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Chapter 590: Great Disparity

What&h.e.l.lip; just happened?

Seeing the bloodied relics, the long-faced man’s face immediately turned ashen!

This Southern Sea savage&h.e.l.lip; Could he have used those four relics to kill the twelve guards in his store!?

How is that possible!?

He had gathered all of the power of the twelve guards, so the formation’s tiny weak point was actually the twelve guards.

However, even so, it should be impossible for someone to use a few low-ranked relics to instantly kill twelve guards!


At this moment, there was a deafening sound as a shelf crashed to the ground, scattering all of its items on the floor.

It was because the fat shopkeeper’s legs had turned limp from fright. He had planned to run, but in his haste, he collided into a shelf.

“Mur&h.e.l.lip; Murder&h.e.l.lip; Don’t come forward&h.e.l.lip; If you come&h.e.l.lip; I&h.e.l.lip; I’ll report to the officials&h.e.l.lip;”

The fat shopkeeper was just a Purple Blood realm warrior. He had only reached this realm by eating pills and had never really practiced any martial arts. He had never seen such a scene, so with twelve Dao Seed realm warriors dying instantly in front of his eyes, without him even knowing how they died, he had wet himself from fright.

Seeing Yi Yun walk over, he was already speaking incoherently. As for his hands, he was still holding onto a token. This was a token used to alert the officials when one was in danger in the city. It had not been used for years.

However, even while watching Yi Yun walk towards him, his fat hands continued trembling and did not dare to crush the token.

Yi Yun stepped on the fat shopkeeper’s hands with a deadpan expression.


The sound of broken bones could be heard as the fat shopkeeper squealed like a pig in a slaughterhouse. His hand had been crushed as easily as a broken twig by Yi Yun.

“Ah Ah Ah, don’t kill me&h.e.l.lip;Don’t kill me&h.e.l.lip;I am just a shopkeeper&h.e.l.lip;This has nothing to do with me!”

The fat shopkeeper was already in tears. The alert token in his hands had already tumbled to the ground and was picked up by Yi Yun.

“Now you recall that Heaven Martial City does not permit murder? However, I am a law-abiding citizen. I did not kill these people at all. I only maimed them of their soul sea.”

In that split instant, Yi Yun had shot out four desolate bone relics, blasting through the soul seas of those guards, annihilating their souls.

They were considered brain dead, but still alive, with no perception at all. There was no real difference from dying.

“And you&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun looked towards the long-faced man who was trembling.


The long-faced man’s face was covered in sweat. He had never seen such a terrifying person. He could not gather the courage to resist. His eyes quietly glanced towards the door of the shop!

After the doors were locked, they had been automatically sealed shut by an array. He wanted to forcefully break through the array and rush out into the streets to scream for help.

To chase after someone on the streets of Heaven Martial City in a bid to kill was a heavy charge. It would definitely alert Heaven Martial City’s law enforcement team.

However, just as he had this thought, Yi Yun suddenly disappeared before him!

Almost at the same time, a black shadow appeared right in front of him. Yi Yun seemed to instantly teleport, as if Death himself had arrived!


The long-faced man did not even have time to scream when a “Peng” sound exploded!

Yi Yun had pressed his palm on the long-faced man’s Dantian. With the Yuan Qi exploding from his palm, it meandered along the long-faced man’s Dantian, and surged through his meridians.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Like the sound of fried beans, the long-faced man’s Dantian and meridians were completely destroyed!

His cultivation had been completely crippled!

His muscles and tendons had also been broken and torn apart by Yi Yun. He would not be able to walk, and would have to spend the rest of his days bedridden.

For a warrior who could previously travel just about anywhere, this outcome was a hundred times more tragic than death!

The long-faced man vomited a large mouthful of blood. His body quivered, a result of his muscles involuntarily contracting after they were destroyed. When he realized what had happened to his body, his face turned ashen!

A life worse than death! In a blink of an eye, he had gone from a Li Fire Sect manager of certain status, to a cripple that would live a living death.

“I said that I was a law-abiding person. Since you cannot kill in Heaven Martial City, I kept you alive.”

As Yi Yun spoke, he threw the bloodied relics in his hands at the man’s long face.

“I am returning these to you. I have returned the relics you have given. Treat it as me returning the merchandise. This rock is still mine!”

As Yi Yun spoke, he picked up the mysterious rock, and then glanced at the fat shopkeeper.

Just this glance contained the intent of Yi Yun.


The fat shopkeeper felt his ears experience a deafening roar as his mind went blank. He then pa.s.sed out immediately.

His soul had been severely injured by Yi Yun’s intent. When he woke up, he too would be a r.e.t.a.r.d.

Yi Yun had crippled everyone in the Man-ranked shop in a short period of time.

Only then did he turn to face Ah Niu and Ah Yu.

Everything that happened before happened in only a few seconds.

The youths, that came from a poor background, were completely dumbfounded upon seeing such a scene.

Previously, when they entered the city, Yi Yun had taken the initiative to speak to them. They only felt that Yi Yun was generous and good-willed.

As for Yi Yun’s clothing, they were also very common. It was unlike the sons of Heavens from large family clans, who covered themselves in treasures.

With Yi Yun’s young age, they never expected that Yi Yun would have such terrifying strength.

A person with such strength usually had an extraordinary background. These sort of people did not need to use the common gates into Heaven Martial City, for there would be dedicated entrances with people welcoming them.

However, Yi Yun had mixed in the crowd, and looked nothing special.

To Ah Niu and An Yu, Yi Yun was like the legendary reclusive masters that hid himself in the city.

“Big Brother Jiang, you are&h.e.l.lip;”

Ah Niu and Ah Yu looked at Yi Yun with their emotions going through upheavals. Ah Niu was especially agitated after seeing Yi Yun’s moves.

The long-faced man had taken advantage of the situation and had held their lives in his hands. From that, he deeply understood how powerless he was, in which he could be slaughtered according to their whims.

He had wanted to have the power of an overlord and mercilessly beat up the long-faced man.

However, he was currently unable to do so.

Yi Yun however, had easily accomplished everything Ah Niu had desired. It seemed as easy as wiping away spider webs.

This was extremely impressive and filled him with admiration and adulation.

“We have to go. The Li Fire Sect will quickly discover the situation here.”

In Heaven Martial City, many shops sold valuable treasures, so to prevent theft or robbery, some family clans would set up arrays in the head office to monitor the situation at the branches.

For such a serious matter to happen in a Man-ranked branch, the Li Fire Sect’s Heaven-ranked branch would be quick to notice.

The person in charge of monitoring the array would report to the Li Fire Sect Elder, which would not take long to arrive.

Including Heaven Martial City itself, they would discover some conflict happening here. The action they did here before had already sparked some Yuan Qi fluctuations, and very quickly, law enforcement teams would lock onto this shop.

To erase all traces of what happened here to not let them discover that it was done by Yi Yun, was impossible.


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