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Chapter 563: Making Things Difficult

“The first two Blood of Destruction portions landed in the Martial Alliance, but now they have announced that they would no longer vie for it?” Yi Yun was stunned when he heard Zhou’s words.

If the Martial Alliance was really related to Blood Moon, or the Martial Alliance was controlled by Blood Moon, then why would the Martial Alliance let the Blood of Destruction enter in the Tian Yuan world and also announce that they would no longer vie for it?

This could only be explained only if he had guessed wrongly, that the Martial Alliance had nothing to do with Blood Moon. However, then how were the Longevity Extending Pills explained&h.e.l.lip; ?

“Yi Yun, I feel like there is a conspiracy hidden in this matter.” Lin Xintong suddenly transmitted her voice which was met with a nod from Yi Yun.

They faced opponents with unfathomable power with their return back to the Tian Yuan world. They were only two, and their strength had not fully matured, so the only thing they could rely on was that the enemy was in the open while they were hiding in the shadows.

“You can leave.” After asking what he needed to know, Yi Yun waved his hand, indicating that Zhou could leave.

Zhou felt relieved and hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, Senior! Rest a.s.sured that the news of Senior’s appearance will not be leaked by me, Zhou. We will disappear immediately.”

As Zhou spoke, he conjured a flying item and led his White Soaring Sect disciples away in a fleeing manner.

Only after they flew more than 50km did the White Soaring Sect disciples heave a long sigh of relief. Many of the cowardly ones were already covered in cold sweat.

The pressure they experienced facing Yi Yun and Lin Xintong was too great.

“Those two asked so many detailed questions. Could they also be planning on vying for the Blood of Destruction?” A disciple asked curiously.

Zhou hesitated before saying, “Whether they do or not is not a concern for people at our level. The matters that happened today are not to be leaked! Got it?”

“Yes!” The White Soaring Sect disciples responded. Seeing peerless figures like Yi Yun and Lin Xintong was very stimulating for them. Only with such power were they be able to see the definition of leading a free life&h.e.l.lip;

Jade Spirit Mountains, Lin family residence.

The entrance of the Lin family was covered with patches of bamboo forests. Looking down from above, there were buildings looming in the distance. As wind blew, the sea of bamboo would issue a fascinating rustling sound.

The distance between the Misty Fey Sea and the Lin family was tens of millions of miles, but after their cultivation level increased, this distance was nothing much for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

On receiving the news that the Tian Yuan world remained in a calm state, Lin Xintong’s worry for the Lin family had greatly eased. However, she still wanted to see it with her own eyes to understand the Lin family’s actual situation.

Now, with seven years having pa.s.sed and with their appearances completely changed, they just needed to be a bit more careful to not disclose their ident.i.ty.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong hid within the bamboo forest and overlooked the Lin family’s territory. There was peace and quiet in the Lin family.

Lin Xintong’s eyes revealed a yearning, she stared at the familiar buildings and mountain peaks as the memories of her past came flooding back.

She slightly sighed, saying, “I wonder how the Matriarch is. Over the past few years, the Lin family must have put up with a lot of pressure&h.e.l.lip; In fact, we were naturally safe cultivating in the Great Empress mystic realm, but the Lin family probably had to withstand a lot of it.”

“Yes&h.e.l.lip; but the Lin family’s strength should not be underestimated. Any faction that wants to overthrow the Lin family would have to pay a nontrivial price. No one would do anything under the circ.u.mstances where there are no benefits.”

Yi Yun believed that as long as people believed that he and Lin Xintong were hiding in the Great Empress mystic realm, the Lin family would be safe and sound.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong flew through several regions around the Lin family in a hidden manner. At this moment, there was a sudden burst of Yuan Qi fluctuation not far from them.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong stopped. The next instant, their figures had already disappeared into the thick jungle.

A short distance away, a few young disciples wearing the uniform of the Lin family landed. These people had most likely returned from a training expedition from outside. They looked fatigued from the journey.

A short youth cursed with an undaunted look, “What bad luck! The Shen Tu family clan sc.u.m has lost a generation of young geniuses, yet they came to join in the training at Jishou mountain. They are trying to give us a hard time in every aspect! If not for us being careful enough, they might have even have attacked us if they had the chance to do so!”

A young lady who looked older replied, “There’s no other way out. The Shen Tu family clan had to get some dogsh*t luck to be propped up by the Martial Alliance. Now, we can only bear with it patiently, and not be the ones creating conflict with other factions&h.e.l.lip; ”

“Elder Sister Qing’er is right.” echoed another youth.

This group of young Lin family disciples included Lin Qing and 6 other teenage boys and girls.

Warriors needed to endure the test of harsh environments out in the world to grow. Battling and hunting desolate beasts was a must. However, ever since the Great Empress mystic realm expedition seven years ago, the Lin family disciples had to be careful every time they went out, because the Lin family had too many enemies!

And what was amazing most of all, was that the Shen Tu family clan, who had the biggest grudge with the Lin family, was valued by the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance. They were given many resources, including several Longevity Extending Pills!

This not only made the Shen Tu family clan slowly recover its strength, it had also given it power and prestige amongst the several large factions.

Upon hearing the exchange between the Lin family disciples, Lin Xintong frowned slightly. Although the Lin family had announced that they had cut ties with her and Yi Yun, it did not have much meaning. Everyone knew that this was a self-preservation method the Lin family was employing. The large losses they suffered in the Great Empress mystic realm were still blamed on the Lin family.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong followed these Lin family disciples and quickly, they arrived at the Lin family mountain’s entrance.

Usually, there were Lin family disciples guarding the Lin family mountain entrance. However, there was another group of people gathered outside as well.

When Lin Qing and company approached the entrance, a few figures appeared from that group of people, blocking their path.

Lin Qing frowned slightly and had a look of disgust on her face as she stopped in her footsteps.

“It’s you again!” Lin Qing said coldly as she suppressed her pangs of fury.

A scholarly dressed man in his thirties came forward. He was waving a fan in his hands as he smirked, “That’s right, Miss Qing’er. We meet again. I can’t help it, for I’m doing errands for the Martial Alliance, so I’m compelled to do so. I’m so busy that I have no time to cultivate!”

This scholarly person was named Gongsun Yang. He was a member of the Li Fire Sect, and a senior brother of Gongsun Hong.

Although Gongsun Yang complained about doing errands for the Martial Alliance, there was no lack of flaunting in his words.

Over the past few years, the Martial Alliance had been gaining more and more momentum as the resources they distributed increased. If one could enter the Martial Alliance and take up a post in it, and get the recognition of the superiors, one’s future path in cultivation would be smooth.

Lin Qing coldly snorted, clearly not intending to say anything more to this man.

“Alright, the esteemed lot of you, according to the rules, I have to ask where you went, and of course, check your interspatial rings as well as your luggage.” Gongsun Yang said with a smile. It was as if he was talking about a very kindly matter.

“Check our interspatial ring and luggage? Gongsun Yang, don’t go too far! When we left, you stopped us and asked us all sorts of questions. Now, you are reaching out for a yard after taking an inch!” The youth who had previously suffered the injustice was once again inflamed by Gongsun Yang’s words.

He stood forward and shouted that., “Gongsun Yang, you are after all in the Lin family’s territory. Don’t you go too far!” Another girl was also extremely furious. Over the years, things were made difficult for the Lin family.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t the Lin family’s territory past this mountain entrance? You haven’t entered it yet, so how can you consider it to be the Lin family’s territory? To do the body search here is I, Gongsun Yang, giving my due respects for the Lin family. Furthermore, I’m just doing a routine inspection. This is an order from the Martial Alliance.”

“Miss Qing, I’m also being considerate for you. You should know that at the Great Empress mystic realm, several factions are searching for Yi Yun in a bid to seek revenge for their dead family clan disciples. I’m also worried that when you leave the Lin family’s premises, you would use some method to contact Yi Yun. If that is the case, you might be incriminated in the future&h.e.l.lip; ”

Again, Gongsun Yang resorted to using the Martial Alliance as his trump card. His words were taking advantage of the situation.

The Martial Alliance awed people. Ignoring the treasures that the Martial Alliance controlled or the Longevity Extending Pills that many legendary figures of the large family clans coveted, just the strength of the Martial Alliance was extraordinary!

Several years ago, at a martial tea session, the disciples and legendary figures under the Martial Alliance’s banner demonstrated their prowess, suppressing the crowd. It caused many large factions to lose the will to be angry.

Then, the Martial Alliance’s Alliance Leader’s strength was definitely unfathomable!

The Martial Alliance had the capital to overwhelm others through force!

When Lin Qing heard the Martial Alliance mentioned, she coldly snorted, “Martial Alliance? Don’t think I’m ignorant. It’s just a few sects along with the Shen Tu family clan sowing discord in the upper echelons of the Martial Alliance, confounding black and white, and fooling the Elders of the Martial Alliance. Hence, coming up with restrictions and the monitoring of our Lin family, allowing you despicable people to have greatness thrown onto you!”

Lin Qing’s rage echoed in the mountains. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong remained silent after hearing it.

It was probably not the Shen Tu family clan and those unlucky sects, who had suffered in the Great Empress mystic realm, that were fanning the flames from the side. It was the Martial Alliance itself targeting the Lin family. They were just using the Shen Tu family clan as a guise.

Under such a situation, the Lin family could only properly give in and make the necessary concessions. As long as it didn’t cross the Lin family’s bottom line, the Lin family did not want to enter conflict with so many large factions.

“The Martial Alliance is powerful&h.e.l.lip; and it has slowly encroached into the minds of people. Even the Lin family disciples, who face these artificial obstacles, believe that the Martial Alliance’s Elders are being fooled. Actually, the Martial Alliance is the faction that is most concerned about the Great Empress mystic realm’s inheritance! If our whereabouts are compromised, the consequences will be unthinkable!”

Yi Yun transmitted his voice to Lin Xintong.

If the Martial Alliance was being controlled by Blood Moon, or was even a part of Blood Moon, then it naturally hated the ancient Great Empress and the Azure Yang Lord to the bone. As their inheritors, they would definitely be sought out to be killed!


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