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Chapter 556: Energy Converges Into Body

Yi Yun had gained control of the Draco First True Gold avatar and clenching his fists, his knuckles immediately issued out a “Ka Ka Ka” sound.

The body born from Draco First True Gold may be said to be of flesh and blood, but in terms of defense, it was still much better than the Draco First True Gold itself.

Not only that, if it was just Draco First True Gold, then although it was an excellent material to store pure Yang energy in, it was still just metal without life. It was unable to gain insight into Great Dao laws and sense the Heaven and Earth.

However, a body of flesh and blood was different. After gaining an avatar, Yi Yun felt as if his consciousness was connected to the world through it!

This feeling was extremely marvelous. Although the Purple Crystal could connect with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and was even more marvelous than the Draco First True Gold, the feeling the Purple Crystal gave Yi Yun was that it was just living in Yi Yun’s heart temporarily.

The Purple Crystal was a divine item, and unfortunately, Yi Yun had still not managed to completely refine it. As a result, Yi Yun was unable to fully control it. Up to now, Yi Yun could only use a fraction of the Purple Crystal’s powers.

However, the Draco First True Gold avatar was different. After implanting a portion of his consciousness into the avatar, this body came under Yi Yun’s complete control.

In this way, this body could connect to Heaven and Earth. The feeling it gave Yi Yun was completely different!

“What a incredible divine body Dao fetus! It is perfectly compatible with pure Yang energy. It is just that I feel that the body is empty. I am feeling so hungry!”

Yi Yun was trying to adapt to this new body. As the avatar was just born, the essence of the Heaven and Earth the Draco First True Gold had absorbed over billions of years, was all used to produce its body of flesh and blood.

And now, the body could perfectly connect to the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, but its meridians and Dantian were completely empty. It did not absorb any Heaven Earth Yuan Qi at all.

A divine body Dao fetus could have a perfect connection with Heaven Earth energy, but now, its body was void of energy. This made Yi Yun feel extreme hunger.

It was like he was a strong man who had not eaten for four or five days.

A strong man, who reached the limits of his hunger, would feel that he could completely finish an entire roasted lamb if there was one before him.

Yi Yun presently felt that he could swallow a tiny Sun in one gulp if there was one before him!

“Let us go!”

With a simple sentence, Yi Yun grabbed the Cosmos Bag and walked out of the sixth level’s door.

He took great strides down the staircase, into the fifth level’s cultivation chamber in the G.o.d Advent Tower.

Yi Yun could not wait a moment longer. With his Draco First True Gold body, he jumped into the lava pool!

The lava pool was also very deep. Previously, Yi Yun could immerse his true body inside the lava pool, but due to the constraints brought about by his cultivation level, he had to constantly expend Yuan Qi while inside the lava pool. If he stayed in there for too long, he would need to leave the pool to take a break.

However, the Draco First True Gold avatar had no such problem at all.

The Draco First True Gold itself was born in a place of extreme Yang!

The energy quality contained within those extreme Yang lands may not be as pure as the pure Yang lava pool here, but the degree of harshness there was probably several times stronger than in the pure Yang laval pool. Even a peerless figure like the ancient Great Empress would find it difficult to last in such a place!

And the Draco First True Gold was able to temper itself in this kind of place for billions of years, so it was imaginable how powerful it was!

It could be said that it was probably very difficult to find something that could destroy the Draco First True Gold in the Tian Yuan world.

The moment he entered the lava pool, Yi Yun was like an extremely thirsty and hungry desolate beast who had jumped into a pool of nectar. He began to gulp down and feast.


Large amounts of pure Yang energy surged into Yi Yun’s avatar, causing a huge vortex to appear in the lava pool. The terrifying power wantonly circulated as Yi Yun’s body was like a bottomless pit. Even the red lotus was being pulled along, causing it to stay away from Yi Yun in fear.

Originally, the red lotus was thankful to Yi Yun, and often complemented Yi Yun’s cultivation. Whenever Yi Yun required pure Yang energy, the red lotus would take the initiative to provide him some. However, this time, it converged the energy within its body and hid away.

The red lotus could not be blamed as the way Yi Yun’s avatar absorbed pure Yang was too intense. Furthermore, with the Draco First True Gold being a Heaven grade treasure, it made the red lotus feel dread.

The Draco First True Gold born out of an unknown extreme Yang land had a quality that naturally far exceeded that of the red lotus. This was also a repression from their energy differences.

The energy vortex lasted for 30 minutes as ma.s.sive amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surged into Yi Yun’s avatar.

Even the cultivation chamber turned thin with pure Yang energy due to Yi Yun’s feast. This depletion could be recovered in a few days, but to be able to do this greatly alarmed Lin Xintong. After all, previously, when she cultivated with Yi Yun, no matter how much they tried, they were never able to reduce the cultivation chamber’s energy at all.

Finally, Yi Yun sensed that his Draco First True Gold avatar’s energy had reached its limits.


The Draco First True Gold avatar’s joints issued an explosive sound like golden rocks clashing into each other.


Lava burst out as Yi Yun leaped out of the pure Yang lava pool!


With energy flowing through his own body, the feeling of being quenched made Yi Yun laugh out loud. It felt too good!

Such powerful pure Yang energy gave Yi Yun a feeling like he was an erupting volcano. He could not help but want to engage in a huge battle to relieve himself in delight.

“What power. The defensive power is invincible. This avatar is too powerful!”

Yi Yun looked at the Draco First True Gold avatar with an excited glow shimmering in his eyes.

The Draco First True Gold avatar was absolutely extraordinary just on defense alone. Who could destroy a body made from Draco First True Gold?

As for endurance, that was needless to say. It was a divine body Dao fetus. It could connect to Heaven Earth energy, and store immense amounts of pure Yang Yuan Qi in its body. It was a tireless fighting machine.

However, in terms of offensive power, the avatar depended on Yi Yun’s actual cultivation level. After all, an attack depended on one’s insight into the laws and understanding of the moves, as well as the progress in cultivation technique.

This was something that could not be separated from Yi Yun’s true body.

“Yi Yun, this avatar is truly a most valuable treasure!”

Lin Xintong was happy for Yi Yun.

Yi Yun laughed, “Yes, back then the Azure Yang Lord left such a divine item for us. I will only have this Draco First True Gold avatar. As for other things, Xintong, you can have them!”

The treasures in the sixth level were mainly the Draco First True Gold avatar, the essence-filled jade hairpin that belonged to the Great Empress, as well as the disk array that controlled the G.o.d Advent Tower.

Amongst the first two treasures, due to the limitations of Yin-Yang laws, they had to be respectively divided amongst Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

However, the last G.o.d Advent Tower’s core disk array could be refined by either Yi Yun or Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong shook her head and took out the G.o.d Advent Tower disk array from her interspatial ring, “Yi Yun, I think it is better if you refine it. The Azure Yang Token has already been refined by you, it will complement this disk array. You have to completely refine both to be able to fully control the G.o.d Advent Tower.”

As Lin Xintong spoke, she handed the disk array into Yi Yun’s hands. Noticing that he was about to refuse it, Lin Xintong said again, “Yi Yun, do not argue with me on this. If not for you, be it at the relic trial from back then, or in the extreme frost icy plains later, I would probably have died a few times. I might even have fallen into Shen Tu Nantian’s hands with a fate even more miserable. And now, not only am I treating and healing my naturally terminated meridians, I have also obtained the Great Empress’ inheritance. My future martial path will be extremely broad. This was all thanks to you. Meeting you has been my good luck.”

“If, in the future, you are able to become a mighty figure like the Azure Yang Lord, or even surpa.s.s him, then I will also be like the ancient Great Empress. No matter what your decisions, I will silently follow and support you.”

Lin Xintong’s words came from her heart. She was always proud and cold, seldom revealing her emotions. However, now, with her suddenly saying such words, Yi Yun felt his heart turn warm.

He quietly put away the G.o.d Advent Tower’s core disk array and took Lin Xintong’s hands, softly saying, “Xintong, meeting you has also been my good luck.”


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