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Chapter 536: Family Clan Voice Transmission

“Lin Xiaodie, Lin Lang, Li Daoxuan, Lin Fengyue!”

In the G.o.d Advent Tower, Lin Xintong looked at the four Lin family elites. The four of them could tell that Lin Xintong was planning on leaving a message with them.

With Lin Xintong and Yi Yun temporarily leaving the Lin family, while it was out of having no other choice, they would lose the protection of the family clan and would have to roam the Tian Yuan world independently. Their cultivation resources and their own safety would depend on themselves. To Lin Xiaodie and company, this was quite a depressing matter.

Lin Xintong said, “Tomorrow, Yi Yun will send all of you out. In a while, pa.s.s the words I say about the trials to the family’s Elders in its entirety.

Lin Xintong began telling Lin Xiaodie everything that she and Yi Yun knew about the Blood Moon.

The G.o.d Advent Tower, Blood Moon as well as the Azure Yang Lord and the ancient Great Empress from ancient times, and the battles they had with the mysterious enemy were matters that were exceedingly complicated. Lin Xintong and Yi Yun could hardly make any headway out of it. However, from projections, it was very likely that the Tian Yuan world would face an upheaval in the future.

Like the rising wind that forebodes the coming storm, every time there was an upheaval in the Tian Yuan world, it would cause the collapse and shuffling of the existing factions, giving rise to new factions.

If this upheaval was drastic enough, it was unknown if the Lin family could survive it.

There would be a higher chance of victory if they made preparations early.

When Lin Lang and company heard what Lin Xintong had to say, they were aghast. There was a mysterious organization that was plotting against the Great Empress mystic realm in this world?

Previously, they had never heard of such an organization in the Tian Yuan world. For a long time, although the large factions like the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan could not be considered the best in the Tian Yuan world, they were at least top-cla.s.s factions.

However, from the looks of it, the Lin family was far from close to such a faction.

How could such a faction exist with such obscurity in the Tian Yuan world for such a long period of time without their knowledge?

“But&h.e.l.lip;How are we to send out the information?”

In the Great Empress mystic realm, with Lin Xintong and Yi Yun’s strength, they were naturally safe. However, things would be completely different once they left the mystic realm. The soul contract that bound the juniors was not something they could rely on with the Elders from the various factions coming into play.

“Yi Yun will naturally send you out. The Great Empress mystic realm’s exit is not only limited to the one by the eternal whirlpool. However, you have to swear that you are not going to tell the location to anyone.”

While saying that, Lin Xintong glanced at Yi Yun, who gave an approving nod.

Lin Fengyue and company may be on their side, but Yi Yun could not completely trust them. The Great Empress mystic realm had a lot of exits. The exit location, which Yi Yun was sending them to, was the least concealed one. As for the other exits, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong would keep them close to their hearts. That will be the path they would use to leave the Great Empress mystic realm. If other factions set up an ambush at the aforementioned exit in the future, the consequences would be disastrous.

In the next couple of hours, Yi Yun, Lin Xintong, Lin Fengyue and company separately entered their meditation. Later on, Yi Yun activated the Azure Yang Token, causing a door of light to open in the G.o.d Advent Tower.

This door of light directly led out of the Great Empress mystic realm.

“Go and diligently cultivate. In the future, take care of the Lin family and Matriarch Lin.” Lin Xintong exhorted them as Lin Xiaodie and company nodded. They then took a large stride through the door of light.

With a flash of white light, they felt like the s.p.a.ce around them was tearing. The next moment, they had arrived above a vast sea.

This sea had seawater that was light red in color. It was the color of blood mixed with water. The water surface was calm like red jade. There was not even an inkling of a wave.

The surroundings were lacking in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Looking around, there was endless red sea that extended thousands of miles out. There was not a single piece of land.

“It is the Untraversable Sea.”

Lin Fengyue said. The Tian Yuan world was surrounded by the Untraversable Sea that even Great Emperors could not cross. They had been sent to a spot above the Untraversable Sea. There was no way to get their bearings. If they were too far from land, their situation would be extremely horrible.

Thankfully, they had their family clan’s emergency voice transmission tokens. This token was a magic item that was refined by spending a sizable amount of resources. It was never used unless the situation was critical.

For this Great Empress mystic realm expedition, all the core disciples of the Lin family were given such emergency tokens. All they needed to transmit their voices across a distance of the Tian Yuan world was to crush the token. It would also allow for the Lin family elders to locate them.

The plan after Lin Xintong sent them out was to use the emergency voice transmission token to inform the Lin family.

With important issues at stake, Lin Xiaodie and the three others crushed a voice transmission token and used their thoughts to send a message out, along with a Lin family pa.s.sphrase.

“Lin Xintong and Yi Yun had already obtained a portion of the Great Empress’ inheritance. They are safe, so do not be worried. The other cultivators will be sent out of the Great Empress mystic realm shortly. As the matter is sensitive, which could result in disputes, we beseech all Elders to leave the G.o.d Burial Abyss so as to avoid any bloodshed. After sending us back to the family clan, we have something important to report.”

Near the G.o.d Burial Abyss, Elder Tianzhu, Elder Huowen and Matriarch Lin received the emergency message simultaneously. All three were momentarily stunned.

Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had obtained a portion of the Great Empress’ inheritance!?

Instantly, all three of them exchanges glances. They could see shock and pleasant surprise glistening in each other’s eyes. None of them expected for Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to succeed. Didn’t this also mean that there was a possibility of Lin Xintong being cured of her naturally terminated meridians?

Once females with naturally terminated meridians had their meridians join up, they were bound to skyrocket, becoming a peerless Great Empress. Furthermore, with Lin Xintong obtaining the Great Empress’ inheritance, it would be impossible to imagine what sorts of achievements she would attain in the future.

However, great danger accompanied great opportunities!

The question now was if the Lin family had requisite fated luck and heritage to nurture a peerless Great Empress.

The slightest mistake could cause the Great Empress’ maturation process to fail, leading to her death. And if that happened, the entire Lin family would be accompany her in death.

“We are returning to our family clan.”

Elder Tianzhu transmitted his voice. Several Lin family Elders were still puzzled. Why were they leaving without receiving Lin Xintong and company?

“Let us go!”

While speaking, Elders Tianzhu and Huowen had already begun to retreat. The other Elders could only follow with their heads filled with questions.

Previously, the Shen Tu family clan was confronting the Lin family. When they saw the Lin family retreating, they were also momentarily stunned. What was the Lin family doing?

“Are they afraid to fight? So they are escaping?”

A Shen Tu family clan Elder said in astonishment. However, it was obvious after some thought. Were they abandoning their younger generation?

While the Shen Tu family clan were confused over the situation, they watched on as the Lin family withdrew tens of miles away. With that, the upper echelons of the Lin family began moving extremely quickly, and once the eternal whirlpool’s pressure lessened, they boarded a spirit airship, leaving the area at full speed.

Even up to the point of everyone in the Lin family disappearing beyond their perception, the upper echelons of the Shen Tu family clan were still in a dazed state.

“What are they really doing?”

The Shen Tu family clan’s Elders looked at each other. Shen Tu Jue’s expression was extremely sullen. He did not believe the upper echelons of the Lin family were cowards. They would not abandon their juniors because of the fear of a fight.

However, no matter how he pondered over the matter, he could not understand the reason behind the Lin family’s actions.

As for chasing after the Lin family, that would be a joke. They did not have the ability to beat the Lin family to begin with. If they chased after the Lin family hastily without being aware of the situation, they might enter an ambush. Furthermore, with so many family clans and factions eyeing them, chasing after the Lin family could result in irreparable consequences.

“What do we do now&h.e.l.lip;” An Elder asked.

The other factions were still waiting in order to receive their faction’s juniors. With the Shen Tu family clan’s juniors all dead, were they going to wait here foolishly?

The Elder’s question p.r.i.c.ked Shen Tu Jue where it hurt. He did not even know how he was to explain their family clan’s utter failure. Was he to say that their family clan’s elites had entered the mystic realm to search for treasures, yet returned dead without a single treasure?

“Lin family!”

Shen Tu Jue clenched his thin and wide palm into a fist. His nails lodged deep into his palm. He had to investigate to the bottom of this matter!

“We will stay guard here. When the cultivators from the other factions exit, I will ask them how Tian’er died!”

Shen Tu Jue did not believe that the reason behind the complete wipe out of their juniors was solely attributed to the Lin family.

The Lin family juniors definitely did not have such strength, but even so, this matter definitely involved the Lin family.

Maybe it was a sneak attack, or maybe they had taken advantage of the situation when the Shen Tu family clan disciples were in peril. It could even be some evil scheme!


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