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Chapter 587: Empyrean Relics

Desolate bone relics were important resources used in cultivating martial arts amongst Tian Yuan world warriors. Be it cultivation or breaking through cultivation realms, there was no lack of uses for them.

Usually, the basic currency used was low-ranked relics. These were actually relics that did not make the mark. They were not even a grade and were typically produced by Desolate Heaven apprentices or the lowest grade Desolate Heaven Masters. These would only be effective when used by Mortal Blood or Purple Blood realm warriors. Those people still stuck in the stages of body strengthening were usually treated as mortals.

Further up the rankings, there were inferior-grade, common-grade and superior-grade relics. These were used by Yuan foundation realm or Dao Seed realm warriors.

For a top sect like the Li Fire Sect, geniuses within the sects, like Gongsun Hong, would usually cultivate while using superior-grade relics.

These three relics did not have an exact exchange ratio, as different relics had different qualities. If one needed to really exchange between them, there was a need for appraisal and a fair agreement between mutual parties before the exchange was made.

The exchange ratio was usually in the tens, and seldom exceeded a hundred.

However, when there was really a need to exchange in practice, it was easy to exchange a higher grade relic for lower grade relics, but to exchange lower grade relics for higher grade relics? Difficult.

This was because those warriors, who were rich and were at a high enough cultivation realm, did not have any uses for low grade relics. So there was no need for them to make the exchange. Those who did these exchanges were usually major merchants, who needed to make change while doing business. Typically, they would sell it on the black market and raise the prices as high as possible.

As for relics that ranked above superior-grade relics, they were supreme-grade relics.

Supreme-grade relics were also known as Sage relics. They were used by Yuan Opening realm warriors, and could even be used all the way until one broke through to a higher realm, eventually becoming an Empyreal King.

Previously, the rewards offered for killing Lin Xintong and Yi Yun by the Martial Alliance were supreme-grade relics!

And above supreme-grade relics was the highest grade of relics, known as Empyrean relics!

These sort of relics were typically Empyreal King level. Maybe a few of the best peak-Yuan Opening realm Desolate Heaven Masters could refine them. The materials used were the rare treasures that had to be sought for everywhere in the Tian Yuan world.

Every Empyrean relic refinement in a furnace only produced ten a time. These sort of relics were used for the cultivation of Empyreal Kings. Using a supreme-grade relic for a typical Empyreal King’s cultivation would already be ineffective.

Each Empyreal King was an anchors of a top faction in the Tian Yuan world. Hence, to many large family clans, Empyreal King relics were extremely precious resources. It could be said to be an acc.u.mulation of their heritage.

Even at the lowest exchange rates, an Empyrean relic could at least be exchange for more than a billion low-ranked relics. And in fact, there was no way for such an exchange to occur. What use was there for a billion low-ranked relics?

This astronomical figure made Ah Niu, Ah Yu and the young man in his twenties dumbfounded.

With their knowledge of the world, they found it hard to image such a bewildering ma.s.s of fortune.

Yi Yun placed the relics on the table. Ah Niu and Ah Yu were stunned. As for their cousin, the young man, he was staring straight at it. He nearly even drooled.

The ten relics shimmered in rainbow colors. They emitted a dream-like glow, and this was to him, the most beautiful thing in the world.

He couldn’t even help but sniff in deeply. To be able to breathe in the smell of such a relic in his life allowed him to die without regrets!

The ten relics were laid out in a line on the counter. Yi Yun’s wealth was undeniably ma.s.sive!

Previously, he had robbed the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian, taking away all their a.s.sets, however, those were just nothing but a drizzle.

Yi Yun’s real wealth came from the Great Empress mystic realm.

Back then, when the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord left their inheritance behind, they had also left a vast amount of wealth in the G.o.d Advent Tower.

Within the G.o.d Advent Tower, there were hundreds to a thousand large arrays. They required large amounts of Sage relics and Empyrean relics, or even higher grade relics to function.

As these relics maintained the large arrays, they also used the arrays to gather the Heaven Earth essence to power themselves. Over millions of years, not only did they not lose energy, in fact, they became even purer.

These relics were used as the energy source for these arrays, so Yi Yun could not take them away.

However, there was a small portion of relics that did not play an important role. Yi Yun could bring these out the G.o.d Advent Tower. Even scooping off a tip of the iceberg, these relics were already an unimaginable wealth on their own.

Just speaking of the Empyrean relics, Yi Yun had chose the ones of the worst quality, but they were already top grade in the Tian Yuan world!

As to say that these Empyrean relics would stir up a storm in the Tian Yuan world, that was unlikely.

Although Empyrean relics were very valuable, those Empyreal King Patriarchs of various large factions would actually use a hundred of them in a year if they really cultivated.

Empyrean relics were considered wealth to them, but not true treasures.

People who were envious of Empyrean relics would mainly be Yuan Opening realm warriors. And if these people schemed against Yi Yun, he would not worry that much.

Hence, Yi Yun took out these Empyrean relics without hesitation. However, in the eyes of the long-faced man, the scene was completely different.

He had been running the Man-ranked store for many years, but he had never seen people use Empyrean relics to buy items. Under normal circ.u.mstances, people who came to Man-ranked stores were warriors below the Yuan Opening realm. Who of them would use Empyrean relics as currency?

True Empyreal Kings would directly go to the Treasure House’s guest level. There were dedicated important figures at Treasure House who would tend to them. It was common to see Empyrean relics in Treasure House.

“These&h.e.l.lip; are all top grade quality!”

The fat storekeeper’s eyeb.a.l.l.s began to rotate from all the staring as he opened his dried mouth.

As for the long-faced man, his gaze was staring straight at the ten Empyrean relics on the table.

He had previously thought the self-claimed Jiang Yidao was purely a mad savage and idiot from the Southern Sea. However, in front of the ten Empyrean relics, his eyes began to flicker to the point of them dropping out of his sockets.

This Southern Sea savage really had the goods!

To come up with ten Empyrean relics in one shot, did he dig out some Empyreal King’s ancestral grave!?

The long-faced youth did not believe Yi Yun had the ability to earn so much wealth. It was likely that he had explored a certain mystic realm in the Southern Sea, and made a fortune doing so!

He glanced at Yi Yun, and noticed the indifferent look on Yi Yun’s face, as if he had just taken out a handful of stones.

This idiot probably did not know the value of Empyrean relics. To think he splurged on it so freely!

In this world, there were many poor people who had limited worldly horizons. When they fell into a windfall, they would correspondingly be wallowing in money, but their worldly horizons did not receive any improvement. This sort of people were pure suckers. They would quickly dissipate all their wealth because they got carried away with their wealth. As such, they would also lose the concept of wealth.

The long faced man categorized Yi Yun as such a person. For such a person to obtain the legacy of an ancient Empyreal King’s treasures was an effrontery to that Empyreal King!

If such precious inheritance entered his hands, he was confident that he could breakthrough to the Yuan Opening realm! When that happened, he too would be a sect Elder. Then, would he be a.s.signed to Heaven Martial City to run the business?

Those core sect disciples who had despised his martial talent would then have to suck up to him! He would be able to walk with his head held high and experience a total change in his life!

The more the long-faced man thought about it, the more he felt a burning sensation in his heart as he began to be tempted by greed.


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