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Chapter 527: Sword Qi Breaks the Void

Shen Tu Nantian’s left shoulder had already turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mess. The numerous minute fragments had extremely destructive powers with the support of the pure Yang energy. Even though Shen Tu Nantian’s body was tempered, it had become riddled with holes like a bee’s hive.

At the instant Shen Tu Nantian landed on the ground, he ate a medicinal pill. At the same time, purple lightning was circling around his left shoulder. The lightning streams was stimulating Shen Tu Nantian’s flesh and blood, letting it regenerate continuously.

“Using lightning to heal?”

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun was quite surprised, but he immediately understood. Although lightning was the master of destruction, it too had the ability to give life. In primordial periods, when the world was just formed, there was no life in the world. There were only erupting volcanoes with high temperatures and endless lightning.

The lightning struck the ancient seas, forming the most primeval tiny organisms.

By using lightning to heal, it meant that Shen Tu Nantian’s understanding of lightning laws had reached the point of both life and death. This attainment far exceeded people his own age.

“To think that he can use lightning to heal. No wonder Shen Tu Nantian can become famous in the Tian Yuan world, with no rival in the same cultivation realm as him.”

The elites present were all able to discern it. Seeing the way Shen Tu Nantian healed himself, they also understood the profoundness in it.

However, it was the same Shen Tu Nantian, who had profound insight into the laws as well as being unrivaled amongst people at his own cultivation realm, that had been pierced by Yi Yun with an arrow, giving him such a severe injury.

Was this something a sixteen or seventeen year old could do? Was this something a warrior at the early stages of the Dao Seed realm could do?

Just thinking of Yi Yun’s age and cultivation level made many of the elites here want to commit suicide. It was too frustrating!

“Maybe, Yi Yun has already reached an abstruse realm&h.e.l.lip; All of you know that back when the stone pillar evaluated us, there were six rankings. If we include ‘failed to meet the mark’ as one of the rankings, there were seven! For us to be able to stand here, including Shen Tu Nantian, we just managed to obtain the rank of ‘Knight’ that barely made the mark. There are still five other rankings above that. The top ‘Sage’, ’Shura’ and ‘Canonized G.o.d’ which no one obtained, it is hard to imagine what sort of realm they are&h.e.l.lip; ”

“If a ‘Sage’ level person were to fight Shen Tu Nantian, what would the fight be like? What if it was a ‘Shura’ or ‘Canonized G.o.d’? Maybe Shen Tu Nantian would be killed instantly?”

In the crowd, a cultivator suddenly said this. When everyone heard this they were shocked, and no one spoke again.

They were all elites and they had grown up in an environment where they were shrouded in countless amounts of halos. They believed that they were the most outstanding group of people from the Tian Yuan world, and they could become an Empyreal King, or maybe a person at the level of a Patriarch.

Previously, in the Great Empress mystic realm, they had also seen the ranking t.i.tles of “Sage”, “Shura” and “Canonized G.o.d”. They subconsciously believed that the people who could obtain such t.i.tles only existed in legends or imaginations.

But now, the truth was placed before them.

Yi Yun was probably one!

This was like giving them a sudden notice that they were at the bottom of the ladder of all the young elites. Above them were realms that were unattainable or incomprehensible to them. It was easy to understand what a blow this was to them.

“Do you think&h.e.l.lip; that Yi Yun has already obtained the ranking of ‘Sage’ or ‘Shura’?” Someone asked in a disbelieving manner.

“Who knows&h.e.l.lip;That realm has already exceeded our comprehension. Although it is quite frustrating, it has to be said that we are frogs in a well, and have always been&h.e.l.lip; Hai!”

An elite sighed. Many of them could not accept this. They were already youths that stood at the peak of a generation. However, they were still far from a genius as decided by the ancient Great Empress. Was this a limitation of the times?

It was quite counterintuitive that the ancient times were more developed in martial arts than present times.

However, there were people who focused their eyes on Yi Yun after realizing this. Greed and killing intent hid deep in their eyes.

Although Yi Yun’s genius level was high, due to his cultivation level and age, he was not invincible. In his fight with Shen Tu Nantian, although Yi Yun had severely injured Shen Tu Nantian, he too had been injured.

For Yi Yun to have his present strength, it was very obvious that it was due to the ancient Great Empress’ heritage. And as a lone tiger was inferior to a pack of wolves, as long as they killed Yi Yun, this heritage would be theirs. When that happened, they could get rid of the limitations of their generation. This was a huge temptation for many of the cultivators present!

They were waiting for an opportunity to kill Yi Yun!

There were more and more people with such thoughts. They contacted each other through Yuan Qi transmissions, developing plans to kill Yi Yun.

Hence, the killing intent on the black stone square increased!

Lin Xiaodie, Lin Lang and company also felt the killing intent. They held their breaths and they were highly tensed. The situation had reached an extremely tense moment.

Once Yi Yun was defeated, they would be devoured by this bunch of people, without a single bone left!

When that happened, the younger generation of the Lin family would be completely wiped out. This would be a blow that the Lin family could hardly withstand.

Under this murderous veil, Shen Tu Nantian grinned. When he and Yi Yun revealed their strengths, he had already expected such an outcome. To reveal a treasure in public was extremely stupid.

Shen Tu Nantian looked at Yi Yun as if he was looking at a dead man.

As for Yi Yun, who was enveloped by the killing intent, he was only looking at Shen Tu Nantian in an indifferent manner. After the intense battle between the two of them, there was a short silence.

Shen Tu Nantian was healing, while Yi Yun was regulating his blood flow. With a single pull of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow, it had expended Yi Yun’s energy greatly. If he had not mastered the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, just shooting that single arrow would have sucked all of his Yuan Qi!

“That bow&h.e.l.lip; ”

Shen Tu Nantian stared at the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow. This was without a doubt a top grade treasure that Yi Yun had obtained from the Great Empress’ vault.

He noticed that Yi Yun had only pulled a tenth of the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow.

Just a tenth was already so terrifying! One had to know that when a bow was pulled open, the further back it was, the harder it was to pull open. It was hard to imagine what sort of power would arise from fully pulling open the bow.

If the bow was in his hands, the effects would not be so limited!

Upon thinking this, Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes turned red. So many treasures and inheritance had fallen into Yi Yun’s hands! This was really an unfair world!

With the sword in his hand tremble, Shen Tu Nantian roared. Instantaneously, lightning flashed and thunder cracked. A blinding electric snake illuminated the entire square. It opened its huge jaws, spat out bluish-purple lightning and bit at Yi Yun.

Shen Tu Nantian could tell that although the bow was powerful, Yi Yun was unable to pull the bow open many times with his cultivation level!

As long as Yi Yun did not pull that bow, he was not that afraid of Yi Yun.

The purple snake roared as more power erupted from Shen Tu Nantian. He wanted to take advantage of the period where Yi Yun could not pull the bow open a second time, and finish Yi Yun in one go!

The lightning power throughput and the illuminated black stone square made the entire atmosphere feel monstrous!

Shen Tu Nantian was covered in swimming electric snakes as if he was an embodiment of lightning! His sword made the hair of many people present stand. Their eyes could not directly look at the horrifying electric snake. It was as if a second look would burn their eyes.

Seeing the electric snake coming towards him, Yi Yun had a cold expression. With a flip of his right hand, the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow disappeared and an azure sword appeared.

Yi Yun recalled the disk array’s image of the scene where the Azure Yang Lord slashed at the black-armored warrior in his mind. Somehow, the sword in Yi Yun’s hand had already formed a spiritual compatibility with him.

After mastering the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, Yi Yun’s insight into that sword attack had deepened, and he could use it even more adeptly!

His slashed out with his sword which was surging with pure Yang energy. A golden pure Yang flame shot out from his sword, it was like a flying dragon that broke through the horizon.

The flames crackled as a heat wave surged! Behind Yi Yun, a Golden Crow with a wingspan of tens of meters roared. Like a vast ocean, pure Yang energy flooded the entire black stone square!

The cultivators present around Yi Yun felt their Qi activities locked on. They could not help it as their hair stood up. They instantly felt a strong sense of endangerment to their lives.

Some of the cultivators, who were only at the Yuan foundation realm, even felt their heart beat stagnate. They could not breathe, and they could not help but feel like kneeling on the ground!

They were inexplicably horrified as this scene looked familiar. Back on the first level of the G.o.d Advent Tower, while they were browsing through the disk arrays, they had seen one of the disk arrays. In the disk array, there was an azure-clothed swordsman with a wine gourd. He had slashed a similar attack at a black-armored warrior!

A sword attack that could split the seas was something that none of them could face!

As it was so powerful, it was deeply engraved in their memories. Hence, when Yi Yun used this attack, they immediately realized that it was very similar to the sword attack that the azure-clothed swordsman had used!

Although it was far less powerful, it had the charm of that attack. It was similarly difficult for them to face it!

They suddenly recalled that back when everyone chose two disk arrays, Yi Yun had chosen the disk array with the azure-clothed swordsman! People believed that Yi Yun was biting more than he could chew, but now&h.e.l.lip; with the appearance of this sword attack, they were made aware that Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; had really mastered that attack!

What was going on? A kid that came to the Tian Yuan world from the Backwater East had such terrifying talent?

In a split moment, Yi Yun’s sword attack had already clashed with Shen Tu Nantian’s lightning Yuan Qi!

Chi La!

It was as if the sky was forcefully split apart. Yi Yun’s sword attack was like a irresistible crushing force. It split the purple electric snake open from head to tail!

The sword Qi’s momentum was overwhelming as it carried vast amounts of pure Yang energy with it. It swirled the countless amounts of purple lightning and cleaved at Shen Tu Nantian’s head!


Shen Tu Nantian was greatly alarmed. He immediately bit his tongue tip. As he was rapidly retreating, he spat blood essence onto his sword. At the critical moment, he had burned his body’s essential blood and Qi.

He swiped his sword out to block, but he only felt an irresistible force surging over.


With a clear snapping sound, the sword in Shen Tu Nantian’s hand broke!

Although he had managed to withstand the main blow of the sword attack, with the remnant sword Qi, Shen Tu Nantian’s protective Yuan Qi could no longer withstand it.

His body violently trembled as he spat out a mouthful of blood and his body flew.


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