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Chapter 510: Traversing the Icy Plain

In the vast icy plain, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong proceed forward through the snow. Yi Yun held Lin Xintong's hand, and with their Yuan Qi complementing one another, it formed a perfect balance.

In this situation, Lin Xintong no longer felt unable to suppress the frost Qi in her body, with her vitality constantly devoured.

As they traversed deeper into the icy plains, the frost Qi became so rich it completely suppressed the pure Yang energy from the red lotus seeds. As a result, the two of them had to use their own Yuan Qi to fend off the cold.

Under such circ.u.mstances, they could still withstand without any difficulty. It even felt like Lin Xintong was strolling in the snow with Yi Yun.

Holding Yi Yun's hand, Lin Xintong felt her mind at ease. She suddenly felt that her previous determination to change her fate by defying heaven, and insisting on her arrogance and loneliness was too stubborn.

She had never experienced the fact that having someone accompanying her, with someone to rely on was such bliss.

Maybe...This was a hint given to her by the extreme frost icy plains.

Her naturally terminated meridians meant that there was an overabundance of frost Yin energy in her body, with no way of removing it. When she reached 500 years of age, the frost toxins will act up and extinguish her flame of life.

And the method to join up her terminated meridians meant eliminating this frost Yin energy.

Lone Yin did not lead to birth and solitude Yang did not allow growth. This was a natural fact of the world, and the method to healing her of her frost Yin energy was likely Yin-Yang balance.

A year ago, the Great Empress relic that the Shen Tu family clan refined which they claimed to be able to heal her of her naturally terminated meridians was a pure Yang medicine.

Realizing this, Lin Xintong gave Yi Yun a deep glance. In her eyes, there was a look that was difficult to put into words. At this moment, the warm pure Yang energy flow that came from Yi Yun's hands made Lin Xintong feel extremely comfortable.

They used a speed that was not considered fast to cross the vast icy plain.

The two of them held hands as if they were walking to the ends of the world.

After an unknown period of time pa.s.sed, they saw a river in the icy plains.

Despite the extreme cold here, the river had not frozen. The river was flowing with blue river water like a jade belt.

And what was most stunning was that the opposite side of the river, was covered with blue and white flowers.

These flowers were extremely small. Their petals were as clear as icy gla.s.s. They swayed along with the cold wind, causing one to think of the legendary red spider lilies that could bring forth the memories of a newly dead soul.

"These flowers..." Seeing this scene, Lin Xintong was moved emotionally. "They are not real flowers, but flowers condensed from laws..."

Lin Xintong had a pure Yin body with naturally terminated meridians, so she was extremely sensitive to pure Yin laws.

She could identify the essence of these flowers with a glance.

"Fascinating. The nomological laws of the world are abundant in this river, resulting in the formation of the flowers. It is really magical."

"Eh...there's someone there."

Lin Xintong was startled as she pointed in a direction. Yi Yun looked following her indication, and indeed, in the white and blue bed of flowers, he could see the faint figure of a woman.

The woman was dressed in a blue dress. Her long hair hung down and her feet were bare. Using the toes, she strolled through the air. Every step she made caused a bluish-white flower to bloom below her foot. Flowers quickly formed and it was as if all the bluish-white flowers on the opposite of the river was formed from the blue-dressed woman's footsteps.

The woman did not seem to notice Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. She only moved upstream against the river's waters at a slow pace, like she was walking upstream against a river of time.

This was...that picture!

Lin Xintong's heart jumped. This scene was clearly the scene she saw in the picture at the third level of the G.o.d Advent Tower.

That human figure was that of the ancient Great Empress.

"Yi Yun, do you see that?"

Lin Xintong held Yi Yun's hand, and wanted to follow the Great Empress' figure.

Yi Yun nodded, "I see her, but it's a blur. I can't tell her looks clearly. Even her figure is only partially visible to me..."

Yi Yun felt that the ancient Great Empress' figure was merged with the endless void, preventing him from seeing through it.

As for Lin Xintong, what she saw was a very clear scene. She could even see the ancient Great Empress' expression. She seemed to be in deep thought, as she pondered over the mysteries of Heaven and Earth. Only, in the middle of her eyebrows, there was a hint of sadness and worry. It was quite disturbing...

Seeing the Great Empress' figure, Lin Xintong seemed to be infected by her mood as she became frustrated too.

She took a deep breath and pulling Yi Yun by the hand, she chased after her.

Seeing Lin Xintong about to step into the blue river flow, Yi Yun's heart jumped. The river looked strange, and who knew what would happen if they entered it.

However, he still chose to believe Lin Xintong, and followed closely behind her.

With both their feet in the water, there was a cool feeling. They were suspended in it and did not sink. In this manner, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong chased after the Great Empress while moving upstream.

The Great Empress' figure walked very slowly, but what was strange was that the distance between them were maintained, being neither too far nor close.

This lasted till Yi Yun and Lin Xintong crossed the blue river, reaching the opposite bank.

Only then did Yi Yun see everything clearly. The bluish-white flowers on this side of the river were all different. Their petals were in a variety of shapes and were like the ever-changing clouds in the sky.

Maybe, every flower contained a different Dao. It was like the so-called "a Heaven in a Wild Flower".

Gradually, the ancient Great Empress' figure became increasingly fuzzy as if she was melting into the world before she disappeared into the void.

Yi Yun was alarmed. He seemed to feel something before he suddenly looked back. He was surprised to discover that on the other side of the river, the vast extreme cold icy plain had disappeared.

What replaced it was a picturesque sight.

The river's waters churned and emitted a mesmerizing air. Both sides of the river were filled with flowers and gra.s.s. The air was filled with floral fragrance and there was a vibrant life everywhere.

Walking through the flora, Yi Yun could even see birds and b.u.t.terflies shuttling through the flowers. However, they were not real, but formed from the natural laws.

This sudden change made Yi Yun feel incredulous. It was like the endless icy plain from before was an illusion of his.

If not for the remnant frost Qin in his body, Yi Yun even had doubts if he had really crossed that icy plain.

"We have finally finished traversing that icy plain. The lifeless icy plain was separated from this paradise by a river."

Yi Yun marveled at the fascinating Great Empress mystic realm.

Beside Yi Yun, Lin Xintong mused, "I have some comprehensions. The icy plain we just traversed is extreme in cold Yin...And the lava lake you mentioned before where you plucked the red lotus was that of extreme Yang."

"Be it pure Yang or pure Yin, they will result in a land of death. And on this other side of the river, it is filled with Yin-Yang energies. They are as one here, and in this way, the natural laws result in this vibrant scene..."

"This is probably what the greatest revelation given to me by the extreme frost icy plains..."

Yin-Yang balance was actually one of the most simple of reasonings. Despite people knowing such a simple reasoning, pushing this idea to the extreme was not that simple.

When pure Yin and pure Yang met each other, sometimes it would not be a Yin-Yang harmony, but it could result in conflict, which each killing the other.

"Oh? There's a palace there!"

Lin Xintong pointed with her hand. Yi Yun looked over and indeed, he saw a palace surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees.

The palace was not magnificent, but it gave an exquisite feeling. It perfectly blended with the surroundings, giving one a harmonious and natural feeling.

"Let's go over."

Lin Xintong held Yi Yun's hand and walked towards the palace. The G.o.d Advent Tower's Item Spirit had previously said that after she traversed the extreme frost icy plains, she would obtain an opportunity that she deserved, which was a chance to reverse her fate.

And this sudden appearance of a palace made Lin Xintong feel like it was a summoning from deep within her heart...

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