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Chapter 55: Su Jie

Just as Yi Yun was pondering over it, he saw the fat elder take out a tattered piece of yellow paper. This yellow paper resembled the paper used in the 80s in China, ones which villagers used as toilet paper. But this charm was more tattered than those toilet paper.
The charm’s paper quality was world’s apart from the paper of the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” manual Lin Xintong had given him,

Under the questioning gaze of Yi Yun, the fat elder stuck his fat finger into his mouth and licked it. He used his finger as a pen and began drawing on the charm paper with his saliva.

“It’s done!”

The fat elder gave the charm paper to Yi Yun saying, “Keep it well. My charm is worth a fortune. You lucked out. Why are you giving me that expression? You don’t have to shed tears of grat.i.tude.”

Yi Yun accepted the charm speechlessly. The saliva on it was a mess, and from the looks of it, the saliva was drying up soon.

Yi Yun gave a constipated look. Although he didn’t doubt the old man’s strength, he was afraid that the old man was pulling a prank on him. After all, this charm’s purpose was to protect his life!

If at the moment he was about to lose his life, such as being cornered by a desolate beast, he would pull out that piece of charm, but if it didn’t do a single thing&h.e.l.lip;

That scene was too perfect. Yi Yun could not bear to think about it any further. It could be expected that the desolate beasts with intelligence would have thought that Yi Yun was being considerate by leaving a piece of toilet paper. When they wanted to take a sh*t after digesting Yi Yun, they could use this piece of paper to wipe their a.s.s!

“Alright, whatever that should be given has been given. Quick make the dishes for me!” The fat elder took out a large number of pots and pans from his ring, and laid it before him in a pile noisily.

This made Yi Yun sigh with emotion. A person of high stature could do anything, and even had such a inventory s.p.a.ce. Even when out traveling, he would bring with him seven to eight pots.

He was not in a hurry to make his salt baked chicken so he cupped his fists and asked, “May I know the name of this honorable elder?”

Having gotten to know him, and received plenty of kindness from him, Yi Yun still did not know the old man’s name.

“Heh, My name&h.e.l.lip;” the old man paused and seemed to reminisce, “it’s been a while since someone called me. Since you want to know, I’ll give you a stamp.”

As the old man said it, he suddenly took out a seal-like object from his ring and stamped that piece of toilet paper.

In a while, faint light was emitted, leaving a red stamp on the piece of paper.

In the stamp wrote two words: Su Jie.

“Su Jie?” Yi Yun’s mind whirled. This name sure is special. “Jie” indicates calamity, or disaster. For parents to name a child, they would usually choose a lucky name, and would seldom choose “Jie” for a name.

“For today’s kindness, this junior will remember it.” Yi Yun said it sincerely for he knew although old man Su had a vile mouth and was greedy and stingy, he had still helped him. And he had definitely not helped him solely for a few rounds of ‘salt-baked chicken’.

Yi Yun parted with old man Su. Before parting, Yi Yun wrote the recipe for the salt-baked chicken and wrote a few methods of cooking that used alcohol for old man Su. There were good cooks in the world who could follow the recipe and create a delicious dish for old man Su to enjoy. This was the only way Yi Yun could requite the favor.

And before old man Su left, he gave some ingredients to Yi Yun. After all, the life in the wilderness was too tough.

And it was so. As the sun slowly set, old man Su and Lin Xintong carried on their training journey. When they turned their heads, Yi Yun had already disappeared into the mountains. All that was left were the clouds that seemed to burn in the sky.

“Master, do you think highly of him?” Lin Xintong asked. After Yi Yun had finished his salt baked chicken, she had sparred with Yi Yun for a short while. But the strange feeling that happened to her dried up meridians did not occur again, disappointing her.

It was likely just an illusion.

Old man Su shaked his head, “I don’t think highly of him, I just appreciate him.”

“His perceptivity shocked me and he had good luck, but&h.e.l.lip;I can’t think of anyway to fix his weakness of having a poor const.i.tution. If he wants to cultivate to a higher realm, he would need ma.s.sive amounts of resources. It will be too hard!”

In this world, there were many who aspired to be a warrior. There were as many as the sand grains of the five Ganges Rivers, but how many of those succeeded?

“Perhaps, this world will have a miracle&h.e.l.lip;” Lin Xintong mumbled to herself. It seemed like she was referring to Yi Yun, but also seemed to be referring to herself.

Old man Su was stunned when he heard that but stayed silent.

Yes, a miracle&h.e.l.lip;

He was a Desolate Heaven Master and was extremely demanding about taking in disciples. He wanted them to have excellent const.i.tutions and with exceeding talent in the arts of desolate bones. It was too hard. He had searched for hundreds of years, and had seen uncountable numbers of offspring from the big family clans before accepting Lin Xintong as his disciple.

But although he was extremely satisfied with his disciple, she was cursed with Yin Meridians, wasting the potential excellent const.i.tution she had for practicing martial arts.

It was such a ridicule.

“Let’s go&h.e.l.lip;We may never meet him again. We won’t stay long in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. When we leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, this kid might not even have stepped out of the Cloud Wilderness. Even if he does step out of the Cloud Wilderness, it would be hard for him to step out of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom in his entire life. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is too big.”

Old man Su felt a sense of regret. The kid had high aspirations, but he was born in the wrong place and lacked the needed const.i.tution for practicing martial arts. It was depressing.

“Never meet again?” Lin Xintong went into a trance as she remembered the weird feeling she had when she crossed with Yi Yun for the first time. Her dried up meridians did seem like they had been activated.

However, the events that followed proved that there was a 99% chance that it was just an illusion, but Lin Xintong was not willing to give up even a tiny bit of hope. Maybe her master would be able to give some explanation?

“Master, I have something I need to tell you&h.e.l.lip;” Lin Xintong suddenly blurted out.

“Oh? What’s the matter?” Old man Su said with a solemn expression as he slowed down his footsteps.

Lin Xintong described her feelings in great detail. Hearing her words, old man Su was surprised, the dried up meridians were activated? What could be the reason?

He couldn’t help stroking his beard as he went into deep thought.

Old man Su had spent the past few years researching Yin Meridians in a bid to cure it, but he had failed time and time again. But because of his research, few could match old man Su’s understanding of Yin Meridians.

Yin Meridians were terminated Meridians, and unable to hold any energy, just as a dry well cannot produce water. But from what Lin Xintong had just said, she had a mild energy flow within her meridians when sparring with Yi Yun!

Even if it was an illusion of Lin Xintong, old man Su took it seriously.

“Let’s go to the Tao tribal clan first. I have already made an appointment with the Jin Long Wei’s division leader and had asked him to gather intelligence about the Purple Clouds’ Birth. After I receive the information, we can discuss this in detail!”

Old man Su’s main reason for his coming to the Cloud Wilderness was for the Purple Clouds’ Birth. He wanted to know if there was any treasure that had sprouted in the Cloud Wilderness, and if he could use it to defy fate by joining up Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians!

As for Yi Yun, it could have been an illusion that Lin Xintong had experienced. As such Old man Su was not hopeful about it, but he would rather not pa.s.s up any chances, so he planned to investigate the matter.


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