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Chapter 528: A Hiding Venomous Serpent


Shen Tu Nantian slammed heavily into the black stone pillar. Like the sword Qi, his meridians were shattering and he felt great pain in his back.

His mouth was covered in blood as his body slipped down the black stone pillar.


With a clear sound, the sword blade that was snapped by Yi Yun crashed onto the ground at a fast rotating speed. However, the tiles of the black stone square were extremely strong, so when the blade hit the ground, it bounced up again. It spun on the ground at an extremely fast speed, causing many cultivators to retreat in shock. They were afraid that they would be injured by this broken blade that still had sword Qi within.


Seeing this scene, many of the cultivators present felt their backs go cold. Yi Yun was too terrifying. The azure-clothed swordsman’s power was at least at the level of a peerless Great Emperor. Yi Yun had managed to master a peerless Great Emperor’s sword move from just using a disk array!?

The more profound a sword move was, the harder it was to learn. Many top swordsman in the Tian Yuan world would be stuck on gaining insight into a particular Sword Intent, eventually dying of regret.

However, only about half a year had pa.s.sed since Yi Yun had obtained the disk array. Yi Yun still had to train in the G.o.d Advent Tower as well as cultivate the Great Empress’ inheritance. How much time could he have to gain insight on the sword move in the disk array video?

He could even master it under such circ.u.mstances?

Genius, freak! These terms were no longer sufficient in describing Yi Yun.

Some people even suspected that Yi Yun was a peerless Great Emperor reincarnated.

People focused their gazes on Yi Yun, and they noticed that his face had gone a lot paler. His breathing had also weakened.

Be it the arrow shot using the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow, or reproducing the Sword Intent from the Azure Yang Lord, it had greatly exhausted Yi Yun.

Yi Yun’s current situation was that his cultivation level was unable to match his cultivation techniques and insights.

With a cultivation level at the early stages of the Dao Seed realm and even if his Yuan foundation was ten times larger than typical warriors, he was still unable to support shooting an arrow using a divine weapon like the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. Similarly, he could not completely demonstrate the Azure Yang Lord’s Sword Intent.

“Although he has been having the upper hand all this while, it seems&h.e.l.lip; he can’t carry on anymore&h.e.l.lip; ”

Many elites present naturally had great discernment. They noticed the change in Yi Yun’s breathing.

“He is after all limited by his cultivation level. He cannot sustain such a powerful move. Although Shen Tu Nantian cannot beat Yi Yun, he is after all a top warrior at the peak of the Dao Seed realm. Even a camel dying of hunger is bigger than a horse. If he can drag this out, Yi Yun will also be left half-dead. But&h.e.l.lip; We probably cannot wait any longer&h.e.l.lip; ”

In the crowd, a thin youth coldly stared at Yi Yun.

His skin was sallow and he looked sickly. His drooping eyes were cold and deep, and he looked like a venomous serpent hiding in the corner.

His name was Shen Tu Ya, and he was one of Shen Tu Nantian’s most powerful compet.i.tors in every aspect in the family clan.

Shen Tu Ya had previously met Yi Yun several times. His fame in the Shen Tu family clan was just second to Shen Tu Nantian. However, a lot of his fame came from his sinister character. He was bloodthirsty and he tended to kill people and their entire families. He did not leave anything or anyone alive.

Originally, Shen Tu Ya was hoping that Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun would both end up injured, allowing him to run away with the benefits. But from the current situation, once Shen Tu Nantian lost his ability to fight, they would be lacking the best shield. He did not have any confidence facing Yi Yun alone.

“Young master, your intentions are?” Shen Tu Ya also had a follower who asked him through a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

“Let’s make our move first. Let’s kill Yi Yun just like we killed that Lin family disciple from before!” A cold beam flashed and disappeared in Shen Tu Ya’s eyes. Previously, he had killed a Lin family disciple, named Lin Ping. His corpse had been ejected out of the Great Empress mystic realm. It made the Elders of the Lin family extremely sad and angry. However, they never expected that Lin Ping was not killed by Shen Tu Nantian, but by Shen Tu Ya.

Shen Tu Ya very quickly informed a few cultivators through secret Yuan Qi voice transmissions. These cultivators had already shown intent on killing Yi Yun the moment they entered the Great Empress mystic realm.

They had vowed to fight the Lin family along with the Shen Tu family clan on penalty of a mental demon. Furthermore, Shen Tu Nantian had offered a reward before entering the mystic realm that whoever killed Yi Yun would obtain a reward.

These cultivators, who were tempted by the reward, had already made it clear that once Yi Yun was eliminated, they would make their moves on Yi Yun after he lost the protection from the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules. They would not spare any effort in leaving him without a body.

However, with the way the situation developed, what they had said originally became a ma.s.sive joke.

These people, who had previously coveted the reward by killing Yi Yun, were extremely worried. They were now the weaklings. With the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules disappearing, the next thing that would happen was Yi Yun killing them!

If they asked themselves, in the event of them being in Yi Yun’s position, would they let themselves off? Revenge and treasures from killing them would be obtained, so who would let this chance go?

They were already out of choices.

Not only that, the ancient Great Empress’ inheritance that Yi Yun had obtained was an item of their dreams. That inheritance far exceeded this era. Once they obtained it, they would very likely become the sovereign of the Tian Yuan world. They would lead their family clans to become the number one family clan in the Tian Yuan world.

Who wouldn’t want such a great advantage?

As the saying goes, human beings die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food. With a peerless opportunity in front of them, even if they knew blood would spill as a result of them fighting for it, there was still no way for them to curb their greediness!

These people had already subconsciously touched their interspatial rings. They were waiting for an chance to make a sudden joint attack.

Amongst these cultivators, there were many who were at the Dao Seed realm. As Tian Yuan world elites, these Dao Seed realm warriors may be inferior to Shen Tu Nantian, but their power was still extraordinary. The power they had was very terrifying if they attacked together.

If possible, Shen Tu Ya greatly wished that he could kill both Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun together.

As many people were waiting for the opportunity to kill Yi Yun, the eyes of Shen Tu Nantian, who had burned his blood and Qi, had already gone red from bloodl.u.s.t.

His body was encircled by lightning. It went from bluish-purple to a pale blood red color.

Blood red lightning contained the power of Qi and blood. It was mainly used to kill.

“Yi Yun, I want you to die!”

Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun were already mortal enemies. After being beaten up by Yi Yun, whose cultivation level and age was lower than him, it caused the pangs of jealousy in him to burn. His self-esteem had been severely damaged. Shen Tu Nantian was already going crazy from the numerous setbacks.

Shen Tu Nantian’s entire Yuan Qi was accompanied by the power of blood and the Qi shot up into the sky. It formed a rolling red cloud!

“Sacrificing my blood, refined into evil lightning, the sword of heavenly punishment. Kill!”

Shen Tu Nantian lifted his sword high up. All his blood was burning as the power of lightning of the world gathered on his sword!

Seeing this scene, Yi Yun flipped his right hand. The azure-colored sword disappeared, and it was replaced by a rusty broken sword.

At this moment, Yi Yun no longer cared about revealing the broken sword. Compared to the Great Empress’ inheritance, this broken sword was unable to attract anyone’s attention.

The hatred he had ama.s.sed was more than enough. It wasn’t lacking a broken sword.


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