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Chapter 578: Desert of Death

As the furious Nine Neonate chased Yi Yun, it did not stop despite seeing Yi Yun enter the G.o.d Advent Tower. It rushed into the G.o.d Advent Tower immediately!

At this moment, the Nine Neonate had stirred up its primitive beast-like instincts. There was no more intelligence left. All it wanted to do was to swallow Yi Yun up!


The injured Nine Neonate smashed into the G.o.d Advent Tower’s staircase. However, the staircase stood motionless, instead, it caused the Nine Neonate to hurt all over.

The G.o.d Advent Tower was extremely s.p.a.cious, and the materials used to refine the G.o.d Advent Tower were extremely strong, and its strength was boosted by array techniques. Although the Nine Neonate’s destructive power was great, it could not cause a stir in the G.o.d Advent Tower. As such, Yi Yun let it enter the G.o.d Advent Tower without any worries.

After the infuriated Nine Neonate entered the G.o.d Advent Tower, its nine heads turned around, as 18 of its 19 eyes scanned every corner of its surroundings.

However, it did not discover any trace of Yi Yun.

The enraged Nine Neonate lashed its tail, sweeping across the area indiscriminately, hoping to level the place. However, when its tail hit the ground or walls, they remained intact. Not even a mark was left on them. On the contrary, the scales on the Nine Neonate were lacerated and blood spewed out.


The Nine Neonate’s eyes were blood red. As it wandered in the grand hall, it roared. It body was like a simmering volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.

Suddenly, the Nine Neonate looked up and stared at the door of light that gave pa.s.sage to the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower.

That human’s presence seemed to come from that door of light!

A flash of ferocity lit up in the Nine Neonate’s eyes as it immediately charged towards it.

At this moment, on the fifth floor of the G.o.d Advent Tower, Yi Yun appeared in the familiar Yin-Yang cultivation chamber with a fluctuation of a door of light. The door of light behind him disappeared immediately after.

This cultivation chamber was where Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had spent 6 years in together.

“Now, I can temporarily relax.” Yi Yun’s face was pale. He wiped the blood of his mouth. He had walked the tightrope of death a few times just to finally reach this result.

Not only the door of light behind him, even the entrances to the G.o.d Advent Tower and the Great Empress mystic realm had closed just a moment ago.

The Nine Neonate had been locked in the G.o.d Advent Tower by him.

According to his senses, the Nine Neonate had already appeared in the G.o.d Advent Tower’s second level’s desolate lands. And after it crossed through the first door of light, Yi Yun had sealed the door shut.

The Nine Neonate was trapped in the second level. There was a vast expanse of s.p.a.ce in there, allowing the Nine Neonate to go crazy in there.

With a thought, the G.o.d Advent Tower’s a hologram from the disk array that he had refined hovered in front of Yi Yun. With a gently graze across the disk array with his fingers, a stream of light emitted out of the disk array.

Following that, Yi Yun no longer bothered about the Nine Neonate. He sat down on the ground with his legs crossed, before gently closing his eyes&h.e.l.lip;

In the desolate lands of the G.o.d Advent Tower’s second level, the Nine Neonate was shuttling through it at a rapid pace.

Its appearance made many desolate beasts shiver in fear. They hid in their own caves and they did not dare to move.

The Nine Neonate raged on the ground, anxiously looking for traces of Yi Yun.

When it just entered, it could still sense Yi Yun’s presence coming from somewhere in here, but in a blink of an eye, Yi Yun had completely disappeared without a trace.

This extremely agitated the Nine Neonate.

A plankton-like existence that it could devour easily had inflicted such serious injuries on it. Yet, after chasing him so far, it had not been able to find a trace of him.

With the Nine Neonate’s intelligence, it slowly sensed that it had been fooled by the puny human!

It destroyed everything in front of it in rage. It charged around, but suddenly, it entered a stretch of desert.

This desert was endless, and it was extremely hot. When it entered the desert, the Nine Neonate seemed to be lost. When it looked back, the desolate lands behind it had disappeared.

It remembered that it had just rushed into the desert, and logically speaking, it could still see the road back to the desolate lands. However, it was as if the desert had suddenly expanded, replacing the original desolate lands.

The Nine Neonate felt that something was amiss. Now, it was furious and panicking. It began to bellow and run.

It felt an instinctive fear of this desert. It wanted to escape from it, but no matter how long it ran, there was no end to the desert.

As time pa.s.sed, there was no trace of the human, and the Nine Neonate’s wounds did not recover.

Blood kept flowing, dyeing the yellow sand red. The pain in its chest lingered, with no signs of reduction.

The Nine Neonate was stunned as doubt appeared in its eyes. Its body had an amazing recovery rate, and in principle, the wounds should have recovered, but they had not yet recovered.

As the Nine Neonate pondered about it, it opened its nine mouths and sucked in the air.

As long as it absorbed enough worldly essence, its wounds would quickly recover.

Desolate beasts which reached a certain level, as well as humans who reached a certain cultivation realm, could avoid eating anything. They could even survive even without breathing.

Their bodies possessed powerful self-healing abilities, allowing them to heal many injuries by themselves.

But this scenario had a premise. That was, one had to be able to interface with the Heaven Earth energies.

Warriors expirated Yuan Qi, while desolate beasts absorbed the worldly essence. This was the source of the energy that powered their lives.

If this connection was severed, even the strongest warriors and most fearsome desolate beasts would slowly lose the energy within their bodies. Their life force would grow weaker, and eventually they would die from a lack of energy.

This was the same principle as how mortals starved to death.

And it was because of this, that the Untraversable Sea was given its name. If one went far into the Untraversable Sea, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would become increasingly thinner. Then without energy complementing or supporting a person, even a Great Emperor would be powerless against it. Once a person lost all his energy, he would lose every magical power he possessed.

Hence, the Nine Neonate, who had lived in the Untraversable Sea for all its life, was so tempted by the pure energy in the Great Empress mystic realm. With this energy, it felt it could successfully survive a Heavenly Tribulation.

However, now, when it opened its mouths in an attempt to absorb the worldly essence from the desert, it froze. Its 19 eyes stayed fixed in their sockets.

It was stunned for a moment before it stretched out its necks once again, trying to suck in the air.

A wind howled as sand dunes were moved by the Nine Neonate’s suction. The sand on the ground began to fly.

However, what it wanted to absorb did not exist.

This world had air, sky and yellow sand, but it didn’t have a single ounce of Heaven-Earth energy!

Blood was still gushing out of the Nine Neonate’s chest. Without energy, its wound would heal even slower as its body’s energy and blood kept depleting. It would only feel weaker over time.

But even at the deepest ends of the Untraversable Sea, there would be a tiny amount of Heaven-Earth energy. The Nine Neonate never expected that it would enter such a treacherous place!

An unprecedented sense of danger immediately enveloped the Nine Neonate. This powerful desolate beast felt fear. As it ran frantically over the vast lands, it stretched out its nine heads high up. The serpent mouths constantly opened, in an attempt to find Heaven-Earth essence.

However, all of this was to no avail&h.e.l.lip;

Exactly seven days pa.s.sed as the Nine Neonate was still running around searching.

At this moment, it no longer could be bothered with Yi Yun. All it wanted to do was leave this desert of death.

For the past seven days, it could only maintain its life using the acc.u.mulated energies within its body.

There was not much energy left in its body as it became hungrier. The scales on its body began to dull. Its aura had also weakened drastically.

Now, as it crossed a sand dune that it had gone past countless number of times, in search for a way out of the desert, a twinkle of light appeared. The dot of light expanded rapidly into a door of light as pure energy emanated from it.

The nine heads of the Nine Neonate immediately twisted towards it.

It saw a human with a golden bow in his hand, walking out slowly from the door of light.

It was that human!

The 19 eyes of the Nine Neonate turned red immediately. The anger it had pent up for seven days instantly exploded!

It could faintly sense that this human had lured it into the desert. And this human definitely knew of the way out of the desert!


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