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Chapter 577: Battling the Nine Neonate

Deep in the sea, the Nine Neonate stared intently at the door of light with its 19 eyes. It was infuriated.

This human had not only made it suffer, it had also caused it to lose a portion of Qi and blood. The Nine Neonate would have to eat several heavenly treasures just to replenish what it loss.

In the Untraversable Sea, this region of sea was barren enough. The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was relatively thin, so for it to find a heavenly treasure?


Most of the time, the desolate beasts of the Untraversable Sea would rely on absorbing the worldly essence or draw energy from the bodies of the desolate beast they feast on, to help their growth.

And now, the Nine Neonate’s Heavenly Tribulation was around the corner. It could not waste a single ounce of energy, so it was acc.u.mulating energy so it could tide over the first calamity of its life. It was also because of this, that it rushed over here from the deep depths when it sensed the pure energy.

It never expected that its hunt had failed, and instead, it ended up losing large amounts of energy.

How could the Nine Neonate tolerate this?

The Nine Neonate stared at the Great Empress mystic realm entrance with indignation. It could sense a rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi fluctuation coming from the entrance.

It had better intelligence than the average desolate beast, so it could sense a possible danger from the entrance and it was not as safe as the Untraversable Sea it was familiar with. However, if it did not enter, the loss it suffered would make it indignant. And the acc.u.mulated energy it had was not enough to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation.

Instead of waiting for the Heavenly Tribulation to strike it to death, it was better for it to stake a bet.

The Nine Neonate screamed as its ma.s.sive body caused the seawater to split into a white line, and it charged into the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance.


The Nine Neonate felt dizzy as it was being transported through s.p.a.ce. Instantly, the scene before its eyes changed. It went from the high pressure deep sea into the Great Empress mystic realm.

The Nine Neonate was not prepared for this.

Although it had intelligence, it had never left the deep sea.

In the deep sea, the pressure the Nine Neonate experienced was immense. But now, with sudden teleportation to the Great Empress mystic realm, if it was a desolate beast that was lacking in power, it would instantly explode into flesh fragments.

Even though the Nine Neonate had a strong body and it was not afraid of the sudden change in pressure, the sudden pressure gradient caused its blood vessels to enlarge as large amounts of blood flowed into its brain. This caused its mind to go blank momentarily.

At this moment, there was a sharp whistle that suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

A blinding golden beam came tearing through s.p.a.ce from one side.

It was a pure Yang arrow condensed from Yuan Qi. It flew forward while a terrifying sonic boom followed its wake.

With the atmosphere torn apart, the arrow burned in flames as it shot straight into the Nine Neonate’s chest.

About 200 feet away from the Nine Neonate, Yi Yun was standing there with the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow in hand!

He shot that arrow.

He had gathered energy for a while and he had fully powered the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, and gathered the powerful pure Yang energy over to form an arrow that resembled the Sun on the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. To pull the bowstring open required immense amounts of energy, and this nearly ripped the muscles on Yi Yun’s arm apart.

However, even at the point of having to shoot the arrow, he was still waiting!

He was waiting for the moment that the Nine Neonate appeared in the Great Empress mystic realm!

He had experienced the terrifying offensive power of the Nine Neonate, and he had escaped into the Great Empress mystic realm on the brink of death. But he did not back away immediately. Instead, he calmed down and waited for the right moment to launch a sneak attack.

As the difference in strength between Yi Yun and the Nine Neonate was too great, he could not miss any opportunity to truly injure the Nine Neonate.


The bowstring’s bounce brought with it a powerful reverberation, cutting Yi Yun’s fingers in the process, and causing blood to splatter.

However, he did not feel the pain as his eyes were lit. He was staring intently at the arrow!

If a head of the nine heads of the Nine Neonate was cut off, another will appear to takes its place. Hence, the target Yi Yun chose was the Nine Neonate’s heart!

And at this moment, the Nine Neonate, who had just regained its consciousness, had no way of dodging this arrow.

It let out an angry roar!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The arrow penetrated its chest, and there was a Yuan Qi explosion in the Nine Neonate’s body, with tremendous amounts of pure Yang energy spreading out. The Nine Neonate’s flesh was mangled and scales flew around. Yi Yun’s arrow had broken through the perverse bodily defense of the Nine Neonate. The arrow had embedded itself in the Nine Neonate’s body!

Blood began to spew out as pure Yang flames surged into the sky and they wrapped the sky!

The Nine Neonate repeatedly cried in the flames.

The sound was akin to a billion babies crying. The terrifying sound waves emanated in all directions for a thousand miles!

This was in the Great Empress mystic realm. If it was the Tian Yuan world, an entire city could crumble from the sharp bellows of the Nine Neonate. Every lifeform in the city would be flattened into smithereens by this sound wave!


Yi Yun was already prepared and he had used his Yuan Qi to enshroud his entire body. However, he still felt like he was a tiny boat in a squall while in the sound wave’s region of influence. It constantly pounded him, making his organs feel like they had turned to sauce. This force made him spit a mouthful of blood out.

It was already like this fighting in the Great Empress mystic realm. If Yi Yun was in the deep sea, he had no chance of winning.

Although the Nine Neonate had its chest pierced by the arrow, this injury was nothing with its substantial vitality.

Yi Yun was also well aware of this. After he shot the arrow, he did not stop.

With a long roar, he charged at the Nine Neonate with the nameless broken sword in hand.

A sword beam flashed like lightning and slashed through the inferno, flying at the wound on the Nine Neonate’s chest.


The sword beam was silent, but when it sank into the wound at the Nine Neonate’s chest, it instantly changed into thousands of needle-like sword Qi that pierced the Nine Neonate’s flesh.

The nine heads of the Nine Neonate stood erect. Every head showed its pain and anger.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Nine Neonate’s smashed around, lashing its tail crazily. The Great Empress mystic realm’s land was extremely robust, but after receiving such an impact, it also gently trembled.

However, at this moment, Yi Yun had already distanced himself. He did not even take a look at the outcome of the sword attack.

By the time the Nine Neonate recovered from its shock, the hateful human had already disappeared from its surroundings. This infuriated it even more.

However, the Nine Neonate had keen senses. It sensed Yi Yun’s breathing from the air and locked on towards that direction, and chased after him.

The Nine Neonate had never endured such serious injuries. This human had really irritated it!

Yi Yun hurriedly escaped as he pushed the Golden Crow Sun Shift to its limits. He did not even stay for a single moment.

He could hear the rumbling noises that were behind him as danger fast approached him.

Although he had escaped fast enough, the Nine Neonate’s speed on the ground was still extremely terrifying.

And from the pressure that he experienced, he knew that the Nine Neonate was determined to kill him at all costs.

Yi Yun did not even turn back. He circulated his Yuan Qi to his limits and controlled a disk array with his mind, as he summoned the G.o.d Advent Tower.


A huge tower fell from the sky and landed before Yi Yun!

With Yi Yun’s present strength, he was still unable to use the G.o.d Advent Tower as an attack, but it was not a problem for him to control its flight.


Yi Yun had entered the G.o.d Advent Tower!


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