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Chapter 501: Traces of Blood

Willpower was after something that existed in the foundation of a body. Once the body declines and dies, the willpower will also slowly diminish, unless it was like the swarthy youth, whose soul had been refined into a Yin specter before losing his body. His life was no longer a combination of body and soul. A Yin specter’s ghostly spirit resides in a piece of flesh. Under these circ.u.mstances, the swarthy youth’s soul could exist even after leaving a physical body.

A normal human would have fuzzy willpower when seriously injured and they might even fall unconscious.

The swarthy youth did not dare to clash with Lin Xintong directly with willpower, but he could severely injure Lin Xintong’s body, making her lose her consciousness.

In the icy plain, the snowy wind was ceaseless. Lin Xintong needed to constantly use Yuan Qi to protect her body, but having gone so deep, most of her Yuan Qi was depleted.

“Just a little bit of effort, and your body will be mine.”

The swarthy youth’s eyes were like those of a venomous serpent. He gave Lin Xintong a deep glance like he was watching a delicious prey.

With that, the swarthy youth’s figure slowly merged into the ice and snow, as if he melted.

The specter energy from his body became more intense. This specter energy gradually spread out to form a black door of light.

A technique of summoning ferocious ghosts.

The swarthy youth gently touched the black door of light as it increased in size. It was like an entrance to h.e.l.l. One red-eyed ferocious ghost after another rushed out of the black door while snarling.

They did not have any real bodies. But when they appeared, the ice and snow around them swept towards them, covering their bodies&h.e.l.lip;

Wu Wu&h.e.l.lip;

The cold wind howled. Lin Xintong was still proceeding forward.

Suddenly, her body, which had nearly frozen, paused. She gently looked up and under the snowy storm, her indifferent eyes looked at her surroundings. Her eyelashes and eyebrows were already covered in frost.

She remained silent as her pale, slender fingers touched the hilt of her sword.

More than ten shadows appeared around her in the raging snow.

These figures were slowly approaching her.

They were all large in size and they were covered in white fur. Their footsteps were heavy, and they gave one a feeling of extreme danger.

Lin Xintong held her breath. She was already a spent force, and for her to encounter these snow monsters under these circ.u.mstances, it was no doubt a disaster for her.

There were desolate beasts in the icy plains?

Lin Xintong stood with her sword. In the snowstorm, she was like a beautiful ice sculpture.

The black figures drew near as Lin Xintong realized that they were not desolate beasts. They were formed from ice and snow. Even their fur was formed from snow.

Despite having a body formed from ice and snow, their eyes emitted a red glow. They gave off a feeling of extreme evil.

Without any words, the snow monsters attacked!

A huge claw slammed at Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong’s heart sank as she saw the claw about to hit her head. Forcefully gathering energy, she stabbed her sword in an oblique angle.


The sword cut through the snowstorm and stabbed the large beast’s claw!

The snow and sword Qi clashed as Lin Xintong’s sword issued out a squeaking voice as it bent from the the impact with the claws.

It was a peerless sword, and usually, combined with Lin Xintong’s pure Yin Yuan Qi, it was all-conquering. But at this moment, as Lin Xintong was extremely weakened, this attack failed to slice the huge beast’s claw off.

The large beast roared as it opened its jaws and tried to bite Lin Xintong!

Without any room for retreat, Lin Xintong forced out a wisp of blood essence. At the cost of burning her vitality, she forcefully gathered strength and imbued her sword with her vitality, causing it to emit a blinding pale blue light!


The attack went through smoothly as the large beast’s claw was sliced off. Immediately following that, its neck was also penetrated. Its ma.s.sive body suddenly stopped as its motions froze, and then with a loud bang, it crashed onto the snowy plain!

Ice crystals rolled off its body as the snow monster quickly disintegrated before disappearing as a form of Yin gas.

After using this attack, Lin Xintong was gasping heavily. Blood was seeping out of the corner of her mouth. She smiled gently, but the smile contained sadness.

Just one strike had consumed her vitality and it had provoked her terminated meridians. The pure Yin frost Qi that was sealed in her body could no longer be suppressed!

Her condition was extremely terrible. It was to the point where she had no available Yuan Qi left to use. Every sword attack she used that had any destructive power, needed to burn her vitality. She could no longer withstand it.

Not far away, the swarthy youth who was hidden in the snowstorm laughed evilly as he saw this scene. Although he did not have a body, it was not a problem to deal with a Lin Xintong who was a spent force.

“Kill them, carry on killing them. I want to see how long you can last. This way, your body will become mine!”

“Where did these snow monsters come from?”

Lin Xintong’s fingers, which were grasping her sword, were trembling. When she killed the monster, she did not feel and lifeforce of the monster. It was like a puppet.

Furthermore, the extremely evil aura made Lin Xintong suspect that these snow monsters were not trials set up by the G.o.d Advent Tower.

At this moment, in the snowstorm, another seven to eight blurry figures appeared around Lin Xintong. The number of snow monsters increased from more than ten to more than twenty of them.

Lin Xintong’s heart sank bit by bit. Ignoring the more than twenty huge beasts, even if she slashed out another ten or so attacks, her life would be completely expended. Then, that would be the end of her life.

Am I really going to die here&h.e.l.lip;?

Seeing these snow monsters, Lin Xintong looked indifferent. The snow monsters circled around her, blocking her path forward. The only path left was behind her.

Lin Xintong looked behind through the corner of her eyes. But eventually, she did not retreat. Instead, she lifted her foot and stepped forward.

She walked towards a huge beast. From the moment she stepped onto the icy plain, she had strengthened her conviction that regardless if she encountered anything, she would never retreat.

And at this moment&h.e.l.lip; she had no reason to retreat. If she turned and ran away, the snow monsters would chase her. If they attacked from behind her, that would be something that she absolutely could not handle.

Since that was the case, she could only search for that near-impossible chance of living amidst certain death&h.e.l.lip;

The snowy plain was boundless. As the snowstorm was intermixed with ice fragments, it moved in the air at incredible speeds wantonly, emitting sharp whistling sounds.

Under this terrifying speed, even a steel plate would be pierced to form a sieve.

Yi Yun arduously proceeded through the snowy plain. The pure Yang energy in his body burned as it protected his body and it continuously melted the snow and ice around him.

Yi Yun’s sense of direction was extremely strong. Ever since the white-dressed female gave him the original directional guidance, he had moved in a straight line ever since.

However, even if Yi Yun was not wrong in his direction, Lin Xintong’s direction might have had changes. The vast icy plain and the endless snowstorm made it very difficult to find a person, but to lose sight of someone, it would be extremely simple.

If he wanted to find Lin Xintong, he had to speed up. He had to chase up to Lin Xintong before she changed directions or before she went too far.

“I should have been walking for four days&h.e.l.lip; ”

Yi Yun muttered to himself. There was no day or night in the icy plain. Even with a pure Yang body, Yi Yun’s speed was also very slow.

The longer he took, the more worried he became. This meant that it was even more likely for him to miss Lin Xintong.

It was not easy for Yi Yun to endure the drain of being in the icy plains either. And in the past two days, Yi Yun had continuously maintained his energy vision, which also overdrafted his mental strength.

But even so, he did not discover anything with his energy vision. If Lin Xintong was nearby, her body’s energy fluctuations would appear in his energy vision like a conspicuous spark in the night.

Yi Yun frowned as he slowed down his pace. After swallowing a relic, he slowly recovered the stamina that he had depleted.

Even while resting, Yi Yun did not close his energy vision.

In the snowstorm, the energy vision was the only thing that Yi Yun could rely on to find Lin Xintong. If he had missed Lin Xintong just when he closed his energy vision, he would certainly regret it greatly.

And at this moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt something as he let out a light gasp.

He discovered, that in his energy vision, there were sporadic energy fluctuations hidden beneath the snow. The energy fluctuations were extremely weak, and they would not have been discovered if he did not look carefully.

It was naturally impossible to be Lin Xintong, but it was still unusual for it to be in the icy plain.

After some hesitation, Yi Yun slowly walked over.

He crouched down at the spot where there were traces of energy fluctuations. Using his hand to brush aside the snow, he discovered a red ice crystal beneath the snow.

The crystalline red ice crystal gave off a light b.l.o.o.d.y smell. The energy fluctuations came from this.


Yi Yun’s heart tightened. This red ice crystal was formed from blood freezing over!

According to the white-dressed female, Lin Xintong should have been the only person in the fourth level of the G.o.d Advent Tower. Then, could this blood belong to Lin Xintong?

If Lin Xintong could not bear the frost Qi in the icy plains, then it should have been her natural Yin Meridians acting up, causing her Dantian to freeze. She should not have bled from injuries!

Yi Yun took a deep breath. His brain was in a mess as he gently rubbed his forehead to calm himself down.

Bleeding meant injury. Then, Lin Xintong had likely encountered an enemy or desolate beasts. The latter was good, as it could be a test of the G.o.d Advent Tower, but if it was the former&h.e.l.lip;

Could the enemy in the fourth level of the G.o.d Advent Tower be the evil race mentioned by the white-dressed female?

If Lin Xintong, who was like a candle in the wind, met the evil race&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun did not dare to imagine the consequences!

Standing up, he looked far into the distance. In his energy vision, Yi Yun saw a faint energy fluctuation that spread into the distance as it meandered off into the snowy plain.

It was the mark of blood!

Yi Yun’s limbs turned cold suddenly. He no longer cared about resting. He followed the trail of blood!

The pure Yang energy in his body burned and behind Yi Yun, a Golden Crow spread its wings as it rushed into the sky while giving a clear cry!

All the snow billowed in front of Yi Yun and turned into a white mist instantaneously. As for Yi Yun, he was like a burning golden flame flew that through the mist.

Wait for me!


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