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Chapter 574: Ten Thousand Calamity Sea

To cultivate the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, one needed to kill large numbers of top grade desolate beasts to form their Aspect Totem. The so called “ten thousand” number was actually fict.i.tious.

Warriors who cultivated the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, could change the form of their Aspect Totem, or they could even produce different types of Aspect Totems. Every Aspect Totem form could constantly absorb and condensed Power of Desolates, gradually improving and evolving itself.

With the Aspect Totem evolving, every different Aspect Totem could give a particular boost to the cultivator. For example, it could give the cultivator greater speed, greater offensive power, or an improvement in a particular law.

Yi Yun’s Golden Crow Totem allowed Yi Yun to grasp and use pure Yang laws better.

Now, Yi Yun wanted to choose another Totem. Although it was just a temporary measure to match the change in his ident.i.ty, Yi Yun was definitely not going to be perfunctory about it. He wanted to choose a powerful Aspect Totem, so that there was value in nurturing it.

After all, one needed a lot of effort to nurture an Aspect Totem. Although he could enjoy greater boosts to his overall strengths with more Aspect Totem forms, the difficulty of nurturing them would increase. It could lead him to becoming a jack of all trades, with losses outweighing the gains.

Ten days later, Yi Yun came to the southernmost tip of the Tian Yuan world. About 50,000 kilometers far into the Untraversable Sea, it went past the Misty Fey Sea and into a region of sea called the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea.

The Ten Thousand Calamity Sea was a land fraught with dangers. At the southern end of the Tian Yuan world, several small sects would treat this region of sea as out of bounds. Even Elders from the sects did not to dare venture into the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea, not to mention juniors from sects. There were sea Fey lurking in the deepest depth of the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea. If they were on land, they could easily destroy a sect.

“Ten Thousand Calamity Sea&h.e.l.lip; This sea is actually very different from many sectors of the Untraversable Sea.” Yi Yun looked at the sea and the gloomy sky hanging above it. The seawater was a dark black color, while the seawater in other sectors of the Untraversable Sea were a blood red color.

However, the dead silence of the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea was similar to that of the Untraversable Sea. The entire sea surface was motionless. It was as quiet as a tomb.

“Let’s see what’s here.”

Yi Yun took out a extreme grade Fey Luring Gra.s.s. He got it from one the interspatial rings of one of the elites he killed back in the Great Empress mystic realm. The quality of the extreme grade Fey Luring Gra.s.s was excellent. It was in a different league to the Fey Luring Pill the people from the White Soaring Sect used back when he met them.

The moment the Fey Luring Gra.s.s was taken out, it emitted a strange smell. This smell emanated deep into the black sea water.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged above the water surface and waited quietly. He spread his perception out and locked onto his surroundings. Any change in the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea could not escape Yi Yun’s perception.

After nearly an hour, a gigantic shadow slowly emerged under the black sea surface.

Yi Yun knew that in the past few minutes, there were six sea Fey who had arrived underneath the sea surface. However, after a confrontation between the sea Fey, only one of them remained. It was the strongest amongst the six, and it had won the right to devour the Fey Luring Gra.s.s.


A gigantic and ferocious mouth, filled with the smell of blood, opened up on the water surface. It went straight for the Fey Luring Gra.s.s.

This sea Fey was a giant turtle. Its neck was hundreds of feet long. It revealed dense rows of sharp teeth when it opened its gigantic mouth.

Yi Yun recognized the turtle to be a Bone Eroding Turtle. From the name “bone eroding”, one could guess that this type of turtle was highly toxic. It could erode one’s bone. Be it it’s blood or the saliva on its teeth, they were all extremely toxic.

The Bone Eroding Turtle’s emitted a fierce gaze as if it wanted to devour both Yi Yun and the Fey Luring Gra.s.s. To it, both a human elite and the Fey Luring Gra.s.s were extremely nourishing.

However, just as the Bone Eroding Turtle stretched out its neck with its jaws wide open, a cold beam flashed across its murderous eyes before it could swallow Yi Yun.


The Bone Eroding Turtle’s mouth was slashed right open from the middle. Its neck opened, splitting into two, and as blood gushed out its head, it slumped back into the sea in a disjointed sort of way. In a blink of an eye, the sea was dyed red by the fresh blood.

The moment the Bone Eroding Turtle’s corpse landed on the water surface, the sound of the surface of the water breaking came from behind Yi Yun.

A Shadow Shark leaped out of the water and took advantage of the moment to sneak up on Yi Yun.

This Shadow Shark was one of the six desolate beasts who had swam alongside the Bone Eroding Turtle. It was extremely savage, but it was apparently low in intelligence. It could not sense the terrifying power contained within Yi Yun’s tiny body.


There was another cold flash as the Shadow Shark’s body stopped midair. Immediately following that, a shower of b.l.o.o.d.y rain pattered down!

Yi Yun slanted his long saber towards the sea surface. Fresh blood dripped down his blade onto the sea surface, mixing with the sticky blood that was already there.

When the other four desolate beasts saw this scene, they fled in fear. Yi Yun allowed them to leave and he did not chase after them.

He was not interested in these desolate beasts as they didn’t have much value in condensing his new Aspect Totem.

He casually did a few hand seals to extract the beast marks from the two sea Fey. He then fed them to his Golden Crow Totem as supplements.

Following that, Yi Yun activated the Fey Luring Gra.s.s again, letting its smell spread even further.

There were numerous sea Fey in this area. Even the Eight-Limbed Sea Dragon was nothing when placed in the Ten Thousand Calamity Sea.

Yi Yun stood there with the Fey Luring Gra.s.s in hand, and he was as a eye-catching as a bright beacon in the middle of the night.

However, the blood in the seawater and the corpses of powerful sea Fey became a cautionary warning. Although the Fey Luring Gra.s.s was extremely tempting, all it attracted were mostly sea Fey with low intelligence like the Shadow Shark.

Yi Yun was not in a hurry. He stayed above this sea for a few days. He was a patient hunter. He knew that human experts may even take several years to find a primordial herb or to hunt a primordial species they needed.

It was nothing for him to stay here for a few days.

As time pa.s.sed, the sea Fey Yi Yun that were killed were all used to condense beast marks, and used as supplements to his Golden Crow Totem. Over the days, the Golden Crow Totem also became more life-like, but the second Totem still did not show signs of appearing.

Slowly, even low intelligence desolate beasts like the Shadow Sharks seemed to deplete in numbers.

Yi Yun frowned slightly. He looked at the Fey Luring Gra.s.s in his hand and he was pondering. Although the quality of the Fey Luring Gra.s.s was extremely good, it was still not enough. Thinking back to the moment when he and Lin Xintong came out of the Great Empress mystic realm, he had attracted the Eight-Limbed Sea Dragon. With that, an idea emerged in Yi Yun’s mind.

Maybe&h.e.l.lip; he could attempt to open the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance here?

The Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance was just locked onto a general area. It was not impossible for him to shift it here.


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