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Chapter 533: A Blow

“It has been more than half a year. I wonder, with them coming out this time, will it be the end of the trials?”

All of the Elders could not help but look forward to it. After undertaking such a great risk and waiting this close to the G.o.d Burial Abyss, it was time for them to reap the harvest.

The opportunities in the Great Empress mystic realm were no trifling matter. They did not expect for their own juniors to really gain the recognition of the Great Empress, but if their juniors could obtain just a tiny bit of the final inheritance, it would greatly benefit their family clans.

Under these circ.u.mstances, everyone held their hopes up. After all, their juniors had stayed so long in the mystic realm. Even if they did not obtain the best opportunities, it could not be that bad.

“I wonder if Tian’er will come out this time&h.e.l.lip;”

On the Shen Tu family clan’s side, a broad-framed elderly person opened his resting eyes as he looked towards the entrance into the Great Empress mystic realm.

He was the Shen Tu family clan’s Grand Elder, Shen Tu Jue.

For the trials, the Shen Tu family clan had sent the most outstanding elites from their family. Shen Tu Nantian was the family’s best genius in a thousand years, so the most attention and expectations were given to him.

The returns the Shen Tu family clan would obtain in the Great Empress mystic realm depended on Shen Tu Nantian.

Beside the Shen Tu family clan’s Grand Elder, the Thousand Hand Granny’s old face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a complacent smile. Shen Tu Nantian was the Thousand Hand Granny’s direct descendant. In this world, quite a number of people will always think that their children were the best in the world. The Thousand Hand Granny was such a person. Besides, Shen Tu Nantian was indeed very outstanding. In the Thousand Hand Granny’s opinion, no one in the younger generation of the Tian Yuan world could surpa.s.s Shen Tu Nantian.

The Thousand Hand Granny said, “If the juniors coming out this time is the last batch, then Tian’er will definitely come out. However, if it is not the last batch, then Tian’er will definitely carry on remaining in the Great Empress mystic realm for the trials, until the final moment. With Tian’er’s abilities, although he might not obtain the final inheritance of the Great Empress, amongst all the cultivators who enter, Tian’er’s opportunities would likely be one of the best.”

“Once Tian’er comes out, the future of our Shen Tu family clan will become even more secure in the Tian Yuan world. The others will not even be able to envy us!” As the Thousand Hand Granny spoke, she glanced at the surrounding Elders from the various factions. She could not hide the superiority complex in her eyes.

Especially for the Lin family. She hated the Lin family to the bone. For this entry into the Great Empress mystic realm, she knew that Shen Tu Nantian had secretly arranged for all the Lin family disciples to be killed. Lin Ping, who had previously been killed, was just the appetizer.

Sensing the Thousand Hand Granny’s glance, Matriarch Lin’s expression turned sullen. Their gazes clash as if Yuan Qi had collided.

“Prepare to take in the corpses of your family’s disciples, as well as the corpse of that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yi Yun!” The Thousand Hand Granny sneered. With the conflict reaching such a point, she couldn’t even be bother to use a Yuan Qi transmission.

The words spoken by the Thousand Hand Granny was met with a cold beam from Matriarch Lin’s eyes. “Do not think that my Lin family does not dare to do anything to your Shen Tu family clan. If you really cross my bottom line, I will make your Shen Tu family clan’s blood flow like a river!”

Matriarch Lin’s words were sharp. She was already fully prepared. In the past ten months, she was constantly worried for Lin Xintong, as well as Yi Yun.

Shen Tu Nantian would definitely target Yi Yun in the mystic realm. Yi Yun, whose cultivation level was only at the Yuan foundation realm, was easily threatened by the other juniors from the Shen Tu family clan, what more Shen Tu Nantian.

“Watch out. Be wary that they sneak up on us at the final moment!”

Elder Huowen and Elder Tianzhu transmitted their voices. The Lin family had occupied a corner far in the distance outside the G.o.d Burial Abyss. They maintained a distance from the Shen Tu family clan. Both sides were constantly wary against each other.

At this moment, the energy fluctuations of the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance became more intense. Suddenly, with a beam, a figure was ejected.

He wore an azure-colored shirt. There was a symbol embroidered on his back. It was the Shen Tu family clan’s emblem.

It was a Shen Tu family clan disciple!

“He is out!”

The eyes of a green-shirted Elder from the Shen Tu family clan lit up. He had already circulated his Yuan Qi and isolated the eternal whirlpool’s dreadful stormy currents. He was prepared to catch the Shen Tu family clan disciple, however as he was moving, he stopped abruptly. His expression completely froze up.

Other than the green-shirted elder, many important figures from the surrounding large factions were greatly shocked. Their eyesights were extraordinary, so the moment the figure appeared, everyone could see clearly the figure’s looks. He was like a broken sack that was thrown out. Although the Shen Tu family clan’s Elder had inhibited the storm, the seawater was still turbulent. However, the figure did not have the slightest struggle or motions in the sea.

He is dead!?

People immediately realized this. The person who was ejected was a corpse!


The green-shirted elder held onto a body with no signs of life. He was completely stunned.

The deceased was named Shen Tu Tianyue. His talent amongst the younger generation of the Shen Tu family clan was extremely high. Although he was inferior to Shen Tu Nantian, he was still a favorite amongst a few of the family clan’s Grand Elders. During this Great Empress mystic realm expedition, Shen Tu Tianyue was expected to achieve great things. Even if he did not receive anything, he should not have died in the mystic realm.

A promising junior was dead&h.e.l.lip;

How could that be?

The green-clothed elder was momentarily in denial. The Thousand Hand Granny’s expression had already turned extremely ugly. Her smile had been wiped off. She used a cold voice and said, “Do not worry. The mystic realm is fraught with dangers. To err is human. Tianyue’s death should be an accident. Our Shen Tu family clan have sent so many elites on this expedition. The others should have a pretty good harvest. If Tianyue knows of this in the netherworld, he would die in peace.”

The Thousand Hand Granny shook her head. She indicated for a law-enforcer of the Shen Tu family clan to use a coffin to keep Shen Tu Tianyue’s corpse. And at this moment, the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm flicked once again.

A second figure was ejected.

This person was also dressed in the Shen Tu family clan’s uniform. The moment he appeared, the people from the Shen Tu family clan tensed up. They immediately used their perception to check his breathing. This check made their expressions have a greater change.

The second Shen Tu family clan disciple that was ejected was also a corpse!

“What is going on!?”

Amongst the crowd, flames seemed to burn in Shen Tu Jue’s eyes. With the two people consecutively ejected being from the Shen Tu family clan, and them being corpses, made it unusual!

“Let me see!”

With a flash of Shen Tu Jue’s body, he appeared beside the two corpses. With a simple probe, his face sunk. “Arrow wounds!!”

The two of them were killed by a bow and arrow.

There were still lingering Yuan Qi and nomological fluctuations in their wounds. This was definitely not deaths caused by the mystic realm’s machinery, but seemed like they were killed by a cultivator.

A cultivator who used a bow and arrow&h.e.l.lip;

Shen Tu Jue began recalling who was the most likely person who could have kill their Shen Tu family clan’s disciples. Before he could come to a conclusion, another two figures were ejected from the mystic realm’s entrance. These two bodies were also corpses!

Up to now, not a single ejected person was alive!

This time, one of them was from the Shen Tu family clan, while the other was from the Li Fire Sect. It was a Dao Seed realm elite from the Li Fire Sect.

The expressions on the Elders from the Li Fire Sect turned ugly. It cost a great deal to nurture a Dao Seed realm genius. Losing one was a great loss for the Li Fire Sect.

“No wounds&h.e.l.lip; How did he die?”

The Elders from the Li Fire Sect were also people with great knowledge. However, they could not instantly figure out how their disciple had died.

This Li Fire Sect Dao Seed realm genius had died under the hands of Lin Xintong. The move Lin Xintong used was derivative of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. Such a profound cultivation technique far exceeded the knowledge of the Li Fire Sect Elders.

Lin Xintong had killed them with a sword, but did not leave a sword wound. She had used pure Yin laws to extinguish their flames of life!

Four corpses had come out consecutively. As for the next person to be ejected by the mystic realm completely put the Shen Tu family clan’s Elders into a frenzy. This corpse was thin and from the sallow-skinned face, he was Shen Tu Ya, just second to Shen Tu Nantian amongst all the Shen Tu family clan’s younger generation!

“Even Ya has died?”

Shen Tu Jue’s protruding bony old face turned even more ferocious.

Shen Tu Ya’s abilities were undisputed. Besides, he was decisive in his killing and was cruel in his methods. Anyone would die first before Shen Tu Ya.

At this point, it was already very clear that someone had specifically targeted their Shen Tu family clan!

All of the Shen Tu family clan disciples had been killed in one blow!

Other than Shen Tu Ya, they all had arrow wounds.

Amongst all the cultivators who entered the Great Empress mystic realm, there were not many people who used a bow and arrow. Shen Tu Jue could only think of a few people.

As for the nomological fluctuations lingering in the corpses&h.e.l.lip;

Shen Tu Jue carefully examined them as his wrinkles on his face became even more p.r.o.nounced.

When warriors were killed, there would be residual nomological energy surrounding the wounds. It could remain for a short period of time. People with great attainments in the laws could even infer what the laws the murderer cultivated in. They could even deduce the level of insight the murder had in the laws. As such, they could eventually find the real murderer.

However, Shen Tu Jue was unable to figure it out instantly while facing these corpses.

The person who left these wounds had a terrifying insight into the laws. Just one strike caused the nomological energy to invade their Dantian and organs. It caused their meridians and acupuncture points to be destroyed! Shen Tu Jue did not even understand what methods could do this.

“So powerful!”

The Elders from the other factions were also probing the corpses from afar. Since the deceased were not from their factions, they were just watching on with bemus.e.m.e.nt. Some even nonchalantly pa.s.sed sarcastic remarks.

“This murderer sure is powerful. In my opinion, the murderer’s strength far exceeds the level of a junior. It is very likely that these people were killed at the same moment. Ze Ze! There was no way to resist the one hit deathblow. The difference in strength was too great.”

Many people discussed with a mocking att.i.tude. When Shen Tu Jue heard this, he was like a brewing volcano that would erupt violently at any moment!


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