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Chapter 558: Misty Fey Sea

It was a summer morning. The vast sea surface was calm while a layer of mist shrouded above it. Occasionally, there would be a few school of large fish traversing across the surface of the sea at extremely fast speeds, causing wave breaks in the water surface.

The Untraversable Sea was the sea surrounding the Tian Yuan world, but in fact, when warriors mentioned the Untraversable Sea, they were mostly referring to the vast sea region to the north and west of the Tian Yuan continent.

The deeper one went into that region of sea, the thinner the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi would become. Even marine life became extremely rare the further one went. Even warriors at the Empyreal King realm would not receive the supplement of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi when they flew through this region, so naturally they did not dare to venture too deep. This was the true meaning of “Untraversable”.

As for the waters near the Tian Yuan world, although they were conjoined with the Untraversable Sea, they were in fact given different names by warriors, for example, the Misty Fey Sea.

The Misty Fey Sea was to the south of the Tian Yuan world and covered hundreds of thousands of miles. The sea was perennially covered in a layer of mist, and all one could see from afar was the mist.

The Misty Fey Sea was extremely dangerous as terrifying sea fey inhabited these waters. The mist and the Fey gave were what gave the sea its name.

Actually, these sea fey were basically forms of terrifying desolate beasts. They could easily crush a spirit boat and devour the warriors in it. As a result, the several small sects, which took up residence near the Misty Fey Sea, feared this aquatic region.

However, even if they were afraid, they still needed to go out to sea.

At this moment, above a small island in the Misty Fey Sea, there were more than ten yellow-dressed warriors. They were all about seventeen years of age. A white cloud was embroidered onto the collar of their clothes. This was the symbol of the White Soaring Sect’s core disciples.

To become a core disciple proved that these youths were pretty talented.

Amongst the youths was a purple-clothed man, who was in his forties or fifties. His collar was embroidered with three white clouds. He was the team leader of these young disciples.

The youths hid behind the island’s reefs as they stared unblinkingly at the foggy sea.

“Master Uncle Zhou, we have been in ambush for an entire night. Is the Fey Luring Pill we prepared not good enough to attract the sea beasts?”

A 16 year old, big-eyed girl with an oval face asked the purple-dressed team leader.

The purple-dressed man shook his head, saying, “Do not be hasty. Our Fey Luring Pill may not be of good quality, but that is not because our sect cannot produce a high quality Fey Luring Pill. It is for safety reasons. We came into the deep seas for a training experience so it is extremely dangerous. If the quality of the Fey Luring Pill is too high, it might attract a sea beast that we may be unable to handle, that would be big trouble!”

“No, this Fey Luring Pill is enough to attract some desolate beasts, like the bloodthirsty sharks or the heaven-runic sea serpents. As long as they fall into the trap, you can join forces to deal with them. It will give you rewards as well as increase your battle experience. I will watch by the side, so that there will not be any accidents. If we accidentally lure some deep sea behemoth, even I will be helpless.”

The purple-dressed man shook his head with a wry smile. This region of sea was not safe!

However, no matter where it was, the cultivation of warriors could never deviate from killing desolate beasts. Be it refining desolate bones into relics, or killing desolate beasts to condense an Aspect Totem, they had to do so.

The sects in the Tian Yuan world all relied on their surroundings. Those sects in landlocked areas would naturally go deep into the vast expanse of mountains, marshes or jungles in the Tian Yuan world for exploration. As for those small sects that lined up along the sh.o.r.e, they could only take the risk to fight at sea.

White Soaring Sect was such a small sect.

Although they were a small sect, that was just a relative term. If they were to be placed where the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was, they would considered a top faction.

The group of people patiently waited at the island until it was close to noon. Yet, not a single desolate beast had come. The purple-dressed man found this unusual. Typically, deep in the Misty Fey Sea, there were large quant.i.ties of sea beasts, and they were actually very powerful. However, why did they now wait for nearly 18 hours without seeing a single one?

“Oh? Why do I feel as if something is wrong here!?”

Zhou suddenly said. He had previously not sensed it, but now, upon careful inspection of the area, he suddenly realized that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around the region had thickened greatly. Not only had it thickened, it was also very pure. Although there were some treasure lands deep in the Misty Fey Sea, they would not result in such purity.

The young disciples were confused as they had no idea how to respond to their Master Uncle.

“What is that?”

Zhou’s eyes suddenly lit up. As he squinted his eyes, he looked deeply into the Misty Fey Sea.

The afternoon fog had mostly dissipated, so they could now see even further. What they saw was that, on the azure sea surface, there was a blue vortex spinning at a height of 70-80 feet.

This vortex was not very obvious. Without using their perception, it was very difficult to even detect it.

However, the vortex was not sucking anything in, it was actually spitting Yuan Qi out. The thicker and purer Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that they previously detected was clearly a result of the spewing from this vortex.

“What is going on, could a treasure be appearing?”

Zhou felt his heart tighten. For a treasure to suddenly appear in the sea was not something out of the question. However, the moment a treasure appeared, it was a huge opportunity. If the treasure was extremely valuable, their White Soaring Sect would experience a quantum leap.

Zhou was feeling excited, however, it did not last for long. Instead, his heart quickly went cold as a sense of extreme danger flooded his heart.

He sensed a terrifying Power of Desolates fluctuation in the sea beneath the vortex. Furthermore, it was filled with large quant.i.ties of murderous intent.

Deep sea Sea Beast!

Zhou held his breath. A gigantic shadow could be seen lurking beneath the surface of the sea!

“Master Uncle Zhou, what is the matter?”

The careful oval-faced girl could not help but ask after noticing Zhou’s change in expression.

Zhou’s expression turned solemn as he rapidly said with a deep voice, “Converge your presence, and do not make a sound!”

He should have realized that if a treasure appeared, it would very likely attract sea beasts. It was no wonder no sea beast cared about their low quality Fey Luring Pill. It was because a phenomenon was happening in the deep sea. However, it was unknown what sort of treasure would appear, but from the looks of it, it was likely not destined to be theirs, for they were still very far from their sect, so it was impossible for reinforcements to rush here in time.

Zhou no longer had time to feel a sense of regret. What was most important now was to secure his and the young disciple’s lives.

At this moment, even more Heaven Earth Yuan Qi began to spew out as the vortex grew in intensity, to the point where it could be seen with the naked eye.

A few golden points of light condensed in the sky as they spun. Between the dots of light, they formed a purple membrane of light.

The membrane of light rapidly expanded, and became a screen a few dozen feet tall. The aura of spatial laws resonated around the screen of light.

What is&h.e.l.lip; happening?


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