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Chapter 547: Sword Tip

Jian Qingyang had a great treasure on hand, along with two remnant copies of ancient manuals. He also controlled the Divine Lord Royal Seal. Hence, there were many people who eyed his treasures and position.

Jian Qingyang was always open-minded. He was unrestrained by conventions and he dedicated himself in the pursuit of martial arts. He also befriended heroes from all around the world.

Towards friends, he was generous and he would help them without needing anything in return.

Against enemies, he was firm and resolute in killing them. He never went soft and he would slaughter them without hesitation!

Time proved Jian Qingyang’s strength. It also proved that he had the ability to hold on to the position of Azure Yang Lord. Slowly, the number of people who challenged Jian Qingyang decreased.

Correspondingly, the people, who dared challenge him, were also stronger!

Finally, one day, a peerless figure came to the Central State Divine Territory.

The Central State was a territory of the Human race, but the person challenging Jian Qingyang was from the Fey race.

He was from the Western Seas and he was well known in the Western Seas as a figure who would one day become a Fey G.o.d.

In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, the Human race and the Fey race did not have a harmonious relationship. Throughout history, they had large scale wars. Although the two races were now largely at peace, there were always minor conflicts.

As for the position of a Great World’s Divine Lord, it was not restricted to anyone from the Human or Fey race.

The person with the necessary power would obtain the recognition of the Heavens and Earth, allowing the person to be in command of the Divine Lord Royal Seal.

The Divine Lord Royal Seal was a symbol of racial pride.

Now, a peerless figure from the Fey race had arrived in the land of Humans, with a bid to take the Divine Lord Royal Seal away, so how could the Human race endure this?

When Jian Qingyang received the news, his eyes blazed with fighting spirit as he felt an indescribable sense of excitement.

He had heard of the peerless figure who came from the Fey race. His name was Sha Hongxue*, he given this name because of his red hair. He had a mane of beautiful red hair which were intermixed with several silver threads.

Sha Hongxue was extremely famous amongst the Fey race in the Western Seas. If he was described by a sentence, it would be: “I’m most eccentric in Millenniums!”

He was an absolute eccentric!

In fact, Jian Qingyang was also an eccentric. However, despite being eccentric, he was a straightforward person who liked to befriend people. He was also approachable to his citizens.

On the other hand, Sha Hongxue was different. He was eccentric to the bone, which made him devoid of friends. Even the Fey race geniuses of the Western Seas were nothing in his eyes.

Very soon, the eccentric Sha Hongxue did something that was extremely consistent with his character. This peerless figure of the Fey race stood on the tallest divine mountain in the Central State Divine Territory and made his challenge that contained pure Yang laws.

When he finished writing the challenge proposal, gold beams shone, as the text flew downwards forming words that spanned hundreds of thousands of miles. It extended across the entire sky of the Central State Divine Territory!

The contents of the challenge specified that the Fey race was challenging the Human race. The time and location of the battle was specified clearly!

Numerous citizens of the entire Central State Divine Territory saw the challenge spread out across the sky.

Immediately, the news proliferated rapidly. This peerless figure of the Fey race was too arrogant!

In many ancient countries of the Central State, countless numbers of human elites were furious. They found Sha Hongxue extremely arrogant because he was a Fey race member who challenged them at their doorstep with the text sprawled across the sky of the Central State.

He even wanted to bring the Divine Lord Royal Seal back to the Fey race, and that was completely unacceptable!

In the Central State Divine Palace, Jian Qingyang saw it all. The fighting spirit in his eyes grew in intensity.

He was an extremely confident person. The more eccentric and powerful the opponent was, the more excited he was!

Furthermore, he was about to break through to a completely new realm with the “Yang G.o.d Manual”. His power would increase by leaps and bounds, so it was an opportune time for Sha Hongxue to make his challenge. Jian Qingyang wanted to use Sha Hongxue’s blood to write the legend of his invincibility!

This upcoming battle attracted numerous unparalleled Humans as spectators. It included many giant figures of the Fey race. All of them arrived at the Central State.

About one month before the stipulated date of the battle, there were already a large number of people who had arrived in the Central State. Just the number of the famous figures numbered tens of thousands. As for ordinary warriors, the numbers were uncountable.

At the same time, Jian Qingyang went into reclusion. Although he was arrogant, it was built on the foundation of his absolute strength. He was never blindly complacent.

His opponent was very powerful and this was a battle was one that he was not allowed to lose.

It was the home ground of the Human race, with billions of people watching. How was he going to answer to his citizens if he was defeated by someone from the Fey race?

Besides, once he lost, he would also lose the Divine Lord Royal Seal. From then on, the Central State Divine Territory would lose control of the seat of a Great World’s Divine Lord. It would be taken over by the Western Seas’ Fey race!

It would be an absolute disgrace to the Central State Divine Territory as well as to the Human race!

Jian Qingyang was determined not to let the Divine Lord Royal Seal be lost by him.

This battle could be said to be the most important battle in his entire life!

However, Jian Qingyang did not believe that he would lose. It was almost a done deal that he would break through to the next realm of the “Yang G.o.d Manual”, because&h.e.l.lip; back at the sinkhole mystic realm, other than the “Yang G.o.d Manual” and the “Nine Nether Sacred Manual”, he had obtained a great treasure.

It was a broken sword. To be precise, it was a tip of a sword.

This sword tip was about a foot long. It was rusted and it looked like a piece of junk. However, from Jian Qingyang’s insight into the sword Dao and the pure Yang laws, he recognized the sword tip to be something extraordinary!

The reason why he remained in the sinkhole mystic realm for two decades was not only to gain insight into the “Yang G.o.d Manual”, it was also to use this sword tip to gain sword Dao insights.

Now, be it his sword Dao or pure Yang laws, he had reached an absolutely exceptional realm.

If he made the breakthrough this time, his strength would reach unimaginable heights!

When that happen, no matter how strong or eccentric Sha Hongxue was, he would not be his match!

The Divine Lord Royal Seal would be destined to remain in the Central State, and the Great Qian dynasty. It would remain in the hands of Jian Qingyang!

As such, after Jian Qingyang accepted the challenge, he chose to go into reclusive training.

Under the immense pressure of the battle, he wanted to use it as an opportunity for him to break through!

To ensure that he would succeed in his breakthrough, Sacred Empress Bai Yueyin went into reclusion together with Jian Qingyang, so as to aid his breakthrough to the final realm.

Jian Qingyang’s cultivation was initially not very smooth, but thanks to Bai Yueyin’s help, in which she gathered endless amounts of pure Yang energy, she managed to aid Jian Qingyang’s control of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

He and Bai Yueyin had been together for a long time and they had cultivated together all along. Bai Yueyin’s understanding of his martial cultivation was as good as his.

About three days before the battle, Jian Qingyang’s cultivation reached a critical moment.

At this moment, his insight into the pure Yang laws had reached an extreme. He entered an ethereal state in which he was in no way to be disturbed. However, as he was tightly sealed in a cultivation chamber, and with Bai Yueyin’s protecting him, Jian Qingyang had no worries about such things.

Jian Qingyang sat in the Central State Divine Palace’s chamber, while completely focused without any distractions. Pure Yang energy was spewing out from his pores, and after every complete circulation, he would absorb it back into his body. The entire chamber was shimmering with divine light.

Jian Qingyang had a serene expression as he closed his eyes tightly. He could feel that he was about to break through at any moment. He just needed to accomplish it in one concerted effort&h.e.l.lip;

However&h.e.l.lip; He never expected that at the moment he was making his breakthrough&h.e.l.lip;


A soft reverberation of a sword’s slash echoed. Jian Qingyang, who was in an ethereal state, nearly did not hear it. When he sensed the sword Qi coming at him, the feeling of pain had already come surging like a tidal wave from his chest!

At the most critical moment of his life, a cold sword had been sent straight through his chest&h.e.l.lip;

He was in no way prepared for this. He wasn’t even completely aware of it&h.e.l.lip;

And as such&h.e.l.lip; a sword pierced through his chest!

Jian Qingyang opened his eyes in disbelief. Pure Yang energy exploded out of his body, tearing apart his clothes and skin and created chaos in the chamber. The energy in his body went into disarray, as it burst through his meridians, causing blood to spurt out of his mouth.

And in the midst of this chaotic energy flow, standing before Jian Qingyang was that familiar figure. Her hair was fluttering in the wind as she revealed her ice-cold but moon-like beautiful face. It was one which he was extremely familiar with, but yet, it now looked no different than that of a stranger&h.e.l.lip;

The woman he had held on to countless numbers of times was holding a sword. And the other end of the sword had already appeared behind his back, right through his heart!

Bai Yueyin, his wife&h.e.l.lip; actually ended his life at his most critical moment?

The air flow in the chamber remained turbulent. He sat there completely bloodied. However, Jian Qingyang did not seem to hear the thundering sounds, nor did he feel the pain his body was experiencing. In his eyes, all he saw was the cold eyes of Bai Yueyin. He only saw her sword being slowly pulled out of his heart.

As her sword was pulled out, Jian Qingyang seemed to feel that his soul was being repeatedly extracted by the sword.

Suddenly, he reached out his hand and grabbed the sword’s blade that was stained with the blood from his heart. His lips trembled as blood constantly flowed out.

“Why&h.e.l.lip; ?”

Jian Qingyang’s voice was trembling. He felt like he was having a nightmare at that very moment, but it was a dream that he could not wake up from.

He desperately wanted to know the reason. Even in death, he also wanted to know the reason.

Why did she stab her sword at him?

But&h.e.l.lip; the absolutely beautiful white-dressed woman did not say a single word&h.e.l.lip;

* Sha Hongxue (???)’s name, Hongxue literally means Red Snow, which reflects his hair color.


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