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Chapter 508: Awakening

After an unknown period of time pa.s.sed, the eyelids of Lin Xintong, who was in deep sleep in the hot spring, began to jump gently.

In her dreams, Lin Xintong was experiencing a completely different scene&h.e.l.lip;

She was constantly walking through the cold biting wind. In front of her, there was that obstinate figure that pulled her along. Lin Xintong’s internal frost Qi could no longer be suppressed. The moment she tried to let her fingers go, so as not to be a burden for the figure&h.e.l.lip; very suddenly, heat came from that figure’s palms. The heat caused her body to tremble. It was extremely painful.

She felt like she was being burnt to death by the heat, but at this moment, the figure suddenly turned around and embraced her.

His arms were strong and forceful. He tightly embraced Lin Xintong, as if he wanted to merge her body into his.

Lin Xintong was at a loss momentarily. Ever since she was young, she had never been hugged by a man in this fashion.

The moment he was hugged her, the heat suddenly turned very mild. It surged into Lin Xintong’s body, flowed through her meridians and spread throughout her body&h.e.l.lip;

This heat moved through her meridians like a warm spring breeze, causing her frozen body to once again wake up&h.e.l.lip;

In this way, her life force recovered bit by bit. Her flames of vitality burned once again&h.e.l.lip;

It seemed the snow surrounding her were blown away, as it became warmer and warmer&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong tried her best to open her eyes. This time, she saw the figure’s looks clearly. It made Lin Xintong feel incredulous. His looks were really gradually becoming clear in her vision.

She finally saw clearly&h.e.l.lip;

As her eyelashes slightly trembled, Lin Xintong opened her eyes.

An azure-clothed youth’s figure turned from blurred to clear.

That familiar feeling, that familiar back&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong’s heart was filled with all sorts of emotions. The moment she woke up, she knew that she was still in the icy plains. The scene of her being pulled by a figure was just a hallucination she had experienced due to her near-death experience&h.e.l.lip;

And in her dream, the figure that accompanied her all along and did not give up on her till the very end. The figure that appeared with the burning golden-red flames and slashing with a sword before she went unconscious, all of these merged with the Yi Yun in front of her.

It was still the endless icy plain, and it was still the ever-howling snowstorm, but she was now in the middle of warm spring water, being tightly hugged by Yi Yun.

She had never been so close to a male before. She saw her clothes in disarray, with her clothes soaked in water, turning translucent that it made her perfect body seem somewhat unhindered&h.e.l.lip;

Even Lin Xintong, who was always unperturbed, felt a red glow in her cheeks. Her heartbeat and blood flow accelerated.

She was unable to accept this closeness immediately.

She subconsciously wanted to push Yi Yun away, but just as she raised her jade-like arms, she gently lowered them. She knew that it was Yi Yun who had pulled her back from the gates of h.e.l.l, twice.

Her vitality, that had been severed, recovered all because of Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi. He had embraced her to transfer Pure Yang Yuan Qi into her dried up and frozen meridians.

Being embraced by Yi Yun and feeling Yi Yun’s breathing, Lin Xintong felt an inexplicable sense of peacefulness. Especially the pure Yang energy that Yi Yun’s body continuously transferred to her, it was extremely appealing to Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong remained silent. She did not say a word as she quietly enjoyed the warmth and peacefulness in this endless snowstorm.

She looked at Yi Yun and could not help but reveal a smile. In this smile, her face was still red that flushed with the spring water. It was beautiful and exquisite.

Only&h.e.l.lip; while she was smiling, a trail of tears rolled down the corner of her eye. It quietly dropped down, and seemed to be lost between a liquid and a gas.

She did not know why she was crying. In her memories, she had not had the feeling of crying in a very, very long time&h.e.l.lip;

Before Yi Yun appeared, reality and dreams were intercrossed with each other, causing her to be unable to distinguish which was the dream, and which was reality.

However, the figure, that had withstood the snowstorm, and did not abandon or leave her till the very end when she was on the brink of death, was here.

Also, that hand that gave warmness, and pulled her up from the deep ice abyss bit by bit, was here.

For such a long period of time, she had walked on her martial path in solitude.

Saddled with naturally terminated meridians, she had been marginalized and ostracized by others since she was young. However, she never gave up on looking for the opportunity to reverse her fate, even if the hopes were extremely slim.

She steadfastly stood with her pride. That strong determination did not match her external appearance, and she nearly never accepted the help of others.

She was after all a human. Never once had a person really entered her inner world. But now, in Yi Yun’s arms, she inexplicable felt it. She never expected that to have someone accompany her and, to help her when she was in despair, would be really blissful.

“You are awake&h.e.l.lip; ”

Yi Yun had been looking forward to Lin Xintong waking up. But when she really woke up, Yi Yun felt extremely embarra.s.sed. He did not know how to explain such an explicit scene to her.

Seeing Yi Yun’s reaction, Lin Xintong smiled gently.

She felt that the pure Yang energy emitted from Yi Yun’s body seemed to resonate faintly with the pure Yin energy in her body. There was an integrative balance, which made her feel reluctant to separate from Yi Yun.

Pure Yin and pure Yang were complementary existences in the laws of the world.

Lone Yin did not lead to birth and solitude Yang did not allow growth. It was a natural thing for Yin and Yang to integrate with each other.

This also caused Yi Yun and Lin Xintong to feel an innate appeal with one another. If they could become one, the Yin and Yang Yuan Qi would resonate, giving infinite benefits to the two of them.

Ignoring intercourse cultivation, just them being in skin contact made them feel nourished by the other’s Yuan Qi. In Lin Xintong’s Yin Meridians, there was a warmth spreading throughout them, causing the frost Qi in her body to dissipate greatly. As for Yi Yun, he felt his Radiant Sun Qi become even more compact. Even a faint Golden Crow phantom image appeared behind him.

The two of them looked into each other’s’ eyes. Lin Xintong’s gaze became more and more gentle.

Thinking back to the experiences she and Yi Yun encountered, she was filled with emotion.

Who would have thought that the Cloud Wilderness youth she had met back then had taken step after step to reach this point and this very scene today?

From meeting in the Cloud Wilderness, to reuniting in the Lin family’s mountain range, to the Desolate Heaven technique tea session and then that night’s banquet and relic trial&h.e.l.lip;

Finally, it was this expedition to the Great Empress trial.

Lin Xintong realized that her feelings for Yi Yun had changed in a silent fashion&h.e.l.lip;

This change made Lin Xintong panic in the beginning, but slowly, she calmed down.

She was a very independent and obstinate girl. Although she was indifferent, once she had a firm belief, she would face all obstacles head on with her original intentions.

She never regretted things that she had set her mind to.

The two of them did not speak much. But in this lonely and cold world, they hugged each other tightly, warming each other.

The martial path was lonely. It was a source of great happiness if one found a confidant.

Author’s Note: These two chapters were re-written and I worked on them late into the night. Sorry. I finally wrote something that I was satisfied with.


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