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Chapter 526: An Indomitable Arrow

Shen Tu Nantian had been sent flying by Yi Yun’s single strike. He was alarmed but he did not feel fear as he had previously not been using all of his strength.

Yi Yun’s progress was terrifying. It made Shen Tu Nantian increasingly determined that Yi Yun must have obtained a great benefit in the Great Empress mystic realm. This benefit might even be the real heritage of the ancient Great Empress!

Upon thinking of this, Shen Tu Nantian’s heart palpitated. If he could obtain this heritage, then it was extremely likely that he would become a peerless Great Emperor. When that happened, the entire Tian Yuan world would be his.

This was very likely the largest, and most important, chance in his life!

If by killing Yi Yun, he could obtain the ancient Great Empress’ inheritance, then he could soar rapidly!

After understanding this, murderous intent started to emit from Shen Tu Nantian. At this moment, where his fate was to be determined, the battle power the mad Shen Tu Nantian used, far exceeded anything he had shown in the past.

“Yi Yun, be careful. Shen Tu Nantian was careless in that strike just now. He is becoming serious now.” Lin Xintong’s voice transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ears.

Yi Yun nodded. He too could tell that Shen Tu Nantian’s aura had transformed. Killing intent could be seen in his eyes. When Shen Tu Nantian stared at him, it was like the stare a desolate beast, which had been starving for months, gave to a prey .

“Yi Yun, today is the day of your death! Do you think that just because you have become stronger, it means you can do whatever you want? You are really stupid! To expose your treasure in front of everyone, you will definitely not be able to leave this place alive!” Shen Tu Nantian stabilized his body and took another step forward. His sword trembled, and lightning flashed instantly. Above the square, there were snakes of electricity winding around with rumbling thunder.

Many cultivators felt a painful tingle in their skin. They quickly retreated. Those who were weaker even had to use their Yuan Qi to protect their bodies in order to carry on standing in this lightning domain.

Behind Shen Tu Nantian, the phantom image of a small world appeared. In this small world, an azure-clothed man that looked similar to Shen Tu Nantian appeared. He was holding a sword and purple lightning was crackling around him. At the top of the phantom image’s head, there was a blue bead that was the size of a fist. There were thousands of lightning bolts emitting from the bead, covering Shen Tu Nantian in layers.

“Oh? “What’s that?”

Upon seeing the lightning bead, people were astonished. This phantom image of a small world and azure-clothed man was Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem – Transcendent Immortal Paradise.

Back at the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Shen Tu Nantian had previously showcased his Transcendent Immortal Paradise. However, after Shen Tu Nantian obtained some opportunities in the Great Empress mystic realm, he had further deepened his insight into the Lightning laws. It made his Transcendent Immortal Paradise Aspect Totem to look even more terrifying.

Especially that lightning bead, it was something new even to those who knew Shen Tu Nantian well.

“That is a Lightning Spirit&h.e.l.lip;”

Someone amongst the cultivators said. A Lightning Spirit was an essence condensed out of lightning energy. Previously in Fallen Star Gate, Yi Yun had obtained a Pure Yang Spirit by chance.

That Pure Yang Spirit was extremely effective. It made Yi Yun’s most ordinary body into a pure Yang body.

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian’s Lightning Spirit’s quality was not poorer than Yi Yun’s Pure Yang Spirit. Typical Dao Seed warriors would find it difficult to refine it, but Shen Tu Nantian had managed to perfectly merge the Lightning Spirit into his Aspect Totem. This meant that Shen Tu Nantian’s body was no longer ordinary. His affinity with Lightning was extremely high. Although it could not reach a standard like Yi Yun’s pure Yang body, it could still be said to be rare.

Many powerful warriors had hidden cards. Shen Tu Nantian naturally had his own. However, now against Yi Yun, it was time for him to reveal all of his hidden cards!

The Lightning Spirit became more and more powerful. With a violent explosion of Yuan Qi, it was as if a bright purplish-blue sun had appeared out of thin air. One would feel pain in their eyes if they looked at the radiating light with one’s naked eyes.

Seeing such the alarming aura coming from Shen Tu Nantian, many cultivators could not help but retreat. They had a hunch that this battle would be extremely intense and might even cause harm to innocents.

Yi Yun was powerful, but Shen Tu Nantian had been famous for a long period of time. He was an influential person amongst the younger generation of the Tian Yuan world. His extreme power had taken root in the hearts of many. To these people, once Shen Tu Nantian became serious, it would be hard to tell what the outcome of the fight would be with Yi Yun, who had only increased his strength because of an opportunity.

“Yi Yun, I will make sure you lead a living death!”

In Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes, it was as if a lightning bolt flashed. His entire person was like an embodiment of lightning. His aura greatly expanded and, as he spoke, he approached Yi Yun step after step.

Yi Yun sneered and did not say a word. At this point, the both of them were already sworn enemies. Even if Shen Tu Nantian did not want to kill him, he would still want to kill Shen Tu Nantian!


The Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow appeared. Yi Yun held the bow in his left hand and with his right hand, he yanked the bow string open!

As a divine weapon left behind by the Azure Yang Lord, even though Yi Yun had condensed the Dao Seed and had mastered the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, he could only pull the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open by a tiny bit.

With the Wind Chasing Arrow in hand, although it was an ordinary arrow from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, with golden pure Yang energy gathered onto it, the arrow emitted chaotic golden beams. Even if one stood far from it, the hot aura from it would make one feel a sweltering heat wave.

At the end of the arrow, the dancing pure Yang energy formed a long arrow feather. It was jumping by Yi Yun’s side while burning.

Yi Yun’s entire person seemed to become one with the bow and arrow.

Lightning and flames clashed in the square. The surging Yuan Qi caused the surroundings to howl.

“Die!” Shen Tu Nantian roared. Lifting his sword, he mercilessly slashed down at Yi Yun. The Aspect Totem phantom image behind him also raised its sword and did the same actions as Shen Tu Nantian.

Instantaneously, all of the lightning was gathered together. The sword in Shen Tu Nantian’s hand seemed to be the center of a whirlpool as it gathered all the lightning, forming into a purplish-red sword of lightning that resembled blood.

This lightning sword was thin, but the vast amounts of Yuan Qi it had made it difficult for people to breathe.

The cultivators once again retreated in horror, but Yi Yun took a giant step forward. His eyes were like a saber. Behind him, the phantom image of a giant Golden Crow Totem appeared!

With half a year gone by, the Golden Crow Totem behind him had increased by more than ten times in size after Yi Yun mastered the first stage of the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

The moment the Golden Crow Totem appeared, it shrieked and shot up into the sky. The Golden Crow spread out its wings, its wingspan was now 30-40 meters wide. It covered the whole square!

The spewing red flames was like waves of blood as they wantonly rolled around!

Seeing this scene, many of the cultivators were dumbfounded. This was an Aspect Totem? This was too much!

“How is it so big!?”

Someone exclaimed. A Golden Crow Totem that had a wingspan of 30-40 meters already enshrouded the small world phantom image behind Shen Tu Nantian. This oppressive feeling was too powerful. A few amongst them were also warriors at the early stages of the Dao Seed realm. Their Aspect Totems were at best 7-8 meters. This gap between them was like an eagle against a sparrow.

People had no time to speak for at this moment, Yi Yun’s fingers had released!


With an explosion sound, the bow string trembled violently. The Wind Chasing Arrow had been shot out!


Like a fire dragon’s long cry, the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow emitted a wide beam of light. The moment the arrow left the bow string, it was accompanied by a long golden tail as it screamed forward.

Even though the people around the Wind Chasing Arrow were not Yi Yun’s target, they felt their heart palpitate. It was as if the arrow was pointed at their eyebrows. Some of the weaker cultivators was burned by the pure Yang energy. They felt their blood stream go into chaos. Their hair even started emitting a burnt smell. Their skin was also cracked from the dryness.

With hot waves rushing about, it met without an opposition. The arrow shot out by Yi Yun clashed without any gaudy display with the lightning encrusted sword of Shen Tu Nantian.


After a tremendous explosion, it was as if the world momentarily went silent.

From this intense energy collision, the Wind Chasing Arrow shattered into countless numbers of fragments!

The Wind Chasing Arrow was, after all, an ordinary arrow. It could not withstand such a powerful impact. However, even though it was shattered, the fragments still carried the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow’s energy. This energy remained without any dissipation. With indomitable momentum, they shot straight forward!

The force shot out as it expanded out in all directions.

Everyone’s eyes were flooded with a golden color. Their ears were filled with the roaring of thunder. Those who were weaker had the energy enter their bodies, causing injuries to their meridians!

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Yi Yun retreated with more than ten steps. His blood was surging and turbulent. A strand of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Shen Tu Nantian’s cultivation level was, after all, deeper than his own. The lightning sword Qi that erupted after he used the Lightning Spirit came with a sovereign aura. It was unstoppable.

After using all his strength to pull the Sun Shooting Nine Deaths Bow open, Yi Yun no longer had much Yuan Qi left to withstand the force with. This was a result in the gap between their cultivation levels.

As for Shen Tu Nantian, he similarly retreated greatly from the clash. He knew the power from that strike would definitely injure Yi Yun heavily. That was an attack not any Dao Seed realm warrior could withstand, what more Yi Yun who was at the early stages of the Dao Seed realm.

However, after retreating by more than a hundred feet, the confidence in his smile froze suddenly. He watched helplessly as the golden fragments were shooting out from the explosive storm like flaming meteors!

Despite the explosive storm being so violent, it did not change the trajectories of the fragments in any way. They shot at him at an incredulous speed!

In a split second, Shen Tu Nantian bit the tip of his tongue and forcefully twisted his body. However, the speed of the fragments was too terrifying! They were so fast that they were silent!


His protective Yuan Qi was torn apart like paper. Although Shen Tu Nantian had forcefully avoided having his vitals. .h.i.t, the golden beam still pierced straight through his left arm and shoulder!

Hundreds to thousands of fine fragments brought along with them blood mixed with minced meat out of Shen Tu Nantian’s back!

Abruptly, Shen Tu Nantian’s face turn as pale as paper!

What bow was this? Even with the arrow shattering, it could still have such terrifying power!?


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