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Chapter 567: Crossing the Vast Ravine

Despite Gongsun Yang and company misconduct at the mountain entrance of the Lin family, it could easily be seen how high-handed the Li Fire Sect was by demanding an answer from the Lin family over the beating.

Lin Qiao’s fat face twitched a few times but he did not answer.

The Shen Tu family clan Elder standing beside the Li Fire Sect Elder said, “Brother Gongsun, we can settle scores with the Lin family in time to come. First we should catch this brat and bring him back for a good questioning!”

As the Shen Tu family clan Elder spoke, his eyes were turning and he already had crooked ideas.

He found it unbelievable that a native from the islands from the Southern Sea would be able to defeat Gongsun Yang so easily. However, with the facts happening in front of him he had no choice but to believe it. Hence, he began to suspect that this native had found some amazing opportunity in the Southern Sea islands.

It was not surprising for a warrior to possess opportunities. In fact, many Tian Yuan world geniuses had their own secrets.

Typically, an important figure would not covet the opportunities of a junior. However, not everyone had such a bottom line.

Furthermore, this Shen Tu family clan Elder was technically not an important figure. Although his cultivation level had reached the mid-stages of the Yuan Opening realm, he was no longer young. He had depleted his potential and would not be able to reach even the late stages of the Yuan Opening realm, not to mention becoming an Empyreal King.

At this moment, the sudden appearance of Yi Yun, who came from the Southern Sea, with such amazing strength made him ponder about the chances of finding a treasure on this brat.

If he were to bring Yi Yun back and interrogate him and failed to find any treasure, it was alright. For Yi Yun had no background and was just a young genius from the barren Southern Sea. Killing him would not leave any future troubles.

“Oh? You plan on&h.e.l.lip;” The Li Fire Sect Elder realized the intentions of the Shen Tu family clan Elder.

“Hehe, bringing him back for interrogation, and if all else fails, a soul search might even allow for me to find some treasure? When that happens, we can split it evenly amongst the three of us.”

The Shen Tu Elder said nonchalantly. He was a greedy man and, although he coveted Yi Yun’s treasure, he never thought of the possibility of Yi Yun possessing a treasure so valuable that it would make the three of them fight against each other for it.

“Alright.” The Li Fire Sect Elder’s face turned solemn as he touched his interspatial ring with a hand. Murderous intent had been ignited in his heart.

“Lin family clan, I originally wanted to settle the scores with you since my Li Fire Sect disciple got injured at your Lin family’s mountain entrance, but I am too lazy to fuss over it. So forget it, I am taking this Southern Sea savage away.”

With the Li Fire Sect Elder’s being overbearing, the Lin family disciples turned worried.

With Yi Yun heavily injuring Gongsun Yang, he had rescued them from a tough situation and as well as allowed them to vent their anger.

It could be said that Yi Yun was stepping up for them.

However, now, they could not sit idle watching helplessly as Yi Yun was taken away on their territory.

“Elder Qiao, hurry and stop them.”

“Right, that Southern Sea guy saved Senior Sister Qing. It is alright, even if you ignored us being bullied, but with an outsider stepping up for us, are you going to watch as these old Li Fire Sect b.a.s.t.a.r.ds cripple him?” An upright Lin family youth said in a displeased manner. He knew that Lin Qiao had been at the mountain entrance from the start of it all. He should have seen everything that had happened clearly, but he would not appear unless it was the last resort.

And at this moment, Lin Qiao was also lamenting in his heart.

He also did not wish to act in this manner, but it was an order from the top.

Why would such an unlucky matter happen when it was his turn to hold down the mountain entrance? As for the sudden appearance of the Southern Sea genius, he had already reported it to the upper echelons. There was not much distance, so even if he did not report the matter, once the matter turned serious, Lin family experts would rush here.

All he needed to do now was to delay the matter. If the news of the Southern Sea guy being taken away was spread, people would criticize their Lin family as being extremely cowardly. Not only did their family members suffer indignities, even when others stood up for them and were about to be beaten to death, the Lin family still stood idly by.

This would be an extremely severe blow to the Lin family’s reputation.

And at this moment, the Li Fire Sect Elder suddenly turned his head and said to another Elder behind him, “Junior brother, cripple that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d directly!”

With those words said, the middle-aged man dressed in black behind him attacked straight away!

And at the same time, the Li Fire Sect and Shen Tu family clan Elders pounced at Lin Qiao!

Lin Qiao’s strength was the strongest amongst the four of them, but with two of them working together, they would be able to ward him off.

They were planning on using lightning methods to directly cripple Yi Yun and forcibly take him away!


Lin Qiao’s expression changed. Seeing two Elders attacking him together with an attacking stance like a surging tide, he could not dodge nor retreat as there were Lin family juniors behind him. He was forced to meet them head on.

And at this moment, the last Li Fire Sect Elder had already appeared before Yi Yun. He stretched out his arms and a terrifying suction force originated from him. The surrounding sand and gravel, and even the bamboo in the distance, were embroiled by this suction power, forming a huge vortex!

Yi Yun’s body was enshrouded within the vortex. He was suddenly lifted off from the ground.

Engulfing laws?

Yi Yun was alarmed. Engulfing laws were rare in the Tian Yuan world. One would be extremely powerful the moment one mastered it.

It was surprising that this old man, who had depleted all his potential and was stuck in the mid-stages of the Yuan Opening realm for life, had such means.

Indeed, no Yuan Opening expert was to be underestimated!

However, against the Engulfing law attack, a tumultuous fighting spirit flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes.

He stabilized his body in the turbulent energy flow and forcefully retreated!

“Chi La!”

Yi Yun’s protective Yuan Qi, as well as his shirt, was torn apart by the Engulfing power, revealing his firm muscles’ contours.

With energy tearing across his flesh, there was a burning pain. However, Yi Yun gave out a long roar that pierced straight into the clouds.


A katana was unsheathed and with a roar, Yi Yun slashed with his saber, a slash that could split the mountains and divide the sea!

This attack contained the saber intent he had learned from the saber tomb, as well as the sword move from the Pure Yang Sword Palace. It could be said that it was a saber attack that was exclusively Yi Yun’s.

Peerless Saber Dao, pressing forward with indomitable will!


Yi Yun’s saber slashed onto the Li Fire Sect Elder’s Engulfing vortex. An intense burst of energy shot out and the energy the Li Fire Sect Elder gathered directly exploded!


The black-dressed middle-aged man was astonished. At this moment, his mind went blank.

He was an Elder of a top faction in the Tian Yuan world. Even though he was an exterior Elder, he was definitely not someone who a junior could resist!

How could a sect’s Elder not be able to take down a junior?

What was this Southern Sea brat’s cultivation level? Was he really just a Dao Seed realm warrior?

He did not have time to think about it too carefully, for at this moment, Yi Yun’s blade had flipped and was stabbing at his throat after breaking through the Engulfing vortex!

“Courting death!”

To be forced to this point by a junior made him feel both shame and anger!

He gathered Yuan Qi and a staff appeared in his hands like a ghost. With both hands holding the staff, he smashed down at Yi Yun’s saber!

Usually, a staff would have the advantage against a saber, but Yi Yun’s saber momentum was indomitable. Like a surging wave, it crashed down completely. There were no cracks to slip through, nor was there a way for any resistance!


Like a thunderclap, Yi Yun’s saber Qi slashed at the Li Fire Sect Elder’s protective Yuan Qi.

A terrifying impact surged over as wanton Yuan Qi entered his body. With a cracking sounds, the Li Fire Sect Elder’s protective Yuan Qi began to shatter!


With his Yuan Qi exploding and the saber blade slicing through his body, a wisp of blood splattered out.

The Li Fire Sect Elder grunted and quickly retreated. After retreating continuously for more than ten steps, he clutched the wound on his chest. With the other hand holding the staff, he slammed it into a boulder to stabilize his body!

“You&h.e.l.lip; How is it possible?”

This Li Fire Sect Elder looked at Yi Yun in disbelief.

At this moment, Yi Yun was holding a blood stained katana. Large swaths of his shirt had been torn apart. His chest and abdomen were filled with blood lines. This was left behind by the Engulfing laws that tore across his flesh.

He had forcefully gone up against the Engulfing law in the clash from before. All of his energy had been gathered onto the saber blade, allowing for him to defeat his enemy with one strike!

Although Yi Yun did not gain much of an advantage in the clash from before, his opponent was an expert from the older generation.

This was Yi Yun’s first time fighting an Elder from a top Tian Yuan world faction head on!

Not only did he not lose, he had even taken the advantage!

How could the surrounding Li Fire Sect and Lin family disciples not be astounded upon seeing this scene?

To juniors, they were separated from their family clan Elders by a vast ravine that was impossible to cross. And now, this Southern Sea guy had managed to cross this vast chasm. As a member of the younger generation, he used his own strength to injure an expert from the older generation. Was this real?

Ignoring the juniors present, even Lin Qiao and the other two Elders from the Li Fire Sect and the Shen Tu family clan were momentarily dumbfounded. They even forgot to continue exchanging blows.

The shock from Yi Yun’s attack was too great. Someone from the younger generation matched someone from the older generation!

“Is he really a junior?”

Someone asked in disbelief. Some people might have special cultivation techniques or beauty techniques which allowed them to look like youths even with tens of thousands of years of age under them. Some people suspected Yi Yun was such a case.

However, Lin Qiao rejected this theory. He knew very well that Yi Yun’s strength was that of the Dao Seed realm.

If an old man, who lived thousands of years, had the ability to leapfrog the Yuan Opening realm with the Dao Seed realm, then how was it possible that he remained in the Dao Seed realm? He would probably have become an Empyreal King!

This implied that he was indeed a junior!

Yi Yun gently touched the blood on his saber tip as he revealed a slight smile, “So this is the blood of a Sage&h.e.l.lip;”

Yuan Opening realm&h.e.l.lip; This was equivalent to a Tai Ah Divine Kingdom Sage!

And today, the tip of his saber had been stained with the blood of such a figure!

As Yi Yun looked at the blood, his eyes emitted a trace of fighting spirit.

Back when he was in the Cloud Wilderness, he was still desperately cultivating for a position in the Jin Long Wei. He had been forced to death’s doorstep a few times by Lian Chengyu.

And at that time, Sages were like unattainable myths to Yi Yun.

Now, he already had the ability to fight against Sages!

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