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Chapter 537: The Blood Moon Duo

The large whirlpool at the G.o.d Burial Abyss was timeless. More than half a year ago, the G.o.d Burial Abyss had returned to a calm state after the appearance of the gigantic eye. In it, one could see eternity and a darkness that made one despair. It gave off the feeling that it would devour everything in existence.

Another month had pa.s.sed since the Lin family left the G.o.d Burial Abyss.

During this past month, the Elders from the various large factions waited anxiously. They feared that their wait would be met with the same outcome as the Shen Tu family clan, where piles of corpses would appear.

Only on this day did the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance sparkle once again, as if the entrance was opening once again.

“Finally, it is ending!”

The Elders from the various large family clans looked up. They had finally arrived at the moment of their harvest after waiting for nearly a year.

The strobing light beams increased in intensity, and finally a red beam flashed. Two figures were ejected out of the Great Empress mystic realm.

The legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world that were lying in wait looked carefully at the figures, but their expressions had a drastic change. The two people who came out looked extremely hideous!

They were dressed in tattered gray robes and their hair, which resembled weeds, had thinned to the point of having slightly more than ten strands of hair. The flesh on their faces were already in a state of decay. Their skin was failing as they emitted the same smell as rotting corpses.

The two looked like they had crawled out of coffins.

“Who are you!?”

Facing these two living zombies who suddenly appeared, all the legendary figures of the Tian Yuan world were on high alert. From their looks, they did not look like cultivators who had entered the Great Empress mystic realm. However, since they came out from the mystic realm, could they be monsters from within it?

“Their bodies seem to have died, but their spirits are still alive. It is unimaginable that they can still power these two bodies that have nearly lost all life. If a normal person had such a body, they would have been long dead.”

A legendary figure from a faction said. He noticed that on each of the people’s tattered gray robes, a red crescent was embroidered.

Although their robes were tattered, the two crescents remained as red as fresh blood. It was quite a stunning sight.

“It is the Laws of Time&h.e.l.lip;”

Said an elderly person whose hair and eyebrows were already snow white. This person had a high cultivation level, and also had a good understanding of the nomological properties of Time.

The Laws of Time were extremely profound. Amongst the martial heritage in the Tian Yuan world, there were few who focused their a.n.a.lysis on the Laws of Time. Those who could gain insight into the mysteries of Time were always extremely gifted geniuses.

“Laws of Time?”

Many people looked at the white-browed elder puzzledly.

“These two people have traces of the Laws of Time on them. If I am not wrong, they have previously been trapped inside a time seal. In the seal, time moves at a rapid pace. It may be a few short months outside, but inside, they would have experienced tens of thousands of years. This made their bodies rapidly age and their bodies rot. This is a cruel way of killing someone after mastering the Laws of Time. As the people who succ.u.mb to the Laws of Time will experience tens of thousands of years of solitude, with them eventually dying of age, this entire experience is enough to make a person collapse and lose their sanity.”

“For them to still survive without dying from a mental breakdown is fascinating!”

If they had become like that due to the Laws of Time, then it was possible that they were once young trial-takers!

A trial-taker in this state was equivalent to being crippled, but many Elders were worried that they belonged to their own family clan. Hence, they began to focus on their clothes, so as to infer their origin.

However, the gray robe with blood red crescents embroidered on it clearly did not belong to any of the factions among them.

Where did they come from? Did the Shen Tu family clan invite others to the Great Empress mystic realm’s trials?

Many people paid attention to the expressions of the Shen Tu family clan Elders, but from their lost looks, clearly they did not know a thing about these two unknown figures.

“Can you understand what I say? Who are you?”

Shen Tu Jue asked. His voice was infused with Yuan Qi, which made it very powerful. Any typical junior would feel their blood circulation speed up as they were unable to withstand the power from Shen Tu Jue’s voice.

Shen Tu Jue was using such a method to exert pressure on the two living zombies. However, the two remained oblivious to his voice. Their dark eyes, which lacked any life, seemed to cause the hearts of people to palpitate.

“Do you know this person? Tell me how he died!”

Shen Tu Jue pointed to Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse. Although a month had pa.s.sed, Shen Tu Nantian had a powerful cultivation level, and with the protection of relics and drugs, his body showed no signs of decay. In fact, it looked like it was bustling with life.

In Shen Tu Jue’s point of view, just the Lin family alone did not have the ability to kill Shen Tu Nantian. As for the other factions, as they had signed a soul contract with the Shen Tu family clan, they would not have harmed Shen Tu Nantian.

So, these two living zombies that suddenly appeared, were the most suspicious ones!

After the two gray-robed people looked at Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse, their eyeb.a.l.l.s suddenly moved. In their sunken and dried eye sockets, their bloodshot eyeb.a.l.l.s moved in a strange way. It felt like they were incapacitated zombies who had suddenly come to life.

Although the people present were legends of the Tian Yuan world, they were also horrified when they saw the two living zombies.

Without a word, the two gray-robed people suddenly walked towards Shen Tu Jue. To be precise, they drifted over.

The surging waterflow in G.o.d Burial Abyss’ whirlpool did not seem to affect them. The two gray-robed people did not seem to make any other unnecessary movement, but drift forward in an upright manner. They moved completely like ghosts.

Shen Tu Jue was after all a Grand Elder of the Shen Tu family clan. He had seen all sorts of bizarre scenes so with a sullen face, he remained silent as his perception locked onto the two gray-robed men.

Only when the two gray-robed men closed the distance with Shen Tu Jue did people realize that they were not charging towards Shen Tu Jue, but Shen Tu Nantian!

The two of them had already appeared before the dead Shen Tu Nantian.

“Corpse&h.e.l.lip;. I want&h.e.l.lip;.”

One of the gray-robed men spoke. His voice was hoa.r.s.e and unpleasant to the ears. It sounded like a dying nightbird.


Upon hearing that they wanted Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse, Thousand Hand Granny jumped to stand before Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse like a reflex, “Both of you are courting death!”

The two gray-robed men remained silent. One of them suddenly shot out a black beam of light. Shen Tu Jue used his Yuan Qi to wrap the black beam and stopped it.

Focusing on it, it was a black jade slip. On the jade slip was a complex “Alliance” word.

By sinking his perception into it, Shen Tu Jue immediately knew what it was.

“Martial Alliance’s relic jade slip?”

In the Tian Yuan world, there were many top cla.s.s factions. These factions would risk bloodshed to vie for wonderlands and resources. To obtain an advantage in these wars, some factions would ally amongst themselves, forming an alliance.

And amongst them, the largest and most important alliance was the Martial Alliance in the center of the Tian Yuan world.

To dare name themselves the Martial Alliance without any euphemistic words proved the strength of the alliance.

The Martial Alliance usually only accepted sects, seldom family clans. In the Alliance, they had a standardized currency of desolate bone relics and elixirs. As for the relic jade slip, it recorded the number of relics one possessed.

With the relic jade slip in hand, one could exchange for a corresponding number of relics according to the relic jade slip at the Martial Alliance headquarters.

This black relic jade slip was enough to exchange for ten 8th grade relics or one 9th grade relic.

The value of a 9th grade relic was extremely large. In the Martial Alliance relic vault, one could even find 9th grade relics that could extend the lifespan of a warrior by a tiny bit!

This was a great temptation for Shen Tu Jue.

To extend a Great Emperor’s lifespan by a few decades was an impressive feat.

Shen Tu Jue was immediately tempted. He valued Shen Tu Nantian mostly as a result of his own interest and not because of emotions. Shen Tu Nantian was already dead, so his corpse was of no value to Shen Tu Jue. It was definitely a good deal to use his corpse to exchange for a 9th grade relic from the Martial Alliance.

The two mysterious people were too generous to exchange a 9th grade relic for a Dao Seed realm junior’s corpse. This made them appear even more mysterious.

“What do you want the corpse for? Are you planning on possessing it?”

The bodies of the two gray-robed men were already dead. Only their minds were alive, so for them to cure themselves, the only method available for them was possession. A perfectly preserved genius’ corpse that still maintained a hint of vitality was most suitable.

Hearing that Shen Tu Jue was already moved, the expression on Thousand Hand Granny’s face changed. Her status was far lower than Shen Tu Jue’s, so she was completely powerless to prevent him from doing so.

One of the gray-robed men nodded in a wooden fashion. With a flick of his finger, the black jade slip entered Shen Tu Jue’s hand.

After scanning it with his perception to ensure the authenticity of the black jade slip, Shen Tu Jue was in a good mood. He handed Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse over to the two living zombies.

The two people grabbed Shen Tu Nantian with their nearly-rotten hands. One of them pinched Shen Tu Nantian’s chin and opened his mouth.

The two living zombies looked grim. Even if a coward had died, just being grabbed by them could cause him to come back to life from fright.

The living zombie, who pinched open Shen Tu Nantian’s jaw, began to emit a plume of black gas from his body. This black gas was accompanied by the stench of a rotting corpse. The expansive seawater was not enough to insulate people from that disgusting smell.

This black gas slowly seeped into Shen Tu Nantian’s skin as Shen Tu Nantian’s body was slowly being possessed.

“It’s a Yin specter!”

Most of the legendary people of the Tian Yuan world present were knowledgeable. They recognized that the two living zombies’ souls had been refined into Yin specters.

Yin specters were no longer human. They carried on surviving in a half-human and half-ghost form. A benefit of this was that it allowed for them to live even longer, and to the point of existing without a body.

The swarthy youth that had his body destroyed by the G.o.d Advent Tower’s Item Spirit was also a Yin specter. He had previously tried to sneak up on Yi Yun and Lin Xintong.

“So they are Yin specters. No wonder they can remain alive even with their bodies rotting. Shen Tu Nantian’s corpse will become the new vessel for these Yin specters.”


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