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Chapter 560: Suppression

“A sea beast and more than ten people hiding on the island not far away,” Facing the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, Yi Yun was not too worried. With a scan of his perception, he had a complete understanding of his environment.

And at this moment, the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon had already surfaced. The gigantic pool-like eyes stared at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, revealing slight fear and cruelty!

It sensed that the couple that had suddenly appeared seemed to be a result of the extremely pure Heaven Earth energy. If it devoured the two of them, its strength would increase by leaps and bounds, and might even allow it to evolve!

Although this couple gave it a great sense of danger, the temptation of evolution made it unbearable. Its eight tentacles appeared out of the water and they flew at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. The mouths on the ends of the tentacles opened their jaws as if they were huge pythons that were hunting!

“Fellow Dao-ist, be careful! That’s a Eight Limbed Sea Dragon. It can topple the sea and it is not something you can handle! It’s best that you hurry and escape!”

At this moment, a Yuan Qi voice transmission rang in Yi Yun and Lin Xintong’s ears. It was from Zhou.

Zhou seemed to have his heart in his mouth. The reason why he risked informing them was not out of purely good intentions, it was because he did not want them to just die in vain in the stomach of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon.

If Yi Yun and Lin Xintong sensed the powerfulness of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon and ran, they would be able to attract the attention of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon. According to the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s temperament, it would not let its prey run, so it would chase them.

Then, Zhou would be able to take the opportunity to escape with his sect’s juniors.

As for the unknown treasure, Zhou did not harbor any thoughts on it. He had no doubt that the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon had already discovered them. It was ignoring them because it was attracted by the treasure and that unlucky couple.

Once he tried to risk his life to touch the treasure, he would incur the wrath of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, then, he would die a terrible death.

Zhou had already issued a kind alert. He thought that even if the couple did not believe his words, they would at least open up a distance to prepare their defense. At least, they would not stick to the water surface where the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon was. This was equivalent to them being sent into the eight mouths of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon!

However, the next scene made Zhou speechless. After hearing his voice transmission, the youth in his twenties only gave him a slight glance and then, he proceeded to ignore him.

Next, he unhurriedly took a golden bow out of his interspatial ring.

This bow was decorated with dragons and phoenixes. It looked gaudy, but they were mostly useless decorations that were offensively conspicuous.

In Zhou’s impression, such a bow was usually used by scions of rich families during their hunting to act in pretense. A real bow that killed was usually brilliant on the inside, and simple on the outside. All the sharpness and murderous intent was contained in the bow, and it would be earth-shaking the moment it striked!

“These two idiots aren’t running?” Zhou was extremely worried, “They are going to kill us. Whatever, let’s split up and escape separately. We can’t wait any longer!”

Zhou had already categorized Yi Yun and Lin Xintong as foppish people who had never seen bloodshed. These people were ignorant of the world, thinking they were invincible by being able to beat a few people back at home. They were bound to be end up in a terrible state in the outside world.

Of course, the price that they would pay would be worse. They would most likely bury themselves in the stomach of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, and they were not even useful at delaying time.

If they did not escape now, they would not have any more chances.

Upon hearing that they were to escape separately, all the faces of the White Soaring Sect disciples turned slightly pale. The meaning meant: try to have as many survive as possible.

Especially the oval-faced girl had been scared white. She was like a frightened rabbit. She was still young and her speed was slow. There was almost no doubts that she would be eaten as prey! At this moment, her senior brothers, who usually chased after, her lowered their heads. At the brink of life and death, no one could really disregard their lives for her!

“Ready. The moment I give the command, run!” Zhou said. At this moment, a furious roar erupted from the sea. Like a mountain collapsing, the sea shot out like a shockwave, blowing a layer of thick water mist that seemed to form a water wall!

Clearly, the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon had turned furious when it saw Yi Yun take out a weapon!

The final concerns it had disappeared as it roared furiously. Its eight tentacles were like flood dragons that appeared from the sea as it came attacking at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong!

Immediately, sea water splashed up causing towering waves!

In the midst of the gigantic waves, Yi Yun remained expressionless. With the bow in hand, he stringed an arrow.

Pulling open the bow, shoot!


With a light sound that did not seem earth-shattering, Yi Yun had seemed to have casually shot out an arrow.

The arrow on the bowstring had already turned into a brilliant golden beam of light as it flew out.

The arrow’s speed was extremely fast like a burning flame. Instantly, it sank into the forehead of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The eight tentacles attacked out with the momentum it possessed!

But at this moment, a glaring divine light suddenly flared out of the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon’s forehead that had been shot by Yi Yun!

The divine light illuminated the surroundings in an overwhelming manner!

The eight thick tentacles were also cut off with the appearance of the divine light!

Large swaths of blood sprayed after the tentacles were stripped off and flew into the sky, dyeing the sunlight red!

The gigantic octopus began to violently tremble. Its huge head began to ignite into a reddish-gold inferno. The intense burning made it seem like a Sun had appeared in the sea!

The rays of light shot out, basking Zhou’s face red.

Seeing the Eight Limbed Sea Dragon burning in flames, with its eight tentacles ripped off, he gaps and his eyes lost its focus.

Beside him, the White Soaring Sect disciples were transfixed as their mouths gaped slightly, without being able to close them.

In their eyes filled with disbelief, they saw the young man keep the bow and watch the golden flames soar into the sky. He was unimpressed as if what he did was a trivial matter.

Throughout the entire process, the clothes of the bow-wielding youth and the woman beside him were not drenched with any of the water, let alone even move. Even the woman’s veil was not lifted by the wind.

It was as if everything that had just happened happened in a different spatial-temporal plane!

Zhou was completely speechless. This wasn’t killing a Eight Limbed Sea Dragon, it was killing a small octopus to make into octopus b.a.l.l.s. It was as simple as that!

At this moment, Zhou felt his heart tighten for he noticed that the bow-wielding man had glanced at him and then flew over to him slowly.

Immediately, Zhou felt his mind tighten up as his face went pale!


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