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Chapter 589: Blood-dyed Relics

Against so many guards, the girl’s cousin immediately turned pale. Ah Niu’s heart sank. He had never seen so many experts back in his family clan, and each and everyone of them far exceeded him in strength. He could feel the pressure.

“What do you want to do?”

Ah Yu held her breath as her heart began to beat rapidly. Were they going to plunder them for their wealth? Was there still any law here?

“Hur Hur, do not worry. These guards may look a bit fierce, but they are not planning on doing anything to you. Just now, we already closed our deal. A hundred low-ranking relics and sending you to my Li Fire Sect as a Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciple. These people are here to escort you to my Li Fire Sect. I am a man of my word.”

The long-faced man did not dare murder someone within Heaven Martial City, and to answer to the public and to be on the side of reason, he was indeed going to send Ah Niu and Ah Yu to the Li Fire Sect.

However, once they reach the Li Fire Sect, it would no longer be up to this pair of siblings. It would be wishful thinking for them to think that they would live peacefully as Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciples in the Li Fire Sect, for the moment they entered, they were very likely to be tortured to death.

And for the Li Fire Sect causing someone’s death, that was no different from stepping on an ant, so who would care?

Ah Yu, who had also came to this realization, turned tragically pale.

“Don’t&h.e.l.lip; Don’t pull me in&h.e.l.lip; This has nothing to do with me!” Ah Yu’s cousin, who was standing beside her, suddenly jolted from his beautiful dream. He sensed that once the long-faced man lost all decorum with them, he would be silenced. Killing two was no different from killing three.

It is all that idiot, Jiang Yidao’s fault. If not for him, he could still survive, but now&h.e.l.lip; he was probably doomed!

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun sneered, “You finally cannot hold it in anymore?”

He had long since expected things to turn into such a situation. In fact, he was waiting for this to happen. From the moment the long-faced man insulted Lin Xintong, Yi Yun had already wanted to settle scores.

“From what you just said, are you treating my Li Fire Sect as a tortoise? I can endure this? You cannot expect me to watch on helplessly as someone behave atrociously within my Li Fire Sect’s territory, and then remain indifferent, right?” As the long-faced man spoke, the strong warriors silently surrounded Yi Yun and company.

This situation made Ah Niu and Ah Yu panic and feel angry.

The long-faced man standing in the middle smiled and looked extremely calm and confident. He formed a sharp contrast with Ah Yu and company’s unease.

“You violated the trading rules, and tried to sell one item to two parties. I did not hold it to you, and will even fulfill my side of the deal. I will send you to the Li Fire Sect, which is already extremely generous. As for you&h.e.l.lip;”

The long-faced man looked towards Yi Yun, and an overpowering sense of greed flashed in his eyes, “You Southern Sea savage dared to make a mess inside my shop. The use of force is prohibited in Heaven Martial City, but, if someone causes trouble, such as&h.e.l.lip;”

As the long-faced man spoke, he suddenly punched out, the force from his fist smashing into a shelf, causing it to explode. The things inside scattered onto the ground.

The herbs within were all damaged.

“Ze Ze! Take a look. You were unhappy that this pair of siblings sold the mysterious rock to us and thus wanted to cause trouble with my Li Fire Sect, and destroyed things inside my shop&h.e.l.lip;”

“When the Li Fire Sect does business, we value the principle of how amiability attracts riches, but if someone causes trouble, we will definitely act. An arrogant savage like you daring to come to my Li Fire Sect to destroy things, even if I accidentally kill you, Heaven Martial City’s Lord Zhang would understand. However&h.e.l.lip; disrupting the calm of Heaven Martial City still requires me to treat Lord Zhang to tea, so as to amend my misdoings.”

His words sounded indifferent, but Ah Yu and company could tell that the long-faced man was hinting that he knew the person in charge of Heaven Martial City, and that there was some friendship between them.

This was not surprising, since the Martial Alliance was in charge of Heaven Martial City. Any place with humans responsible for it, there would be nepotism.

For the Li Fire Sect to be in cahoots with Heaven Martial City’s in-charge, was something extremely normal.

If&h.e.l.lip; the long-faced man gave Lord Zhang some benefits, such as a few Empyrean relics, to sweep the matter under the rug, it would not be surprising!

Rules were set by people. In this world, it was not uncommon to see people bullying others while disregarding the rules as long as things were properly covered up, with noone knowing of it.

If the Li Fire Sect messed up the store and insisted that small figures like them were responsible for the mess, who would know the truth?

Upon thinking of this, Ah Yu’s pet.i.te body began to tremble from both grief and indignation.

As for Ah Niu, he clenched his fists tightly that his nails lodged into his palm, causing it to bleed.

He was too weak! If he was stronger, how could he have been bullied? Now, he was under the mercy of others!

“Actually&h.e.l.lip; I really do not want to do anything to you. If you obediently hand over the rock, and make a statement, by being a witness, I can let you leave.”

The long-faced man smiled as he looked towards Ah Yu and Ah Niu. He took out a video disk array. He was planning to doing the necessary steps to cover up the matter. At the same time, he took out a bunch of low-ranked relics and threw them.

Ding Ding Dang Dang!

The low-ranked relics scattered on the floor, rolling towards the siblings’ feet.

“A hundred relics. If there are more, keep the change. I am an honest business man after all.” The long-faced man said with a smile.

The fat shopkeeper also sneered as he looked at the siblings who were rooted at their spots and said, “Hurry up and pick them up.”

Ah Yu and Ah Niu did not move. They only felt like their eyes were about to bleed. And at this moment, someone moved.

Ah Yu’s cousin hung a terrified and fawning smile while squatting down to pick up the relics.

“I will pick them. I will pick them. Thank you to the Lord’s gift. The rock is yours. We do not want it. I will scram once I have picked up the relics. Please do not kill me&h.e.l.lip;”

To stoop to this level, he really did not want to die!

“Hahahaha, a wise man submits to fate. As for you, Jiang. Why not help pick them up. Ze Ze, what Jiang Yidao. What a joke. Did you not say you did not need to use a second saber strike against anyone?”

The long-faced man roared with laughter. He wanted to rob Yi Yun of the opportunities he had obtained in the Southern Sea. How could a person who could take out ten Empyrean relics not have any opportunities!?

Yi Yun chuckled. He gently tapped the floor with his feet and four relics seemed to be infused with energy and were caught by Yi Yun when they bounced up with a “Ceng” sound.

He had really picked up a few relics.

With these relics, which were mixed with impurities, in hand, Yi Yun began to slowly play with them, “That is when unsheathing my saber against elites at the same realm as me. Do you know what elites are? For trash, I usually do not even need to use my saber.”


The long-faced man’s flashed coldly. He never expected that at this moment, the Southern Sea savage would dare to say such provocative words.

He could tell that Yi Yun was roughly in the Dao Seed realm, and his own men were all in the Dao Seed realm as well!

In Heaven Martial City, other than a Yuan Opening realm Elder holding the ground at the Heaven-ranked store, the other Li Fire Sect stores were run by peak-Dao Seed realm disciples.

As for the wardens in their stores, they were all in the Dao Seed realm. Although their talent was lacking, they were masters at joint attacks with formations!

By setting up a formation, their strength would multiply! This was sufficient for Heaven Martial City, which had relatively good security.

A Dao Seed realm warrior like Yi Yun from the Southern Sea, apparently did not know the terrible power of a top faction in the Tian Yuan world. He probably thought that he could fight people above his realm in the Tian Yuan world just like he could in the Southern Sea.

He was foolish to the extreme.

The long-faced man pulled out a scimitar from his interspatial ring. With a flash, a cold beam reflected in all directions. “Do you know how Southern Sea savages typically die in the Tian Yuan world? Let me tell you. They usually die from their foolishness. Today, I will kill you and feed your corpse to the dogs, then no one will know the truth!”

As the long-faced man said, he stepped forward and slashed his scimitar straight towards Yi Yun’s neck.

At the same time, the guards behind the long-faced man moved. They came Yi Yun with the intent to kill from all directions.

The long-faced man led the charge. His position may seem dangerous, but it was actually the safest. The guards behind him had already set up a joint formation, and the long-faced man was centered right in the core of the formation.

At the core of the formation, he could gather the power of the twelve guards, giving him the most powerful offense and defense.

In this state, the long-faced man felt that he was invincible. If G.o.d was in the way, he would slaughter him. If Buddha stops him, he would slaughter him too!

The power of the twelve guards gathered towards his body as his body’s joints began to give off explosive cracking sounds. The large amounts of energy made him feel extremely comfortable, he could not help but cry out loud!

“Meet your death!”

The long-faced man loudly roared as the saber beam turned extremely resplendent!

However, at that instant, before Ah Yu and Ah Niu even had the time to exclaim, a few golden, divine beams pierced through the long-faced man’s saber beam.

These divine beams did not look very eye-catching, but their speeds were extremely fast. They instantly brushed past the long-faced man’s body.


The long-faced man’s pupils constricted as his ears buzzed!

These few beams of light were like sharp needles. It felt like they were stabbing his eyes, making his eyes go blind, giving him an inexplicable headache!

However, this feeling only lasted for a hundredth of a second before it disappeared.

The long-faced man broke out into cold sweat as the saber beam he slashed out was somehow broken!

He still had not pulled himself together. It felt like he had already died, but when he checked his body, it seemed like.. he was not really injured?

He heaved a sigh of relief. What just happened?

He looked towards Yi Yun, who did not seem to have moved at all. He was not even sure if the move from before had been sent out by Yi Yun.

Just as this thought appeared in his head, he suddenly heard continuous “Peng Peng Peng” sounds coming from behind him!

He turned his head and immediately turned pale.

The twelve guards behind him had lifeless expressions. Foam was coming out of their mouths as they began to fall down one after another like dominoes.

In a blink of an eye, the guards were lying on the ground in disarray. In the entire shop, there was only him and the fat shopkeeper left on the Li Fire Sect’s side!

“Wh&h.e.l.lip; What!?”

The long-face man stared on with wide eyes. He still did not know what had happened!


He turned his head towards Yi Yun, and noticed that Yi Yun was still playing around with the four low-ranked relics in his hand, but now&h.e.l.lip;the four relics were covered in blood&h.e.l.lip;

Relics mixed with impurities are not crystal clear, but after these relics were dyed in blood, they turned red like a blood rubies.


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