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Chapter 54: Unwilling to stay Ordinary

Seeing the head, Yi Yun suddenly constricted his pupils.
This head was covered with red scales. It was unknown how such beautiful scales were blackened.

Its head had three horns, sharp as a sword. It had sharp canine teeth and two long and thin feelers. It didn’t look hideous, but even seemed to possess some dignity.

Although it was already dead, its two green eyes still seemed to possess a cold killing intent, giving a chilling feeling.

“This is&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun did not know why for besides the killing intent he felt coming from the eyes of a dead fierce beast, he also felt a faint sense of unreconciliation.

“Its called a Chi Lin beast!” came a faint voice. It was not the fat elder but Lin Xintong.

To Yi Yun, Lin Xintong’s voice was soft and gentle like a pearlbush flower.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned as he took a look at Lin Xintong. Ever since he had met them, Lin Xintong had been extremely quiet except when they sparred. She had never cut into his conversation with the old man.

Lin Xintong said, “Chi Lin beast is a desolate beast. Although its desolate bone quality is not low, a Chi Lin beast’s strength is quite weak among other desolate beasts. Chi Lin beasts are special. A small portion of them would suddenly die at the prime of their life.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun dazed a moment. Suicide?

Lin Xintong carried on, “Rumor says that Chi Lin beasts have the blood of the Fire Qi Lin. If they light up their body’s meridians, they can transform into a real Fire Qi Lin amidst the fire.”

“But the current Chi Lin beasts have descended by an unknown number of generations. Even if they really were the bloodline of the ancient Fire Qi Lin, they would be extremely rare. So most normal Chi Lin beasts would just lead a normal life for a few hundred years before they die of age.”

“However&h.e.l.lip;some Chi Lin beasts do not share similar thoughts. From the moment they were born, they would search and swallow all sorts of fire elemental items. They would even swallow fire and gather a large amount of fire energy within their body till their bodies cannot take it. They would then explode into Chi Lin flames!”

“These Chi Lin beasts would then undergo the baptism of fire. In that fire, they will search for their ancestor’s Fire Qi Lin bloodline.”

“But&h.e.l.lip;they only have one outcome, and that is to burn to their deaths, without any exception&h.e.l.lip;”

“Sometimes I guess that they probably know it clearly that it is impossible to awaken their ancestor’s bloodline within themselves. But they would still not hesitate to do so, because although they could live their lives peacefully for hundreds of years, they would rather ignite a Chi Lin flame within themselves at their prime and die in the fire.”

Lin Xintong’s voice grew faint. The Chi Lin beast was a desolate beast she knew for a very long time.

She felt like a Chi Lin beast. Having been born with Yin Meridians, she was unable to break her curse. To be able to connect her broken meridians, she had to be like the Chi Lin beasts who aimed to awaken their ancient Fire Qi Lin bloodline.

It was as hard as ascending to heaven, and was equivalent to bringing destruction on herself.

Was she to choose the life of a normal Chi Lin beast, and live an ordinary life for hundreds of years before dying, or to choose to be the brave ones among the Chi Lin beasts, to attempt at breaking the confines of their destiny, without worrying about sacrificing their lives?

Actually Lin Xintong had already made up her mind in her heart&h.e.l.lip;

Hearing Lin Xintong’s words, Yi Yun was silent.

Born to search for flames and choosing the fire elemental items that were the hottest. Using them as food till they burned their bodies, and eventually dying within the flames.

Even if they knew they had no chance of transforming into a Fire Qi Lin, they were willing to chase this shiny dream at the expense of their life.

Because they were not willing to live amongst the weak. It could be summarized with a phrase that is: “Unwilling to stay ordinary! “

Yes, unwilling to stay ordinary. Yi Yun too was unwilling to stay ordinary. But he did not know that the gentle and weak Lin Xintong in front of him shared similar thoughts.

“Sir, are you using the Chi Lin beast to encourage the younger generation, or are you advising the younger generation to not be overconfident to the point of burning one’s own fingers?” asked Yi Yun suddenly.

The fat elder grunted in reply, “You think too much. What’s the point of encouraging you with your const.i.tution? I can at most tell you not to be overconfident. In this world, there are plenty who practice martial arts. Many have brought destruction on themselves. In order to obtain more resources they have gone out into the wilderness by themselves without knowing themselves and ended up in the stomachs of wild beasts!”

Although the fat elder had a vile tongue, his words had sincere advice within. Yi Yun humbly said, “I’ve been educated.”

“Well&h.e.l.lip;” Seeing Yi Yun’s att.i.tude, the fat elder was very satisfied. “The book Xintong left you is too good for you. Read it well. Although I think you have a poor const.i.tution, your perceptivity still meets the mark. As for your ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, it’s so-so. Read Xintong’s book, and your strength should improve.”

Between the lines, the fat elder’s words were purposely disparaging towards Yi Yun, but Yi Yun could tell that they were words of encouragement, so he humbly accepted the advice.

“Ai, such a pity.” The fat elder shook his head and changed the subject. “Oh, kid you may not know, but if you were to sell this book in an ancient clan, and say that it has notes made by Xintong, I have no idea how many young masters will be willing to make a high bid for it. To these young masters, Xintong is&h.e.l.lip;”


Lin Xintong grumpily interrupted the fat elder. For a particular reason, she was indeed the pursuit of many sons of the big families in an ancient clan. If not for her master taking her in as a disciple, she would have already been betrothed.

After all, although Lin Xintong had excellent talent, due to her Yin Meridians, her power was limited, so her life span was just a few hundred years only.

A big family clan was very utilitarian. Everything was done for the family’s interest. Clearly betrothing her would obtain the support of another family, which further pushed the interests of the family clan.

“Forget it, forget it.” waved the fat elder’s hand. He changed topics and said, “Hey kid. This Chi Lin beast’s head is yours. Chi Lin beasts are a bit special. After it dies, the Yuan Qi within its body will slowly emanate. It could do this for ten years. So if you were to hide this head properly, you can still absorb its Yuan Qi without refining it. It will depend on yourself how much you will be able to absorb.”

From the fat elder’s point of view, Yi Yun was not capable of refining the desolate bones. Also with Yi Yun’s foundation, it was unlikely he would be able to digest the Chi Lin beast’s head. Letting the energy emanate out and slowly absorbing it was the best method.

Of course this method was too slow. How could the sons from huge family clans wait ten years?

“Kid, although I’ve already told you. I can guess that you will still want to go out into the vast wilderness to gain experience. No matter. I’ll write you a protective charm. When you reach the peak of Qi Gatherer, this protective charm will be activated. It can protect your life once. If one day we were fated to meet again, and you had not used the protective charm, you can use it as a gift to me.”

“Eh? Why are you looking at me in that manner?” The fat elder asked as he noticed Yi Yun’s eyes filled with suspicion.

Yi Yun did not expect that the old man was offering to give him some benefit. The sun must have risen from the west.

But if he offered to give something, was it trustworthy?


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