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Chapter 52: I lost

High in the sky, the wind blew. Yi Yun could feel the water from the distant waterfall leaving a coolness on his face.
‘I can actually jump that high?’

It was needless to say that Yi Yun had no battle experience. After obtaining a Tempered Body, his fitness had increased by leaps and bounds. But he had never had the chance to test it to see how much it had improved before meeting Lin Xintong and the fat elder.

At this moment, Lin Xintong dipped her toe into the ground, and like a swallow flew up into the sky!

Facing a Lin Xintong who was rushing towards him, Yi Yun was very calm. Imperceptibly, the cool Purple Crystal in his heart had moved, sending energy to his entire body.

From Yi Yun’s perspective, everything had became slow. The wind that blew seemed to pa.s.s him knowledge about his opponent.

Clenching his fists, Yi Yun borrowed the strength of gravity and charged downwards!

At that moment, the tremendous strength within Yi Yun surged out! With his meridians opened up and his Tempered Body, Yi Yun’s body was like a simmering volcano that had suddenly erupted.

Commanding from atop, Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain!

Yi Yun roared with something that didn’t sound human. It was a roar that resembled a tiger, causing fear among all the beasts!

Yi Yun no longer dodged, after all there was no way to dodge in the air. He suddenly stretched out his arms and made a tiger claw pose and went straight down, coming in contact with Lin Xintong’s palms!

Yi Yun who had previously practiced ‘Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain’ of the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist” had previously used it against black ironstone, and it could shatter the rock.

But today, it was to grab Lin Xintong’s slim hands!

Of course, Lin Xintong’s hands were more terrifying. Her hands were capable of shattering rock as if they were tofu.

Seeing Yi Yun rushing down, Lin Xintong was also extremely surprised, he actually dared to go against her head on? It’s indeed true that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers!

“Hey, disciple, don’t maim him!” shouted the fat elder. “Actually it’s fine maiming him, but the problem is the kid will make us pay his hospitalization bills!”

The fat elder’s words had already been drowned out by the sounds between the two. They had crossed each other in the sky!


A loud clap rang, as the shock wave radiated outwards. Yi Yun only felt a large strength surge towards him, causing his insides to toss and turn!

As for Lin Xintong, it was as if she was blown up by the shockwave as she rapidly swirled her body.

As she flew back, Lin Xintong had a strange feeling. At the moment they crossed palms, she felt a warmth from Yi Yun’s palms that flowed into her body.

This warm flow was inconspicuous, but it had entered her broken meridians silently before disappearing.

As she carefully experienced it, Lin Xintong felt that her meridians had undergone some transformation, but yet it didn’t seem so too. What happened, was it an illusion?

Before she had time to think carefully, she realized that the Yi Yun who had experienced her heavy blow was not only uninjured, but had already stabilized his body while retreating.

His body was upside down as he flew towards the waterfall.


Yi Yun was like a carp falling into the water. He crashed through the waterfall and stepped on a slippery stone behind the watery curtain!

Although the waterfall’s flow was from a thousand feet, and was a tremendous force, Yi Yun was able to stand firmly on this rock. He then squatted on the rock and pushed off!

He raised his head, as his shining eyes shone through the white water curtain and shot towards Lin Xintong like a pair of swords!

“Huh!?” Lin Xintong was surprised. He could actually withstand her blow without harm? A kid at the Meridians realm could actually have such a strong body?

“It can’t be!” The fat man stumbled. He had wanted his disciple to go easy, yet from that strike, there was not much mercy involved. Although she had suppressed her level, it was not something the kid should have been able to withstand!

Before the fat elder could think it through, Yi Yun had already charged forward from that rock.


Yi Yun went through the waters of the waterfall.

The water curtain’s strength was horrifying, but Yi Yun was good at swimming, so he rushed through the indomitable waterflow, and using the strength of the waterfall, he increased the strength of his charge. From afar, the linen clothed Yi Yun was like a water dragon dancing in the waters!


At that moment, Yi Yun’s body produced a thunderous sound, similar to the thunder from the sky!

Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds!

Yi Yun twisted himself in the air, and bringing his foot to his hip, he bent his body like a bow, as his right fist shrank to his ribs, he mercilessly shot out his punch like an arrow!


Just like a strongbow, it was a sound that entered deep into the ears of all present!

This punch had consolidated all of Yi Yun’s momentum and strength. It had caused an infinite mist to cloud around him, giving the impression of an ocean surging forward!

Lin Xintong was shocked, this was the strength of the youth?

This thunder-like bone crackle and the tw.a.n.g that came from his tendons, were they produced by his body?

In that moment of shock, Yi Yun was already before Lin Xintong!

Lin Xintong could feel the tremendous wind that accompanied the fist. She could tell immediately the strength of the fist as it was the ultimate achievement a Meridians realm could reach.

In a tenth of a blink of an eye, Lin Xintong had striked. She was still at a cultivation level of three, one less than Yi Yun.

But the strike was not that of “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”, but her main cultivation technique: “Fairy Maiden Heart Sutra”!

Lin Xintong’s hands were like a lotus as she gently pointed like a fairy adjusting her sleeves.

This strike had a magical soft power to it, and was the exact opposite to the extreme strong force of the “Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist”

Hardness and Softness were opposites! Lin Xintong and Yi Yun crossed fists once again!

Originally a finger colliding with a fist would result in bone fractures, but that was farther from the truth.

From afar, this strong Qi blast was like a hammer hitting a soft Qi wall.

The Qi wall deformed drastically, but it had managed to take on that tremendous Qi blast’s attack!


With a loud burst, the Qi wave exploded at the last moment.

Lin Xintong’s flinched as she retreated three steps back!

As for Yi Yun, he flew backwards by more than ten feet. His clothes were torn and his chest was surging with blood as his face flushed from the blood.


Yi Yun stepped on a boulder. His entire body was hurting, and it seemed like his innards had been completely misplaced. All he could see was stars.

So powerful&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun was impressed. This was an expert who suppressed her strength to one level below himself.

Also he had stored up his energy by devoting his momentum and strength. He had used all his tricks, yet the other party had only hurriedly striked. The distance between the two were too great.

And the results of the sparring. The other party had retreated three steps, and was fine. But his body’s blood was in turmoil and had suffered minor injuries.

This girl was horrifying.

Just as Yi Yun was amazed, Lin Xintong was even more surprised. She looked at Yi Yun with a startled and uncertain look and finally said, “This match was lost by me.”


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