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Chapter 593: Waiting for You to Come

Only 15 minutes had pa.s.sed since the incident when Gongsun Zhi and Gongsun Yang arrived at the Man-ranked store that had been destroyed.

When dozens of people from the Li Fire Sect and the law-enforcement team arrived with a forceful stance, the bunch of onlookers dispersed.

In Heaven Martial City, the law-enforcement team’s dignity was extraordinary. Heaven Martial City rarely had trouble, and once there was trouble, with the law-enforcement team’s deployment, the matter would be settled easily in an overwhelming manner!

Especially now, the law-enforcement team was aided by men from the Li Fire Sect. This matter would definitely be resolved very quickly, and the person who had caused the trouble was doomed.

Seeing the messy scene and more than ten Li Fire Sect disciples lying on the floor like dead pigs, Gongsun Yang pinched his wrists, as a cold beam flashed in his eyes. He thought that the warden, who reported the matter to him, had exaggerated matters, but from the looks of it now, the real situation was worse!

More than ten people were crippled almost instantly. What boldness!

“Young master Zhi, Young Master Yang, you must speak up for this subordinate!”

Seeing Gongsun Yang and Gongsun Zhi, and especially with Heaven Martial City’s law-enforcement team, the long-faced man crawled over with great difficulty as tears streamed down his face.

Seeing the long-faced man, a look of contempt flashed on Gongsun Yang’s face. He coldly said, “Trash!”

Beside Gongsun Yang, Gongsun Zhi smiled and asked, “What sort of people beat you into such a state? Where did they go?”

The long-faced man spat out blood and described Yi Yun’s looks through great difficulty as well as the cause of the incident.

Of course, he would not have said how he had been tempted by greed. Instead, he pushed all the blame to Yi Yun.

He now found hope. There was that tiny twinkle of hope that would allow him to be saved by the sect. As for Yi Yun, he eagerly awaited to see his corpse being placed before him.

“They went back on their word on a good that was sold? He even dared to s.n.a.t.c.h by force? This person is deserves death!”

Gongsun Yang loosened his neck as it issued “Bba Bba Bba” sounds. He had previously recuperated for two months and he was thinking of taking part in some activities!

It was perfect with someone sending himself to his doorstep!

They quickly knew of Yi Yun’s destination — Six Swords Inn.

“Tsk, do you think that the Six Swords Inn can shelter you? Such naivety. Let’s finish this thing that does not have its eyes open!”

As Gongsun Yang spoke, he glanced at the moaning long-faced man on the ground. He coldly said, “Bring him along so we can find that person!”

Gongsun Yang and Gongsun Zhi led the men and marched with astounding mightiness to the Six Swords Inn.

As they pa.s.sed through the streets, there was intense killing intent and fanfare. They attracted the attention and following of numerous warriors.

Gongsun Yang walked right in front. His face was sullen, and a sneer hung on his mouth.

Previously, the troublemaker had walked through the Li Fire Sect shop’s main door openly and left arrogantly. Many people were watching by the doors.

Now, he wanted to teach that person a lesson and let everyone see that person’s horrible state. Not only did he want to brutally teach that person a lesson openly, he also wanted to hang that person’s corpse up for all to see.

Only then could they restore the reputation lost by the Li Fire Sect. It would also let the people of Heaven Martial City notice him, Gongsun Yang. He did not want to be treated like air.

In a blink of an eye, Gongsun Yang had a few hundred people following him. And at this moment, the Six Swords Inn was already in front of them.

“The law-enforcement team is here! What’s the matter?”

The guests in the inn’s lobby all had surprised looks on their faces.

The moment Gongsun Yang stepped through the door, he held up a token, “The Li Fire Sect and Heaven Martial City law-enforcement team have come here to capture the perpetrator, Jiang Yidao! Jiang Yidao, come out and prepare for your doom!”

At this moment, there were already many onlookers here to watch the bustle. They told everything that had happened to the inn’s guests who were still ignorant of the matter.

These people were immediately speechless. From the formation of the Li Fire Sect, this person named Jiang Yidao was doomed. However, it was his own fault for offending the Li Fire Sect.

“Jiang Yidao, you dared to beat me up. Come out and meet your doom!”

The long-faced man had shouted at the top of his voice. As he used too much strength to shout, his wounds began to hurt. However, at this moment, the pain was nothing to him anymore.

All he wanted was to get vindication!

He hated Jiang Yidao to the bone. Now, with someone backing him, he wanted Jiang Yidao to pay a price that was ten times more painful!

Seeing this stance, the shopkeeper of the inn hurriedly came to Gongsun Yang and company.

This shopkeeper represented the Six Swords Alliance. Although he was courteous to the law-enforcement team, he was not excessive in his humility, “Everyone, it’s fine for you to execute your mission, but please do not destroy my Six Swords Alliance’s inn. And please try not to let the guests of my Six Swords inn see blood, so it doesn’t disturb them.”

“Don’t worry. I will naturally drag Jiang Yidao out before beating him up.” Gongsun Yang smiled and said it nonchalantly. He was not that worried about the Six Swords Alliance.

“Right, I wonder which room that Jiang Yidao is hiding in?” He asked again.

Be it Gongsun Yang or the people present, they all believed Jiang Yidao had come to the Six Swords Inn to hide from woe. Now seeing such a large formation, he was definitely holed up in his room, fearing to take a step out.

The shopkeeper also had an understanding of the matter, and he immediately sent his worker to find out about the situation. Hearing Gongsun Yang’s question, he turned to look at the staircase.

At this moment, the man who had been sent to check on the matter ran down the stairs.

“How is it? Which room is he hiding in?” Gongsun Yang gently flicked his sleeves.

The man glanced at Gongsun Yang, and then he looked at the shopkeeper before taking a gulp of saliva, “He&h.e.l.lip; He’s not in his room”

“Oh? He has already escaped?” Gongsun Yang’s expression turned sullen.

“N&h.e.l.lip; No. That guest is drinking tea on the second floor’s lounge.”

“Drinking tea?” Gongsun Yang stared straight at him.

He and a bunch of people had come with some a imposing stance, but this embolden person still had the mood to drink tea?

Did he not know that his doomsday was here?

The bunch of people thundered up the stairs. Thankfully, the staircase of the Six Swords Inn was wide and it was made of extraordinary materials. If not, with so many warriors rushing up it, it would have collapsed.

The moment they reached the second floor, all the tea drinking customers had dispersed to the side. Hence, without the long-faced man’s identification, there was an azure-clothed young man, who was holding a teapot in hand, sitting alone in a corner of the tea restaurant. He was slowly stirring the tea, and drinking it without any worries.

A tea drinker like him would appear very normal, but in the current situation, his leisurely drinking looked extremely arrogant.

Gongsun Yang and Gongsun Zhi were stunned seeing this scene. Gongsun Zhi laughed from extreme anger, “Waiting for us to come? What guts!”

Gongsun Yang also wanted to curse, but just as the words reached his mouth, they got lodged.

From his present angle, he could only see Yi Yun’s back and a little bit of his side profile. For some reason, this figure suddenly gave him a familiar feeling.

Have I have seen this person before?


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