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Chapter 550: Daughter of Heaven

Just as Yi Yun was morosely contemplating the Azure Yang Lord’s experiences, he inadvertently saw Lin Xintong standing in front of the ancient Great Empress’ portrait not far away from him. Her eyes were tightly closed as her eyelashes fluttered.

After a long while, she slowly opened her eyes. She had an emotive glint in her eyes.

It was like she had just abruptly woken up from a dream. The moment she opened her eyes, she looked around her surroundings before suddenly looking at Yi Yun.

Upon seeing Yi Yun’s familiar face, Lin Xintong felt slightly relieved.

Yi Yun could not help but hold Lin Xintong’s hand, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Xintong looked like she was still immersed in her previous dream. She said, “I saw the ancient Great Empress as I followed her, experiencing her life.”

Yi Yun was surprised. Lin Xintong had experienced the same thing he did.

He looked at the two portraits and said, “The two portraits might contain the two seniors’ will. I also saw the Azure Yang Lord’s life.”

Lin Xintong slowly walked over and stretched out her hand to touch the ancient Great Empress’ portrait. The portrait of the Great Empress walking across the icy plains alone made her sigh, “The ancient Great Empress’ past and her childhood were very much alike mine. She was really a wonderful woman.”

Saying that, Lin Xintong slowly described all of the ancient Great Empress’ life that she had seen.

They both had natural Yin Meridians, so the ancient Great Empress had also suffered from discrimination in her childhood.

She came from a large martial family. The family clan’s status in the Tian Yuan world far exceeded the Lin family. It could be said that they were filled with numerous talents and countless elites.

Although the ancient Great Empress was a direct descendant of the family line, it became a tragedy for her to be born in such a family clan with her natural Yin Meridians.

A genius destined to die young had no value from the beginning.

The ancient Great Empress understood the fickleness of the world and the fickleness of human nature. Growing up through adversity, her character was like a blooming flower in the snow. She was cold and tough.

She never abandoned any hopes to join her terminated meridians up. She left her family clan and traveled everywhere. In a deserted mountain in the vicinity of the Untraversable Sea, she discovered a gra.s.s hut. And in there, she met the Azure Yang Lord who was living in reclusion here.

“So the Azure Yang Lord lived here in reclusion after arriving in this world.” Yi Yun listened carefully. The life of the Azure Yang Lord he experienced ended the moment the Azure Yang Lord entered this world.

Now, through Lin Xintong, he found the subsequent events out through the ancient Great Empress’ perspective.

The entrance that connected the sinkhole to the Tian Yuan world was the eternal whirlpool. When the Azure Yang Lord crossed into this world, he came through the eternal whirlpool.

However, after coming to this world, the Azure Yang Lord realized that he had been trapped here. He found it very difficult for him to use the eternal whirlpool to return to the sinkhole. He also found it very difficult to find the path that could lead him back to the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

The Azure Yang Lord lived in seclusion near to the Untraversable Sea so as to carry on finding the path back. The horrifying suction power deep in the eternal whirlpool made him believe that it was not easy finding the path back. And even if he could return to the 12 Empyrean Heavens, he would end up going in circles in the sinkhole without any way of telling the direction.

He slowly searched, refusing to give up.

And it was during this time that the Azure Yang Lord met the ancient Great Empress.

Back then, the Great Empress was dressed in white, just like in the portrait. She was like a beautiful blooming flower standing alone in the snow. The moment the Azure Yang Lord saw the ancient Great Empress, he could tell that she had naturally terminated meridians.

But he could not find any traces of self-pity in her eyes.

It was as if this woman would never back down, even if the path ahead was filled with death. Instead, she would use the sword in her hand to open a path up for herself.

This unyielding character of hers made the Azure Yang Lord see himself.

He also saw an inkling of Bai Yueyin’s shadow&h.e.l.lip;

The Azure Yang Lord cherished talent. Because of this reason, and also because the young Great Empress had some similarity to Bai Yueyin, he made the first move to get to know her. He did not know why that he would do so to a girl he met coincidentally in a strange world. He gave her pointers on martial arts and later on, he took her in as a disciple.

When the ancient Great Empress first saw this man, she also felt that he was no ordinary person. Later on, the Azure Yang Lord taught her pure Yang cultivation techniques which far exceeded any existing martial arts in the Tian Yuan world.

The ancient Great Empress came from a top family clan and she had seen countless numbers of manuals. However, the cultivation techniques taught by the Azure Yang Lord were something she had never heard or seen before.

This made her see a glimmer of hope in her still unsuccessful search for a way to join her terminated meridians up.

She diligently cultivated, and with her being extremely talented, she advanced rapidly by cultivating the pure Yang cultivation technique.

As for the Azure Yang Lord, he was even more amazed. He was originally hoping to have another person to chat with through his life of solitude. But he never expected that a casual action of his resulted in him becoming more and more shocked.

The ancient Great Empress was an absolute genius!

In the beginning, the Azure Yang Lord only planned on teaching the ancient Great Empress some ordinary cultivation techniques. However, when he saw the ancient Great Empress’ unparalleled talent in martial arts, he also began to really guide the ancient Great Empress.

It was such a pity for a martial arts genius to end her martial path due to her terminated meridians.

In the end, the Azure Yang Lord gave her the “Yang G.o.d Manual” that he obtained from the sinkhole. And after the ancient Great Empress mastered it, he taught her the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual” as well.

The ancient Great Empress’s strength rapidly increased. At the same time he witnessed the ancient Great Empress’ increase in strength, the Azure Yang Lord felt that his state of mind was gradually changing. It seemed to rediscover the vigor he once had.

He slowly rediscovered his past self. Carefree, unbridled and without restraint.

The ancient Great Empress’s cultivation level slowly increased to an incredible level. It had already far exceeded the standards of the Tian Yuan world.

After a period of time, the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress traveled to the mainland. They toured the mortal realm and witnessed the world changing with time.

When the ancient Great Empress’ strength exceeded many elites of the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven, she once again did something that made the Azure Yang Lord absolutely speachless.

She managed to create the “Great Empress Heart Sutra” from the two supreme remnant manuals!

Maybe it was the naturally terminated meridians that had given her her achievements. Her complete obsession with joining up her terminated meridians allowed her to gain such amazing achievements. The “Great Empress Heart Sutra” could be said to be a rare treasured manual of the world!

The Azure Yang Lord had always led a proud life. He originally believed that a woman who could amaze him was only to Bai Yueyin. He never expected that in his life, he would see a woman who exceeded Bai Yueyin.

The ancient Great Empress’s mental temperament, talent and tenacious character deeply moved the Azure Yang Lord. As for the Azure Yang Lord’s openness and strong sense of righteousness, he opened the closed heart of the ancient Great Empress.

The two of them kept each other company like a pair of immortal couples. It was an envious affair.

However, in the Azure Yang Lord’s heart, he still had an obsession. He still wanted to return to the 12 Empyrean Heavens. He wanted to regain the glory that was once his. He wanted to ask Bai Yueyin why she had betrayed him.

It was like a knot in his heart. If he did not untie it, the Azure Yang Lord would never feel at ease.

As such, the Azure Yang Lord explored the eternal whirlpool several times in search of the return path to the sinkhole.

He joined hands with the ancient Great Empress as they explored deeper and deeper. Slowly, the Azure Yang Lord discovered that in the eternal whirlpool, there was an ancient enchantment.

This enchantment was extremely hidden, but the enchantment contained an extremely powerful energy. This energy did not seem like it was formed naturally.

If it was created by a mysterious person, then the strength of this mysterious person, who could leave such an energy behind, made the Azure Yang Lord secretly alarmed.

The Azure Yang Lord found it hard to believe that such a figure would appear in a tiny world with a low level of martial arts. What was his purpose here?

Could he have come from the 12 Empyrean Heavens, and had entered this place by accident while exploring the sinkhole?

This thought made the Azure Yang Lord feel a sense of rapport with the person. He really wanted to know what the mysterious person had experienced, and where he was currently.

However, the Azure Yang Lord sensed that even though the enchantment was very powerful, it had existed for a long period of time. So it was a lot weaker than what it was in the past.

The powerful energy in the enchantment had also been greatly weakened.

This energy was very mysterious, but yet, he found it somewhat familiar&h.e.l.lip;

Subtlely, the energy was calling out to him&h.e.l.lip;

This surprised the Azure Yang Lord greatly. Why would an enchantment in this tiny world have an energy that he was familiar with?

However, no matter how hard he thought and tried to recall, he could not remember where this energy could have come from or where he had previously encountered it.


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