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Chapter 530: Ending the Feud


With a crisp sound, the dead Dao Seed realm warrior slammed to the ground. His corpse was quickly covered by ice, while Lin Xintong floated past him with her sword in hand.

The present scene made one’s heart palpitate. The large black stone square was covered in blue ice crystals. There was snow fluttering in the sky as well as the star-filled galactic arm that fell from the heavens.

Lin Xintong, who wore white from top to bottom, was like a fairy from heaven. Her body surged with blue Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Her clothes fluttered while she brandished her sword. Her sword beams were like water, each one killed a person!

What seemed like decisive killing instead gave one the feeling of an ethereal fairy. She stood there without any worldly cares, while her clear eyes were like an autumn lake.

Killing seemed like an indescribable beauty in her hands.

Such a Lin Xintong made no one have the courage to oppose her.

At this very moment, on the other side of the battlefield, a deafening boom was heard. It was as if a sun had risen from the black stone square.

The radiant sun beamed and it was surrounded by blood red lightning. It stood in contrast with the frost ice on the other side of the square.

One side was pure Yang flames, while the other side was pure Yin frost ice. The entire black stone square was split into two regions with Yin and Yang. It was a shocking scene.

Many cultivators were alarmed beyond words. The flames and lightning on the other side of the square naturally came from Yi Yun and Shen Tu Nantian’s battle.

In such a grand battle scene, having Yin and Yang stand completely opposite and close to each other was something never heard of before. What was most frightening was that when the two contrasting laws interweaved with one another, it did not result in a strong conflict amongst the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, it was a perfect coexistence.

This was simply unbelievable.

Yi Yun against Shen Tu Nantian was a battle of an early stage Dao Seed realm warrior against a peak Dao Seed realm warrior. Despite the nearly one huge realm in difference, it did not seem to bring any advantage to Shen Tu Nantian.

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The blood colored lightning was slashed apart in large tracts. The broken sword didn’t meet any resistance as it cut through the divine lightning!

Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes were blood red. The blood vessels on his face and neck protruded like earthworms.

“Yi Yun, you took too many things from me. I want you in pieces!”

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian seemed to have fallen and it was like he was driven into a corner. From his hate, he was willing to sacrifice himself to kill Yi Yun!

With his blood essence burning, Shen Tu Nantian’s power of Qi and blood intensified. It was as if he was going to explode in the next moment.

Yi Yun’s gaze was awe-inspiring. He was also giving it his all!

This battle was to end the feud between him and Shen Tu Nantian!

Shen Tu Nantian had not only harmed Jiang Xiaorou previously, he had also pushed Yi Yun to the brink of a life and death crisis. He had seriously injured Yi Yun and caused Yi Yun to descend into despair a few times.

Furthermore, Shen Tu Nantian made Yi Yun feel a deep sense of powerlessness. That was a feeling of not being able to hold his fate in his hands due to his powerlessness. He could only helplessly watch as people, who were most important in his life, died for him. It was a tragedy that he experienced despite putting down his dignity to plead.

For a warrior, strength was everything. The weak were bound to suffer. Although Yi Yun knew this long ago, Shen Tu Nantian had made him understand it more deeply.

For today’s battle, Yi Yun did not want to rely on Lin Xintong in his fight against Shen Tu Nantian. He wanted to independently find his destiny through his own hands. There had to be a beginning and an end.

From the beginning in the Cloud Wilderness to him soaring in the Tai Ah Divine City, everything that Shen Tu Nantian made him experience&h.e.l.lip; All of that was cast into that broken sword by Yi Yun.

Dao of the sword, following one’s heart, following one’s character!

The death blow came from his heart. In that sword, not only did it contain the insights that swordsmen had in martial arts and swords, it also included their nature and life.

When Yi Yun slashed out, what he presented was not only the insight of the Sword Dao charm he had gained from the disk array, it also included releasing all the thoughts in his heart.

Pure Yang energy that exploded like a flood merged with Yi Yun’s conscience, causing Yi Yun’s attack to reach an extreme point!

Resplendence spread to the horizons!


More and more of the blood colored lightning was slashed apart. The broken sword was unstoppable. Eventually, the entire lightning domain was completely split apart. Shen Tu Nantian’s lightning laws could no longer resist against Yi Yun.


Shen Tu Nantian let out a loud cry. Behind him, his Aspect Totem phantom image appeared!

That azure-clothed phantom image, looked no different from Shen Tu Nantian himself. It conjured the lightning energy within the blood cloud and attacked Yi Yun!

However, Yi Yun was unmoved by this. His sword beam carried on without a single pause.

Chi La!

The broken sword had torn Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem phantom image apart! The azure-clothed Shen Tu Nantian’s body was twisting as it began to crack!

However, the broken sword’s momentum did not decrease as it stabbed directly towards Shen Tu Nantian’s heart!

Shen Tu Nantian’s lightning domain had been split apart, and even his Aspect Totem had been destroyed. He could only watch helplessly as Yi Yun’s sword came stabbing towards him. He was powerless to block it.

Pure Yang energy sealed s.p.a.ce as Shen Tu Nantian’s Qi activities was locked on to. Without anywhere to hide, he stared widely as the broken sword was magnified infinitely in his eyes.

At that moment, time seemed to slow down. What was an extremely fast sword looked like it was still in Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes. He could even feel that the rust on the broken sword was left behind after blood dried&h.e.l.lip;

Will my blood also become a part of the rust when it drips on to the sword?

Will my body be pierced through? Will my life also end with this sword?

Shen Tu Nantian found it incredulous. This scene looked surreal. It was like he was trapped in a mystic realm with his mental demons. He was experiencing everything like when he faced a mental demon-like Yi Yun.

How could this be!?

Shen Tu Nantian’s soul screamed.

He learned martial arts from a young age. His talent was heaven-defying. He had used up all the best resources the Shen Tu family clan had and he was labeled as the number one genius of the Shen Tu family clan in a millennial!

Ever since he perfected his cultivation technique, and reached the large success stage in his lightning laws, he had been nearly invincible against people in the same realm as him. He was famous throughout the Tian Yuan world.

He was hallowed in many aspects and he was extremely promising. How could such a brilliant and mighty him be killed by a young and unknown kid like Yi Yun?

Years ago, Yi Yun was just an ant in his eyes, someone who he could crush to death easily.

An ant could also kill him? How was this possible?

Yes! This was just a mental demon. It was an illusion from the beginning. Maybe it was another mental demon trial set by the Great Empress mystic realm.

“Mental demon! They must all be mental demons. I must not be disturbed by them. I must destroy the source of the mental demons by hacking the little b.a.s.t.a.r.d into thousands of pieces so as to completely destroy this mental demon! I&h.e.l.lip; ”

Just as Shen Tu Nantian’s soul screamed, his soul’s voice stalled right there and then.


The sound of a weapon piercing flesh could be heard. Shen Tu Nantian’s body became motionless. He felt his chest burning, as if a flame had surged within it. It was a burning pain.

He looked down and saw a rusty broken sword completely embedded in his chest.

Terrifying energy mixed with sharp sword beams pierced through Shen Tu Nantian’s chest, and gushed out from his back. Pure Yang Yuan Qi spewed out wantonly, bringing a faint blood mist along with it that spread out tens of meters. It was like a faint but transparent red waterfall.

Shen Tu Nantian grabbed the broken sword as Yi Yun’s figure was completely reflected in his pupils. Blood began to slowly flow out of the corner of his mouth&h.e.l.lip;

He laughed bitterly.

His eyes were filled with despair, unwillingness, hatred and disbelief&h.e.l.lip;

His hands slowly increased in strength. Shen Tu Nantian firmly seized Yi Yun’s sword. Blood spurted out of Shen Tu Nantian’s palm, but he did not seem to notice it. He was using all of his strength to grab the broken sword, to the point of the bones in his hands being sliced apart by the broken sword.

The bitter smile on his face became more intense, as it gradually turned into madness.

My era, the era that belonged to me&h.e.l.lip; was ending just like that?

My throne, the throne of being the sovereign of the Tian Yuan world was being&h.e.l.lip; destroyed just like that?

Shen Tu Nantian looked at Yi Yun. His eyes were completely filled with blood. In the last moments of his life, Shen Tu Nantian’s state of mind had been completely twisted and it went into madness!


Shen Tu Nantian screamed out loudly. He was unwilling to accept the fact!

He had extreme ambition. He had desires that exceeded more people. He had the dedication to achieve it. He had reached the peak of his life through unscrupulous means, but now, all of it was being destroyed as blood gushed out!

Blood flowed out of the corners of Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes. His fingers, which had used too much strength, had been cut off by the broken sword!

He felt everything in his surroundings gradually fade away. Only the sound of his heart beating was extremely clear in his ears.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

Again and again, his heart thumped with great difficulty. Every beat made him experience the pain of a penetrated heart on the sword’s blade.

Yi Yun’s sword had already completely pierced through Shen Tu Nantian’s heart!

Yi Yun looked at Shen Tu Nantian with an indifferent look. He coldly said, “This is not your era. It has never been&h.e.l.lip; ”

Shen Tu Nantian looked at Yi Yun viciously. His gaze looked like he wanted to eat Yi Yun’s flesh and drink Yi Yun’s blood.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d&h.e.l.lip; Back then, I&h.e.l.lip; should have dismembered your heart&h.e.l.lip; then for your sister&h.e.l.lip; I would have&h.e.l.lip; ”

Shen Tu Nantian was already having difficulties talking. His voice was trembling and staccato. Just as he was halfway in his speech&h.e.l.lip;


With an explosive sound, Yi Yun’s pure Yang Yuan Qi exploded. It moved along the broken sword and surged into Shen Tu Nantian’s body. It caused all his meridians to be destroyed. Even his Dantian exploded. The martial Dao Seed that was buried deep in his Dantian had cracked from the vibrations!

This meant that Shen Tu Nantian’s cultivation had been completely crippled!

With Yi Yun’s strength, crippling a dying person’s cultivation was nothing difficult.

Yi Yun suddenly pulled the broken sword out. With another bout of blood spewing out, nearly all of the blood in Shen Tu Nantian’s body had run dry.

Shen Tu Nantian violently shook and fell.


Shen Tu Nantian crashed onto the black stone square like a dead dog. Behind him, blood drew a faint red line that spread on the warm black stone and onto the blue ice surface.

Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes were enraged. His breathing had not completely ceased. He was still resisting death with intense hatred and unwillingness. This was really what it meant to not be able to close his eyes at the hour of his death.

Yi Yun put his broken sword away and lightly landed in front of Shen Tu Nantian. Shen Tu Nantian’s enraged eyes could only see Yi Yun’s feet.

“The enmity between us has ended today.”

Yi Yun said this sentence lightly and no longer cared about the dying but undead Shen Tu Nantian. He turned around and left&h.e.l.lip;

Chapter 530: Ending the Feud


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