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Chapter 576: Luring the Enemy In

The Nine Neonate slowly drew closer. However, about 5000 feet away from Yi Yun, it stopped. It quietly observed Yi Yun and the Yuan Qi that was being spewed out the Great Empress mystic realm.

With the Nine Neonate’s intelligence, it could already tell that the sudden appearance of the Great Empress mystic realm was dubious, but&h.e.l.lip; it could not withstand the temptation of the pure Yuan Qi. After all, for it to grow, it required substantial amounts of heavenly materials.

If not, once its Heavenly Tribulation came, it would end up in ashes.

And now, its Heavenly Tribulation was already drawing near.

In the dark depths of the sea, it glared at Yi Yun. There were a total of 19 eyes on its nine heads. The eyes were either in an eerie green or blood red color. Its eyes were all extremely cold.

From its perception, this human was not extremely powerful, but this human had a special body. The smell emitted from the human’s body was very attractive.

Slowly, the Nine Neonate was about a thousand feet away from Yi Yun. From this distance, even without the energy vision, Yi Yun could see the Nine Neonate’s shape with his naked eye from the light emitted by the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance.

This was a young Nine Neonate. There was a blood red streak across its body. This marking emitted a faint glow, and Yi Yun knew that this was a vitality pattern that was related to the Nine Neonate’s evolution.

Once this pattern fully matured, it would instigate a Heavenly Tribulation.

After being tempered by the Heavenly Tribulation, this pattern would become a Dao pattern that gathered Heaven Earth Great Dao within it. With such a Dao pattern, it would cause the Nine Neonate’s strength to make a quantum leap.

A Nine Neonate could have at most have nine Heaven Earth Dao patterns in its life.

And the Nine Neonate before Yi Yun had not experienced a single Heavenly Tribulation.

A Nine Neonate that had not experienced a Heavenly Tribulation could not control the laws of nature, so its threat was much smaller. However, just the powerful physique of the Nine Neonate was already frightening.

The three undersea overlords from before had retreated the moment this Nine Neonate appeared.

Yi Yun quickly a.n.a.lyzed the situation. And at this moment, the Nine Neonate suddenly attacked.

A sharp scream, that resembled that of a baby’s, went straight into his ear. The high pressure seawater around Yi Yun began to resonate strongly from the scream, as if it was boiling.

Intense pressure enveloped him from all sides as the sea water condensed a sharp sword that stabbed at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun focused his gaze. In the sea, there was no room for him to dodge.

With his Yuan Qi surging, he formed a Yuan Qi protective layer around his body.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Thunder-like thuds could be heard!

The seawater tumbled around as it swirled around Yi Yun in a crazy fashion, as if it had become a giant whirlpool.

Yi Yun found it hard to stand in the middle of the whirlpool. His body was sparkling with golden radiant sun beams. Deep in the dark sea, his presence was extremely eye-catching.


At this moment, a shadow pierced through the chaotic seawater rapidly.

A cold lone eye appeared from the seawater as it glared at Yi Yun intently.

One of the Nine Neonate’s head had forcefully hit out at Yi Yun. Its serpent mouth opened up as a black tongue whipped at Yi Yun.

Despite a fishy smell being immediately blocked by his Yuan Qi, it still managed to a.s.sault his olfactory senses. This fishy smell was highly toxic. It would cause the people who smelled it to have a splitting headache and block their meridians, resulting in them losing the ability to resist.

Yi Yun gathered Yuan Qi and burned his pure Yang Yuan Qi. Pure Yang was best at subduing poisonous gases, so instantly, all the toxic gas was burned into cyan smoke by pure Yang Yuan Qi!

Just after Yi Yun finished dissipated the toxic gas in his body, the Nine Neonate’s serpent tongue pierced into the whirlpool like a bolt of lightning, and penetrated Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted. So fast!

The water droplets that got stirred up from the tongue’s penetration were like projectiles that could kill!


Feeling death draw close, Yi Yun used the broken sword to parry the serpent’s tongue. Pure Yang Yuan Qi surged out from his body as he evaporated the water droplets.

The serpent’s tongue was invulnerable, but Yi Yun still managed to parry it with the tiny broken sword, as a clear, rasp sound of the sword’s clashed echoed out.

Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi was immediately extracted out like a tidal flood. The hand that held the sword went numb.

A huge, circular ripple moved away, with him being the center of it and far into the distance.

The moment the fish far away met the ripple, they immediately turned in ma.s.sive clouds of blood.

Just an attack from the serpent’s tongue was so terrifying!


Yi Yun immediately retreated.

Just as he left his spot, a shadow stabbed at where he was an instant ago. The head was held high up, and its gaze was cold. The single horn on the top of its head emitted an evil yet sharp aura.

“That was a narrow escape!” Yi Yun focused his gaze. The Nine Neonate’s attacks came like a barrage and were as fast as the blink of an eye. If he had been struck a moment ago, the consequences would have been unthinkable.

In just a few seconds, Yi Yun had already walked the tight rope between life and death twice.

If this carried on, it was unlikely he would emerge from this fine!

Yi Yun’s perception looked onto the Nine Neonate. After the terrifying beast realized that the puny human was still alive after two of its attacks, it was also somewhat surprised.

However, it did not hesitate in its attack one bit. It swung its thick tail, bringing with it a large swath of seawater. The speed of the water flow formed a underwater hurricane under the high pressure deep sea. The hurricane surrounded Yi Yun as a terrifying tearing force attacked him.

Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi was nearly torn apart while within the hurricane. The moment an opening opened up in his protective Yuan Qi, his body would have no way of resisting such a force.

The Nine Neonate’s body reappeared within the whirlpool from time to time, its gigantic eyeb.a.l.l.s staring at Yi Yun whenever it appeared.


One of the Nine Neonate’s heads suddenly charged into the whirlpool!

A golden beam flashed. At the moment the Nine Neonate’s head appeared, Yi Yun had pulled open his Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow and shot out an arrow. The pure Yang Yuan Qi shot right at the Nine Neonate’s long neck.

Feeling the pain, the Nine Neonate gave out a deafening scream as the sea water turned turbulent.

Yi Yun’s ears immediately began to bleed.

However, he ignored it, and with a sudden twist of his body, he pulled the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow once again within the whirlpool.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three consecutive golden beams!

Every beam hit the Nine Neonate’s head that had probed inside the whirlpool.

The Nine Neonate’s body began to toss around as it kept screaming.

The horrible sound waves spread out a few hundred miles far. Countless numbers of fish were torn to pieces by this sound wave. Even some sea beasts 50 kilometers away could not endure the sonorous sound wave, as they died from their organs rupturing.

Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi was agitated as several b.l.o.o.d.y wounds appeared on his body. The fingers and arm that he used to pull open the bow string had already shown signs of tearing, with blood bleeding from his wounds.

Shooting the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow consecutively was a huge burden on Yi Yun’s arm.

And although the Nine Neonate had been injured from being hit thrice by the arrow, its injuries were less severe than Yi Yun’s.

The one who was the most injured from Yi Yun’s attack on the Nine Neonate was Yi Yun himself!

Such an astounding physical defence made it quite hopeless.

Yi Yun gritted his teeth while his body was covered with blood. Taking advantage of the moment the Nine Neonate retreated, he suddenly circulated his Yuan Qi, and used the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique to retreat.

He moved towards the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance!

In front and behind him, the seawater had split apart, as the other heads of the Nine Neonate also aimed at him.

Yi Yun pushed his Golden Crow Sun Shift to its limits and at the critical moment, his body managed to fade into the door of light!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Great Empress mystic realm’s door of light endured all the attacks. Although the Nine Neonate was extremely powerful, it did not manage to rock the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance.

The moment, he pa.s.sed through door of light, Yi Yun immediately took out an ancient relic and swallowed it.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth as he looked towards the door of light. His eyes glimmered with fighting spirit.

The true battle had just begun. At a 100,000 feet deep under the sea, Yi Yun knew he was no match for the Nine Neonate. His first choice of the battleground was the Great Empress mystic realm!

Only here did he have the chance to battle the Nine Neonate!

However, the Nine Neonate had a certain level of intelligence. If Yi Yun faded through the door of light right at the beginning, the Nine Neonate might not chase after him. Yi Yun had fought the Nine Neonate once, resulting in him being injured so as to completely infuriate the Nine Neonate.

When the strength Yi Yun displayed was not the Nine Neonate’s match, yet by wounding it, it would very likely chase him due to rage.

This was Yi Yun’s plan, and also the greatest reliance Yi Yun banked on to dare to fight alone in the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea!


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