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Chapter 542: End of the Trials

The outcome of this trial was bizarre. Many of the large factions of the Tian Yuan world present found it incredible that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were able to kill Shen Tu Nantian as well as several Dao Seed realm warriors.

As many of the young elites were pressed by their family Elders, they began to narrate everything that had happened within the Great Empress mystic realm.

They started from the beginning of the trial, to the number of Empyrean Marks Yi Yun had obtained, until the mental demon trial, followed by the G.o.d Advent Tower&h.e.l.lip;

The news about the evaluation criteria set up by the ancient Great Empress at the black stone square, which went from “Knight” to “Canonized G.o.d”, shocked everyone.

Many factions found it hard to accept that the peerless geniuses they had painstakingly nurtured were only of such a low rank in the eyes of the ancient Great Empress. Some of them even failed to meet the lowest rank&h.e.l.lip;

This made many of the legendary figures realize the difficulty of the Great Empress mystic realm’s trials.

However, despite such a high degree of difficulty, they were informed that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong managed to obtain the recognition of the ancient Great Empress inside the G.o.d Advent Tower. They had obtained a portion of the Great Empress’ inheritance!

This was simply unbelievable.

And from the looks of it, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had already mastered a portion of the Great Empress’ inheritance, or else their cultivation level and power would not have increased by such leaps and bounds.

Logically speaking, the higher grade a cultivational inheritance was, the harder it would be to master. Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had only received the inheritance roughly half a year ago, so how did they manage to master it so quickly?

“We are returning to our family clan!”

An Elder said with a grim face. Many Elders were envious and jealous of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. They had busied themselves so much, sending the most outstanding elites within their factions to partic.i.p.ate in the mystic realm trials, but they only ended up being eliminated, with nothing to show for it all.

The frustration in their hearts was understandable.

There was no longer any meaning in remain here. Many people from the various factions had left, however, there were still a few family clans remaining as they eyed the Great Empress mystic realm.

They secretly sent their people to watch the surroundings of the Great Empress mystic realm. They wanted to see if they could locate Yi Yun’s whereabouts.

Even though they had heard their young elites say that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong was planning to remain in reclusion in the Great Empress mystic realm for a hundred years, there was still some doubts coming from these family clans. They also hoped that they would be lucky.

a.s.signing people to stand guard was, after all, not something that cost them much&h.e.l.lip;

Similarly, the Shen Tu family clan was not planning on leaving.

Shen Tu Jue and company had already accepted the facts, but they were still simmering with anger, with nowhere to vent it.

Not only had Yi Yun foiled their scheme against the Lin family, they had also been forced to reveal the Great Empress mystic realm publicly because of him. He had also caused all of their elites to be wiped out in the Great Empress mystic realm. Their family clan’s successor, Shen Tu Nantian also died tragically. It was hard to even try to describe their terrible losses.

For this Great Empress mystic realm’s trial, they had been the organizer as well as the discoverer, but they had ended up as the biggest loser!

“Yi Yun! Lin Xintong!” Shen Tu Jue’s expression was gloomy. The aura he silently emitted caused the surrounding swirling storms to stagnate.

Beside Shen Tu Jue was Thousand Hand Granny, who was now battered out of her wits. She suddenly trembled and raised her head, revealing her bloodshot eyes. She snapped, “The Lin family must have known about this matter earlier on. This must be why they left prematurely! We must make the Lin family pay! Didn’t Lin Xintong and Yi Yun also kill several young elites from the other family clans? We can form an alliance and charge against the Lin family, wiping them all out!”

“Wiping them all out?” Shen Tu Jue coldly grunted and said in a heavy tone, “Did you not hear it just now? Yi Yun and Lin Xintong have already declared that they have cut their ties to the Lin family inside the mystic realm. If I am not wrong, after the Lin family returns to their territory, they will definitely begin defensive preparations, as well as announce that they are severing relations with Lin Xintong and Yi Yun!”

“It is likely that Lin Xintong and Yi Yun will not return to the Lin family for the next few hundred years. With the Lin family not having the Great Empress’ inheritance, how can coercing the other factions to attack and decimate the Lin family be easy? Against a large family clan with a deep heritage, who is also well-prepared, even if we manage to gain victory, we would also suffer heavy losses. Then, in the future, once Yi Yun and Lin Xintong have matured and become peerless Great Emperors, the two of them might come back and settle the scores. When that happens, all the factions involved in the attack against the Lin family will suffer!”

“Who would want to do such a rewardless task?”

“As for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong killing the other family clans’ disciples, it might be quite regretful to have a few young elites dead, but that was in a mystic realm. It is expected that there will be death in mystic realms. Those who were killed can only blame themselves for being weaker than others. Furthermore, they were the ones who launched a sneak attack first. Reason was not on their side. As long as the Lin family pays a sufficient amount of reparations, these factions will not lose face, and might not even try to seek redress on this matter ever again!”

“Under these circ.u.mstances, what use is there for us to go to against the Lin family!?” Shen Tu Jue snorted coldly and flicked his sleeves heavily.

The Shen Tu family clan had lost a great deal of their future elites. If they forcefully went to war with the Lin family, resulting in many of the older generation dying, and with their juniors gone, then the Shen Tu family clan’s foundation really would be shaken. It was even possible for them to completely collapse!

Although Shen Tu Jue was furious, he did not let it get to his head. He still weighed the interests of the family clan.

As for the grudge over Shen Tu Nantian and company’s death&h.e.l.lip;

“Thousand Hand, take some people and stay guard around this area. Yi Yun must know of other exits. If you are able to find them, make them die miserably!” Shen Tu Jue waved his hand. He seemed like he was unwilling to think about this matter that had given him a great setback.

Thousand Hand Granny nodded her head grimly. Her wrinkled eyes emitted a ferocious flash that resembled a vulture’s.

A hundred years was not long for a warrior like her!

She had to tear Yi Yun apart so as to appease the hatred in her heart!

Half a month later, above a vast and empty land in the Tian Yuan world.

A lone towering peak stood here. It reached high up into the clouds and resembled a gigantic sword that fell from the sky and stabbed into the ground. From afar, one could feel a faint sword aura emanating from it, causing one’s breathing to stagnant.

The mountain winds whistled. Not a tiny bit of green could be seen on the mountain peak. It was filled with grayish-white boulders.

This mountain peak was extremely famous in the Tian Yuan world, as it was home to the headquarters of the number one organization of the Tian Yuan world, the Martial Alliance.

There was only one extremely steep path up the mountain. It was as if it had been shaved off by swords or sabers. It reached up high into the sky. Just the slightest mistake would cause one to lose one’s footing, with the result of one’s body being smashed to pieces.

A typical warrior could feel the pressure coming from the peak just by looking at the mountain path. This inadvertently caused them to feel fear.

At this moment, on the long mountain path, two tiny figures were quickly scaling the mountain.

Amongst these two figures, one of them was a youth with a face covered in blood. The other one had a gaping huge hole in his chest, together with a ruthless and sinister expression that belonged to Shen Tu Nantian!

The two of them were the Yin specters that had the Blood Moon mark on them&h.e.l.lip;


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