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Chapter 571: Escaping Unscathed

“d.a.m.n it!”

“Don’t you escape!”

The eyes of the two Li Fire Sect Elders had turned red. The moment they saw Yi Yun disappearing into the clouds they immediately chased after him. If they let Yi Yun escape today, how were they to have any face left?

However, Yi Yun’s speed was too fast. His “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique was from the private collection of the Azure Yang Lord, and was most suitable for Yi Yun to cultivate. It could even said to have been tailored made for Yi Yun.

After chasing him a distance for a while, the two Li Fire Sect Elders had no choice but to stop.

This was because they could no longer find him in their perception domain.

Actually, just from Yi Yun’s speed, they could tell visually that there was no chance for them to keep up with him.

For a Dao Seed realm junior to battle three Yuan Opening realm Elders and then manage to escape unscathed. And not only that, he had also chopped off Shen Tu Shan’s arm, as well as cause the death of eight young Li Fire Sect disciples.

Finally, they had to watch helplessly as he disappeared without being able to do anything!

It was preposterous!

Once this matter was spread, it would certainly burst the stomachs of people from laughter.

The two of them were extremely depressed. When they returned, their faces were blacker than pot bottoms.

What happened today could be said to be the biggest humiliation in their entire life.

Not to even mention that, in the future, Yi Yun might come seeking revenge on them. To be targeted by such a monster, in a few years, Yi Yun would be able to kill them like cutting melons or chopping vegetables.

Furthermore, Yi Yun might not even need to do anything. They would probably be punished the moment they returned to their sect.

Having lost eight young geniuses of the sect, they would be charged with failure to protect their juniors. In addition, they had lost face for the Li Fire Sect. Others would say that their Li Fire Sect Elders were trash for they had been played in the hands of a Dao Seed realm junior.

With the Li Fire Sect’s strict sect rules, they could not imagine the consequences.

It was too aggravating!

“El&h.e.l.lip; Elder&h.e.l.lip;”

A few Li Fire Sect disciples were silent. The impact Yi Yun had on them was too great. And with their fellow disciples dying horribly in front of their eyes, their bodies torn apart, causing blood and minced meat to splatter everywhere, this visual impact had scared them out of their wits.

Those who had died were not weaker than them. The only difference was that their luck was worse.

If the wheel of bad luck had turned onto them instead, the dismembered corpses on the ground would be them.

For them to rely on luck just to survive against a junior like themselves, while under the protection of the Elders, was a blow that they could not accept.

“All of you shut up!”

A Li Fire Sect Elder shouted. His fierce gaze swept across the ground to the twitching Shen Tu Shan on the ground.

It was completely unbearable to look at this fellow’s state. The right half of his body had nearly been torn apart. An arm had nearly broken off. Although, with miraculous pills, he could still join the arm back, it was impossible to fully recover in less than half a year.

However&h.e.l.lip; the two Li Fire Sect Elders clearly would not allow for Shen Tu Shan to return to his family to treat his injuries.

With eight of their sect’s geniuses dead, someone had to bear this responsibility.

Bringing the murderer back to their sect would allow for them to suffer a lighter punishment. If the Shen Tu family clan wanted him back, they would naturally have to pay a price.

“d.a.m.n it!”

A Li Fire Sect cursed in his heart. He suddenly slammed his palm on Shen Tu Shan’s Dantian. Yuan Qi surged into Shen Tu Shan’s body as it eventually sealed his heart.

Shen Tu Shan’s body trembled as his gave a furious look, “You.. You!”

He had already sustained serious injuries, and now his cultivation level was sealed. When the Li Fire Sect Elder’s Yuan Qi entered his body, it had caused his weakened body to suffer a second blow.

Now, he was like a wretched stray, with no ability to resist.

“Take him away! I will bear the brunt if there is anything!” The Li Fire Sect Elder stared at Shen Tu Shan. He could not be bothered to say anything more as he ordered the Li Fire Sect disciples to drag him away.

In his opinion, Shen Tu Shan was most likely crippled. The Shen Tu family clan might even abandon him as compensation to the Li Fire Sect.

The Li Fire Sect Elder naturally could not be bothered to be courteous with such a person.

As such, this unlucky Shen Tu Elder was dragged away.

“No one is to say anything about what happened today, got it!?”

The other Li Fire Sect Elder shouted. It was an agonizing sight for them to end up with this outcome after three of them attacked a junior.

Although it was because the junior was vicious and did not defeat the three of them face on, but had used schemes and sneak attacks, people would not care about that as all they would see was the outcome.

Once this matter was spread in the Tian Yuan world, how were they supposed to stay in the martial circles? How were they supposed to remain in the Li Fire Sect?


A few juniors subconsciously glanced in the direction of the Lin family.

Outside the Lin family mountain entrance, there were more than ten young Lin family disciples, Lin Qiao as well as two Lin family Elders who had just arrived, who had witnessed this scene.

And from the looks of it, Lin Qiao was transmitting his voice through Yuan Qi to inform the two newly arrived Elders of all that had happened.

From their expressions, they were clearly shocked by Yi Yun’s performance.

Immediately, the Li Fire Sect Elder felt a headache.

With so many people aware of the matter, it was naturally difficult to curb the spread of the news.

He frowned, and although he was extremely unwilling, he bit the bullet and walked towards the Lin family.

He was contemplating on how to persuade them to keep a secret, for example a soul contract, but it was not easy to let the Lin family obediently abide to his wishes&h.e.l.lip;

“Cough, cough&h.e.l.lip;”

The Li Fire Sect gave a few dry coughs. The three Lin family Elders were slightly stunned seeing his reaction, as they guessed his intentions.

For a young man to force two Li Fire Sect Elders into such a predicament and causing Shen Tu Shan to reach a state beyond redemption due to a momentary error, was too frightening!

Not only was his talent shocking, his timing in battle was equally stunning!

He could react instantaneously against a siege of three Elders and used an ingenuous movement technique to temporarily dodge them. And when he was in a situation of not being able to match them, he had used the Li Fire Sect disciples as meat shields to resolve his crisis. He had then taken the opportunity to forcefully charge in, injuring Shen Tu Shan despite two other Elders attacking him. And even so, he still managed to escape unscathed. To be able to do so was amazing!

“Brother Qiao, I let a joke be displayed before you.”

A Li Fire Sect Elder said awkwardly. Usually, he was aggressive and flaunted his prowess before Lin Qiao.

However, now, he had to eat humble pie. The moment he went forward, he took a position of a weakling, making him feel extremely aggrieved.

However, he had no other way. He could ignore his shame, but he could not ignore the Li Fire Sect’s reputation. If he curbed the news, it would look better for the Li Fire Sect on the surface. Then, it would be easier to brush away the fact that they had lost a few young disciples.

After all, for a large sect like the Li Fire Sect, when their power reached such a level, reputation was extremely important.

This would also allow them to receive a lighter punishment when they returned to their sect.

“Brother Gongsun, what is the matter?”

Lin Qiao’s eyes smiled, as it narrowed into a slit.

Seeing the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan in this predicament, he was overjoyed in his heart. What had happened today was really a pleasant surprise with full of climaxes.

It felt splendid. As he was watching the fight, he nearly gave his kudos to the mysterious young man.

“That&h.e.l.lip; About the matter just now&h.e.l.lip;”

Before the Li Fire Sect Elder finished speaking, Lin Qiao interjected and feigned ignorance, “Oh? The matter just now? Don’t you worry! I have already recorded a video of everything and submitted it to the upper echelons of the family. To prevent this matter from becoming unmanageable, the family clan has already informed a majority of the Lin family disciples to rush here! Brother Gongsun, please rest a.s.sured. We will definitely be cleaning up the battlefield in a proper manner!”

Lin Qiao deliberately said these words to disgust the Li Fire Sect Elder, whom nearly choked on those words.

He did not notice the sarcasm in “cleaning up the battlefield”, he only paid attention to the first words Lin Qiao had said&h.e.l.lip;

“Already&h.e.l.lip; informed the entire family clan?”

The two Li Fire Sect Elders blinked their eyes as they momentarily were at a loss.


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