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Chapter 597: Leaving in Defeat

The atmosphere in the Six Swords Inn turned tense.

Gongsun Yang took one step after another backwards. Only then did people realize that Gongsun Yang had probably recognized Jiang Yidao from the beginning. This way, the various abnormalities he displayed could be explained.

“You have recovered from your injuries?” Yi Yun said with a sarcastic smile.

“Ye&h.e.l.lip; Yes&h.e.l.lip; ” Gongsun Yang subconsciously responded from his nervousness.

“Oh? It looks like your Li Fire Sect paid quite a heavy price to heal you. I wonder if they will be able to heal you this time.” Yi Yun sized up Gongsun Yang as he approached him.

Almost instantly, Gongsun Yang felt his scalp tense up, and a chill surged from his feet to his head.

From Yi Yun’s tone, he was planning on crippling him once more!

When the surrounding warriors heard their conversation, they were left breathless. From the looks of it, Jiang Yidao had previously been in conflict with the Li Fire Sect, and he had even brutally beaten Gongsun Yang.

Despite brutally beating a Li Fire Sect genius, he was still standing here fine and dandy?

Immediately, those warriors looked at Gongsun Yang with complex expressions.

Many of them had joined the crowd due to the commotion from the streets. Yet, they ended up witnessing the high-spirited Gongsun Yang turn ashen in a blink of an eye, so afraid that he did not dare to do anything.

With a mighty a.s.semble of dozens of people, they were given a thorough beating with just a cup of tea cup and the tea water that was in it.

At this moment, there was no one who dared to challenge Yi Yun. Yi Yun slowly moved his hand onto his saber’s hilt.

Upon seeing this scene, Gongsun Yang felt his soul escape him!

He had witnessed Yi Yun’s saber techniques. Besides, without Yi Yun using his saber, he had already defeated two people. If he used his saber, wouldn’t he really be crippled!?

Immense fear gripped Gongsun Yang immediately.

At this moment, he could no longer care about his reputation. Without much thought, he immediately shouted, “Hold on! Don’t move! Don’t move!”

Gongsun Yang threw his sword, and under everyone’s watchful eyes, said with a pale face, “I surrender.”

He was surrendering without a fight?

The spectators were both surprised and filled with mixed emotions.

What sort of person was Gongsun Yang? As a core disciple of the Li Fire Sect, he had the chance to enter the Heavenly Dao Union. This sort of person was naturally arrogant, and he would not easily succ.u.mb to others.

But now, despite the strength Jiang Yidao displaying being only the tip of the iceberg, it was sufficient enough to force Gongsun Yang to surrender without a fight.

This was extremely shameful to a genius and it could even create mental demons, making them lose confidence in their martial path.

However, there was nothing else he could do under such circ.u.mstances.

If he insisted on fighting, Gongsun Yang would have to risk being crippled. As a warrior, this was a risk he couldn’t take.

With Gongsun Yang surrendering, Gongsun Zhi glanced at Yi Yun and turned silent.

As for the hooked-nose man, he gritted his teeth and he did not even let out a whimper.

As a leader of a law-enforcement team, the shame he experienced was no less than what Gongsun Yang experienced.

In Heaven Martial City, he had arrested many people. Every time, it was easy and they allowed him to do it in an awe-inspiring manner.

But this time, he ended up being steamrolled by the criminal. The amount of depression derived from it was understandable.

“Let us go!” The hooked-nose man said with a nasty tone. Before he left, he gave Yi Yun a hateful glance. The gaze was indignant and sinister.

Clearly, the hooked-nose man was planning to get a law-enforcement Elder to take Jiang Yidao in. Even if Jiang Yidao was all powerful, he would have to succ.u.mb!

Wait and see. To offend my law-enforcement team, you are doomed. When you fall into my hands, you will know what’s awaiting you!

As such thoughts lingered in the hooked-nose man’s mind, his subtle facial expressions were reflected in the eyes of Yi Yun. He immediately knew what the hooked-nose man was thinking.

In fact, it was understandable for a law-enforcement team leader to have such thoughts.

Yi Yun chuckled. He said nonchalantly, “Has anyone told you that your nose is ugly?”


Words that made no head or tail stunned the hooked-nose man.

His nose looked sinister and ruthless, and this fierce look added to his murderous aura. However, who would dare to mock his looks when he was a law-enforcement team leader? They would only compliment him on his looks, adding more magnificence to his bearing.

Just as he wanted to respond angrily, Yi Yun made a move!


The wooden boards beneath Yi Yun’s feet exploded as his body turned into a red beam of light. In a thousandth of a second, he had appeared in front of the hooked-nose man as if he had teleported!

The hooked-nose man did not have time to exclaim. Yi Yun’s single punch had already swept the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi up from the surroundings and it came crashing down like a mountain, hitting the hooked-nose man!


The impact of the single punch was like that of a meteorite. The hooked nose man screamed  as his body flew out!

This time, his body broke through the Six Swords Inn’s main door, and flew onto the street like a broken gunny sack.

He felt his entire being was in ruins. Yi Yun’s punch had hit his face, causing his hooked nose to collapse!

The hooked-nose man’s nose was now dented into his face. A fist mark appeared on his face, and blood was surrounding the mark. He was beyond recognition.

As his body twitched, the surrounding law-enforcers rushed over to him and helped him up.

These people now looked at Yi Yun as if they were staring at the devil.

“Just treat it as me giving you some cosmetic surgery. You don’t have to thank me.” Yi Yun pulled his fist back and gently pressed it, issuing “Ka Ka Ka” sounds.

He had controlled his strength and he did not really maim or kill the hooked-nose man.

He wanted to stir up conflict, but not to a point where the conflict could not be smoothed over.

Upon seeing the hooked-nose man in such a state, tears were beginning to well up in Gongsun Yang’s eyes.

This team leader must have been accustomed to being cool and awesome, but this time, he had snookered himself. He wanted to forcefully retrieve some pride by saying some tough words, but Jiang Yidao was not one who would approve of that. As a result, the hooked-nose man ended up in such a tragic state!

Why was he so unlucky!? He had been beaten up by the malefic jinx at the Lin family area, and now, in Heaven Martial City, he had suffered again!

He knew the domineering stance that came with his arrival and the malicious words of hanging Jiang Yidao up on the city walls had crossed the line with the malefic jinx.

He would not let them off easily.

After some thought, Gongsun Yang took his interspatial ring off and said, “Sorry for disturbing Young master Jiang from drinking his tea. It was our bad. Here is some compensation, please treat it as a gift.”

When he took his interspatial ring off, Gongsun Yang’s mouth twitched as he felt the pinch.

The interspatial ring contained resources that he had saved up through great difficulty. It also included treasures that he had obtained while out on training expeditions.

Beside Gongsun Yang, Gongsun Zhi’s eyelid twitched before he took his interspatial ring off.

With two interspatial rings placed in front of him, Yi Yun raised his eyebrow. He was quite surprised.

He never expected them to have the foresight. In fact, he had no plans on really killing them. He could act wantonly in Heaven Martial City, but he could not cross the bottom line.

Beating a law-enforcement team leader was nothing much, but if he had killed him and his team, that would be completely different.

Seeing the interspatial rings placed on the table, Yi Yun walked over and picked up a ring under Gongsun Yang’s fretful eyes.

With a scan, Yi Yun knew what was inside.

These two people’s wealth didn’t have much value to Yi Yun.

“Why are you two so poor despite coming from the Li Fire Sect?”

With Yi Yun saying this, it made the cheeks of Gongsun Zhi and Gongsun Yang twitch. To be jawed on by Yi Yun in such a manner, their faces were already burning. They could do nothing but endure.

“Although you are poor, your att.i.tudes are not bad. Scram.”

Yi Yun waved his hand, as he turned around to walk towards the Six Swords Inn.

Gongsun Yang and company were feeling extremely aggrieved. They had come with such a forceful stance, but they had to run away dejectedly. They even had to leave their interspatial rings behind.

Gongsun Yang took a few deep breaths and then took his voice transmission token out.

He thought that the day he was beaten up by Jiang Yidao at the Lin family area was the most humiliating day of his life!

But who knew that today’s humiliation was worse than that day’s!


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