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Chapter 583: Wanted Poster

Heaven Martial City was a flourishing city. The moment Yi Yun entered the city, he was given a map of Heaven Martial City.

The map indicated the various regions of Heaven Martial City.

Towards the south of a city, there was a trading area, with shops set up along the city lanes. In turn, there were all sorts of people here, both good and bad. It was not uncommon for there to be cases of fraud. One could only blame oneself for a lack of discerning skill if one was cheated while trading here.

The northern part of the city was owned by the Martial Alliance. It was usually heavily guarded, preventing people from entering if they had no good reason.

In the middle of the northern and southern regions of the city was the Treasure House.

It was also the tallest building in Heaven Martial City, and it was located in the very center of the city!

As for the eastern and western regions of the city, they were lands belonging to large sects or residences of important figures in the Tian Yuan world.

Heaven Martial City was only built on the gigantic tree, so it did not cover a huge area, resulting in the property prices to be staggering. A normal Yuan Opening realm warrior would not be able to afford a mansion in Heaven Martial City despite using his entire fortune.

Those who could own property in Heaven Martial City were either wealthy tyc.o.o.ns in the martial world or were famous Yuan Opening realm warriors. They were the best amongst the Yuan Opening realm.

Of course, there were no lack of Empyreal Kings who settled in the Heaven Martial City. And no matter where, experts at the Empyreal King realm were considered feudal overlords, respected by the people.

Yi Yun booked a room in an inn in Heaven Martial City, which cost five low-ranked desolate bone relics a day. It made Yi Yun sigh, this was certainly not something the sibling pair could afford. The differences between people in this world was too large.

“I’ll go to the Treasure House first!” Yi Yun had things to do in his trip to Heaven Martial City. His first stop was the Treasure House.

As the largest trading platform in Heaven Martial City, the Treasure House building was extremely striking in the city. It was a paG.o.da more than ten storeys high and it looked very palatial.

Flying was forbidden in Heaven Martial City, so one had to walk through the city lanes to reach the Treasure House. And these city lanes were where the most of the trading happened in the Tian Yuan world. There was a countless number of warriors going in and out every day.

After Yi Yun entered the city lanes, he did not pay much attention to them. Despite there being many shops and stalls here, displaying all sorts of interesting and strange merchandise, Yi Yun guessed that there were most likely nothing he needed despite the quant.i.ty. The level of the treasures available was not much use to him.

And deeper into the city, other than looking at the various merchandise, he also got to see many warriors from all over the Tian Yuan world. The cultivation techniques, laws and weapons they had were all different. It was quite an amazing sight.

As he casually toured through the streets, Yi Yun noticed that some shops had a sign hanging on them, saying what sect or family clan they were form.

Many powerful family clans and sects in the Tian Yuan world had set up shop here.

Firstly, they could sell the resources found by their disciples or sell products manufactured by them, such as relics or cultivation techniques.

Secondly, these shops could be used for the acquisition of goods required by the family clan.

Yi Yun casually browsed through the shops before stopping in front of a store.

“Lin family!”

On a plaque hanging above a store’s door, there was a large “Lin” character. It was the Lin family’s store.

However, the store was cold and lonely. Most of the shelves in the store were empty, and there was no one tending to the shop, as there were no customers.

And on both sides of the shop&h.e.l.lip;

Shen Tu!

Li Fire!

When Yi Yun saw the signboards and symbols of the Shen Tu family clan and the Li Fire Sect, he immediately understood that these stores were previously properties owned by the Lin family, but now&h.e.l.lip; a large portion of the commercial property had been occupied by the Shen Tu family clan and Li Fire Sect. It was unknown why they had left the Lin family a small empty room.

Maybe it was because the Lin family absolutely refused to let go of the last store they owned, or it was even likely that when the Shen Tu family clan and Li Fire Sect split the Lin family’s stores evenly, there was only this store left. They decide to leave it there, without touching it, even letting the Lin family’s signboard stay.

The signboard was covered in a layer of dust, and with the empty shelves, it looked like a scene filled with decline. This empty room had become a mockery of the Lin family.

Many people, who came to Heaven Martial City, would recall the bustling scenes back when the Lin family set up shop in Heaven Martial City. And compared to the current situation, they could understand what falling from grace looked like.

Yi Yun let out a sigh. With the Lin family being restricted and marginalized, with them even having problems entering and exiting their territory, how could they spare the effort to take care of the shop in Heaven Martial City?

“Oh? A wanted poster!”

On both sides of the Lin family store, there was a wanted poster. And the alleged criminals on the wanted posters were Yi Yun and Lin Xintong!

“Reward for capturing Human race traitor, Yi Yun and witch girl, Lin Xintong! These two people have colluded with the Desolate race. They used sinister tricks to sneak up on and kill many geniuses of the Shen Tu family clan, Li Fire Sect, Beast Control Sect and Totem Mystic Clan in the Great Empress mystic realm! They plotted to steal the Great Empress vault that originally belonged to the geniuses of the various large sects as well as the Great Empress’ inheritance!”

“The Great Empress’ inheritance is a treasure of the Human race, but now, it had been acquired by despicable means. If the Great Empress were to know of this in her afterlife, she would not stand for it!”

“Yi Yun and Lin Xintong have stolen the important treasures of our Human predecessors, and they seeked refuge with the Desolate race. And by using the Desolate race, they are planning to destroying our Human race’s inheritance in the Tian Yuan world, and then dominate the Tian Yuan world. Their nefarious plots have to be curbed!”

“Henceforth, the Martial Alliance is putting up this notice to recruit all martial pract.i.tioners and heroes to apprehend Yi Yun and Lin Xintong! Anyone able to provide hints to the Martial Alliance or any of the above family clans and sects will be awarded with ten Longevity Extending Pills, 10,000 supreme-grade relics and entry into the Heavenly Dao Union as an internal disciple.

“If anyone can kill the two, maim their limbs or destroy their Dantians, the rewards will be increased ten times. Entry into the Heavenly Dao Union as a core disciple will be given!”

“In addition, Yi Yun has an elder sister, Jiang Xiaorou. She is a witch girl of the Desolate race. The rewards are the same if any clues are provided or if her death is caused!”

“Note: Yi Yun and Lin Xintong have the Great Empress’ inheritance and treasures of the Great Empress vault. If you can kill them, the Martial Alliance would not take a single bit of the treasures!”

“Other than that, Yi Yun has a perfect pure Yang body, with pure Yang blood and pure Yang soul. His body is of great value.”

“As a perfect pure Yin body, Lin Xintong would be perfect to be used as a cultivation slave.”

“Jiang Xiaorou is of royal descent from the Desolate race, so her bloodline is special, allowing the refinement of perfect Desolate pills.”

“These three people are enemies of the Human race. They were inhumane or they might be the devils in disguise. Such people should not be treated with respect, so they can be dealt with through any means!”

“Mission of the Martial Alliance, Shen Tu family clan, Li Fire Sect, Beast Control Sect, Totem Mystic Clan!”

Portraits of Yi Yun, Lin Xintong and Jiang Xiaorou were placed beside the long wanted poster.

Human race traitor?

Used sinister tricks to sneak up on and kill many geniuses of the various large sects and stole the Great Empress’ inheritance that originally belonged to the geniuses of the various large sects?

Stealing the Great Empress’ inheritance, seeking refuge with the Desolate race, and planning to ma.s.sacre the Tian Yuan world, severing all the inheritance of the various large sects in the Tian Yuan world?

Nice&h.e.l.lip; really nice!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted as his gaze shot at the wanted posted like an arrow.

After the Azure Yang Lord and ancient Great Empress died, the Blood Moon had taken root in the Tian Yuan world. Over the millions of years, the faction they controlled was already entrenched in the Tian Yuan world. By instigating conflict between the Desolate and Human race, the Human race had slowly come under the control of the Martial Alliance. As for his sister, she had become a witch girl.

Previously, when Yi Yun came out of the Great Empress mystic realm, he was only concerned for the Lin family’s safety. He had not asked about the situation regarding himself or Lin Xintong. He did not know why so many factions, including the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan were blatantly standing guard at the Lin family’s entrance, inspecting the Lin family disciples.

Now, he understood the reason.

It was because the Martial Alliance had confounded black and white, and had pushed all the blame on them!

No one in the Tian Yuan world knew of the Martial Alliance’s plot. Furthermore, with their status being extremely high in the Tian Yuan world, and with them controlling vast amounts of resources, it was equivalent to them controlling the att.i.tude of the Tian Yuan world.

Whatever they said was the truth!

Many people were envious or jealous about him and Lin Xintong obtaining the Great Empress’ inheritance. But now, with the Martial Alliance making such claims, the geniuses from large family clans, who refused to submit to anyone, would have long believed that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had used despicable tricks to obtain the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm.

As for the rewards offered by the Martial Alliance, they were worth going insane for!

Other than keeping the Great Empress mystic realm’s treasures and inheritance, they were even given Longevity Extending Pills from the Martial Alliance and given treatment akin to core Heavenly Dao Union disciples. Who wouldn’t be tempted by this?

And to make it even more attractive, the Martial Alliance had even incited the various factions of the Tian Yuan world to not treat them as humans. Pure Yang blood! Pure Yang soul!

As for Lin Xintong, she was to be freely used as a cultivation slave with a pure Yin body.

As for Jiang Xiaorou, who was of royal descent, her blood could be used to refine into supreme-grade desolate pills&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun clenched his fists tightly as killing intent increased in his eyes.

Throughout his life, he hated when his enemies did two things. First was to touch his loved ones, and second was to take over public opinion, framing him and preventing him being liberated of his accusations!

Previously, Shen Tu Nantian had done one of the two.

However, the Martial Alliance had done both!

The Great Empress mystic realm’s main entrance was most likely filled with people from all the various large factions, waiting for Lin Xintong and him to come out, just like standing by a tree stump waiting for a hare.

If not for the Great Empress mystic realm’s exit in in the far southern sea, the consequences would be disastrous if they were discovered by these people!

Blood Moon&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun gritted his teeth. He swore to slowly uproot this faction with his own hands!

In addition&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun scanned the sects listed after the Martial Alliance. Shen Tu family clan, Li Fire Sect, Beast Control Sect, Totem Mystic Clan&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun burned these names into his memory.

Many of these factions already had deep seeds of discord with Yi Yun. Back then, they had clashed in the Great Empress mystic realm. Genius disciples from these factions had coveted the inheritance gained by Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, and they had tried to rob them of it through murder, but they ended up being killed by Yi Yun.

Now, they distorted the facts by saying that Yi Yun had used despicable means to kill geniuses of their sects, stealing the inheritance that originally belonged to them.

They were really shameless!

As Yi Yun was looking at the wanted poster, he suddenly heard a voice behind him.

“My friend, haha, looks like you are a hot blooded person too!”


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