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Chapter 594: Enemies Fated to Meet Again

Yi Yun was seated beside a window in the corner of the restaurant. Despite hearing the people from the Li Fire Sect and law-enforcement team coming, he still sat at his spot without moving.

The people’s imposing arrival at the Six Swords Inn was long detected by Yi Yun. However, he still sat there, quietly waiting for their arrival.

He also knew that Ah Niu and Ah Yu were on the third level of the Six Swords Alliance’s inn. As for Ah Yu’s cousin, his face had turned ashen from fright. He was trembling all over and he was constantly trying to drag Ah Yu and Ah Niu to flee in the chaos.

As for the Li Fire Sect and law-enforcement team, they were angrily staring daggers at him. The onlookers were also waiting for a good show to be put on. There were people constantly pointing at him, saying words like “arrogant” and “haughty”.

As the center of this vortex, Yi Yun appeared to not have anything to do with it. He gently covered the teapot.

What he looked like right now was someone who had enjoyed success from a young age, and a mighty scion who had led a charmed life.

His gaze was that of arrogance. It could even be described as him considering everyone beneath his notice.

Many scions would behave like that because their strength far exceeded their peers from a young age. With them coming from superior origins, they were already accustomed to being the center of the world, and as such, they thought that everyone was beneath their notice.

Hence, when they came to travel the world, they would be arrogant like Yi Yun was now.

Yi Yun had led two lives. His first life was mediocre and unexciting. In this second life, he originated from the Cloud Wilderness, and he had experienced all sorts of hardship. Later on, although he went to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, he was only in the beginning stages of his martial path there. He was extremely weak, he had to be careful all the time, and he could not be too ostentatious.

And later, after the Shepherd Boy invaded the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and with Shen Tu Nantian’s appearance, Yi Yun had to tread on thin ice with every step. But even so, he still nearly got tortured to death by Shen Tu Nantian!

Later on, when he came to the Tian Yuan world, he found himself in the middle of a huge game between some large factions.

In such a life, Yi Yun had to keep himself low. Other than the occasional pulling of strings in the background, he gave people the impression that he someone who was always very steady and calm.

But in fact, deep in Yi Yun’s bones, he had to suppress the blood of a youth because he was too weak!

Be it his previous life or his present life, he had always yearned to become a top figure and be a free spirit, leading a life unworried about anything! That was the real pleasure of life!

Now, he had changed his ident.i.ty, and his strength had increased by leaps and bounds. He had sufficient strength and hidden cards on his hand to carve his own fate. As such, the restrained blood in him was now unbridled!

Warriors had to suffer hardship and experience numerous life and death encounters. If they were not careful, they would lose their lives. They had to restrain their desires and endure lonely decades of reclusive training. Wasn’t all this for them to lead a free life and do as they pleased when their power succeeded on reaching unprecedented heights!?

Everything in the world depended on one’s preference.

To do as the heart pleased!


Yi Yun put down his teacup. The clear song of crisp porcelain reverberated in the tea restaurant. It was as if the ground trembled slightly, but even so, the teacup did not shatter.

Many people were startled. There were even some who retreated back a step. However, they were enraged in the next moment for their overreaction.

He had just slammed his teacup, so what was there to panic about?

“What’s there to act about!? Death is awaiting you!”

Gongsun Zhi and Gongsun Yang did not say a word. However, the long-faced man beside them had shouted due to his emotional upheavals.

He wished that this person, who had turned him into a cripple, would be hacked into pieces in front of him. Besides, with someone backing him, how could the long-faced man keep his calm?

He pointed at Yi Yun’s figure and said to Gongsun Yang, “Young master Yang, it’s that kid! Kill him!”


Gongsun Yang’s eyelids twitched. The figure in front of him looked more and more familiar. It made him think of someone.

That person in his memories that had caused a huge psychological scar in his heart. That was the first time he had been grabbed by someone and nonchalantly beaten up in his entire life.

Right, beaten up, and not sparring. The difference between their strengths were too great&h.e.l.lip;

This even made Gongsun Yang question his life. They were both at the Dao Seed realm and they were both geniuses. Why could the gap be so huge?

After two months of recuperation, Gongsun Yang finally walked out of his shadows, but who knew that just as he wanted to show off prominently so he could relieve himself of his repressed feelings, why did he have to encounter a figure that gave him such a strong sense of familiarity?

Just as he wanted to make sure, the long-faced man somehow got strength from somewhere and he held the upper half of his body upright. He excitedly pointed at Gongsun Yang and said arrogantly to Yi Yun, “You savage who hasn’t seen the world. Do you know who this is? He is a genius of my Li Fire Sect’s younger generation, Young master Gongsun Yang! With Young master Yang’s talent, he can enter the Heavenly Dao Union soon. For a hillbilly like you, this is something you wouldn’t even be able to process.”

“I urge you to not to resist. Obediently wash your neck clean and prepare for death. Maybe our Young master Yang will show you mercy and let you look good in death!” The long-faced man’s voice entered everyone’s ears. He touted Gongsun Yang so hard, because he knew of his status in the Li Fire Sect.

If Gongsun Yang entered the Heavenly Dao Union, he would have a lot of say. As long as this life-saving straw was grabbed onto, the long-faced man might be saved if Gongsun Yang put in a few good words to the upper echelons of the Li Fire Sect.

Upon hearing the long-faced man’s touting, Gongsun Yang still did not know how to react. He was a person who liked to be touted in front of the ma.s.ses. However, that familiar figure made Gongsun Yang feel a lack of confidence.

At this moment, he did not stop the long-faced man from speaking further. He felt that things could not be so coincidental.

“The Tian Yuan world is so big, I don’t believe I will meet him a second time&h.e.l.lip; ”

As Gongsun Yang had such thoughts, he gained a bit more confidence and thundered, “Kid, you caused trouble at the Li Fire Sect shop. Today, I will fix you!”

Just as Gongsun Yang finished saying those words, the tea-drinking figure turned slightly sideways and said, “Oh? How do you plan on fixing me?”


This voice was like a voodoo charm that seemed to hasten his death. Gongsun Yang immediately stared at him blankly.

This voice&h.e.l.lip; could it be&h.e.l.lip;

And at this moment, the long-faced man had an extremely distorted expression, “It looks like you won’t shed a tear until you see the coffin! You insolent person who thinks you are invincible, let our Young master Yang teach you how to be a proper person. Let a Southern Sea savage like you know what it means to be sitting in a well and looking at the stars!”

Southern Sea! The ominous feeling in Gongsun Yang’s heart grew in intensity!

At that moment, the figure finally turned his head. That familiar face made Gongsun Yang entire body tense up.

It was really him!

Gongsun Yang only felt like he had been struck by a bolt of lightning. He felt his entire body go numb.

The internal injuries he was suffering immediately started to ache.

Gongsun Yang’s face twitched, but everyone’s eyes were focused on Yi Yun so no one noticed it.

The long-faced man was still clamoring. The members of the law-enforcement team were still rubbing their fists.

As for Gongsun Yang, he seemed to have turned into stone. He did not even say a word.

Back then, he knew that even his sect’s Elders had suffered under the hands of this person!


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