but in fact, there is a turbulent flow underlying us. A calamity is about to break out.”

“Tens of millions of years ago, there was such a calamity. It destroyed whatever martial arts civilization the Tian Yuan world originally had. The repercussions of this calamity were far-reaching, and they far exceed your imagination. It caused an unknown number of martial arts heritages to be severed. Not only martial arts heritage, even the historical records were left in vestiges.”

“Such a calamity might not happen again in the future&h.e.l.lip; but the Desolate race that glares at us with covetous eyes, and the gigantic Eye of Destruction lurking in the eternal whirlpool may very likely be the cause of the calamity!”

“With so many premonitory signs, my Martial Alliance naturally had to do something. We established the Heavenly Dao Union, and brought the inheritance acc.u.mulated over tens of millions of years out so we could nurture a batch of Empyreal Kings, or even peerless Great Emperors. This is not for my Martial Alliance, it is for the Tian Yuan world. It is for the Tian Yuan world’s warriors, the commoners, all living things under the sky and for the entire Human race!”

The middle-aged scholar’s words echoed in a radius of several miles. His voice was powerful with bold undertones.

Many surrounding warriors could not help but give their kudos when they heard it.

Indeed, the instigatory words he said easily stirred the hearts of people.

“It’s not easy on the Martial Alliance!” An old man sighed, “Over the tens of millions of years, the Martial Alliance has always been keeping a low profile, with no intentions of hegemony. But in recent years, they had no choice but to rise up. Other than the Martial Alliance, I believe no one else can shoulder this responsibility!”

The gigantic Eye of Destruction that had appeared in the eternal whirlpool had shocked the entire Tian Yuan world. With a calamity before them, the Human race needed a leader. And the Martial Alliance was the best choice.

“This young man is too brash. To think that he questioned the Martial Alliance, he really doesn’t know the good in people’s hearts.”

The crowd’s comments naturally aligned themselves with the Martial Alliance, isolating Yi Yun.

Seeing this scene, the handsome youth turned prideful and sneered, “Like a knave who uses his own yardstick to measure the motive of an upright man, you only have such capabilities. Give me another three years, because when I step into the late stages of the Dao Seed realm, defeating you will be no different from slaughtering a chicken!”

Against the one-sided onslaught at him, Yi Yun did not say a word. He appeared as if he did not know how to respond to the middle-aged scholar’s words.

Yi Yun knew very well that if he remained rebellious in front of the middle-aged scholar, he would end up in a tragic state.

“Why? Are you not speaking?” Seeing that Yi Yun had clearly been repressed, the handsome youth asked arrogantly as his tone turned aggressive.

“You have only obtained some opportunities in the Southern Sea, yet you think so highly of yourself. To think that you dare question the acts of the Martial Alliance. What a joke! The Martial Alliance’s foundation and the responsibility it shoulders far exceed your imagination. You only managed to defeat a few clay chickens and pottery dogs, and you think you are invincible?”

When the handsome youth said those words, Gongsun Yang nearly blew his top.

Clay chickens and pottery dogs?

Wasn’t this referring to him!?

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes as he looked towards the handsome youth, “What’s your name?”

“You do not need to know my name. Just call me Jian Wushuang (No Second, Sword).” The handsome youth said coldly.

Jian Wushuang?

Yi Yun was stunned before he immediately realized that this person had just come up with this name. It was a plagiarized version of his name.

Only one sword attack, never the second, hence Jian Wushuang (No Second, Sword).

It was a mockery of his own t.i.tle.

Compared to his straightforward t.i.tle, the t.i.tle of Jian Wushuang was clearly more pretentious. This was probably a result of the handsome youth’s character. This person naturally wanted a name that sounded more poetic.

“It is quite a skill to imitate the moves of others, but you even imitate a t.i.tle? Are you saying that you do not need to use a second attack against people of your own cultivation level?” Yi Yun asked with a smile.

The handsome youth said lightly, “In three years, you can try me.”

“Three years? There’s no need. I can suppress my cultivation level to the early-stages of the Dao Seed realm.” The moment he finished saying that, everyone sensed Yi Yun’s aura rapidly repres.

Soon, he had suppressed his cultivation level to the early-stages of the Dao Seed realm, just like the handsome youth.

Early stages of the Dao Seed realm against early stages of the Dao Seed realm!

Upon seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Yi Yun had only suppressed his cultivation level, but his insights into the laws were difficult to suppress. The battle would turn meaningless if he had completely suppressed his nomological insights.

Most of the time, battles between young geniuses was a compet.i.tion of their insights into the laws!

From a certain point of view, the person who repressed his cultivation level still held an advantage. It was because of this that one could tell who was the stronger of the two.


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