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Chapter 545: Previous and Present Life (One)

The strokes that were used in the ancient Great Empress’ portrait were exquisite and precise. The portrait’s style was aesthetically beautiful. It looked like it was sculpted bit by bit by a peerless and talented woman’s meticulous techniques.

As for the strokes that were used in the Azure Yang Lord’s portrait, they were rough and broad. The portrait’s style was unruly, like it was drawn by a licentious painting master who drew it haphazardly after a few drinks.

The two painting styles stood in contrast and it was clear that they were drawn by different people.

After entering the G.o.d Advent Tower, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had seen these two portraits. Back then, they could feel the charm behind their respective portraits, and they sat in front of them to ponder, gaining a lot of insight as a result.

However, today, after Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, seeing these two portraits again gave them a completely different feeling.

Yi Yun felt that the two portraits were most likely drawn by the ancient Great Empress and Azure Yang Lord themselves respectively. The paint strokes contained the laws that they cultivated.

As Yi Yun looked at them, he subconsciously became engrossed into them and he went into a trance. He then saw a scene of the vast Untraversable Sea, with the Azure Yang Lord flying through the air, with sword in hand.

The Azure Yang Lord held a wine gourd in one hand and a sword in the other. He slashed at a black-armored warrior causing a Qi beam to flash past the sky.

This time, the scene Yi Yun saw was much more lifelike than the scenes he saw in the disk array. It was as if the scene was happening before his very eyes.

It was really an attack that split the seas, annihilating both demons and G.o.ds!

However, just as Yi Yun was silently trying to gain insight into the sword attack, very suddenly, the Azure Yang Lord, who had killed the black-armored warrior, seemed to suddenly sense something and looked backwards. He was looking straight at Yi Yun.

Then, he erupted into laughter that resounded through the world!

This was a scene not seen in the disk array at all. And this glance of his made Yi Yun feel distraught and his mind went blank.

The Untraversable Sea in front of him turned blurry. His thoughts seemed to be transported through infinite s.p.a.ce-time, retracing the rivers of history, until he reached a mysterious world&h.e.l.lip;

In an ancient Divine Kingdom, there was a grandiose palace that towered above the clouds. The walls of the palace were lined with pictures of the Sun, Moon and stars. It exuded a stately and dignified aura.

In a square in front of the palace, a troop of golden-armored guards lined two sides of a road. They remained motionless like a series of golden towers. They exuded a domineering aura.

Yi Yun came to this strange world abruptly. The sudden change that resulted in this new scene alarmed Yi Yun greatly. Ignoring the magnificent palace, just the guards of the palace made him stagger.

The strength of these guards was unfathomable!

However, strangely, these guards appeared oblivious to Yi Yun’s appearance.

At this moment, there was a dragon’s roar. Yi Yun turned to see twelve flood dragons pulling a jade spirit airship. The spirit airship slowly stopped and four palace maidens pulled the curtain open. A beautiful woman carried a baby in swaddling clothes and walked out slowly.

This baby was plump, and in his bright eyes, one could see an endless glow flashing in them. It was clear that he was extremely intelligent.

Upon seeing this baby, Yi Yun was stunned. He felt that the baby’s demeanor was somewhat similar to his. He even had a feeling that he was the baby.

“Why am I seeing these scenes?”

Yi Yun was like a bystander as he quietly watched the magnificent scenes go by. The ancient palace, the powerful guards and the flood dragons that pulled a spirit airship. Finally, there was a peerless beautiful woman who carried a baby in her arms.

It was easy to tell at a glance that this was a Divine Empire and a land of G.o.ds. Be it the woman or the baby she held in her arms, they were both of n.o.ble birth. They were figures blessed by the Heavens.

Yi Yun felt like he was experiencing another life of himself. This situation resembled the experiences of the mental demon trial.

A different life cycle gave him different thoughts&h.e.l.lip;

“Congratulations to His Sacred Majesty. The 12th Prince was born accompanied by a purple misted sky. He has a perfect pure Yang body. His const.i.tution is extremely gifted, and he is fated to have spectacular achievements in the future!”

“Due to His Sacred Majesty’s wisdom, our Great Qian Dynasty is experiencing a Golden Age. Now our Empire at its most powerful point, with tributes sent from everywhere. Now, the various Princes and their sons and daughters are esteemed talents amongst people. Now with the 12th Prince revealing inklings of being a Saint, our Great Qian Dynasty is bound to be ill.u.s.trious in the future.”

The chaotic voices from the officials rang in Yi Yun’s ear. Yi Yun had been transformed into the baby in the woman’s arms. He was watching the world through the eyes of the baby.

In the grand hall, on the throne high above, there was a dignified man. His looks were a bit fuzzy.

His body exuded a majestic aura that was as brilliant as the radiant Sun. It made people unable to look straight at him.

At this moment, the man laughed. He was very pleased with the birth of the 12th Prince. Clearly, he had high hopes for this child.

As time pa.s.sed, the child began to slowly grow.

Yi Yun slowly transformed from being a bystander to being child. He experienced the child’s life, and he watched the world from the child’s perspective.

He accompanied the child as he cultivated on the martial path and gained nomological insights. No matter what cultivation technique it was, he could memorize and easily understand them.

The Great Qian Dynasty had numerous outstanding talents. They were all earth-shattering and extremely powerful figures. They took turns to give the child pointers and gave him all the aid they could.

The child’s strength increased very quickly. At the same age, he far exceeded extremely powerful people. People only spoke highly of him.

From his birth to growth, and to his martial arts practicing, it was smooth sailing for this child. He was undoubtedly leading a charmed life.

Slowly, he grew up. He had a forthright att.i.tude and he revelled in a Bohemian lifestyle. He befriended heroes all around the world and he was praised by all.

The position of the Sacred Emperor of the Great Qian Dynasty was not hereditary. Since ancient times, it was pa.s.sed to the most capable person. However, as the 12th Prince was too outstanding, the position of the Sacred Emperor was naturally his.

As such, the ruling Sacred Emperor abdicated his throne for someone more capable and he went into reclusive cultivation.

The 12th Prince inherited the throne and he became the youngest monarch of the Great Qian Dynasty in history.

On the tenth year after he became the Sacred Emperor, he met a woman like it was written in the stars.

She was a peerless woman who was beyond rebuff. She appeared in the Great Qian Dynasty like a bright moon. She had both beauty and brains.

Her background was not stunning. She came from a small sect, but this made it even more impressive. It was simply unbelievable for a young girl to have such talent, coming from a small sect.

That year, the 12th Prince was at the peak of his life. He helmed an ancient country and he was all powerful and highly-spirited. He was matchless against peers his age.

Daughters of Heaven that usually rebuffed others ended up chasing him, but he was never smitten by them.

It was only until he met her that he was smitten, that girl that was as beautiful as the bright moon.

Her name was Bai Yueyin.

She was different from those girls. Her mundane background gave her an indescribable charm. She was quiet and thoughtful. She did not have a shred of arrogance in her. Instead, she always had a smile that resembled the warm spring on her face.

He began discussing martial arts with her. Bai Yueyin’s knowledge and understanding of martial arts greatly surprised him. After all, she came from an ordinary background, it was very rare for someone like her to have such knowledge.

This way, he subconsciously fell in love with Bai Yueyin deep down.


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