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Chapter 586: Leaping onto a G.o.d’s head to make trouble

Upon hearing this voice, the trio looked towards the door and saw the long-faced man walk into the shop with a smile.

He was the general manager of this Li Fire Sect shop.

He was dressed fabulously and his body was covered in treasures. Just a simple pendant he wore was worth several hundred low-ranked relics.

Although the two siblings did not know him, they could feel a pressure coming from the long-faced man.

He was a person with prominent status.

As the girl had this thought, she saw the arrogant-looking fat shopkeeper turn respectful to the long-faced man.

“Young master Lai, I gave an additional two low-ranked relics because I pitied these two siblings. Yet, they were ungrateful, I am really&h.e.l.lip; Hai!”

The fat shopkeeper gave an expression of being doubted despite his kind grace, while shaking his head.

He knew that with Gongsun Lai’s discernment abilities, he would long since have seen the value of the rock; hence, he began to put on a play with him.

The long-faced man gave a dismissive look, “Old Luo, you are in the wrong. The way our Li Fire Sect do business, we must also do kind deeds while pursuing profits. A mere look at this siblings, and you would know they have come from afar&h.e.l.lip; They likely come from an average background. Are you here in Heaven Martial City to search for your martial path?”

The long-faced man had been in business for many years, so he could guess the siblings’ purpose in Heaven Martial City at a glance. It was not any wonderful ability, because he had seen numerous people like them over the years. They would come from some rural place, and would sell off all of their a.s.sets before coming to Heaven Martial City to chase their dreams at all costs, but in the end&h.e.l.lip; most of them ended in misery!

The siblings before him would likely end up the same, besides&h.e.l.lip; they also had a mysterious rock that they lacked the capacity to protect.

This was not something good for them.

This was how the long-faced man came to this conclusion as his smile turned warm. Taking this mysterious rock away from the siblings was in a way averting any disaster that might later befall them because of it.

This was also a reflection of his own words, The Li Fire Sect would do kind deeds while pursuing profits in business.

“Hey, Sister, it is that generous sir.”

The youth saw Yi Yun standing behind the long-faced man&h.e.l.lip;

From the matter of entering the city, the siblings had a good impression of Yi Yun. With Yi Yun standing behind the long-faced man, the siblings a.s.sumed they were friends. Since birds of a feather flock together, and Yi Yun was a nice person, willing to help the weak, then the long-faced man was likely not bad himself. They subconsciously felt a little more trust towards the man.

“Yes, to be honest with this young master, I brought my brother out because of his good talent. I wish for him to enter a large sect to learn their crafts.”

“Oh?” The long-faced man’s smile was that of approbation. He said, “Not bad. To have a martial heart despite coming from poor origins. This sort of intent is rare and deserving of praise. It seems that this little brother has pretty good talent. Let us do this. I will introduce you to enter the Li Fire Sect to become a Li Fire Sect disciple. However, I need to make it clear first that although you have good talent, your origins have limited your growth. You have already been surpa.s.sed greatly by warriors your age. Although I can admit you into the Li Fire Sect, you will not be able to become an official disciple. You can only start from being a Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciple. You might even become the servant of an official disciple. However, if you can prove your worth in the future, there is a possibility you can become an official disciple.”

The moment he said those words, the siblings were momentarily at a loss. Enter the Li Fire Sect?

That was a top sect in the Tian Yuan world.

In a sect, there were many cultivation techniques, numerous resources and deep foundations. It could not be any better if one entered one.

They had never even dared to think of entering such a large sect before now.

Although it would only be a Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciple, it did not matter. There was still the possibility of becoming an official disciple.

As long as hard work was put in, there would be a chance.

The girl held her younger brother’s hands in excitement. The youth’s eyes were lit up. He swore to work hard to make something out of himself.

“Young master, we&h.e.l.lip;”

The girl stopped mid-sentence again, as the long-faced man roared with laughter, “Haha, you don’t have to be so excited. This is what you deserve. Your brother’s talent is pa.s.sable and enough to become a Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciple, after that, it will all depend on him in the future. Old Luo&h.e.l.lip;”

As the man spoke, he turned towards the fat shopkeeper, “It was not easy for this pair of siblings to get the rock. So take it in and pay them a hundred low-ranked relics from the books.”

The shopkeeper looked embarra.s.sed when the long-faced man said those words, but he still accepted the order.

However, just as Old Luo was about to keep the mysterious rock, a hand pressed down lightly on the rock.

The fat shopkeeper was stunned and looked up, as he saw Yi Yun’s smiling face.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

The fat shopkeeper paused for a moment as he looked towards his boss. He was still unsure what Yi Yun’s relationship with his boss was.

However, from the long-faced man’s expression, he knew that Yi Yun was no friend of his boss.

“Nothing really. I am just interested in this rock and want to buy it. To be able to exchange this mysterious rock for a spot as a Miscellaneous Ch.o.r.es disciple and a hundred low-ranked desolate bone relics is such good business, so count me in too!”

The siblings were startled when they heard what Yi Yun said. They could read in between the lines.

The fat shopkeeper’s face sank as the long-faced man’s eyes emitted a cold gaze. This kid was here to mess things up. He had clearly already noticed something special about the mysterious rock.

“Who do you think you are? I was just courteous with you beforehand, and you are already crossing the line? Sales depends on a chronological order. Do you know what this place is?”

Moments ago, the long-faced man had already began to deride Yi Yun. He had already wasted his breath on a madman from the Southern Seas who claimed himself as Jiang Yidao. If not for the siblings suddenly appearing, he would have chased Yi Yun away.

Now this kid actually dared to leap onto a G.o.d’s head to make trouble. He was courting death!

“I know, it is merely a shop of the Li Fire Sect after all.”

Yi Yun said indifferently. His tone showed how little value the Li Fire Sect had in his eyes.

“After all? Hahaha! That’s so funny!” The long-faced man turned wrath into laughter. To think this Jiang Yidao was so arrogant despite knowing about the Li Fire Sect. People from the Southern Seas really had shallow world views.

“The ignorant are fearless. You savage from the Southern Seas with shallow world views. You may have heard of the Li Fire Sect, but you do not know how big the Li Fire Sect is. A tiny figure like you is not even considered an ant before the Li Fire Sect. Where did you get the courage to come here and cause trouble!?”

The savage lands in the Southern Seas  was not much better than the Backwater East.

The young man in his twenties, who was standing behind the long-faced man, was stunned when he heard this. He originally thought Yi Yun was someone formidable. He never expected him to come from the savage lands in the Southern Seas. Then, he was not much better than them. In fact, in terms of where they originated from, he was inferior to them. Yi Yun was so generous likely because he had received a windfall and thought of himself as a rich man.

Upon coming to this conclusion, the young man felt discontented. Life was so unfair for such a savage to obtain such an opportunity. Why couldn’t he be the one to encounter a chance to become rich?

It was not easy for him to get the opportunity to cling onto the Li Fire Sect, but this savage had appeared to mess up the situation.

Upon saying this, the young man said, “Hey, you rascal from the Southern Seas, you might want to buy the rock, but I don’t want to sell!”

Just as he finished saying those words, the girl pulled him back, “Cousin, what are you doing!? This generous sir helped us before.”

“What do you mean help? Didn’t you not accept it?” The young man said without any care. He was still taking the city entrance fee to heart!

“You are mistaken. The rock is ours. It is not up to you!” At this moment, Ah Niu stood forward from the girl’s side and spoke up.

“You!” His cousin stared at him and became worried.

The long-faced man narrowed his eyes. He looked coldly at the youth named Ah Niu.

“Then who are you selling to?”

The long-faced man suddenly spoke. Yi Yun also looked towards Ah Niu.

Yi Yun appreciated this youth, but the choice was up to him. He was after all the owner of the mysterious rock. If he chose the Li Fire Sect, then Yi Yun would have nothing to say.

Ah Niu took a deep breath. He could sense that the long-faced man was definitely not a person of goodwill.

It was very likely that he was intentionally deceiving him. All of this could be a scam from beginning to end. If he really entered the Li Fire Sect, he might really end up only becoming a servant.

However, the faction behind the long-faced man was too terrifying.

Ah Niu glanced at Yi Yun and saw him looking indifferently. He was also watching him make his own choice.

He knew that by holding down the mysterious rock to prevent the trade, Yi Yun was warning him. Against such a ma.s.sive ent.i.ty like the Li Fire Sect, a young man from the Southern Seas probably experienced quite a bit of treasure, yet&h.e.l.lip; he still spoke up to warn him&h.e.l.lip;

To risk danger to warn a stranger was not something any ordinary person would do. An Niu felt grat.i.tude towards Yi Yun.

“I&h.e.l.lip;” An Niu looked towards his elder sister, but she did not speak a word. She only nodded, clearly letting her younger brother make the decision.

The long-faced man hung a smile on his lips. Although he had been exposed by Yi Yun, just using the Li Fire Sect was enough pressure to force their hand. He did not believe this pair of siblings from rural places dared to rebel against the Li Fire Sect.

However, just as he revealed a smile, it froze.

This was because the backward-looking youth dressed in animal skin minced his words, “I have changed my mind. I am not selling the rock.”


The long-faced man’s eyes squinted. Not selling?

In Heaven Martial City, there were trading rules. Even though the Li Fire Sect was a powerful force, they could not blatantly rob treasures from others, or it would affect their reputation. No one would dare come to their shops if news of such an incident spread.

However&h.e.l.lip; the Li Fire Sect’s area of influence was not limited to Heaven Martial City! There was no good outcome in offending the Li Fire Sect.

Upon hearing the youth’s decision, Yi Yun smiled and said, “Little brother, since you are not selling, why not sell to me?”

This mysterious rock was still pressed under Yi Yun’s hand. He picked up the rock easily since the fat storekeeper had a weak cultivation level, so he could not stop him.

“This&h.e.l.lip;” Ah Niu pursed his lips and said softly, “This elder brother, actually.. I do not know how much this rock can be sold for&h.e.l.lip;”

He spoke honestly. At this moment, there was no reason to hide.

Yi Yun smiled and said casually, “As for the exact value, I cannot estimate it well myself. However&h.e.l.lip; I will definitely not take advantage of you. I will temporarily pay the price of ten Empyrean relics. If it is proven in the future that the price is higher, I will make it up to you.”


The fat storekeeper froze. He even forgot to put the desolate bone smoke pipe back into his mouth.

Empyrean relics?

He couldn’t have heard wrongly, right?

The long-faced man’s expression also froze.

Although he could tell that the mysterious rock was worth something, he was also not sure of its exact value.

As for Yi Yun, he had immediately offered ten Empyrean relics.

He was actually that rich? And the crux of the issue was, where did he get the Empyrean relics?


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